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Things always get busy at work around this time of the year -- quota adjustments, evaluations, and mid-year promotions are keeping everyone on their toes. Doppo hasn’t budged an inch from his starting position on the corporate ladder but the balding section chief has (finally!) been shuffled to oversee a different unit so that’s at least one thorn out of his side. The staff congratulate their superior with a night out drinking; Doppo raises his glass thinking ‘good riddance’ while everyone else shouts “Cheers!”

He’s slightly hungover when Hifumi drags him along to go shopping the next day. Claiming to feel chilly is at least a good excuse for wearing a turtleneck in early summer. They were only supposed to buy a few things -- hot pads, batteries, and a new display stand for Hifumi's latest ship in a bottle project. (It is evidently frowned upon to just store them the same way one would display other bottled items, like, say wine; of which there already exists a dedicated corner stand in their kitchen.) In any case, Doppo isn't in the mood to argue the finer points of home decór when his head is still fuzzy. He stands by their shopping cart while Hifumi makes his selection, tired eyes grazing over various jars and spice racks on the opposite shelf. Reaching the end, Doppo casts his gaze across the aisle and that's when he sees it.

"Oh? Seen something you like, Doppomin?" Hifumi asks when he returns to find Doppo oddly transfixed at something in the distance.

"Um." Doppo swallows. Even such a subtle gesture is enough for the leather band to dig into the skin of his neck. "Y-Yeah."



"Kannonzaka. Welcome back."

It’s been a while since Doppo last visited but Rio’s basecamp looks exactly the same as ever, as does the man himself. Well, okay, Rio doesn’t look exactly the same as what Doppo remembers. It mostly has to do with his attire, though. Rio has taken off his camo jacket and there are grease stains on his undershirt, thicker utility gloves cover his hands and on his jaw is a most noticeable smudge of black. It’s most likely grease, Doppo figures, pointing it out so Rio can wipe it off with the similarly soiled hand towel that’s draped over his shoulder.

“What are you working on?” Doppo deems to ask, taking the cloth from Rio’s hands when the younger man’s attempts to clean up only result in spreading the mess even more. 

“I’m fixing a generator,” Rio replies, bending a little so that Doppo can reach his face. An acquaintance was about to have it sold for scraps but Rio offered to take it off their hands instead. He’s been working on it for the past two days or so.

Doppo nods, in acknowledgment of the explanation and to indicate that he’s finished with his task. “Sorry I haven’t gone to see you in so long.”

“No need to apologize,” Rio smiles. “Not visiting means that work isn’t stressing you out these days.”

Seeing such fondness directed at him makes Doppo bite his lip, uneasy. “I don’t want it to be just that. Visiting you only when I need to de-stress… sounds pretty selfish. I know that you’re plenty capable, Busujima, but that doesn’t mean I don’t worry while I’m away.”

“You’re worried about me,” Rio echoes in a voice laced with wonder, tilting his head as if he’s suddenly seeing Doppo in a new light. It makes Doppo squirm, self-conscious.

“Well, that’s… only normal, you know? W-When you care about someone…”

Humming, Rio steps forward reaching out, but then he falters midway, noticing his dirty gloves. Abashed, he pulls back slightly. “Thank you for thinking of me. I’m glad that you’ve come today. Can I get your backpack so we can put it in the tent?”

Doppo meekly hands it over, dropping their minor spat and stepping up to walk beside Rio. Starting his visit with some inconsequential argument is no good, so Doppo resolves to turn it around immediately -- “There’s, um, something inside the bag. For you.” Catching Rio’s curious look makes him blush all the more. “Hifumi and I were out shopping the other day when I saw it at the home center. It’s nothing extravagant but I thought you’d find it useful. It’s okay if you don’t like it, though, I perfectly understand--”

“I’ll be happy to receive anything that you give me, Kannonzaka-san.”


It’s a stainless steel kettle that comes with its own portable stove fitted to the bottom. Doppo recalls the old one leaking a few times before completely falling to disrepair; Rio has been using a covered pot to boil his water since then and while Doppo isn’t one to complain about it (the coffee still tastes the same regardless of the brewing method), he figured there’s no harm in buying the man a new one. Rio is grateful and promises to use it with great care.

Doppo spends the afternoon watching Rio’s attempts at repairs, handing him the right tools or a drink of water whenever he needs one, their casual conversations eventually lulling Doppo into a nap. Dinner around the campfire is cozy, with vegetable soup and barbequed mystery meat, the very air is infused with delicious. Doppo can hardly smell the grease and sweat, he claims, sidling up to Rio so they can rest together after a very filling meal. Rio gives up on dissuading him in the end, pressing a kiss on top of Doppo’s hair as the older man relaxes against his side.

This close (and with the campfire lending warm light to their tableau) Rio is drawn to the softness of Doppo’s expression; his eyebags are less prominent and the stiff line of his jaw has eased, allowing for a contented smile to play on his lips. Rio smells something citrusy tangled in russet locks, faint wisps of city smog and printer ink imbued in the roots. A gust of wind displaces Doppo's bangs but Rio dutifully tucks them back behind his ear, earning him an appreciative purr. That same gentle caress slides down Doppo's cheek to his neck, fingering the slim choker that rests around its base.

"This isn't making you uncomfortable anymore, I hope?"

"It's easy enough to hide. I don't think anybody's noticed."

"I see, but is it causing you any particular discomfort?"

Rio's reiteration makes Doppo pause, eyes wider by a fraction, his face glowing hot enough to possibly rival the embers in their bonfire.

"It's fine," Doppo answers eventually. "I already said it before, um. I… really like it."


If actions spoke louder than words then the very audible hitch in Doppo’s breathing as Rio slips a finger beneath the leather should be enough to confirm his statement. Rio dutifully checks for any sign of chafing or inflammation but to Doppo (who is already keenly aware of that particular area) Rio’s methodical prodding is practically an intimate caress. Doppo bares his neck, cooperative to the check-up but also needling for more contact; the weight of Rio’s hand against his sternum wouldn’t be able to keep him down for long. 

“Kannonzaka.” A laugh is smothered around his name. “Your tongue is sticking out.”

Doppo blinks, finding Rio’s observation to be 100% accurate. “A-Ah, I’m sorry!”

“It’s cute,” Rio assures him, fingers scratching under Doppo’s chin. “Like a puppy.” 

Scrunching up his expression, Doppo squirms but there isn’t enough space between them for him to completely avoid Rio’s doting. Not that he doesn’t actually want the attention, rather, what Doppo wants right now is for Rio to -- “Just kiss me properly.”

The scritching motons stop. Rio cocks his head slightly, still wearing that amused look. “Oh?”


Rio tips Doppo’s face up, holding him by the chin as presses a chaste kiss on his lips. “Have you been holding back all this time?” Doppo makes a whining affirmative sound, straining upwards as Rio lays another kiss. “Mm. Looks like I’ve been neglectful… I’m sorry.”

“’S not that…” Doppo mumbles, breathing in Rio’s scent, his sighs. “You were busy, I didn’t want to interrupt, and…”


Doppo hesitates, biting down on his bottom lip, but Rio coaxes the answer out of him anyway, licking at the seam. Doppo gasps at his daring, lips locking ever-so-briefly once more, but even just that small spark is more than enough to fire him up.

“And?” Rio’s eyes are twinkling.

“I… liked… watching you work. You held… such concentration, and the… your sweat… clinging… glistening on your skin… I…” Doppo gulps, Adam’s apple straining against the collar around his neck. “I wanted to--”

“Show me.”


Rio pulls back, tantalizingly slow. “Show me.”


Teeth catch on a pert nipple, the same set that have marred the surrounding area with nips at bitemarks. Rio groans, his leaking cock twitching between their abdomens. Doppo suckles gently in apology, laying the flat of his tongue against the swollen area to lick away the pain. At the same time, he’s got one hand milking Rio’s cock for precum, scooping up the viscous slick and using it to lubricate the younger man’s hole. 

“Kannon… zaka…” Rio shivers when Doppo detaches from his nipple, the cold night air immediately swooping in to fill the gap. Wet kisses trail up his chest, Doppo’s clean hand squeezing at his left pec beneath which his heart is hammering a mile a minute. Rio is feeling a hazy combination of hot and cold thanks to the blazing bonfire not too far from them; it provides not only heat, but also enough light for Rio to recognize the completely ravenous expression that Doppo is wearing, his russet hair wild like an open flame.

“Does it still sting?” Doppo asks after a breathtaking kiss, three fingers three knuckles deep inside Rio; the incredible heat that surrounds his digits is slowly chipping away at his self-control. “Should I… add one more?”

Rio must have picked up on the unsteadiness in his voice, the heady flavor of his kiss. “That’s… enough, I think.”

“You think?”

“I’m ready,” Rio touches his cheek, drawing Doppo into a much softer kiss, lips lingering as he adds in a whisper. “Show me how much you’ve missed me, hm?”

“You’re really asking for it, haha…” Doppo’s gaze flicks down Rio’s body, flushed with sweat, bare beneath the endless velvet sky. Rio is… impressive -- daunting, even -- but his eyes are honest, his desires laid out plain and simple for Doppo. “Then, I won’t hold back.”


Rio is tight, clenching hot around Doppo’s dick as it relentlessly pounds into him.

“Hah… aah… Busujima…!”

Sweat collects and slides between furrowed brows, bodies coming together over and over atop the spread blanket. Doppo has Rio’s lower half on his lap, long legs pitched on either side while the rest of him is splayed out without a care for the rough bedding. Who’s idea was it to fuck right out in the open, anyway?

“R-Right there,” Rio pleads, looking down at Doppo past his kiss-bitten chest. His heated expression glows in the flickering firelight, praises and pleas spilling from his gaping mouth. “Hnah! S-So good… give it to me… fuck!

“How ngh greedy…” Doppo grips Rio tighter by the waist, swiveling his hips and driving his cock deeper at an angle. “Like that?”

A guttural groan tears from Rio’s lungs, his whole body rippling with pleasure. Doppo doubles down on the assault, kissing his way up cum-splattered abs, licking the sweat off Rio’s pecs and suckling on the nub that’s hard enough to poke an eye out. “G-Good…”

“Mmrm.” Doppo feels fingers tangling in his hair, pulling just hard enough to sting. If anything, they’re making him bite down harder. Rio’s ass is still sucking him in, those inner walls irresistibly hot, molded into the shape of Doppo’s manhood. He already feels himself leaking, fucking pre-cum into Rio, the squelching sound of it melding with their cries and rising unto the night sky. Doppo’s breathing grows ragged, he lifts himself up to come face to face with Rio whose blissed out expression lights the fuse that finally sets off his orgasm. 

The look on Rio’s face when he realizes Doppo’s seed is filling him up radiates pure pleasure. He pulls Doppo into another insatiable kiss, drinking in his broken cries and taking everything that his cock has to give. Doppo collapses in Rio’s embrace, taking a few moments to collect himself before pulling out. Nestled between lean, muscled legs, there’s no ignoring the still-hard dick that lies parallel to their sweaty bodies.

“I’m sorry I haven’t… let me…” Doppo tries reaching downwards but Rio catches his hand.

He presses a kiss to Doppo’s wrist, using it to turn the older man onto his back. “I’ve got this,” Rio says, leaving Doppo’s arm raised slightly above his head. He ducks to pepper kisses along Doppo’s neck, blanketing the prone body with his own.

Just as Doppo starts thinking about how amazing Rio’s stamina is, he feels a rough grip around his spent member. “B-Busujima?!”

“Just a little more… I’m close, too, so please…”

When Rio says it like that, Doppo can’t really say no. “Okay.”

“Good boy.” Rio’s thumb swipes over the head of his cock and something like an electric shock shoots through Doppo’s nerves, hot blood pooling in his groin once more.

It’s because he’s still very sensitive down there, Doppo would argue if he had the breath to spare. Rio strokes him from base to tip with scary efficiency, murmuring filthy praises in Doppo’s ear that has him raring for more action. It doesn’t take long for Doppo to get hard a second time and the way Rio licks his lips as he positions his entrance over it is burned into Doppo’s memory for all eternity.

The blunt head pushes past his gaping entrance, still slick from their previous encounter. Rio sinks all the way down without resistance, moaning as his insides are stretched to accommodate the searing length. Doppo is average in every way, it’s true, but it’s the fire in his spirit that has Rio all hot and bothered. He rakes back his bangs and rides, eyes never straying from Doppo who is similarly set on bringing him over the edge. It’s somewhat harder to aim for his prostate from this angle but with both their hands wrapped around his cock as well, Rio doesn’t lack for stimulation. Doppo’s ejaculate runs sticky rivulets down his inner thighs, the hand not wrapped around his cock is squeezing at his ass. Rio’s senses are slowly being overwhelmed, like a tide rolling in, covering the shore. Little by little, his arousal builds, crests, he thrusts into the circle of their hands and the scene goes white. Rio’s body seizes up and he comes with a voiceless cry, spilling his load all over Doppo’s chest.

They clean up in a corner of the basecamp, wiping each other down with a wet cloth and then sneezing when a gust of wind blows by. Rio offers to embrace him against the cold which makes Doppo laugh, that is until Rio pulls him in by the collar, intimating that since the spare blanket has been… indisposed… they would, in fact, have to sleep in very close quarters tonight.