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Father’s Day

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Father’s Day morning greeted Daisy and Daniel much like Mother’s Day had— with Daisy hunched over the toilet and Daniel holding her hair back as she dry heaved, the nausea keeping her retching despite her stomach already being emptied out at least four minutes ago.


“What a way to spend your first Father’s Day,” she managed to mumble before having to lean back over and cough up more bile.


“No when or where I’d rather be,” Daniel replied immediately, rubbing Daisy’s back soothingly.


She was now 15 weeks pregnant, and now that she had safely made it into her second trimester they were both anxious to share their news with everyone, but Daisy wanted to tell Coulson personally before they made the general announcement to the rest of their family and friends. With her parents coming over for Father’s Day, Daisy had decided today would be the perfect occasion to tell Coulson about his newest grandchild.


If she could just stop vomiting.


“Jemma said by my second trimester the morning sickness would have gotten better,” Daisy groaned, finally sitting back away from the toilet and leaning against the wall behind her. “But I swear it’s getting worse.”


Daniel leaned over so he was at eye level with Daisy’s abdomen. “Hey there baby, I’m gonna need to you to take it easy on your mama. We know you’re liking making your presence known, but let’s be gentle with mama, okay?”


He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the place where their child was growing, then sat up and placed another kiss to Daisy’s cheek.


“How are you already such a perfect dad?” Daisy asked, looking at him with so much awe and love.


“Nah, you’re just saying that because it’s Father’s Day,” he joked, but his face lit up at her words. “C’mon, let’s get you back to bed so you can rest until May and Coulson get here.”


He picked her up from the floor and led her back to their bed, helping her get comfortable.


“Whoever gave it the name morning sickness needs a reminder on what the word morning means because I’ve felt nauseous for three days straight now,” she grumbled, laying back against the pillows and closing her eyes to stop the room spinning.


“Do you want me to call your parents and tell them you aren’t feeling up for today?” Daniel asked worriedly, smoothing a sweaty strand of hair away from her pale face.


“No, after 10 A.M. the nausea is pretty manageable,” she sighed. “Besides, I need to tell Dad today so we can make the official announcement to everyone else before I start showing.”


Start showing?” he raised his eyes playfully and lifted up her baggy t-shirt to uncover the barely noticeable curve of Daisy’s abdomen.


“Fine, before I start noticeably showing,” Daisy corrected herself with a smile as she ran a hand up and down the rounded muscles. “The only reason you and I know the bump is there is because I’ve been standing naked in front of a mirror everyday for weeks waiting to see something.”


“Yeah, but this,” Daniel said, poking the tiny bump. “This is our baby, and even if we’re the only ones to see them right now, that’s good enough for me.”


“What if there’s something wrong?” she asked, still running her fingers gently up and down her stomach. “Everything I’m seeing online says that for how far along I am I should have a defined bump by now.”


“And everything I’m seeing online says that for some people it just takes time, and that it’s all about when the muscles stretch over the top of the pelvic bone, so sometimes your belly will seemingly pop out overnight,” he reassured her, and she smiled. It was adorable how much research he had been doing since they found out she was pregnant. “You don’t have to worry. Baby is okay.”


“I love you,” Daisy said, locking eyes with him and holding his gaze.


“I love you too,” he answered immediately, leaning in to press a kiss to her forehead. “Both of you.” He stood up and made his way toward the door, stopping just before leaving the room. “You rest, and I’ll handle getting ready for May and Coulson to arrive.”


Daisy nodded and smiled her appreciation, closing her eyes and letting herself drift in and out of sleep until just under an hour before May and Coulson were set to arrive. Dragging herself out of bed, she slowly went about the room getting ready and making herself look like she hadn’t spent the morning with her face in a toilet bowl, without moving too quickly to avoid triggering her nausea all over again.


“How are you feeling, sweetheart?” Daniel asked when she finally exited their bedroom, wearing jeans and loose fitting shirt.


“Shitty,” she said, leaning into his side in a half hug. “But as long as I don’t move too fast or spin in circles or smell eggs or coffee, I should be good for the day.”


“Well it’s a good thing I made toast and tea this morning instead of eggs and coffee,” he laughed. As much as both of them were big coffee drinkers, they stopped having coffee altogether when they learned early on in Daisy’s pregnancy that even the smell of coffee could set off another round of sickness. “You hungry?”


“A bit, but I’ll wait until Mom and Dad get here, no use in eating breakfast when we’ll be eating lunch in  half an hour,” she said. “Oh, and we can’t forget to hide these for now,” she added, taking down the row of ultrasound pictures hung on their refrigerator and hiding them behind a crayon drawing of them in space that Alya had made them.


“Good catch,” Daniel said. “Don’t forget the ones in the living room too.”


Daniel, being the adorable, dorky, proud dad-to-be that he was, had put ultrasound pictures from Daisy’s 12 week appointment all over the house. Daisy had no complaints of course, she thought it was cute how excited he was, and if she was being honest her own heart leapt with joy every time she entered a room and saw the blurry black and white photos of their baby.


She went and hid the photos in the living room behind another picture frame, then sat at their kitchen table and watched as her boyfriend put the finishing touches on the food. Before long, a knock on the door signaled the arrival of their guests. Daisy started to move to get the door, but Daniel held a hand up for her to stay where she was and went to open the door himself.


“Daniel!” Coulson greeted the man with a handshake as the door opened and he and May entered.


“Happy Father’s Day, sir,” Daniel smiled.


“Thanks, you too!” Coulson said, and May, Daisy, and Daniel all froze for a second until Coulson groaned. “Ooh, that was awkward. It’s like when the waiter tells you to enjoy your food and you tell them ‘you too.’ A shame Fitzsimmons couldn’t fix that glitch.”


Daisy and Daniel both relaxed and laughed it off. They were worried for a moment their surprise was already ruined, but it seemed like Coulson still had no idea. Daisy slowly stood from her seat to wrap her arms around her dad, and with a whispered “i love you,” she couldn’t help but smile at the thought of him holding her little baby by the end of the year. They pulled apart and Coulson went to work helping Daniel set the table. May closed in on Daisy and pulled her out of the room while the men were busy.


“Well that was close,” Daisy laughed once they were out of earshot. “He has no idea?”


“For a spy, he’s one of the most unobservant people I know,” May said with a slight eye roll. “He has absolutely no idea.”


“Good. I want to see the look on his face when we tell him.”


“He’s gonna cry,” May said, and Daisy was sure she was right. “How are you telling him?”


Daisy showed her the t-shirt she has bought that read,


World’s Best Grandpa’


“Funny,” May said. “Alya gave him almost the same shirt last year for Father’s Day. He wears it so much it’s almost worn out already.”


Daisy laughed. “Sounds like him.”


May’s face turned serious for a moment. “How are you doing?”


“Emotionally? I’m over the moon. Daniel too,” Daisy said. “Physically though? Baby’s making me pretty sick.”


“I’ll stop by later this week with some ginger tea,” May offered, and Daisy smiled appreciatively. “My mother always made me that when I had an upset stomach growing up.”


“Lunch is ready!” Coulson called from the kitchen, and the women joined them at the table, where Daisy had to take a few deep breaths to settle her stomach’s protest against the new smells. Daniel shot her a worried look, but she shook her head slightly and just gripped his hand under the table.


After that lunch went off without a hitch, and when the last of the food had been eaten, everyone made their way to the living room and made themselves comfortable on the couches.


“Can you go get the gift bag from our room?” Daisy asked Daniel.


“Of course,” he said, quickly going to retrieve the item.


“You didn’t have to get me anything,” Coulson said with a laugh when Daniel set the gift in his lap and settling himself back on the couch next to Daisy.


“Believe me, you’ll like it,” May said, a gleam in her eye.


“You know what it is?”


“I’ve known since Mother’s Day,” May answered, the slightest bit of gloating in her voice. “Open it.”


“Gift or card first?” he asked.




Daisy gripped Daniel’s hand as they watched as Coulson carefully sorted through tissue paper until he reached the shirt and pulled it out, holding it up to read.


“Ha, that’s funny, Alya got me almost the same thing last Father’s Day,” he said, unfazed at first, and then a look of realization crossed his face. “Wait. Is this— are you—“


Daisy nodded, beaming. “I’m pregnant.”


“Oh my god, Dais!” Coulson jumped up and crossed the room, pulling Daisy up from the couch and wrapping her in a fierce embrace, which she readily returned. They stayed like that for ages, before Coulson pulled back and extended an arm out to Daniel. “You too, Sousa,” he said giving the other man a hug as well. “I guess I was right earlier then, Happy Father’s Day to you too.”


“Thanks. We got scared for a second that someone had ashes left it slip to you,” Daniel laughed.


“Who else knew?” Coulson asked.


“Well Jemma is working with my doctors, since we’re all a little unsure of how my powers are going to affect the pregnancy. And we had to tell Mack so he could pull me from active duty,” Daisy said. “And May was there when I found out.”


“And you’ve known about this since Mother’s Day? ” He asked May.


“I convinced her to take the test while we were here for lunch,” May said with a shrug. “I knew even before Daisy because she was too afraid to look at the test result.”


“You never told me that,” Daniel laughed, poking Daisy’s side playfully.


“Well— I— I was nervous I didn’t know what to think!” May and Coulson joined Daniel’s laughter as Daisy sputtered. “I had never been pregnant before!”


“I love you,” Daniel laughed even more, putting an arm around her shoulders.


“Oh, open the card now!” Daisy said, suddenly remembering and picking it up from the couch where Coulson had dropped it when he pulled out the shirt. “The card is for you, Dad, but what’s in it is technically for both of you.”


He opened it up and inside the card were another row of ultrasound pictures from the same appointment as the ones set up around their apartment. Daniel had requested extra printouts, and the nurse had gladly given them a large envelope of images to share with friends and family.


“This is the baby?” Coulson gasped in awe. “You can already see their little nose!”


“They’re so tiny,” May said, and Daisy could feel the amazement radiating off of the empath.


“Those pictures were taken from my 12 week scan,” Daisy told them. “I’m 15 weeks now, and apparently on the fruit-child meter everyone seems to use the baby’s about the size of an apple right now.”


Coulson looked for a ling time at the pictures, before turning back to Daisy and wrapping his arms around her again. When he finally let her go, she could see tears gathering in his eyes.


“He’s crying, isn’t he?” May asked with a mock eye roll, but she felt herself getting choked up looking at the first images of her grandchild.


“I’m a robot I don’t cry,” he tried to protest, but three sets of eyebrows raised at him. “Okay, fine, damn Fitzsimmons building me with the ability to cry,” he relented, turning toward Daisy. “I’m just so proud of you.”


“For… making a baby?” Daisy joked, but she could feel the emotion heavy in the room. “We weren’t quite shooting for a kid that night, but I’ll take the praise on a job well done anyway.”


Coulson pulled a face at that, but shook it off. “I’m so proud of how far you’ve come— sTOP LAUGHING I’M BEING SERIOUS!” he groaned, regretting his choice of words. “I’m so proud of how much you’ve grown from the little girl I pulled out of that alley.”


“Wow, I didn’t think I was showing that much yet, but thanks ,” she said sarcastically, purposely taking his statement wrong to tease him.


“You know what I mean,” he rolled his eyes, then they widened. “Wait are you showing already?”


“Yes!” Daniel jumped in before Daisy could get a word out.


“Daniel insists that I am, but it’s so slightly that I’m not convinced it’s not just bloating.”


“Don’t listen to her, there’s a bump,” Daniel said stubbornly.


Daisy lifted her shirt up just over her stomach so May and Coulson could be the judge.


“God, Dais!” May clapped a hand over her mouth. “That is definitely a bump!”


Daisy looked down and her jaw dropped. “Daniel. Tell me that’s bigger than this morning.”


Daniel took a step back and looked from further away, and then came closer and ran his finger tips gently up and down her exposed stomach a few times. The difference was small. But it was enough that if she were wearing a tight fitting shirt she would be noticeably pregnant. “It definitely is. Oh my god, Daisy it’s definitely bigger!”


“I have a bump! An actual, real bump!” Daisy exclaimed excitedly, jumping into Daniel’s arms and he hugged her so tightly that her feet lifted off the ground.


May and Coulson shared a look of pride as Daniel put Daisy back on the ground and kissed her sweetly, each of them with a hand resting protectively over the curve of their baby.


“This is the best Father’s Day I’ve had yet,” Daniel said as they pulled apart.


“Dork,” Daisy teased, giving him one more quick kiss, before turning toward Coulson. “And other dork.”


“Love you, Daisy chain,” he said, hugging her from one side while Daniel hugged from the other.


“Happy Father’s Day,” Daisy said, feeling tears of happiness and love  gathering in the corners of her eyes. “I love you both so much.”