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this side of paradise

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The apartment was weirdly still when Will opened the front door and kicked off his shoes. Sure, the TV was still running, but the only other sound he could hear was Diana padding around the living room, the bell on her collar chiming with every little step. Upon walking in, he realised why the atmosphere was so still. Lion was sprawled out on the couch, fast asleep, remote still in hand. They looked peaceful like that, it almost felt like a crime to wake them up. However, they were taking up all the space on the couch and Will needed to sit down. He leaned over and shook their shoulder lightly.

Lion stretched and sat up, blinking slowly. 

"Sorry to wake you. Move over." Will got straight to the point, speaking bluntly as usual.

Lion yawned, stretched one more time, and moved to the side, making room for his partner to sit. Once he did, he barely had any time to react before Lion was climbing on top of him, wrapping their arms around his neck and burying their face in the juncture between his neck and shoulder. They then closed their eyes again, intending to go back to sleep.

"Not even a 'hello'?" Will asked in his usual sarcastic tone, softly carding his hands through Lion's hair. Lion retaliated by lifting their hand and making a pinching motion with their thumb and index finger, not even bothering to lift their head from where it was buried in the ex-SSVD member's shoulder. At that, Will let out a soft chuckle.

"Okay, okay, I get the message."

Lion made a pleased sound and lowered their arm, letting it hang limply off the back of the couch, which Diana took as an invitation to start jumping at, attempting to bat it with her paw. This didn't bother them much, as ever since they'd moved in with Will, they'd become used to the cat's antics. The pair sat like this for a while, Lion's breathing evening out as they drifted back into a light sleep, and Will holding them, continuing to thread his hands through the other's ponytail. Will knew he couldn't stay holding them for much longer, as it would be impractical (and uncomfortable, in the chance that he'd need to go to the bathroom). He didn't want to wake them up for a second time, though. He decided he'd stay where he was for a little while longer.

At some point, Diana had jumped up onto the couch to join the two, making herself comfortable on the vacant cushion and curling up there. Will reached out to scratch behind her ears and under her chin, keeping his other hand firmly wrapped around Lion's back. By that point, the only sounds that could be heard were Diana purring and Lion's soft breathing (the TV had since been turned off). The lack of noise gave Will some time to think. He had never considered himself to be the domestic type, yet here he was. He didn't mind it, either. Perhaps the members of SSVD were right, he had indeed gone soft. Ah, well. Nothing to be done about it, he supposed. It wasn't a bad life at all.

More time passed. Will decided he'd have to move Lion elsewhere, since they'd inevitably get back pain from sleeping in an upright position, and he was starting to get hungry. Slowly, as not to wake them up, he manoeuvred them to the side, stood up, and lifted them into a one-handed bridal carry. He carried them towards their bedroom, lazily kicking the door open and moving toward the bed. Once he'd peeled back the covers, he gently lay them down and pulled the blankets back over them. Before leaving the room, he gently pressed a kiss against their forehead, then turned and shut the door.

"G'night, Lion."