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The Master

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MFU 17

As fate would have it, nothing was ever resolved. The man responsible for violating Illya was never brought to justice. The Master was to remain forever a mystery, by Royal decree no less. On a more positive note, the personnel who had given Illya a hard time were no longer employed by U.N.C.L.E.

As for their behavior at work, it was no different than before they moved in together. There were those who kept expecting to find the two in clinches and were much disappointed when they could not. Alone and behind closed doors it wasn't all peaches and cream. Illya would play his jazz records deep into the night. Napoleon was fanatically about his wardrobe and spent an excessive amount of time in the bathroom getting ready. It was a good thing his apartment had two bathrooms. The two had the squabbles and often bickered.

On the whole they got along well together and it was nice to know at the end of the day that the other was still alive and kicking.

One night, Illya was settled, his back resting against the headboard, in Napoleon's large bed. His knees drawn up to support the large book resting on his lap. Napoleon exited the bathroom, stopping in front of the dresser to check himself in the mirror. Illya's eyes twinkled in amusement at the sight. Napoleon moved around the bed, kicking off his slippers and draping his robe over a nearby chair before slipping into the bed.

Napoleon scooted his bare body closer to his partner with something akin contentment. "Finding anything interesting?" he asked as he nuzzled upon the closest ear.

"As a matter of fact..." Illya tilted the book so Napoleon could see.

"Rimming?" The book Illya held was a virtual encyclopedia of all things sexual and erotic, especially Homoerotic.

"I think I'd like to try it," Illya informed him.

Their experiments into man on man sex had been considerable. Some things come quite naturally. Licking someone's asshole didn't seem all that appealing. "Looks nasty." Napoleon scrunched up his nose.

In the months that they'd been together, Illya had been satisfied, but recently he'd shown an interest in trying intercourse. Napoleon had been more than willing, until he found out that Illya was determined to be the one topping.

"You did follow directions?" Illya asked. The book was very explicate. It had recommended that first time sexual partners start with an enema to clean out the anal cavity.

"Yes," Napoleon answered somewhat unenthusiastically.

"Then turn over," Illya ordered. He pushed the book aside before opening the nightstand draw, making sure they had all the requisite supplies.

Napoleon reluctantly turned over, careful to stay under the covers, and buried his face into the pillow.

Illya looked over and shook his head with amusement. He pulled the sheet down Napoleon body, slapping him on the butt and straddled his thighs. They'd discovered that spanking was an enjoyable bit of foreplay.

He lifted up and gripped Napoleon's hips pulling his rear back, then settling back down on his lower leg. He rubbed the muscles that made up Napoleon's gluteus muscles in the hope of relaxing him. It didn't work.

Illya parted Napoleon's cheeks and just looked at the anus, then looked down at his growing cock. It looked awfully tight, and he would have had his doubts if he hadn't known it was possible. He leaned in and sniffed. Surprisingly, the smell was like Lifeboy soap with a tint of musk. Tentatively he licked and found it not bad. He did it again and sat back when Napoleon involuntary jerked.

Illya slapped Napoleon's ass cheek to get him to settle down, leaving a red imprint on the surface before diving back in. Napoleon smelled good and Illya couldn't help licking him from behind his balls all the way up his backbone. Napoleon was making soft mewling sounds.

Illya leaned over and retrieved the huge tube of KY jelly that they had snuck out of the medical section.

Illya coated his fingers and parted Napoleon's ass cheeks once again. He rubbed the jelly around the anus and his eyes popped when it winked at him, opening and closing. Gingerly, he inserted one finger inside. Napoleon squirmed and Illya had to smack him on the butt again. There was a slight contraction of muscle, at least he hoped it was. The tip of his finger searched for and found a tiny bulge and he tapped it causing Napoleon to yelp.

Napoleon seemed to like it, so he repeated his action. Napoleon wiggled, he sighed and moaned. Eventually his muscles loosened up. "Do that again!"

Illya put on a condom and made sure there was plenty of KY covering not only his penis, but inside of Napoleon. The object was not to cause too much pain, though some was unavoidable.

Illya lined himself up with the hole and pushed in, not getting very fair. The muscles so tight around the head of his cock that he found it hard to move either in or out.

Napoleon's eyes were closed, his hands gripping his pillow as he muttered, "Shit, shit, shit."

Just as Illya was beginning to panic, the muscles loosened and he slipped all the way in, falling across Napoleon's back.

Pausing, Illya squirmed until he was back in position. He started to withdraw and Napoleon whimpered. He pushed back in nudging the lump and was almost thrown off for his troubles. Illya was beginning to wonder if this was worth all the trouble, when Napoleon wiggled and he moved against that one spot that Napoleon liked and the muscles inside Napoleon began milking him.

At this point Illya gasped with pleasure and began moving faster in and out, although not all the way. Whether Napoleon was enjoying it or not, at this point Illya didn't care. His climax hit him

When Illya regained consciousness, he was lying on his back and the two were no longer joined together. Napoleon was lying flat on his stomach, his face, turned toward Illya, was serene. Napoleon's eyes drifted open and he smiled.

Turning over so he was lying on his back, Napoleon asked jokingly. "Was it good for you?"

Illya had no choice but to pinch his nipple.

"Oww. That hurt," Napoleon glared. They'd found that Napoleon's nipples were extra sensitive. "I hope you're happy."

Making himself more comfortable, Illya purred. "Exceedingly."

Shaking his head, Napoleon moved to get out of bed and hissed.

"Napoleon!" Illya sat up guiltily.

"It's not so bad." Napoleon winked. "In fact I wouldn't mind a repeat in the future." He hobbled to the bathroom. "Perhaps after I stop walking bowlegged," he muttered.

Illya chuckled and went to find the book, he thought there might be a recipe for a cream to alleviate poor Napoleon's problem, only to find the book had vanished.