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Scenes from Remy's Inn

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Drinking at Remy’s Inn was safest when treated as more of a spectator sport, especially during holidays, when the drinks came with extra-strong side effects. At first glance, though, the Floral Fuzzy Navel seemed harmless enough. Burping flower petals couldn’t be pleasant, but people in Synara City did eat candied violets. Ekaira squinted at another flower. Botany had never been a strong point, but she was fairly sure… “Foxgloves aren’t edible, are they?” she asked Rykian.

Rykian took a sip of his water. “Oh, they are. Once. They – did that flower come with its own pot?”

Ekaira turned to look, then winced. “I’d be more worried about the spikes.”

"Or the chain on that pendant," Rykian said, gesturing toward yet another unfortunate magi, who was staring down at the decent-sized (not to mention sharp-looking) pendant in his hands with a look of dismay. "To be fair, though, Remy's never killed anyone with his special drinks."

"That we know of." Which was why she would stick to ordering water. Ekaira ducked as a rewin dragon shot past. The unfortunate magi who had ordered that drink held out her hand just in time to avoid receiving a small dragon to the face.