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I Want You

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Ryoumen Yuuji stares down at him with a lazy smile on his lips as he lounges on his throne of skulls like a cat. Resting his chin on his hand, he says, “You look mad, Sukuna.”

Itadori Sukuna is burning with an inferno of rage; mad doesn’t even begin to cover it. He bares his teeth in a snarl, “Damn right! You just killed me!”

“Technically, you killed yourself,” Yuuji remarks, lazy smile turning into a smirk. Sukuna bristles.

“You’re the one who ripped my fucking heart out!”

Yuuji rolls his eyes, waving him away, and Sukuna seethes.

The sensation is still far too vivid in Sukuna’s mind, having his chest carved into and his heart torn out. What makes it worse is how Yuuji just tossed it into the grass like it was a piece of trash. All in front of Fushiguro too before declaring the start of his new game.

This game consisted of Fushiguro trying to land a hit on Yuuji, and in exchange Yuuji would heal Sukuna’s heart. But Fushiguro didn’t stand a chance. Yuuji toyed with him like a cat does a mouse, nearly killing him before Sukuna finally managed to shove his way to the surface.

“It was a fun game though, yeah?” Yuuji asks, grinning, having read through Sukuna’s thoughts. It makes his blood boil.

“Fuck your games,” Sukuna hisses, turning away from the curse altogether. His teeth grind together, fingers itching to throw or punch something. He eyes the bones of the surrounding ribcage, noting with surprise that they’re actually trees with vines and leaves and flowers.

“Where even are we?” he mumbles as he snags a lone skull from the clear waters, weighing it in his hand for a moment. “Hell?” Talk about a shitty ending, stuck in the afterlife with the King of Curses as his only company.

“No,” Yuuji says, and Sukuna can hear his smile. “We’re in my Innate Domain. You can think of it as my mind. In other words, we’re not dead yet.”

Sukuna faces him again, eyes narrowing. “So, you can heal my heart then, yeah? Bring me back?”

Yuuji grins. “Of course!”

Sukuna throws the skull and watches the throne explode in a cloud of dust. Yuuji’s a blur of black and red, and Sukuna barely manages to raise his arms up before Yuuji aims a kick as his chest and send him flying back into a tree. He coughs, the wind knocked out of him.

Yuuji stands where he stood just a second ago, arms folded into his sleeves, smirk painted on his face. Sukuna glares before wheezing out, “Cocky bastard.”

“You’re so aggressive,” Yuuji sighs, walking toward him. He moves so smoothly it almost looks like he’s gliding across the water. He kneels in front of him, lips curled, golden eyes glinting in private delight. “But that’s what makes you so much fun.”

“Whatever,” Sukuna snorts. “Anyways, you say you can heal my heart and bring me back, but that’s not what without a price, right?”

Before all the chaos, he might not have considered this. Despite what Gojo had said, and the demand for his execution, Sukuna couldn’t fathom how Ryoumen Yuuji was any level of dangerous. He found him more akin to a feral house cat than an all-powerful curse. But now, looking at the fanged smile, those red tattoos, and tiger tail flicking, he knows. Locked in the gaze of those golden eyes, Sukuna feels it.

Yuuji’s smile is deceivingly polite and innocent. “Not a price, per say, but we’ll need to make a pact.”

“Oh yeah, and what’s that? Another game of yours?”

Yuuji huffs and stands, hauling Sukuna up with him. He leans in, face too close, breath smelling like blood. “This isn’t a game. A pact is based on mutual interest. I’m willing to work with you so long as you’re willing to work with me.”

Sukuna frowns, body tensing when Yuuji steps back only to circle around him. He feels like prey, already caught in the teeth of a monster. “Fine then,” he says, gritting his teeth when Yuuji’s tail flicks under his chin. “What do you want?”

Yuuji stops in front of him, and it takes everything in Sukuna to not flinch away when clawed hands reach for his face, holding him like he’s the world. There’s something lovingly cruel in his eyes, something dangerously soft in his smile.

“You. I want you, Sukuna.”