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Ringo's Heart

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It was early in the afternoon when the manager Brian Epstein, woke next to the naked Ringo Starr. The young man was curled in a ball at the edge of the bed, too far for Epstein’s liking. Brian pulled his companion to his chest, rousing the young lover. Ringo rolled around and faced his manager with a smile.
“Good morning.” Starr yawned.
“Good morning handsome.” Brian said looking over the cute man in his bed. “How are you feeling about what we did?”
“Well you’re an amazing lover, but I feel like I didn’t get to pleasure you.”
“You’re right.” Admitted Mister Epstein. “I got a little carried away last night. You are so cute, I couldn’t resist playing with your body.”
“That’s your thing huh? Playing with others more than being played with?” This time Brian was a little red.
“With younger or less experienced men I like to take charge and play with them. I get a thrill introducing others to new pleasures.” The taller man began to stroke the face of the young. “But you’re not into just being pampered, are you?”
“No. I like to do exactly what you described to my lovers as well.” This made the older man smile. He reached in for a kiss and the younger man went in to it. Then Brian rolled Starr on top of him, their stiff cocks rubbing together.
“Pleasure me my love.” Epstein exclaimed. Ringo looked down at the much larger man, kissed him deeply and proceeded to rub their thick meat’s together. The blue eyes were warm and sweet, but strong and determined. Brian enjoyed giving his partners pleasure, but sometimes that meant he needed to allow his lover to have the position he enjoyed best. Ringo was a natural top, too nervous of the vulnerability of being topped himself. The older man spread his legs welcoming the large organ of his companion.
“You would let me do this to you?” asked the dumbfounded drummer.
“No, I would have you do this for me.” Explained the man on the bottom. “I enjoy making love in this way. I like having a man inside of me. It feels good and brings my lover closer to me. I’m a man, I do what I want and I don’t allow silly stereotypes and fear get in the way between me and my beautiful men.” he reached up and deeply kissed the surprised drummer on top. “Now go get my box from the night stand and prepare me nicely, please.”
Ringo didn’t hesitate to fulfill the request. He opened the draw of the night stand and found the box with little effort. He took out the brown bottle and lathered the substance on his manhood. Brian felt the liquid around his rear, then he helped guide the large meat inside him. Epstein back in gently back down, while Ringo eagerly stroked the circumcised penis in his grasp.
Brian was relaxed and Ringo was able to slide in easily. The Beatle leaned in forward, carefully moving back and forth. Looking down at Epstein, he saw Brian fully relaxed. He was enjoying what Ringo was doing and did not hide it. He showed no embarrassment, nor tried to fight off the pleasure out of shame. The Beatle longed for the experience, but still feared it. Unlike Starr’s last two lovers, Brian was facing him, looking in his eyes, able to kiss him directly and most noticeably could see Ringo’s face.
Starr kept his composure strong as he rode his managers ass. Brian buckled backwards, letting himself enjoy the experience. Ringo reached in to play with the nipples of his lover. He licked and lightly nibbled the nubs making the taller man moan. Then he felt the intensity of the orgasm build. Brian tightened himself surprising the drummer inside.
“Oh my god.” Ringo gasped from the new experience. His body shook wildly, through the mattress and the four legs of the bed. Starr was still rubbing his lovers dick making the man below him twitch and squirm. Suddenly he stopped yanking on the meat, he thrusted harder and harder, forgetting his gentle demeanor. Brian took it and seemed to love the increase energy. The blue eyes were watering, the powerful exchange of the two looked into each other faces overwhelmed the man on top. The drummer gave out a great moan and Epstein could feel the powerful organ shoot off inside him.
Although fully spent, Ringo reached down and jerked Brian’s cock. He watched as the older man easily go into the motion and spray his hose of the same substance that swam inside him. Then as Starr pulled himself out, Brian rolled him back underneath. The drummer was flushed, from the orgasm, but also by the overwhelming presence of the man on top of him. Brian was so tall and massive, Ringo trembled feeling the control he thought he possessed was just a mere illusion.
Epstein was always in control and he should expect that with this lover. The older man stroked the sweet face of the vulnerable man beneath him.
“You see Rich,” Explained Brian. “Its not the sex that makes you submissive, it’s how you feel about your lover, what you are doing and yourself. It’s okay to feel small sometimes and you shouldn’t fight it. It feels good to let go. Don’t be afraid to let George make love to you like this. He loves you and will be comforting and understanding of your needs.” Tears welded up in the beautiful blue eyes and the manager gently whisked them away, while kissing the wet face. Ringo felt so small, but it was so warm and welcoming.
For so long his height was the punchline of jokes and gags. His mates towered over his smaller frame, but here being small was okay. It was loving and sweet, not the cruelty of mockery. The drummer finely nestled into the inviting chest of his manager and embraced a part of himself he had been fighting his whole life.