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Making his way to the entrance of a tunnel under an overpass, Izuku reminded himself of how he used to motivate himself when things got tough. Izuku clenched his fist above his head and stood up straight. ‘Grit your teeth and smile, just like him!’ he told himself. Waving his fist around in the air, he started marching through the tunnel. A forced laugh echoed off the walls that blocked out the warmth and light of the sun.

Izuku was too distracted to hear the sloshing sound behind him until it was too late. When he finally heard it he felt a chill go down his spine. He slowly turned to face the noise and when he saw the source of it he froze in place, unable to move no matter how badly he wanted to. The creature looming over him was a sickly green. It was a huge mass of pulsating slime with two large yellow eyes that bore through him, and a disgusting set of huge human-like teeth. Izuku shook like a leaf in the wind. 

“A medium-sized invisibility cloak! What a perfect little skinsuit!” The villain’s voice was just as bloodcurdling as it’s appearance. The sadistic joy that came with its words was just as unsettling. When Izuku could finally move, it was already far too late. He dropped his journal and tried to run and call for help. 


His screams were forced back down as the villain enveloped him, lifted him off the ground, and shoved a large slimy tendril in his mouth. It stayed there for longer than intended when Izuku clenched his teeth to keep the villain out. It only helped a little since it started slipping through the gaps in his teeth and gums and causing it to land and squirm around on this tongue. It was uncomfortably warm and tasted salty, like thick brackish water. The small pieces of sludge began wriggling down Izuku's tongue and getting lodged in his throat, causing him to choke and gasp for air. The second he did, the sludge began flooding into his mouth, down his throat, and into his lungs and stomach. His body convulsed violently with the pain that resembled the feeling of tightness he felt in his chest and stomach when he chugged a soda too fast.

He wanted to throw up but it was impossible with the villain forcing everything back down. Izuku kicked furiously, trying to wriggle his way out of the villain's grasp, but to no avail. He tried to claw at the sludge entering his mouth but his fingers slipped through it like the mud on the bank of the creeks he and Kacchan would play in when they were children. 

“You can’t grip me! I’m made of fluid.” The villain laughed at the struggling boy. “You can’t escape me, kid. You’re mine now. Once you’re dead I’ll escape from him and dump your corpse in a ditch on the side of the road!” The villain spotted Izuku’s journal and took note of how much he loved heroes and their quirks. He snickered as he thought of a way to torment the poor boy further. “Thanks for helping me kiddo, you’re my hero.” the villain cooed in his ear with a fake sincerity that made Izuku squirm even harder. “Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon.” The boy was panicking and his fighting picked up its pace. He can’t die like this! What about his mom? What would she do if he died? 

The villain would admit that he was enjoying himself, and was actually keeping the boy alive longer than the other people he had killed in the past. He had stopped filling the boy's lungs, keeping him conscious, just because he loved watching the boy panic and writhe against him. He had plenty of time before that hero would be even close to catching up to him and there was nobody around that could even hope to stop him, so he might as well have a bit more fun with the boy. 

Thick tendrils of sludge began snaking their way under the sleeves of Izuku's shirt and pants, down his collar, and into his shoes and socks. One by one, each article of clothing was removed and discarded on the pavement below him, only leaving his underwear. The cold air in the tunnel made him shiver and goosebumps began forming all over his body. The tentacles then wound their way around his arms, legs, chest, and waist. They were wet, slick, and almost soft, like the slime kids would make out of liquid glue, but also firm and constricting. Izuku panicked and tried to thrash his way out of his restraints, but the sludge was too strong to break free from. 

'Why is he undressing me?' He thought frantically. 'What is he going to do?' He whimpered pitifully around the tentacle in his mouth. The villain chuckled at him in amusement. 

"Shhh...just relax and let it happen. I promise you'll enjoy it." Two more tendrils slipped into his underwear teasingly, pulling them down the boys legs. "Besides, it's not like you have much of a choice" Tears began streaming down Izuku's face as the realization of what was about to happen finally settled over him. He was powerless to stop it. 'Please...Please no...' 

The sludge in his mouth became thicker and started a slow thrusting in his throat, causing him to gag and choke until he got used to the invasion. He took shallow breaths through his nose whenever the sludge would pull out far enough before oozing back in. 

The villain sent two small tendrils, about the width of his finger to caress the boy's chest, eventually feeling their way to his nipples. They began pinching, sucking, and massaging the little round buds until they became red and hard. Izuku thrashed again, causing the villain to send more tentacles to wrap around his chest and shoulders, to keep him from pulling away. He left enough room for the boy to squirm a little, after all that made the whole experience so much more enjoyable. 

Izuku was mortified. This villain was toying with his body, touching him in a way he'd never been touched. He hated it with every fiber of his being, but it still felt nice. 'This is wrong,' he thought. 'So why does it feel so good?' No matter how much he didn't want to, Izuku was becoming aroused by the stimulation on his chest and the thrusting in his throat which had begun to pick up speed. His cock began twitching slightly, and the villain took that as a sign to continue his assault on the boy. 

The sludge playing with his nipples retreated leaving them red and sore. The tendrils of sludge melted together forming a tentacle about the size of his wrist. It began stroking his dick, and rubbing against his balls and Izuku whimpered loudly as he felt himself becoming hard at the warm and wet touch. The villain chuckled again, and wrapped the sludge around the boy's length and began moving back and forth, slowly jerking him off.

It felt so good to be touched there. Izuku had never tried to touch himself before, he was always afraid to. Now though, he was whining in unwanted pleasure. Unwittingly, he began slowly bucking his hips to create more friction. The villain took notice of this and taunted him. 

"I told you you'd enjoy it." The villain whispered in his ear. "Look how eager you are, you're almost doing all the work for me." Another tentacle, about two inches wide, slithered teasingly between the boy's cheeks and began to circle his hole slowly, causing him to cry out into the sludge in his mouth. "Almost..." he chuckled. As he continued to tease the boy's rim, the tentacles adjusted Izuku's arms behind his back, and his knees and legs upward into a slight sitting position. 

The teasing went on for a while. Every few seconds the sludge would dip into the boy's hole, push into it just a little, before pulling back out and resuming it's circling; and Izuku would whine, and clench, and squirm trying to keep it from entering. It was so wet and gross and Izuku almost wished the villain would just get it over with instead of teasing him mercilessly. He regretted those thoughts as soon as the tentacle finally pushed into his hole a few inches and began thrusting slowly. The sludge would pull back, almost all the way out, before it flooded back in, feeding deeper inside him every time it thrust forward.

"Mmmph, hmmph..." Izuku moaned into the tentacle still fucking his throat, tears flooding down his cheeks. The sludge in his ass suddenly pushed in deeper than it ever had and hit a spot inside him that made him scream around the sludge in his mouth, and made his cock twitch despite the grip the villain still had on it. Precum was already leaking out of the slit, and the villain had another sick idea. 

The tendril in his ass picked up speed and began brushing against his prostate with every thrust. Izuku could only let out muffled moans and whimpers as he was brought to orgasm. Thick, creamy white cum shooting out in short bursts and landing on the sludge surrounding him, before seemingly melting away and being absorbed into the villain's body. The tentacle inside him stilled, causing him to feel uncomfortably unused. He tried moving his hips in an attempt to get rid of that empty feeling. 

The sludge that had been stroking him pulled away and hovered in the air for a minute before shaking and splitting itself into five separate parts, each about the width of a pencil. All but one of the smaller tentacles returned to wrap around Izuku's now limp dick, and began stroking him again until he was hard.

Izuku shuddered as his body was shifted again, his hips pulled upward into his line of sight. The villain wanted him to see was he was going to do to him. The fifth tentacle began teasing his urethra, a similar routine to the tentacle that had penetrated his ass. Izuku screamed and thrashed again, but he couldn't do anything to keep the thin tentacle from slipping into his penis and starting a slow rhythmic thrusting. He threw his head back in pain and pleasure and the tentacle in his mouth pushed deeper into his throat. 

The sludge in his ass resumed it's slow forcing, this time avoiding Izuku's prostate. Another tendril, a little bigger than the first began nudging at his hole alongside the one still fucking him. Izuku whimpered again. 'No! I can't...It won't...' His thoughts were lost when the second tentacle forced it's way inside him and began it's own rhythm, out of sync with the first's. The two began stretching his hole, massaging him open from the inside out. Izuku could only take what the monster dealt, as both began another repetitive assault on his sweet spot. 

The villain was reveling in the depravity of it all. This small, once virgin boy, was now completely at his mercy. The fighting against him had finally stopped as he continued his assault. He honestly considered leaving the boy alive after he was done, and keeping him as his own little plaything to use whenever he pleased. The thought of it made the monster laugh and shudder in anticipation, and the vibrations sent new waves of pleasure through Izuku's body. 

He was a moaning, drooling mess as he was once again lead to climax. The tendril fucking his urethra pulled all the way out, letting the boy release completely before slithering back in. This time joined by another of the small tentacles. The sludge in his throat was drawn out fully, letting Izuku breathe, cough, and moan freely. It brushed his sweat-soaked curls out of his eyes, before traveling downward, and forcing it's way in to join the other two tentacles penetrating him. The villain slowly added more sludge to each tentacle at each forward thrust, making them wider and longer. 

"Ugh-hmm-ahh-hAahh..." Izuku's voice echoed off the walls of the underpass. His cheeks were flushed a bright red and he let out a long whine as the sludge in his ass pressed down hard on his prostate. He could feel himself stretching obscenely around a fourth tentacle as it oozed it's way into him. 

It was so hard to think now. Every thought that tried to form was fucked out of him with every new sensation. His ass was so full, and his cock was so sore. Even now another small tendril slid it's way into his urethra as the first two traveled deeper inside him. He groaned as two new tentacles, both smaller than the first, invaded his mouth and traveled down his throat before finally melting together. A small voice in his head screamed at him to fight, thrash, and resist the monster violating him, but it was overpowered as he was brought over the edge for the third time. 

This time the tentacles fucking his cock didn't pull out and Izuku's cum was forced back into his body when the sludge pushed deeper into him, filling his passageways. He cried and screamed into the sludge fucking his face and the tentacles in his ass pushed further, abusing his prostate and his eyes rolled back into his head. 

All of a sudden, every tentacle inside of him began pulsing and swelling. The monster groaned sending more pleasurable vibrations all the way through him. All of the sludge pulled back in unison and the realization of what was happening washed over him right when it was too late. Warm, slimy cum flooded the insides of his ass, oozed through his intestines, and infiltrated his stomach causing intense cramps that made the boy scream. The tentacles in his cock came together, forcing the slime into his bladder and kidneys. If his throat and mouth weren't being invaded by the monster wrapped around him, his screams would have been so loud that they could have reached the ears of some unoccupied hero who could come save him.

Izuku's mouth was overwhelmed by the salty taste. It ran over his tongue like a river flows over stones causing them to smooth down. There was so much of it he was forced to swallow every bit so he wouldn't choke on it. It was awful and so thick, but there was a small part of him that savored the taste. As it entered his stomach, the monster began withdrawing his tentacles from the boy, all accept the one in his mouth and the ones that held him firmly in place. The boy's holes were left empty. He was stretched and opened further than he should have ever been, and eventually the monster's cum began leaking out of the gaping tunnels. It trickled down his legs and out of his cock and Izuku was positive he would have to take multiple showers before he could ever feel clean again. The villain lifted him higher off the ground and whispered in his ear one final time. 

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. Now I think it's time I finished what I started." The villain chuckled and sludge began forcing itself back into every hole, even filling his nose and slithering into his ears. Izuku couldn't breathe and soon he blacked out. Distantly, he thought he heard a cheerful, booming voice asking if he was alright only to hear his own voice respond and say he was. 

He woke up in a cold, dark room. He was naked and sore all over but he couldn't remember why. How had he gotten here? There were hardly any sounds besides a slight draft, a slow dripping of water from the cracks in the ceiling, and a sudden loud sloshing sound before something warm and wet shoved into his mouth. Then the memories came flooding back.