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Fated to Live

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"What about Hyung-nim?!"


DongKyung resists the urge to sigh. This was not how introducing her boyfriend to her family was supposed to go.


Besides her, her "new" boyfriend looks increasingly amused about the situation as he listens to her brother talk about him.




"Give me a second, Sun Kyung," she mutters as she pulls the arm of the smirking male beside her.


Taking a couple steps backwards so that they are out of hearing, she asks, "What are we gonna do now?"


"How should I know? This is my first time." Saram looks annoyingly smug down at her, as he distangles her hand from the coat and twines his fingers with hers.


She mentally groans, she had nagged at him the entire car ride, to be respectful to her aunt and to sit down on the floor and all. He had been a bit miffed that she didn't believe in his ability to charm her family to his side but he looks positively delighted by the turn of events.


"Why do they even remember you you?"


"Me me?" 


"Ya, Kim Saram, you know what I mean!"


"I guess it's because the diety still hasn't woken up. When she wakes up, the memories will either seamlessly fall into place or disappear. I guess that's when you can introduce me as your human boyfriend."


DongKyung sobers up a bit at the mention of the still comatose diety, "I hope she's okay.."


"She will be," he tugs on her hand until she looks up again, "Trust me."


She nods, "Okay."


"So now that's out of your mind, what are we gonna do with my brother in law?" 


"Will you stop calling him that?" She asks, exasperated.


"I'm practicing for the future."


She bites back the instinctive smile at his words and hits his arm in mock indignation, "You are never shy with these kind of words."


"I know what I want," he winks down at her, "now what do we do with my brother in law?"


She turns to look at him, who's gradually creeping closer to them, and then back at her boyfriend. "I guess it can't be helped. I don't cheat. You are my friend from now, don't call him brother in law."


"Wait what?-"


"Be nice," she whispers quickly as she pulls him back towards her brother who quickly turns away and assumes an air of total disinterest.


"Tak Dong Kyung", She hears him mutter under his breath as she bounces upto her brother and smacks him across the shoulder.


"Be nice, this is my friend, Kim Saram."


"He introduced himself as your boyfriend earlier." SunKyung points out.


"He made a mistake, he's American."


SunKyung looks skeptical, "You sure do know a lot of Americans recently."


She smacks him across the shoulder again, "Be nice, he's older than you."


"Gosh, noona, that hurt!" SunKyung rubs his arm petulantly before turning to face the other male when she gives him the stinkeye.


"Hello, my name is Tak SunKyung, I'm her brother."


"I'm Kim Saram."


A second of awkward silence passes before she claps her hands, "Let's go inside, aunt is cooking."




The introduction between her aunt and her boyfriend-turned-friend goes the same way.


Dinner is mostly silent with only the sounds of eating. After everyone has finished, she gets up with her aunt to clear the table.


When she directs him to the washroom, her brother loudly whispers, "Wow, Noona sure is popular."


Her aunt turns questioning eyes on her, "By the way, why did you bring your friend here?"


"He said he was her boy-"


"It was a mistake, I told you that!" 


Her aunt looks even more confused, so she just waves her hand, "He's a foreigner so he gets confused."


"What happened to your boyfriend?"


Mentally screeching at the amount of lies she's forced to speak in a span of a couple hours, she replies, "He went back to America to take care of something."


"So she traded in for another foreigner," her brother jokes just as the subject of the conversation enters the room.


He looks a bit awkward standing there under the scrutiny of both of her family members and she quickly gets up from her seat, "Alright. It's pretty late so my friend here has to go."


"Of course." 


"It was nice having you with us."


A couple minutes of polite platitudes and then she's pulling him out the door with a quick shout that she will be back in ten minutes after seeing him off.


As soon as they reach downstairs, DongKyung puts up her hand in front of her expectantly. Saram huffs in fond exasperation before clasping it gently and pulling her forward towards the road, "I'm pretty sure that the male is supposed to see the girl out."


"I think you get a free pass just this once. You good? You were a bit quiet back there."


He hums, "I guess what people say about meeting your love's family is true. It is nerve wracking."


"Ya, be serious."


"Alright alright. I guess I got taken off guard because this was the first impression. Before when I met them, I didn't care about their opinions," He rubs circles into the back of her hand with his thumb and stops and looks at her, "But now I do."


"Wow, I got goosebumps." She jokes, the sudden honestly unexpected.


He shakes his head in amusement, "You are so unpredictable."


"Maybe you should have followed that line up with a kiss."


A second passes before he smiles adoringly at her, "You are never shy with words like this."


 And he walks the two steps gap between them, effectively closing it. She can feel his soft breath on her face as she tilts her head up to meet his eyes.


A moment passes where he smirks down at her, mischief written across his eyes. "I'm just a friend though, you should ask your American boyfriend for a kiss."


It's so predictable, so unmistakably him, so she closes the gap between them, throws her hands around his neck and seals their lips together. His hands immediately raise to his waist and he brings her even closer.


It's easy to lose track of time while kissing him so when she finally opens her eyes again, she isn't sure if seconds or minutes have passed.


She's breathless and so is he. It's a proof of his now human limits.


He looks down at her with nothing but adoration and she knows that it's reflected in her own face. "I love you so much."


"Me too, Tak DongKyung." He tells her back, "I am so in love with you."