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NCIS: Libertine Appeal

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“Man trouble?”

“What makes you say that?”

“You’ve had your forehead on your desk for fifteen minutes, and I don’t know anything else that makes a person this miserable for this long.”

Nell Jones rolled her head to the side and peered up at her co-worker. “Existential angst might. I’m very deep.”

“Mm.” Kensi sipped her coffee. “Problems with Eric?”

“I don’t want to bother you with my issues.”

“Alright.” She took a half-step away and paused.

“It’s just—” Nell interrupted, and Kensi suppressed a smile as she turned back around, “—we’re together, right? But not together together, just together.”

“Of course.” Sip.

“I thought sharing a place would give us that final step. We would be in such close proximity that some sort of powerful emotions would have to happen, and they’d rush through us in some kind of magical moment, and we’d know we were meant to be together. Or! Or we’d snipe at each other all the time and we’d clash so hard it would become painfully obvious that it would never work out, and we’d agree to stay just friends and co-workers and go our separate ways, closing this long, sordid chapter of our lives.”

“And what happened?”

“Nothing! Nothing happened. Nothing is happening! The nothing is ongoing. Present progressive nothingness.” Nell rolled back into her forehead, letting the desk muffle her voice. “We’re not better, and we’re not worse. We’re the same, except I lost half my fridge space.”

Kensi considered laying a comforting hand on Nell’s shoulder and thought better of it. “These things take time. Do you know how long Deeks and I circled each other before we got together?”

“I don’t want to wait forever. I’ve already waited forever! This was supposed to be our the moment, when two people finally admit they’re attracted to each other and start dating.”

“So admit it.”

Nell shot up straight so quickly she kept going, until her head hung over the back of her chair. “But what if he doesn’t feel the same way? Then I made it weird, and I still have to live with him for two more years!”

“Then just—wait, your lease is two years?”

“I wish he would give me some kind of indication. Like saying ‘hey, Nell, I think you’re great, let’s take a shower together then spend the weekend naked in my bed.’ You know, something subtle.”

“Um, okay. Wow.” Kensi blinked hard and tilted her head. “That’s…okay.”

“Oh! Sorry!” Nell hid her face in her hands. “Uggggh! It’s just so frustrating!”

Kensi glanced at the door, evaluating her avenues of escape. “It’s fine. I’m sure you and Eric will work each other. With each other!” She winced. “I should go.”

“It’s not just that. I haven’t had a roommate in a while, and never a male roommate, so there’s less…chance to, um…relieve any pent-up feelings.”

“Wow. This is…wow. Is there somebody else you can talk to about this? Anybody in the world?”

“Right, because I have such an engaging social life,” Nell scoffed and waved her hands in the air. “The only women I interact with are you and Hetty, and maybe Fatima.”

“I’m sure Hetty would love to hear about…” Kensi imagined herself discussing her marital woes with her manager, the one who had hinted at enough trysts to make Hugh Hefner blush. “Yeah, I understand.”

Nell leaned back into her desk. “I’m sorry. I’m bothering you. Thanks for listening.”

“No, it’s fine. Sorry I can’t do more.” She took a step away from the desk and paused, turning something over in her head for a long minute. A smile crept over her lips and she bit her tongue to suppress it. “Actually…”

“Hm?” Nell stopped idly playing with a pen.

Kensi turned back with the most even expression she could physically manage. “Nell. You’re…pretty tightly-wound, right?” Her voice was quiet, even for the empty room.

“Yeah, you could say that.”.

“And you’d like an outlet? Maybe one not in the apartment you’re sharing with Eric?”

Nell glared. “I’m not going to a sleazy motel with a male prostitute.”

“…was that a consideration?”

“No! Maybe. I don’t know.” She sighed so hard it came out as a growl. “At this point I’m looking at all my options.”

“Well, what if there was something a little less illegal? If I had an idea about a way you could take the edge off, would you at least think about it?”

“I doubt I could think about anything else.”

“Even if it was kind of unusual?”

The pall of despair finally fell from Nell’s face, but suspicion wasn’t much better. “What’s the idea?”

“Would you do something with a couple?”

“A couple of what? Oh! I haven’t been with two guys at once, but I’ve thought about it a lot. I mean, a lot.” She paused. “I’m oversharing again.”

“What about a man and a woman, together?”

“Ah! Right, that makes more sense.” She stared at the wall for a moment, then shrugged. “I guess. I’m not really into it, but I’m not opposed.”

“And if they were people you knew?”

“It’d be much better than finding some serial killers on Craigslist. Oh, wait, that got shut down, didn’t it? Um…Reddit?”

“If they were co-workers?”

“I doubt it. The only co-workers I know who are a couple are you and—” She gasped and choked on nothing. “Are you…”

Kensi nodded, just an inch.

“Oh my God. Oooooh my God.” Nell laughed. “Sorry! Sorry, it’s not funny. It’s a little funny. It sounds like you’re asking me if I want to join you and Deeks in…” she looked up at Kensi, who only stared back. “Oooooh my God.”

“It’s something we’ve talked about a few times. We haven’t done it yet, but you’re right, it’s a better idea to try it with somebody we already know and trust.”

“And you want me? You want me to…” Words failed her, so she made a ring with her thumb and forefinger and inserted her other finger into it repeatedly.

“That’s the offer, yes.”

“Okay. Um, okay. I need to think about it.” Nell bit her lip, then turned back to Kensi. “Actually, I don’t, but I have to say that so I don’t sound too eager, because you’re both great and amazing and really attractive and in this context I don’t think it’s weird to say so to a co-worker and I don’t want to scare you away. I would love to…” she did the finger thing again, “with you and Deeks.”

“Great. We’ll let you know when to come over, and what to bring.”

“Yes. That’s perfect. I’ll just sit here and think about having a threesome with people I’ll see every day afterward. No big deal.”

Kensi put her cup on the Nell’s desk and leaned forward. “Oh, Kensi, one more thing.”


“When you’re with us,” she purred, putting a full breath into every word, “we’re in charge.”

A feeling Nell didn’t recognize wriggled up her spine. “Gotcha.”

“Good.” Kensi picked up her cup, winked at her blushing co-worker, and turned away. “See you soon.”

Kensi’s apartment was doubtlessly hers. Nell hadn’t really considered how Kensi lived, but upon arriving at the apartment door and knocking, she realized she was bracing herself for the sort of wall-to-wall clutter reserved primarily for dorm rooms and reality television shows. A part of her was ready to declare it an ecological disaster area and outsource her visit to a decontamination team. And it wasn’t all that bad, but it also wasn’t especially great. A pile of opened mail sat halfway between the door and the trash can, almost but not quite at its final resting place. The coffee table, if there was indeed a table under everything else, had stacks of books and DVD cases and used drinking glasses. A chair, nowhere near a table, served as a makeshift coat rack. Little things, here and there, told Nell the place wasn’t as meticulously cared-for as her own was. She wondered how much of an effect Deeks had on Kensi’s lifestyle. Did Kensi always live like this, or had he already straightened up, which meant the default state of the apartment was even worse? Nell shuddered.

After perfunctory, murmured greetings, Nell followed Kensi into the bedroom, and there she got her answer. This room was spotless. The bed was made! No clothes lay on the floor! The pillows matched the sheets! Curtains! The bedroom had a woman’s touch—or, what Nell’s mother would have called a woman’s touch, because from what Nell knew about Kensi this was more likely due to a lack of her impact than any overbearing fussiness. She could only stare, stammering through a quiet “it’s…normal.”

Deeks shrugged. “We thought about putting the bed on the ceiling, but that would cost us our deposit.”

“No, I mean it’s clean. Not that the rest of the apartment isn’t clean!”

“It’s not.”

“It’s clean enough,” Kensi scoffed. “We’re only using this room tonight anyway.”

“Depending on how things go.”

“Right, of course.”

“Yeah, sure,” Nell half-laughed, which was more like saying the words “ha ha ha” than expressing any genuine mirth. “So this is the room where we’re…where you…”

Kensi said “Sleep?” and Deeks said “Fuck?” at the same time.

“Yes. Yes, that. Both of those things.”

“Okay, you were right,” Deeks nodded, “she is adorable when she’s nervous.”

“I’m not nervous! It’s more like…anxiously terrified.”

“You can leave if you want. No pressure.”

Nell chose not to point out that being flanked by a man and woman who definitely had killed several people and also definitely had guns very nearby, in a strange room to which she had traveled without informing a single other living human, was precisely the sort of situation to which she might apply the word “pressure.” “No! No, I want to do this. I’m just not really sure how to get started.”

“We’ll take the lead.” Kensi’s hand fell on Nell’s shoulder like a bowling ball. “You tell us if we’re doing anything you don’t want. What’s your safeword?”


“That’s a good one. Here, maybe you’ll be more comfortable if we go first?” Kensi took a step away—for some reason, Nell almost missed the hand on her shoulder—and pulled her tank top over her head in a swift, casual motion. That was it, just two seconds of activity, and now Nell was staring at her co-worker’s chest. Round, smooth, bouncy, all sorts of words came to mind, none of them appropriate for a discussion about the traits of her favorite field agents. Her eyes followed them as Kensi turned and, characteristically, tossed her top into the corner. “Feel better?”

“Um, I feel…different. That’s a word.” She took a deep breath. “Surprised? I never figured you for…” Nell waved her hand in the general direction of Kensi’s breasts. “That.”

“Hm? Oh, this?” Kensi and Deeks looked too (and Nell could hardly blame him), so for a brief moment nobody was watching her turn so red she started emitting steam. Instead all three of them ogled Keni’s bra, a black push-up too sheer to hide her soft pink nipples. “It’s not really everyday wear. Special occasions only.”

“No matter how much I try to convince her otherwise,” Deeks smirked. “Kensi looks good in almost everything, but I wouldn’t mind a little more—or, less, I guess—under the hood.”

“Big talk coming from a guy with all his clothes still on.”

“Since you asked so nicely.” He pulled off his own tee, an act just as perfunctory as his wife’s, and now Nell got an eyeful of an actual topless NCIS agent instead of only a mostly topless one. She had guessed at Deeks’s figure underneath his work wear, and she had been reasonably sure he was somewhat fit, but wow. A broad, sculpted chest she could imagine snuggling all night. Abs so smooth the wanted to lick whipped cream off them. Chiseled arms, limber enough to wrap around her but strong enough to pick her up, pin her against the wall, and hold on tight as she bit his oh God she was banging Deeks in her head not three feet away from his wife. “There, now I’ve got one up on you.”

Kensi rolled her eyes, more a punchline than a sign of actual irritation. “Nell? Your turn.”

Right! This wasn’t just a show. Nell was an active participant, by her own agreement. “Okay. Sure. I got this. It’s just a little…” She reached back her arms to seductively drop her jacket from her shoulders. It caught on her elbows, bunching around her forearms no matter how she wriggled, and it took a few moments of frantic tugging before she finally turned one sleeve inside-out and dropped it at her feet. She kicked it away (twice, since it got stuck on her heel the first time), and folded her arms, posing before them in her knee-length dress. “There.”

Deeks looked her over. “That’s it?”

“Excuse me?”

“Just the jacket? You’re still more dressed than we are.”

“It’ll come,” Kensi reprimanded him, and he raised his hands and backed away. “But if we were going to do this piece-by-piece, we should have done strip poker. Instead,” she unfastened her pants and shimmed them down her legs, treating her spectators to an impressive, lingering view down her cleavage. While bent at the waist she tugged off her shoes and socks, so after discarding her clothes in a random direction she rose in only a scanty bra and panties. “Let’s speed this up a little.”

Nell hardly had time to process the escalation—Kensi wore sheer panties? Kensi owned matching lingerie sets? Kensi shaved bare? Should Nell have shaved bare too?—before Deeks saw her raise. His striptease was much less graceful, though not for lack of trying. He even hummed a 70s porn tune as he zigzagged his jeans off, inch by inch, spinning and looking over his shoulder in what was either mock seductiveness or the hottest thing Nell had ever seen. He even held one sandal in his teeth and tossed it toward Kensi with a low growl. When only silk boxers stood between him and the world, he rested his hands on his hips.

Nell tried to make it look like she hadn’t been eying Deeks’s package, and she probably failed wildly. But now was the moment of very little return, and after getting an impressively thorough view of her co-workers, she wasn’t going to pretend she was anything less than incredibly ready. Her fingers barely quivered as they unbuttoned her dress, revealing a sliver of additional skin with each motion. Any attempt at an erotic striptease would probably come across like a drunk retiree, or maybe an especially sexy sloth, so she stuck with simple undressing, hoping her body would be all the turn-on they needed. When the last button gave up and her dress swayed around her shins, she pulled it from her shoulders and let it fall. “Ta-da?”

Deeks whistled, the most direct catcall she’d ever received; if it had happened on the street or, God forbid, in the office, she probably would have throw a very quiet, polite fit, but coming from a nearly-naked man in his bedroom it felt more appropriate and a lot more encouraging. “See, I told you she had a body under there.”

“Ugh, men.” But Kensi didn’t look at Nell with less lust than her husband did. If anything, she was even more overt about it, biting her lip and letting her eyes roam. “You look great.”

Nell didn’t blush, mostly because she was already blushing and she was pretty sure her body was running out of color. Kensi had asked her to bring something sexy to the apartment, and Nell had obsessed for hours over what she should wear. Flirty first-date wear? Normal office wear, because they clearly found it sexy enough to invite her over? Borderline slutty “let’s skip dinner and go right to your place” wear (not that Nell had anything of the sort, but she was sure she could get something, maybe)? Sexy underwear? No underwear? Maybe just a trenchcoat? She’d settled on a everyday, casual dress and jacket, but her shoes did have a bit of a heel, her panties rose lower than normal, and her bra did its best to make her look like she actually had something up top. Not model-worthy, but also not frumpy-tech-lady. Her outfit was the result of tremendous hand-wringing and second-guessing, and she was so grateful for the compliment that she said “thanks” before she even considered how weird is was that Kensi, a woman Nell had assumed was straight as an arrow until a few short days ago, was looking her over like a college boy right before last call.

“You can still back out if you want.” Deeks looked her in the eye again, though she saw him visibly struggle to keep his gaze above her neck. “Still no pressure.”

“I’m fine.”

“Because once we get past this point, there’s going to be touching. Like,” he waved his hand in her general direction, “all-over touching.”

“God, I hope so,” she muttered.



Kensi ran her fingers through her husband’s hair, a very elegant way of grabbing his head. “What my allegedly-better half is trying to say is that this is the part where we start being in charge. We’ll try not to get carried away, but we haven’t exactly tried doing it together yet, so I think he’s worried he’ll get a little overzealous.”

“Oh. Sure, yeah, okay. Safeword, right?” Nell gave them both a thumbs-up and regretted it immensely. “So Deeks and I are following your lead?”

“No, you’re following ours.”

“Both of you? At once? But, normally, then, who—”

“Still both of us. We like to mix it up.” Kensi pulled Deeks’s hair back, and Nell could swear she hear him moan. “I’ve had plenty of experience teaching this naughty young man how to please his mistress.”

Deeks tilted his head a fraction of an inch, and Kensi let go. “And you should hear the things I’ve made this girl say to her daddy.” He grabbed Kensi’s chin and ran his thumb over her lips. She opened up, teasing it with her tongue until it glistened with spit. “We know each other’s tells, each other’s limits. Not yours. If we go too far, let us know.”

“But if we don’t,” Kensi grinned, “don’t.”

“Y-yeah. So I’ll, um…” Nell hand curled and uncurled several times, preparing to grab the doorknob and flee back into the relative safety of the cluttered living room. But her hips also shuffled, grinding her thighs together. She needed it, bad. She was safe, somewhere private, with people she trusted, and almost too horny to remember her own Social Security number. Her immediate future held no foreseeable situation better suited for giving her the release she craved. If she wanted to finally take the edge off, this was the time, and this was the method. “Should I call you Mistress? And…Daddy?”

Deeks shuddered and grunted, rolling from his neck to his ankles. “That might be too good. I’d like to hold out for more than two minutes, thanks.”

“Let’s hold off on the role-playing for now.” Kensi swatted her husband on the rear and lingered for a quick fondle. She stepped into Nell’s personal space, close enough for her breasts to nearly squash into Nell’s collarbone. “How about just Sir and Ma’am?”

“Sure, that’ll work.”

“That’ll work, what?”

With a tinge of nervousness, Nell glanced down at Kensi’s round, prominent rack. “That’ll work, ma’am.”

Kensi cupped Nell’s chin, pulling her face back up. “Caught you staring.”

“Sorry! Um, ma’am. Sorry, ma’am. I just…I mean, they’re right there, and they’re so—”

“You’ll have time for them later. There’s something you have to do first.”

Nell started to ask what it was, and halfway through her first word Kensi bent forward and pressed her lips against her open mouth. For just a moment that was all, and Nell stared wide-eyed at Kensi’s face only an inch away. All her experience and instinct left her, forgotten in the sudden, all-encompassing reality of kissing a woman. She considered whether this counted as an application of the centipede’s problem or if there was a more applicable metaphor, and she was just about to pull away and ask when she caught the faintest scent of shampoo. It was soft, clean, the smell of a hot shower and time alone, a subtle call to intimate minutes spent at the mercy of her detachable shower head. Her scalp tingled, and the tingle spread through her head and down her spine. She let her tension go, set aside her intellectual analysis for another time, and kissed Kensi back.

Once Nell accepted the contact, Kensi asserted herself again. She poked her tongue between Nell’s lips, too shallow to do more than lick her teeth, and retracted it when Nell’s tongue gave chase. She drew her head back, forcing Nell to pursue, and met her halfway. Every tilt, every sound, every motion kept Nell guessing, until their bodies were pressed together and Nell hadn’t even noticed the transition. The more she over-analyzed, the more Kensi teased her, playing on her expectations and subverting them a dozen ways in as simple an act as a kiss. She only kept up when she stopped trying, basked in the moment without considering what her reactions should be, and plunged her tongue into Kensi’s mouth.

Kensi backed away and laughed. “Eager?”

“Was that okay?”

“I like eager.” Kensi ran a finger down Nell’s arm. “And so does he.”

Nell turned her head, then the rest of her body, to Deeks, hovering too close to hide his intentions. He kissed the air once, then went in for the real thing. This time Nell reciprocated, lifting herself onto her tiptoes to push back more fully. Deeks wasn’t Kensi. His smell was harsher, manlier, closer to Eric’s body wash than her own. His stubble scratched at her face when their chins moved against each other, prickly but not painful. He kissed her with confidence bordering on arrogance, and if she had started with him instead of Kensi, she knew she would have been paralyzed by the rush. Now she let the pleasure into her, tasting him and inhaling his scent, enveloped from top to bottom in his attentions.

He held her waist and pulled her close, where his erection pressed against her waist. She grabbed his shoulders, hanging on and pulling herself up. Another part of her brain screamed at her. You’re kissing a man who isn’t Eric! He’s married! His wife is right there! She owns a gun, probably several! She allowed conscious thought long enough to tell her worries to sit down and shut up, then returned to enjoying her bout of foreplay. Her body called to her, urging her onward, exactly the encouragement she wanted. She was going to do this, and if the continuation was anything like the beginning, it would be even better than she’d hoped.

Hands settled on her shoulders and she didn’t even jump. “Having fun?” Kensi’s breath tickled her ears, a soft whisper from just above and behind her.

“Yeah,” and “yes, ma’am” answered her together as Nell and Deeks both came up for air.

“Good. Now get him warmed up.”

Nell knew what Kensi meant even without the pressure on her shoulders. She dropped to her knees and looked up at Deeks, a monument of strength and lust. Staring at him, so far above her, she felt for a second like a woman praying at an altar. Maybe it was the deference that gave it religious connotations, or maybe it was the relatively impersonal nature of it; she wasn’t about to pleasure a boyfriend because she wanted him to be happy, she was about to suck a man off because somebody had told her to. And, critically, because she wanted to. She wanted to be near him, be with him, taste him, smell him, touch him, fully give herself to him—and to his wife—until her desire settled down and allowed her to go back to normal life without the constant, gnawing emptiness chewing at her stomach. She smiled at Deeks, and he smiled back, and his boxers twitched when she grabbed them. “Yes, ma’am.”

Down went the silk, and out popped an implement Nell could elegantly describe as impressive. It wasn’t porn-star huge, which was fine with her; she wasn’t looking to bruise or strain anything, and Deeks had more than enough size for her taste—honestly, most dicks did when they were two inches in front of her nose or trying to bury themselves in a place for which they were not biologically intended. But she liked its overall shape, thicker near the base and around its well-defined head. It didn’t smell of unwashed sweat or aggressive cologne, just a faint, masculine tinge. And he shaved! Nell could not believe how many conversations she’d had with people, of all genders, who thought going hairless was mandatory for women yet shameful for men. Yes, it did make her a little more self-conscious about her own, relatively cursory trim, but she appreciated it nonetheless. Without the tangle of hair obscuring its base, his dick seemed cleaner, more defined, and almost certainly larger. She could only imagine what it would be like to feel it.

But no! She could feel it, right now! In fact, it was presently her job. Her hand, stable and warm, took hold of him near the base, caressing the front of his hips with her smallest fingers. He twitched in her grip and his scrotum tightened underneath, a sign of what she hoped would be coming soon. Her palm stroked him gently, watching his skin stretch and squash. A dribble of fluid peeked from his tip, far less lubrication than she would need to really masturbate him. She knew what to do, even as Kensi held the back of her head and nudged her forward. She pulled him in line with her face, and she locked eyes with him as his wife pushed her open mouth around his cock.

She nicked his head with her teeth, a problem solved with a slight adjustment. Nell was too engrossed in Deeks to worry about it, preferring his throaty groan to any of her own reservations about her performance. For now she let Kensi manipulate her, moving her head to and fro at a slow, steady pace. She tried to keep her tongue still, but she couldn’t resist a quick taste of her co-worker’s dick. Once she had it she couldn’t stop; her sexual instincts took over and she closed her lips around his shaft. Inside her it felt bigger than it looked. All dicks did. But it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle, and she set her jaw wide enough to give herself room to work. It only took the smallest suction to make him utter his manly grunt again, and she briefly wondered if she’d ever be able to see him at work without imagining this look on his face.

His dick tunneled deeper—or, more, her head was pushed closer to his hips—and she pressed her tongue flat to accommodate it. Then she moved more, and it reached the back of her tongue, and she froze while she considered what to do. Kensi kept pushing, and Deeks didn’t budge, leaving Nell to take him farther and farther into her mouth. She coughed, a quiet rumble against his head, before he sealed off her airway entirely. Her throat spasmed, trying to kick the intruder out, but her gag reflex was weaker than Kensi’s fingers in her hair. Her teary eyes narrowed and saliva dripped from the corners of her lips, signs of the discomfort she couldn’t escape. When she felt her throat accept its fate and open, she choked once more, and suddenly the pressure on her head disappeared. She pulled back and gasped so hard she coughed, holding onto her knees to keep from falling over.

Deeks and Kensi waited for her to recover and wipe her mouth. “S-sorry. I haven’t done that before.”

Kensi clicked her tongue. “Sorry…?”

“Sorry, ma’am. And sir, I guess.”

“That’s fine. We don’t want to hurt you.” Nell heard Kensi kneel behind her, and she felt soft hands against her sides. “But it would be nice if you apologized for real.”

Nell’s heart fluttered. Fingers carved soft trails from her hips to her shoulders, measuring her curves. Goosebumps pulsed in waves from her neck down, leaving her tantalizingly aware of every touch and how much farther they could go. She shuddered once and smiled up at Deeks. “I’m sorry, sir. Let me make it up to you.” Nell licked at his head once, a playful taste, then opened her mouth wider and took him back inside. She kept eye contact as she bobbed up and down, watching for his masculine—yet adorable—winces and grunts and sighs. He thrust the smallest distance possible, only a fraction of an inch, more an involuntary twitch than another attempt to claim her throat. She smiled around his dick and sucked once, drawing him even deeper. Her hand wrapped around his base, squeezing and stroking, and as long as she could hold him back she no longer had to worry about choking again. She could go at her speed, controlling his motions instead of reacting to them, and devote all her energy to giving him the blowjob of his life.

Or, that was her plan, shattered in less than a minute when Kensi acted again. Those fingers drawing delicate pictures against her sides shifted backward until they found her bra clasp. “Off,” Kensi ordered, though she waited until Nell replied with a muffled “mm-hm”. The pressure around her chest tensed then disappeared, and her straps slid over her shoulders and down to her elbows. The fingers returned to her bare breasts, tickling the bottoms until she whimpered and cupping them as though Kensi was offering them to her husband. Pinkies rubbed just underneath, along the faint dark lines where Nell’s bra had left its indentation. The touch, a soft caress on skin too used to nothing but stale compression, set her entire chest alight, a response Kensi could verify when her thumbs passed over Nell’s hard nipples. Soft, squishy heat pressed against Nell’s back and breath shifted the hairs atop her head, surrounding her with Kensi’s presence. She couldn’t back away when the groping truly began, ten fingers brushing and squeezing and presenting her breasts, nor did she really want to.

Nell used her smoldering arousal as fuel, an excuse to be more daring in the liberties she took with Deeks. She moved in unpredictable patterns, slamming her face into his crotch only to pull back leisurely over the course of several seconds, or holding still and sucking so hard her cheeks bent inward, or releasing him entirely and slapping his dick against her outstretched tongue (a technique she didn’t logically understand, but she’d seen it once in a video and her boyfriend at the time hadn’t complained when she’d tried it, nor did Deeks right now). He seemed torn, intending to keep his eyes on her but constantly letting his wife divert his attention or turning to the ceiling with his eyes pinched tight. She chuckled despite herself; she’d had enough sex to recognize a man trying to hold back, and an unruly part of her wanted to press her advantage to see if she could get him to pop off early. Only Kensi’s constant presence kept her under control for several minutes, a mixture of the desire for those powerful hands to keep fondling her and the reminder that she was not to act without her co-workers’ express permission.

She did forget about making Deeks cum when Kensi changed her focus, sliding one hand toward Nell’s hips. She got the message and wriggled her thighs apart before the fingers reached her panties, playing with her through the thin, soft fabric. Kensi pushed against harder against Nell’s back as she reached for her pussy, holding her steady with a hand still wrapped around her chest. Two fingers found their mark, pressing damp cotton against Nell’s lips until they parted a fraction of an inch. There they lingered, rocking and swirling while she shifted her hips and hoped they would somehow find an even better angle. On occasion they touched her clit, and Nell always responded with a quiet mewl, after which Kensi immediately withdrew. Distracted by lust and the throbbing cock in her mouth, it took Nell several such exchanges before she realized Kensi was intentionally leaving her on the edge, so when the hand finally slithered into her waistband and touched her skin-on-skin she could barely think about anything else.

Kensi’s teasing remained slow, painfully so, but with no barriers between them she refrained from soft feathering and instead gave Nell the force she needed. A finger had barely reached Nell’s pussy when it shoved its way inside, sliding up to the second knuckle without an ounce of resistance. She forgot to suck for a moment, too entranced by Kensi’s insistent fingering. Deeks graciously let her catch her breath, though the sight of his wife groping their co-worker probably gave him more than enough entertainment. Nell didn’t move her head again until Kensi whispered “did we tell you to stop?” and nibbled on her ear. When she returned to Deeks’s cock, Kensi rewarded her by pulling back on her entire finger, curling it against Nell’s insides and pressing a fleshy pad against her pulsing clit.

Nell squealed, the loudest sound she had uttered since she dropped to her knees and possibly since she’d entered the apartment. Her situation, sandwiched between a married couple, wasn’t strange any more. It was good, desirable, almost necessary to maintain the heat building under her stomach. She sucked on Deeks like he was an ice pop and she’d been starving in the desert, slathering him with her tongue and only releasing her tight suction when she needed too much air to breathe through her nose. Her hand pumped him, or squeezed, or just lay there around his base; she didn’t even notice it. Everything she did to him was automatic, pure muscle memory while her true focus lay with the fingers exploring her pussy. Kensi played her with perfect finesse, better than any boyfriend—for reasons obvious in retrospect, thought Nell in the brief moments of clarity between waves of lust—giving her just enough attention to make her want more and more. Her hips bucked, failing to bend such that Kensi could get even deeper, begging without words for an escalation. Yet Kensi continued her foreplay, keeping Nell just on the edge but positioned so her only recourse was to fellate Deeks harder or faster or louder, pinned by desire to serve her master at her mistress’s insistence.

Kensi moved in some way Nell didn’t see, and Deeks stepped away, leaving Nell’s lips reaching for the delicious treat she knew she could draw from within. Instead of letting her give chase, Kensi pulled her upright and she leaned into Kensi’s torso, where her shoulders found comfort against an unfairly round chest. She didn’t realized how much she stretched, how brazenly she exposed her nearly-naked body to Deeks, not until he grunted in appreciation and ran his palm down his split-stained cock. But Nell didn’t let her think about it for long, not with one arm wrapped around her chest to cup her far breast and the other scratching light furrows along the inside of her thigh. She panted openly and reached for her pussy only to be batted away, leaving her arms hovering, tense, while Kensi commanded her every action. Her head was nudged to the side so Kensi could kiss her neck, her shoulders were guided so she swayed at just the right speed, and her hips were taunted with the threat of satisfaction until she bucked them to the tune of Kensi’s song. She hung there until her dizziness crawled over her forehead and her mouth went dry from gasping, wishing for orgasm but unable to start herself on the final push.

When Kensi backed away it felt almost like a dream, the sort where Nell was in class without clothing and knew something was wrong but didn’t know what, except in this case the missing factor was the warmth of a nearly-naked federal agent’s lap. She regaineed awareness to see Deeks leaving her field of view and Kensi filling the void. Some time during the festivities she had removed her panties, and now only her sheer bra and Nell’s own underwear kept the trio from being wholly naked. Kensi noticed Nell’s stare and parted her legs, just enough for Nell to see her lips glistening with arousal. Nell didn’t consider herself a lesbian, but beauty was beauty, and in that moment Kensi was the most gorgeous thing she could imagine. Need tugged at her, urging her forward, telling her to do…something. Something to show Kensi how much she appreciated her invitation and her openness and her smooth, toned, impossibly long body. She licked her lips, a response she didn’t notice until she breathed cold air over them, and the twinkle in Kensi’s eye answered her unasked question.

“Here,” Kensi said, and the bed creaked softly as she sat on the edge. Nell crawled forward on her hands and knees, her head just at the height of Kensi’s brazenly parted thighs. The scent pelted her in the face, a reminder of her own arousal but, more, an indication of her partner’s. Nell smirked, pleased. She’d barely done anything to Kensi, yet her display had turned her co-worker on so much she could literally smell it. Her simile only widened as Kensi leaned back on her elbows, bending her body until a shaved pussy stared back at Nell. Kensi bit her lip for a moment, glancing back at something on the other side of the room—right, Deeks was still there—and tension pulled her flat stomach even tighter. “Show me what you can do.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Nell had nowhere near the experience with women as she had with men. Just one time in college, or maybe two, or whichever amount accounted for vague recollections of time spend with friends and roommates, performing various actions she almost regretted not regretting. But she knew what she liked from previous boyfriends and copious experimentation, enough to remember enthusiasm was often an excellent substitute for skill. She gave Kensi her best puppy-dog eyes and licked her slit from bottom to top, letting the tip of her tongue linger around the end she heard a gasp, and then she pressed in, planting her lips against Kensi’s.

The scent grew stronger, though at that point it was less a scent than the very air around and within her. She tasted it with her nose even more than with her tongue, keeping it just far enough from Kensi’s body to let herself breathe. Her mouth focused entirely on Kensi’s needs, kissing with the fury of a teenager in the back of a car, all lip and tongue without an ounce of finesse. Softness met softness and tried to push through, attacking Kensi from every angle she could reach. Every so often her tongue slipped inside, running over fleshy ridges until saliva and other fluids leaked from the corners of her mouth. But her focus remained the clit, the perfect button she nuzzled with her nose and brushed with her lip and mashed with her tongue until Kensi’s tall chest shuddered and her head rolled back.

Wide, rough hands landed on her back, pushing her even farther into Kensi’s pussy. Deeks explored Nell for the first time, squeezing the hips she always thought were a little too fleshy and the waist she could never get trim enough to have a proper hourglass figure and the thighs she hid under long skirts whenever she could, and given the fury with which he groped her she could only assume he loved every inch of her. Why? How? He was sleeping with Kensi, one of the most beautiful women Nell had ever met, yet here he was, tugging down her panties so he could get a better look at the frumpy office tech. Words were one thing, leers were another, but this, this was the truest appreciation, that Deeks would take his eyes off his dangerous supermodel for long enough to fondle Nell’s objectively lackluster body. She practically giggled thinking about it, how this amazing woman was watching her husband molest another woman right in front of her. Nell loved the sudden transfer of power, even as Deeks pulled her panties down to her knees and rubbed his finger against her pussy, then two fingers, then oh my God that’s not two fingers and half a cock forced itself way into her cunt.

A hundred thoughts collided at once. ”He didn’t even warn me!” “Fuck, finally, I need this so bad!” “I can’t do this! He’s married!” “S-so…thick…” “Is he wearing a condom? I don’t think he is! Tell him to stop!” “Harder! As harder as you can!” None was more absurd than “Shit, Kensi’s going to catch us!” but it came regardless, as though the woman she was eating out might somehow have not noticed her husband cheating on her only three feet away. Nell paused as Deeks’s cock slammed farther in with each thrust, watching Kensi for the warning signs of a dangerous blowup. Kensi looked down, then up toward her husband, then back to Nell with a coy smile. “I didn’t say stop.”

“Yff mmmm!” Nell grabbed the edge of the bed to hold herself upright and returned to her task, getting double-teamed by the husband-and-wife pair. Deeks slammed his hips into hers, and each lurch forward let her stick her tongue deeper up Kensi’s pussy or kiss her clit with greater force. Even when he wrapped his hands around her waist and showed her how to rock against him, she kept as much contact with Kensi as possible, never forsaking her duties to one master over those of the other. If anything the split attentions helped her; she was sure she’d been doing a fine job eating Kensi out, but now she was receiving pleasure of her own, and her little gasps and moans and exhalations sent vibrations through Kensi’s hips. She didn’t fake a single sound. She may have accentuated them more than she might if she was alone with a vibrator, but every little grunt was an honest expression of her arousal, a small thank-you to the couple who had so graciously invited her to her first spit-roasting.

Fingers curled in Nell’s hair, forcing her even harder into Kensi’s hips. She tilted her head for air but otherwise acquiesced, surrendering her agency to her mistress. Deeks held her waist in place with an iron grip, leaving her nowhere to run when he slammed into her from behind. Her breasts bounced under her and her ass jiggled, jumping whenever he rocked her body with a vigorous thrust, and she furrowed her brow as the beginnings of orgasm started to stir within her. If she could only touch herself, she knew she could finish, just a little attention away from the sort of mind-blowing orgasm that left her limp and sweaty. But her master and mistress hadn’t told her to, and her heart pounded thinking of all the ways they could abuse their control over her. Pinned by strong arms and tightly-wound fingers, impaled on the best dick she’d had in years, gagged by a delicious woman, she had to lie there on her knees, propped against the bed, performing whatever lascivious or degrading acts Kensi and Deeks could fathom. The full extent of her submission became clear when Deeks exhaled with a ragged sigh and his hips stalled, pumping her womb full of sticky white cum right in front of his wife, and her only response was to whimper and hope it was merely the first of many.

She faltered for a moment, even as Kensi’s nails scraped over her scalp, and when Deeks pulled out Kensi finally let go. Nell pushed herself up and breathed, smiling through the glaze all over her lips and chin. “Was that alright, ma’am?”

A less dignified woman might have snorted, but Kensi chuckled, though it was effectively the same sound. “Pretty good. I’m kind of liking having somebody around who knows their way around a woman.”

“Rude,” Deeks grunted. “I don’t remember hearing any complaints before.”

“You don’t?”

“…I don’t remember hearing many complaints, at least.”

“That’s better.” She curled her finger, drawing him closer, and he came to her in an instant. They shared a kiss while Nell watched, tensing her hips as his cum slowly oozed onto the floor. Her hand made it to her breast before she noticed it, and she didn’t see any reason to stop from drifting even lower. It almost made it to her belly button before Kensi broke the kiss and snapped her fingers. “Hey. We didn’t say you could touch yourself.”

“Come on, Kens,” Deeks pleaded,” she’s been good. Give her a break.”

“Fine,” Kensi sighed with overblown disgust. “I guess she should get some relief too. No good bottling that up all day, trust me.”

Nell glanced between them. “So…I can get off?”

Deeks smirked and patted the bed. “Not quite. Why don’t you get up here? I have an idea.”

Kensi raised her hand. “Um, hello? I think it’s my turn to boss her around.”

“You picked the last thing.”

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell you to fuck her.”

“You implied it.”

“I did not.”

“What, like I was going to just stand around and let her wave this cute little ass at me without doing anything about it?”

Kensi looked Nell over from top to bottom. “Okay, fine. I did sort of leave you out.”


He rolled her eyes. “And yes, I liked watching you cum inside her.”

“So am I right?”

Kensi picked up a pillow and smacked him with it. “Just take your stupid turn.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” he bowed, which earned him another fluffy belt upside the head. “Now, I’m not the sort of heartless cad who would leave you out of our activities—”

“Ugh, here we go.”

“—so please lay back on the bed and get comfortable. Nell, let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Yes, sir!” Nell jumped to her knees, happy to plant them in a soft bed instead of a hard wooden floor. “Should I take a shower, or…”

“Please sit on my wife’s face.”

Kensi sighed so hard the room shook, but then again, it might had been Nell’s pounding heart. She’d misheard him. She was supposed to be doing things for them and letting them do things to her. This sounded more like Kensi would be doing the servicing. There was clearly a misunderstanding. But Kensi beckoned her over, her voice dripping with resignation. “Come on, Nell, get over here so I can lick my husband’s cum out of you because he’s a huge pervert.”

Sir pervert.”

Nell wavered, still trying to reconcile her situation, but orders were orders. With an unexpectedly quiet “yes, sir”, she straddled Kensi’s face as Deeks pulled his wife’s hips toward the edge of the bed. She imagined Kensi’s view, staring up Nell’s ass and back, and bit her lip. She was definitely going to pay for this later. Kensi was probably already plotting some way to return this humiliation, either by putting Nell in her place or using her as the unwitting tool for embarrassing Deeks. Kensi’s arms wrapped around Nell’s thighs and pulled her into position, commanding her even from below, and she panicked until the moment Kensi’s lips touched her dripping slit. She panicked after that too, but the endless tongue darting in and out of her pussy was a much more pleasant reason.

Nell tried her very best to tense her legs, to keep her weight off Kensi’s head. She didn’t want to actually smother her co-worker, and “died during cunnilingus” was definitely not the explanation she wanted to give to the rest of the team on Monday. But her attempt assumed she had some control over her muscles, and the harder Kensi went on her pussy, the more precarious her situation became. Even her own fingers couldn’t do what Kensi’s mouth could, licking inside and out, suckling on her lips, humming with vibrations so intense they traveled halfway up her spine. Her arousal had ebbed in the moments it took to change position, and now it spiked again, edging her close and closer toward her first orgasm of the night.

Darkness passed over her closed eyes, and when she opened them against she saw Deeks standing between his wife’s legs. He winked at her and put a finger to his lips, but there was no way Kensi didn’t feel him rubbing his froth-stained head against her slit. He pushed into her with an ease he only could have gained through frequent, dutiful practice, and Kensi’s loud moan conveyed delight far more than surprise. Nell watched his thick cock sink into Kensi’s hole, spreading it wide, and imagined how it must have looked against her comparably slim hips. Kensi’s stomach grew taut around every single ab, and her nails dug into Nell’s thighs. The slight pain only accentuated her tongue-lashing, and Nell let herself revel in both.

Deeks hooked his hands under Kensi’s knees and lifted, holding them apart so Nell could watch whenever she didn’t have her eyes screwed shut in pleasure. He rolled his hips in a mesmerizing loop, brushing his shaft against Kensi’s clit, or scraping his ridge against her insides, or otherwise doing something Nell didn’t fully understand. She knew mostly how Kensi reacted, with slight volume and searing enthusiasm. However eager Nell thought she had been, she was nothing compared to Kensi’s voracious mouth. She was certain she’d had boyfriends who hadn’t gotten their dicks as deep inside her as Kensi’s tongue, and she could count on one hand the number who had treated her clit with the attention it deserved. She didn’t notice whether it was technically perfect, or if she felt an emotional connection, or if it was, by some definitions, incredibly wrong. She only knew the pressure, the friction, helping her toward the point of no return.

Her hips twitched, a precursor to her release. “I-I’m close!” she said, both as an announcement and a warning, reasons for her partners to intervene if they intended to make her hold back again. They didn’t. Kensi dragged Nell’s hips across her face, conveniently forcing her to grind in the same rhythm Deeks used, putting all three of them into the same heady sway. Deeks himself released one of Kensi’s legs, which fell somewhere out of sight. Instead he held the back of Nell’s head and pulled her forward with an imperative strength. Nell ogled his naked body through lidded eyes, wondering whether he wanted her to move away so he could see his wife, or lick Kensi’s pussy while they all came together, or open wide so he could pull out and cover her face in cum. A kiss was the last thing on her mind, but her faced bumped into something with a bristly texture and the slightest tinge of aftershave, and she opened her mouth and met his tongue before she knew what was happening. A spasm started in her shoulders and knees, straining against the grip Kensi and Deeks had on the rest of her. Light-headedness became light-bodiness in an instant, and the room melted away, and she didn’t even know what she did with her hands or her voice. There was just her with two bodies, linked by a tongue on either side of her, and endless, soaring bliss.

She wasn’t exactly counting the seconds, but when the room sank back into place and she felt bed underneath her shins, she fully believed she’d never had a longer peak in her life. “Wow,” she panted. It seemed like such an insufficient compliment, but none other seemed appropriate.

Kensi patted her hips, and when Nell fell onto her side Kensi sat up and smirked at her husband. “How did she look?”

Deeks lowered Kensi’s other leg to the bed. “Eight out of ten.”

“See, I told you she’d get into it.”

“Alright, you win.” Deeks raised both hands. “I admit my defeat. You have a better eye for picking threesome partners than I do.”

“Never forget it.” She popped to her feet and kissed him, and he kissed back, heedless of the white goo smeared across her face. “Are you finished with your turn?”

“Sure,” he shrugged. “Can’t wait to see what your devious mind has cooked up.”

“Wait,” Nell gasped. She rolled onto her back, still shaking from the aftershocks. “Ten-minute break.”

Kensi smacked her lips. “Fine. We should probably hydrate anyway.”

“And maybe order dinner.” Deeks checked the clock. “It’s going to be a long night.”

“God, I hope so. Thai?”

“Pizza’s simpler carbs.”

“If you want everybody to smell like garlic, maybe.” Kensi laid a hand on Nell’s leg. “Nell? Any preferences?”

“Mmmm,” she gushed, staring at the ceiling with a blissful smile. “I don’t care. As long as we keep doing things like that.”

Deeks sat next to her. “You really should pick something.”


“Because it’ll determine which delivery person you greet at the door completely naked. That is, as long as your mistress is fine with it.”

“Kinky.” Kensi bit her lip. “Not totally naked, though. She can wear shoes.”

Nell settled into their bed, already letting arousal gnaw at her belly. She’d gotten her release. She could leave now. But she had a lot of pent-up needs to work through, and who knew how long it would be before Eric decided to help her satisfy them? The worries rattling around in her brain didn’t matter. They were part of the far future, and right now the near future seemed so much better for it. “Yes, ma’am.”