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The last notes of the song fade out gradually, the cameras still standing to get the final shots. White smoke curls around their legs as golden confetti falls from the ceiling and the only thing Juyeon can hear is the loud beating of his heart in his ear, his breath coming out in short and painful puffs, chest heaving at another intake of air. 

Someone somewhere shouts a sharp “Cut” and his body relaxes on command. The lights are turned back on, loud cheering erupting as the stage is finally completed and he can’t wait to finally sit down, thighs trembling from exhaustion. Yet there is a commotion behind his back and he turns around just in time to catch the sight of a crying Sangyeon wiping his tears away, Chanhee’s laugh echoing in his ear as he doesn’t quite understand what is happening. He watches how Changmin wraps his arms around his boyfriend, letting Sangyeon rest his head on his shoulder, face pressed tight against it as he smiles at their leader. 

And it’s heart shattering because Sangyeon doesn’t cry.

It makes Juyeon freeze up, body tight and tense as he watches the tears stream down Sangyeon’s face. Neither of them can do anything but hold him, hands sliding up and down his back in a soothing manner. Juyeon feels the need to be close to him, wrap his arms around him and tell him that it’s going to be okay, but there are too many cameras around and he doesn’t want Sangyeon to push him away if he might do something that’s more than a friendly pat on the shoulder. 

So, with one last look at the other, he steps down, legs taking him backstage and he slowly untangles the wires around his body, mic resting on his shoulders. 

They re-group at the entrance of the backstage, the staff members working and running between them and he watches how Jaehyun pulls Sangyeon closer by the arm around his shoulders, laughing at whatever their leader is saying between hiccups, tears still running down his face. 

Juyeon reaches out, but since there are still cameras everywhere he just taps Sangyeon’s shoulder lightly, just the faintest of touch, fingers dancing over the exposed skin of his arm, drawing back before the older has even the chance to notice it. 


It’s after the evaluation, when they are piling into the vans that Juyeon reaches for Sangyeon’s hand, pulling him beside himself on the backseat. And Sangyeon lets him, looking too tired to even complain, just sits down next to him, resting his head on Juyeon’s shoulder, intertwining their hands in the meantime. He draws circles onto the back of Sangyeon’s hand, humming contentedly when the other squeezes his hand in response. 

They are all exhausted, a comfortable silence settling in the car as they pass by the bright night lights of the city, neon signs and traffic lights becoming blurs or violent flashes of color before their tired eyes. 

Juyeon jolts when something wet splashes against his hand, immediately turning towards Sangyeon who has hidden his face in the crook of his neck, shoulders shaking. This time it’s a silent cry. He doesn’t want to make them worried for him and Juyeon prefers if he would scream and shout at them instead of this — but Sangyeon is too strong for his own good. 

Brushing a stray blonde lock behind his ear, he lifts his head by the chin, gently, to leave a chaste kiss on his forehead, pressing his lips against the warm skin for a long moment. 

Sangyeon hiccups, pressing his own lips against Juyeon’s neck, warm breath tingling along the skin. 

“I’m so proud of us,” he whispers into Juyeon’s ear, and the younger bites back a whimper when the small shiver claws down his spine at the rawness of Sangyeon’s voice while he rests his hand high on Juyeon’s thigh, fingers dipping into the material of his pants. 

He is way too exhausted but if this leads to something more, back at the dorm, Juyeon is more than okay with it, letting his hand fall from Sangyeon’s chin over his thigh, squeezing it firmly. 

“Ju.” And he should pull away but Sangyeon’s kisses along his neck say otherwise. Especially when he hooks his foot around Juyeon’s, a small rumble breaking from the depth of his chest. 

They stay like that for the rest of the ride, bodies pressed together, holding hands, Sangyeon’s lips attached to Juyeon’s neck while his still pressed to the older man’s temple.


They hold hands in the elevator, staying in the back, hidden by the rest of the members, shoulder touching as they rest their backs against the mirror wall. Juyeon is ready to lean down to whisper into Sangyeon’s ear when the elevator stops, door opening soundlessly and his hand is empty in the next second. 

As soon as they are inside, Sangyeon’s first thing is to take his shoes off hastily, pushing past Younghoon in a hurry.

“Shower!” he throws the word over his shoulder without turning back and they all watch him disappear around the corner, taken completely by surprise. 

Juyeon doesn’t think about it too much, untying his own boots, ready for his turn in the shower and changing into something more comfortable. He feels dirty, sweat sticking to his body like a second layer and he can barely wait to wash it away before getting into bed with Sangyeon, spending the rest of the evening with kisses and maybe more if they are up to it. 

He waits for the other in the shared living room, splayed on the couch and listening with one ear to Youngjae’s and Younghoon’s conversation, but not really paying attention to any of the words. 

Resting his head on his hand, he almost falls asleep but his arm becomes numb fast and when he looks around he’s left alone on the couch, a door being shut somewhere in the hall. His legs are numb too when he stands up, ready to search for the other when he catches a familiar figure in the kitchen from the corner of his eyes. 

Sangyeon is fresh out of the shower, wearing one of Juyeon’s oversized sweaters which is dangerously close to falling off his shoulder and a pair of light blue jeans, barefoot on the ground as he leans against the kitchen counter, steaming cup in his hands. 

He lifts his head when he sees Juyeon approach him, a small smile on his lips as he leaves the cup on the counter, reaching his hand out for him. Juyeon steps close to him, cradling his face in the palm of his hands as he leans down to kiss him softly, Sangyeon’s hands holding into his upper arm. He faintly smells like the cologne Juyeon’s using and it makes him deepen the kiss, biting at Sangyeon’s lips until he opens them with a small whimper, letting Juyeon lick into his mouth with fervor. One of his hands slides down to pull his body closer by the grip around his waist, while the other threads through Sangyeon’s wet blonde locks, tugging gently at the ends. 

Blunt fingers bite into the prominent muscles of his arm and Juyeon swallows every sound the other makes, pushing a firm thigh between Sangyeon barely open legs, stretching them slightly apart. 

“Ju —” he tries to protest, but Juyeon silences him with a chaste kiss. 

“Pretty babe,” he whispers against his wet lips before lowering his head to press his kisses into the exposed skin of Sangyeon’s shoulder, smiling when the other tilts his head to the side to give him more space. 

Juyeon’s hand slides down over the back of his thigh, fingers sinking into the soft flesh as he lifts it up, pulling Sangyeon’s lower body even closer, their clothed cocks brushing together, eliciting a set of short moans from both of them. 

“ —yeon. Juyeon— baby,” Sangyeon desperately wants to get his attention but when he doesn’t budge, just continues kissing his neck, Sangyeon’s hand slips from around his arm, biting into his sweaty hair, pulling him away. “Will you listen, please?”

Juyeon is slightly dumbfounded, blinking away the tears from the corner of his eyes as he looks at Sangyeon, at the pretty blush blooming on his cheeks and his lips shiny from kissing, and he doesn’t understand why he is being pushed away. 

“What is it, hyung?”

It’s hyung because it’s safer. 

“Let me go, baby. I need to go back to the studio.”

The laugh breaking from the depth of Juyeon’s chest is short, mocking and inevitable, lips pulling sharp, shoving his teeth before it fades into a grimace. He’s too tired to be sorry if it makes Sangyeon uncomfortable. 

“You want to go back to the studio? To do what exactly?” He doesn’t need an answer, that’s why Sangyeon doesn’t give him one. 

“You can’t be serious now!” he says louder than necessary when he’s being pushed gently to the side. “You need to fucking rest!” he begs, large hand gripping at the other’s wrist. 

“Juyeon, babe. Let go.” His voice isn’t even harsh, just tired. And it breaks something inside Juyeon. Something ugly. 

“I don’t fucking care, Sangyeon! You’re not going anywhere tonight!” he shouts, voice rising with every word as he pulls Sangyeon back against the counter, pressing him into the cold surface. “You have time tomorrow and the days after. Just stay home and rest, for fuck’s sake!”

“Juyeon —”

“I don’t want to hear it!”

“You’re overreacting, baby. You’ll make the others worried.” And his eyes betray him when he looks past Juyeon’s shoulder, towards someone who was probably startled by the shouting, curious of what was happening. 

He turns his head to look at Youngjae, small frame drowning in the oversized hoodies he’s wearing, wide eyes, going from Juyeon to Sangyeon then back at Juyeon, but when he wants to speak, Jaehyun lets his hand rest on his shoulder, making him flinch and the question is forgotten. 

“What’s going on? Why are you shouting?”he asks and Juyeon ignores the way his hand slides over Youngjae’s middle, pulling the younger one closer to himself. 

Sangyeon yanks his wrist from Juyeon’s hold while he’s attention isn’t on him, stepping away from the counter. 

“Nothing,” he says firmly, and even Jaehyun’s surprised by how stable he sounds. “I was only telling Juyeon that I’m going back to the studio.”

“But it’s already so la—” 

“You’re not going anywhere!” Juyeon’s cuts into Youngjae’s protest, grabbing Sangyeon forcefully, fingers tight around his arm. 

“Please, Juyeon. You’re causing a scene.”

It makes him see red. 

“Oh, you saw nothing of the scene I am going to cause if you keep going against me.” 

“Juyeon —”

“You want me to cause a scene, Sangyeon?! Do you really want me to cause a scene?!”

The older man looks at him, eyes tired, arm going limp in his hold like he has given up to fight back but his words cut a sharp line into the awkward silence. 

“Seriously Juyeon, take a shower and cool off. We will talk in the morning.”

The passive tone with which those words fall from his lips is the final drop. 

Juyeon starts walking, pulling Sangyeon after himself who barely catches himself from stumbling, pushing past Youngjae and Jaehyun who look at the scene wide-eyed without uttering a single word. He feels Sangyeon try to yank his hand back, but he tightens his grip around the arm, muscles flexing as he drags him along the hallway, while several of his group members watch him manhandle their leader. 

“Juyeon! Please!”

But his begging falls to deaf ears, Juyeon sliding his grip up to elbow, pulling him forward and the older man stumbles in his step at the sudden movement. 

Juyeon shoves him inside his room with determination, fingers curling around the handle to block Sangyeon’s way out. He turns abruptly towards Sunwoo and Younghoon who look at him bewildered and his lips pull with a snarl.


And he shuts the door behind himself violently, eyes sharp when he turns towards the other. 

“Strip and get on the bed.” 

“Baby —” 


When Sangyeon doesn’t move, Juyeon lifts his hand, fingers spread.

“You got five second, or I am tying you to the bed and leaving you there till next morning,” and just as he speaks the words, he folds his thumb. “Four.”

Sangyeon looks at him, fingers twisting in the hem of Juyeon’s sweater, slightly lifting it.

“Until next morning baby, three.”

Juyeon is capable of that, they both know this from experience. 

The sweater comes off, fingers clumsily trying to unbutton his jeans.

“On your hands and knees, two.

The jeans pool at his feet, and Juyeon’s lips twist involuntarily with a grin at Sangyeon’s hard cock slapping against his stomach when he pulls his underwear down.

“One,” as he folds his pinky, Sangyeon’s already kneeling on the bed, blush high on his cheeks and Juyeon feels an odd sense of satisfaction wash through his body. 

“Bend over,” he bites out as he undoes the belt around his waist, unbuttoning the vest and dropping it on the floor before he tugs his jeans down, cock already staining his underwear. “And here I thought we were going to cuddle, watch a movie and rest. But no, you had to be stubborn, wanting to work yourself to exhaustion again.”

He steps to the bed, towering over the older man, “Was your last visit to the hospital pleasant, baby?” he asks, grabbing him firmly by the chin, tilting his head up, making Sangyeon look properly at him. “I don’t think you remember but I stayed awake through all three nights while you were unconscious. I don’t want to repeat it.”

Juyeon lifts his head higher, making Sangyeon wrap his hands around his wrist, a short whimper slipping past his lips. “What?” When he looks down, he can see the other’s thighs trembling violently as he tries to hold himself up. “Tell me how you want to work in this state when you can barely hold yourself up.”


“What? Speak louder, baby. I can’t hear you.”

“It hurts,” he whines and Juyeon takes pity on him, letting his head drop and Sangyeon lets his body fall, holding onto Juyeon’s hips at the last moment, pressing his head into the lean muscles. 

“Did you really think you would be able to work in this state, baby?” he asks, threading his fingers through Sangyeon’s hair, blunt nails scratching down his neck and shoulders. “You are barely able to speak, love.”

The other can only whimper his words. 

“But I’m still going to fuck your brains out, Sangyeon, so hard that the only words you will know are my name and please. I asked you nicely to stay home and rest, but since you refused to listen I will make sure you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” 

The older man lifts his head up abruptly, eyes wide at Juyeon’s words, and he gifts him with one last salacious smile before pressing his hand firmly against his chest, pushing him back so he falls onto the soft sheets of the bed. 

Juyeon kneels on the bed, hands around Sangyeon’s thighs as he pushes his legs wide open to sit between them comfortably. He locks his gaze once more with the other, dragging his fingers along the length of his cock torturously slowly, pushing firmly at the silver barbell on the side of the tip, eliciting a low hiss from the other. He thumbs at the slit before wrapping his whole hand around the girth, toying with the jewelry a couple of times, pushing it up and down, drinking in every small sound Sangyeon lets past his lips. 

He leans down, giving the head a few kitten licks before taking it into his mouth, tongue twisting around tip, pushing firmly at the barbells, letting his saliva drip from the corner of his lips, hand sliding up and down at a slow pace, spreading it over the entire length. Hollowing his cheeks, he sucks on the head, almost purring at the small shiver which breaks over Sangyeon’s body, thighs flexing around Juyeon’s head. 

The first drops of salt against his tongue make him pull back, letting Sangyeon’s cock slip from his lips with a soft pop, thumb smearing the pre-cum over the tip before he starts to drag his hand up and down the length slowly, adoring the way the muscles in Sangyeon’s stomach tighten as he tries to not push back into the pressure. 

“I am going to drive you crazy, make you beg for it before fucking you stupid. And you will wish you'd listened to me,” he says, his hold around the base of Sangyeon’s cock tightening momentarily before he starts fondling with his balls, index finger straightened out as it presses gently against the puckering hole.


Juyeon chuckles when Sangyeon draws one of his knees up to his side only for him to push it back down firmly. 

“We will get to that too.”

He takes one last look at his boyfriend, wetting his lips, wrapping them around the head before taking it to the hilt, eliciting a long and loud moan from Sangyeon. Juyeon lets it rest against his tongue, the barbells pressing firmly against the back of his throat before he pulls back gently, letting the jewelry get stuck against his teeth, tongue lapping around the tip. 

Sangyeon breaths heavily under him, chest rising and falling at the erratic rhythm of his heartbeat, fingers twisting into the pillow under his head as he tries to twist away from the touch. 

Juyeon takes the entire length in his mouth again, gagging as the head pushes at the back of his throat, moaning when Sangyeon’s hand tears into his hair without a warning, but he lets the other pull and push as he wants, Juyeon’s tongue twisting around the cock in his mouth skillfully as he sucks on it, cheeks hollowing. 

“That fucking mouth of yours,” Sangyeon curses under him and Juyeon pulls back entirely, wicked grin on his lips. 

“This one?”

And he dives back until his nose is pressed against the pubic bone and Sangyeon’s lips open on a silent sound, lifting his knees as they press against his body on both sides. The hand in his hair tries to pull him off but he lets his own hands wrap around the back of Sangyeon’s thighs, nails biting into the soft flesh to keep still. 

The muscles tremble in his hold and when he looks up at the other through his lashes, he finds Sangyeon looking at him too, bottom lip in between his teeth, and Juyeon already knows what this is about. 

“Go on, baby, choke me with these thighs,” he whispers after pulling off, giving the tip a chaste kiss before continuing to suck on Sangyeon’s cock like his life depended on it. 

Sangyeon’s thighs press tight around his face, hand pulling his hair as he guides Juyeon head up and down while the small breathy sounds escaping his mouth fill the air with a tangible sensation of heaviness. 

Juyeon lets him go at it for a while, the heat radiating from Sangyeon’s body suffocating over his senses as he finally draws back, firmly grabbing his thighs, pushing them forward until his knees almost touch the bed, eliciting a loud cry from the other at the sudden move, fingers slipping off his hair to hold his leg around the back of his knees.

“Thank you, baby,” he whispers, voice already hoarse. 

A small, annoyed sigh makes it past Sangyeon’s lips followed by a short laugh and the smirk on Juyeon’s lips widens before he continues to suck on his cock with fervor. 

A few precise twists of his tongue and the right pressure soon makes Sangyeon’s cock twitch but Juyeon doesn’t pull away, instead letting his boyfriend spill inside his mouth before swallowing it, continuing to suck him through his orgasm. 

Drawing back, he rests his weight on his calves, wiping away the few drops of cum from his lips as he looks down at Sangyeon, at the utter mess of a state he is in now. 

“Hold it like that, okay?” and he leans over him, bracing himself on the back of Sangyeon’s thigh as he grabs the lube from the nightstand. Pulling back he squeezes his thigh, fingers dipping into the soft flesh before slapping it a little bit more than gently, watching it jiggle. 

“Are you having fun?”

“And if so?” he asks, slapping his other thigh more harshly. 

“I thought you are going to fuck me until I can’t walk.”

“That I am going to do while having fun,” he says, grin wide on his lips. “All you have to do is stay still.”

Sangyeon huffs an annoyed sigh.

“You don’t like it, baby?” he coos, opening the bottle of lube to squeeze a generous amount onto his hands, spreading it all over his fingers to warm it up. “How about this?”

He asks, pushing one slender finger inside without any other warning, humming satisfied when Sangyeon’s body tenses at the intrusion, muscles clenching around the digit. 

“Tight as a fucking virgin,” he bites out at the pressure around his finger, pulling it out before pushing it back just as harshly. “You need to ease up, baby, before your body sucks my entire hand inside.”

“Like your fucking hand could fit inside.”

Juyeon’s eyes glint with a sharp spark of curiosity.

“Do you want to try it out? Stretch you out like the absolute whore you are.”

“Next time—”

“I’m holding you to that,” and he starts to move his finger in and out at a slow pace, giving Sangyeon’s body the time to accommodate to it, purposefully ignoring that soft bundle of nerves. 

When he feels the muscles easing up, he pushes a second one inside, opening them to stretch him slowly, pushing at the warm walls clenching around them. 

After a few barely swallowed moans Juyeon leans down, fingers keeping the tight ring of muscles open as he licks a thick stripe over the hole, eliciting a choked off scream from Sangyeon. He twirls his tongue around the edge before dipping it inside, licking into the already wet heat. 

Sangyeon whines under him, letting one of his legs go to twist his fingers into the sheets, foot resting over Juyeon’s shoulder and he can feel the toes curling as he keeps on lapping messily around the hole before pushing it inside. 

He bites gently at the flesh before soothing them with chaste kisses, leaving trails of spit all over the reddening skin. Juyeon gets easily annoyed at the pressure across his shoulders before taking Sangyeon by surprise and pushing his legs back by the hold around the back of his thighs, almost bending him in half. 

“Stay still for god’s sake,” he bites out at the soft cry Sangyeon lets out, hands twisting into the pillow under his head as he looks through teary eyes at Juyeon who goes back to sucking at the tight ring of muscles, pushing his tongue inside as deep as he can. 

“Stop teasing— fuck.”

Juyeon looks up, eyebrows raised in question. “You could barely take two fingers.”

“Don’t go soft on me! Fuck me so I learn my lesson.”


“Just put your cock inside me, for heaven’s sake!”

“Now you’re saying this to make me angry.”

“Get to it, Juyeon! Please!”

He draws back, letting Sangyeon’s legs fall beside him as he tugs off his underwear. “On your hands and knees. Now!” he orders, throwing his underwear on the floor, large hand on Sangyeon’s waist, grabbing into his body as he flips him over, his laugh sharp when the other immediately pushes his ass up against his cock. “Desperate,” but he still grabs his asscheek, kneading softly before pulling them apart. He spits in his hand, mixing it with the pre-cum as he coats his cock, positioning it against the puckering hole, Sangyeon’s gasp audible as he pushes the head firmly into it. “Since you wanted it so badly, take it,” he bites out, thrusting the entire length inside the wet heat, cursing at the suffocating pressure around it, the other’s small whimpers echoing in his ear. 


Juyeon stands still, hands on Sangyeon’s hips, drawing irregular circles in a soothing manner, waiting patiently as the pressure around his cock lets up before he can move. 

“You know, when I saw you in the kitchen earlier, I thought we were going to have something soft and fun. Like keeping your cock warm all night long like the good boyfriend I am, maybe ride you until my thighs tremble from exhaustion. How could you cockblock your own boyfriend, baby?” he asks, faking curiosity while slowly pulling out, then thrusting back faster. 

Sangyeon moans loudly, his body still tight around Juyeon. 

“You’ve dressed up so prettily, driving me insane by wearing my clothes,” he says, punctuating his every breath by thrusting into Sangyeon’s body at a languid pace. “But you go and deny it from me for the sake of work, expecting me to be okay with it.”

Sangyeon whimpers into the pillow, pushing his ass against Juyeon who keeps him still by the hold around his hips, pushing his cock deeper than before, eliciting a choked up scream from the other when it brushes against his prostate. 

“And then you go and call me childish in front of the others because I won’t let you work yourself until you pass out again,” he snarls, drawing back before pushing his cock inside a second later, hitting Sangyeon’s prostate with a well aimed thrust, blunt nails sinking into the meat of his ass. 


“Having the audacity to call me a desperate slut when all I wanted was to take care of you,” he gnashed his teeth, body tingling at the pressure around his cock and the slight tremble of Sangyeon’s body in his hands. “Do you like it when I am like this, Sangyeon?” and without waiting for a reply he quickened his pace, slapping his pelvis against his boyfriend’s ass, abusing that sweet spot inside, thrust after thrust. 

“Answer me.”

But all Sangyeon can do is moan helplessly into the pillow while Juyeon fucks him, rocking his body higher on the bed. “I said, answer me! ” 

“I—” he starts but his voice fades into a whine at a harsh thrust and Juyeon’s patience snaps, leaning down as he curls one lean around Sangyeon’s chest, lifting it up and pulling him flush against himself. 

“I can’t hear it, love. Say it louder,” he whispers into his ear while continuing to fuck him, thrusting into the now welcoming body with ease. “Do you like making me mad?”

Sangyeon can only gasp, hands curling around Juyeon’s arm to hold onto something as he pushes his hips back to meet his thrusts. 

Juyeon grabs him by the chin forcefully, tilting his head to the side, crashing their lips in a harsh kiss. The angle is uncomfortable and Juyeon bites at Sangyeon’s lips in frustration, hips stuttering. 

Sangyeon brings his arms around him, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of his ass, guiding his moves while licking into his mouth, swallowing every grunt slipping past Juyeon’s lips. 

At a painful bite at his lips, he pulls away, licking at the cut to soothe the pain, catching the wicked glint in Juyeon’s eyes. “You brute,” he huffs and Juyeon sees the beginning of a grin in the corner of his lips before grabbing him by the hair and pushing his head back into the pillow. 

“I am going to become a real monster, hyung,” he snarls, fucking into the body under him mercilessly, while keeping his hold firm in Sangyeon’s hair, pulling it from time to time. His own limbs tremble with exhaustion, muscles tensing and he feels sweat dripping down his spine, body screaming at him to stop yet he pushes at his limits, hips moving faster and faster until his room fills with the sound of skin slapping against skin and Sangyeon’s breathy moans and choked off whimpers. 

“How do you like that, baby, hmm?”he grunts, letting go of Sangyeon’s hair to grip at his hips, pulling him close to meet his own thrusts, skin bruising under his fingertips. 

“Juyeon— fuck. I’m gonna—” 

“You are going to what?” he mocks him, groaning at the tingling sensation building in his stomach, making his abdomen tighten. “What are you going to— fuck, clenching around me like a whore,” he snaps, quickening his pace even more, fucking Sangyeon through his orgasm, slapping his body against his own, keeping it there while he comes too, white dots dancing in the corner of his sight as pleasure rolls over his body in waves. 

Sangyeon’s body becomes limp in his hold and Juyeon pulls out with a low hiss, arm around the other’s middle as he turns him to lay on his back, tugging the already dirty sheets from under him to wipe away the few drops of cum from his stomach. Juyeon looks at how fast his chest falls and rises, cock twitching when he brushes against it, then looks at his face, his overly bitten lips bruised into shade of dark red, eyes teary as he catches him staring, — he’s so gorgeous like this. 

Juyeon crumples the sheet before tossing it to the floor, laying down next to the other, dragging his fingers along Sangyeon’s side, eliciting a weak chuckle from him which fades into a soft groan as he turns on his side to push a tired thigh between Juyeon’s legs. 

He can feel the faint trembling of muscles, sliding a hand up and down along it before it settles on the curve of Sangyeon’s ass. Juyeon braces himself on his elbow, resting his head against his hand while trying to catch his own breath. 

“Baby?” he asks, lips pressed to Sangyeon’s temple when the other whines softly.  

“I am going to feel it for the rest of the week,” he mumbles into the crook of Juyeon’s neck. 

“You know what that means.”

“That you’re a fucking monster,” he retorts, wincing when he pushes his body closer. Juyeon hums against the crown of his head, threading his fingers through his damp hair. 

“Thank you for making me stay, though,” he whispers before tilting his head up and Juyeon leans in, licking cautiously at the bruised lips before pressing them together for a light kiss. “Next time we can just go with your plan.”

“You insatiable fuck.” Juyeon chuckles against his lips. “You’d love that, wouldn’t you?”

“I loved this too,” he says reassuringly. “You know there is nothing you could do that would be wrong when it comes to us. I trust you entirely and know that you know me.

Juyeon smiles at his words, pressing his face into the crook of Sangyeon’s neck. 

“I know that I don’t need to tell you this but you’re fucking gorgeous when you’re mad. It turns me on so fast, it’s embarrassing.”

“Just tell me the words and you can have everything. You know that I’m a sucker for you,” he nuzzles along Sangyeon’s neck, lips hovering over his pulse. 

“Then be a sweetheart.” The older man whispers, and Juyeon moans loudly when Sangyeon grabs him by the ass to pull their bodies closer, his already half-hard cock brushing against Juyeon’s stomach. 

“I can’t believe you,” he laughs, pulling away to look at the other properly.

“I am not kidding, baby. If you growl at me, I might even come untouched.”

“You’re being ridiculous.”

“Only for you, baby. Only for you.”

Juyeon laughs, sitting up as he reaches for the lube, squeezing a small amount onto his fingers, brushing them together to warm it up. He pushes Sangyeon onto his back with his clean hand, urging him to sit up, back resting against the headboard, lifting a lean leg over his lap to straddle his thighs. 

He presses a wet finger against his hole, drawing small circles over before pushing it past the tight ring of muscles, spine curving delicately at the sensation of getting slowly filled. 

Sangyeon holds him by the waist, warm hands almost burning to the touch. Juyeon hisses quietly, chest pressed forward as he tries to get away from the pleasure rising to his already overwhelmed senses. 

“So fucking gorgeous.” 

And Juyeon whimpers at the praise, bliss fogging his mind as Sangyeon’s hands work their way up and down his body, squeezing his chest, pulling and playing with his nipples before smoothing down his back, grabbing him by the ass, pressing Juyeon’s finger deeper with the gentle push against the back of his hand.


“To have my cock inside you? Yes.”

Juyeon huffs at the words, bracing himself on Sangyeon’s shoulder as he starts moving the finger in and out, carefully avoiding his prostate. But he becomes impatient really fast as his thighs start to shake from tiredness, thrusting a second finger in, stretching himself hastily just to finally sit down. 

He doesn’t even care about his own half-hard cock, opening himself as wide as he can with those two fingers before grabbing Sangyeon’s cock by the base and guiding it inside himself. 

It burns, sparks going off behind his closed eyes when he can finally let go, his weight crashing upon Sangyeon’s lap, body sagging against the other’s chest. 

Burying his face into the crook of Sangyeon’s neck, he hums satisfied, lips ghosting a kiss against his collar bone, smiling as lean arms hug him closer to the other. 

“Wake me up if I fall asleep,” he mutters, eyes closing softly, his tired body and the pulsing heat inside lulling him to sleep.

The last thing he remembers are Sangyeon’s fingers threading through his hair, chaste kiss pressed against the crown of his head, a small I love you whispered into his ear. 


He wakes sometimes in the middle of the night, back pressed to Sangyeon’s chest, strong arms holding him by the middle, warm breath tickling his neck. He sighs contentedly, resting a hand over Sangyeon’s as he goes back to sleep.  


The next morning he tosses a half-assed apology to the others as they sit down at the breakfast table, and no one utters a word about Sangyeon’s small but visible limp.