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The Master

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MFU 15

Irritation set in as Alexander Waverly sat at his desk going over files that he'd previously signed off on. It was becoming increasingly obvious that certain files had been changed. He'd had a long talk with his daytime secretary, Lisa Rogers, and come to the realization that she was just as much in the dark as he was. "Please see to it that Mr. Kuryakin is reinstated and his accounts brought up to date," he requested.

From what he could tell, this all started around the time that The Master decided to have his fun with his two top agents. But the records didn't reflect that. It was after his doppelganger had been reprogrammed that things had changed. He checked their assignments since then and noticed small discrepancies from what he remembered signing off on. They were slight at first, which was why it never came to his attention. He frowned and leaned forward. “Miss Rogers, would you be good enough to page Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin and have them report to me. Thank you.”

He took the folders in question and placed them in one pile. Lisa took the other pile to be refiled, and left another file on his desk. It was from Dr. Wilde and explained in detail his reasons for letting his head nurse go and his instructions to personnel. He apologized for not having written this and sending it in at the time. Reading it left Waverly wondering if the good doctor was in need of mental health intervention himself.

As for Miss Kline, it would appear that she had once been assigned to U.N.C.L.E. Northeast under Harry Beldon. It was well known that Beldon enjoyed the sensual things in life. As it turned out, once Waverly contacted his counterpart, he had her transferred to New York when she showed disapproval of his lifestyle. When Beldon came across the film taken at the Master's he'd sent it on to her knowing full well how she'd react.

Waverly looked up as the door swished open and his top agents walked in, both looking a little apprehensive, for which he couldn't blame them.

He fussed with his pipe, all the while keeping an unobtrusive eye on both agents. He sent the table top turning so that two sets of files landed in front of each agent.

Napoleon scowled as he rapidly flipped through the sheets in his file. Some of it was familiar, but the most recent pages were totally off. There was anger in his face as he flung the folder down and snatched Illya's out of his hand. For the most part Illya's matched up with his, except for the fact that Napoleon knew Illya hadn't been around for a great deal of those assignments. Napoleon glanced up at his boss.

"Had I read those reports I would have known something was up sooner." Waverly shook his head disappointed in his misplaced trust. "You, Mr. Solo, rarely do your own reports." There was a rare twinkle in his eye as he said it. He leaned back in his chair. "I'll need rewritten reports from both of you. Mr. Solo, in the meantime an oral report would be most appreciated."

Napoleon was quiet, gathering his thoughts together. Without having to check the doctored reports, he recounted the last four missions.

Some of it was new to Waverly and he was surprised at the nerve of his old friend, Percival aka the Master. It was time that he came clean.