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His relationship with Todoroki Enji is easy to explain.

They had met in a sleazy bar two streets over from Keigo's campus, Keigo had been fascinated by the man, twice his age and completely out of place in what was, is, relatively a college student bar. They had hooked up and then just kept hooking up. He likes Enji well enough despite the man’s gruffness and rude demeanor, enough for him to ignore the sleek gold wedding band attached to the man’s finger when they see each other. His feelings for Enji are lukewarm at best, he enjoys the presence of the man but isn't deeply involved.

They aren't dating and Keigo has no expectations that Enji will ever fall in love with him. Putting aside the whole married thing, Enji and him mix like oil and water outside of sex. The sex though, is great. Enji, as all great dominate alphas are, is hung like a horse and when they had first gotten into bed together (half-drunk, messy, condoms spilled on the floor as they both pressed into each other in a cheap motel) Keigo was expecting pain and nothing else, but Enji had known how to use his gigantic dick and it was mind blowing orgasm one after another the entire night.

They had used condoms right up until the third time they met where they decided to become 'exclusive fuckbuddies' and go without it, Keigo's with the implant in his arm to regulate his hormones to prevent pregnancy plus being a recessive omega made the likelihood of him actually getting knocked up slim to none,

It should have been slim to none.

His first indication that something was wrong was that his heat didn't come, skipped entirely at the three-month mark, about six months into his association with Enji. The second had been the insistent nesting and need to steal Enji's clothes after sex (weird, but he excused it, he's never had a long-term fuckbuddy he doesn't know how omega instincts react to constant sex with just one person). The third had been the tiny little barely noticeable bump on his lower stomach.

He blinks four times at the pregnancy test, the dim lighting of his bathroom flickering because of that one time the people upstairs stomping too hard and fucking up the bathroom light permanently. He had done about four of them, all of them popping up with the same little plus sign in blue that makes his skin itch.

"No," Keigo says out loud, willing it to change over to a negative, or something, when that fails he moves onto shaking the thing with harsh force. It makes a small little blip in the screen before returning to the positive. Just to mock him. "Nooo, come on buddy, don't do this to me."

"Positive, huh?" Rumi huffs out in laughter, hip pressed against the doorway as she nibbles on some carrot sticks in a small plastic container. "What did you think would happen when you're getting raw dogged once a week by an alpha?"

"I have the implant," Keigo bemoans, "implant."

"Right, because implants and birth control are soooo effective when it comes to dominant alphas..." Rumi drawls out, rolling her eyes at him before skipping backwards into their shit place of an apartment. They split one room between the two of them, divided by a blanket taped to the ceiling, with a small shitty kitchen and an even smaller shitty living room. They’re both just poor college students just trying to survive in this world in their small shitty apartment that's too small for a baby to be involved in the equation.

She's right, of course she's right. Something he's thought to himself privately during the long hours of the night when he's gripped by insomnia, the rates where implants don't effectively work when it comes to dominate alpha's, but dominate alphas are such a small population it hasn't been properly studied. Still, even if the implant failed his natural predisposition of being a recessive omega should have helped limit the possibility of pregnancy, his chances are lower than low, lower than a 40-year-old beta woman two steps away from starting menopause.

He's always had shitty luck.

His phone makes a small little noise at him drawing his attention to it even though he's two seconds away from grabbing the top lid on the back of the toilet and smashing it to the ground, on silent while he has been freaking out because of his stupid pregnancy tests, and of course the man that caused this himself is the one texting him.

hung daddy
When are you available tomorrow?

Who knew his fun little nickname for Enji would in the end become a premonition. A sign of what's to come.

"I'm so fucked," he bemoans, collapsing into the couch and drawing one of Enji's stupid gross cum-stained shirts that Keigo's had spirited away from the scene of the crime last week. Disgusting, but also the only thing that makes him feel normal at the moment. "Should I text him it?"

"Well at least you know if he doesn't want to be involved you can sue him for child support or something," Rumi offers as consolation? Possibly. Its hard to tell because he doubts she feels things like empathy for stupid people like him.

"At least," Keigo grumbles, yanking his phone onto his lap and quickly typing 'i'm pregnant lmaooo!!!' with fifteen emojis following the declaration before in a rush of confidence hitting send. He mostly does the emojis to annoy Enji, because Enji believes in Proper Texting Etiquette and Keigo believes in using as little words as possible at all times.

His phone doesn't plip with another text, instead choosing to vibrate in his hands with a flashing hung daddy across the screen. "Wish me luck," Keigo says (Rumi grunting out a small 'lol sure') before hitting accept with a happy fake, "heeyyy daddy, what are you calling about?"

"Keigo," Enji's voice admonishes on the other line. "If this is a joke it is in poor taste."

He wishes. "I can send you a photo of the pee stick, but honestly I'm kind of already starting to show." At first, he had thought he was just getting fat and he was nauseous because he was dying of some disease like cancer or inner ear problems (all gained from google) but wasn't just yet committed to going to the doctor because that means wasting his time. He had ignored the very real possibility of pregnancy until it was the only thing left to confront. He wishes he hadn’t.

Enji's silence on the other side ticks by like hands on a clock, Keigo decides to take this time to clean out the junk from underneath his nails, cum shirt still nicely tucked within his arms. He's not sure what he's expecting Enji's response to be, probably something like 'I'm married, I can't have a kid with you' or maybe even a more forceful 'get an abortion'.

"This is...." Enji begins, tone terse, before pushing out in a long-winded sigh, "...not good."

Well, its not a I'm married or get an abortion, so Keigo counts it as a win. "Doubt your wife will be happy about this," Keigo says, unable to help himself. He's never really discussed Enji's wife in a tangible existing manor, he likes to pretend she doesn't exist most days because it makes him feel better about being the other woman.

Enji hefts out another sigh.

"We will meet in person to discuss this further."

"Got it, see you tomorrow then?" Keigo chirps out, undeterred by how defeated Enji sounds.

"Yes," Enji says before ending the call abruptly. Keigo blinks down at his phone four times, glancing back to Rumi and shrugging.

"I guess it went okay?"

"Watch him put a hit on you," Rumi says brightly.


* * *


"My youngest child is five," Enji says, they're both nestled in the corner of a coffee shop two blocks away from Enji's home, they usually go straight to hotels or out to fancy dancy places for dinners, but Enji had picked him up and driven him in complete silence to this coffee shop (Keigo was half convinced at first Enji was bringing him somewhere to off him). "My oldest is thirteen."

Keigo blinks, he knows from loose conversation with Enji the man has four children, ages, and names unknown and frankly he's never cared to learn about them. Enji and him were never really meant to be serious serious, just casual loose fun with a man twice his age.


"My daughter is twelve," Enji grits out, like the words alone are difficult to convey.

"I don't get what you're getting at, but I checked online I think I'm pass the point of an abortion." He's not a hundred percent sure on that, but abortion laws for omega's are pretty sticky anyways. Its mostly full of no’s and the only people allowed too do it are for medical reasons or rape reasons, usually.

"That's not what I'm trying to say," Enji growls out, grip tightening against the handle of his small little porcelain white mug, he looks likes a grown-up playing teatime with child toys. Keigo kind of mildly adores it. Enji exhales once, grip tightening a bit before loosening as Enji brings his coffee to his lips, "My wife passed away four years ago, shortly after Shouto's birth. My wife is not the problem here, but my children."

"Oh." Well, good to know he hasn't been helping a man cheat for a little bit over six months now, he's sure Enji could have mentioned this way before he got knocked up, but he has little faith in Enji's communication skills in general, so he's not overtly surprised. "Okay, I get it big guy, but I think keeping a baby from your kids is going to be a bit of a hurdle."

Enji groans, a truly pained thing, taking a long gulp of coffee before resetting the cup. With a grimace, "I know."

"You sure started young though," Keigo says cheekily, feet going forward and nudging against Enji's toes almost playfully. "Your oldest is thirteen? Damn."

Enji huffs, reaching into his front pocket and pulling out his wallet, and in the most dad thing Keigo has ever seen this man do, pulls out a full family portrait, two of them. One with a tall white-haired woman with a bunch of small children and one without.

Enji's large finger comes down onto the youngest looking one out of the bunch, "my youngest, Shouto, this is the eldest Touya, and this is Fuyumi, and this is Natsuo."

"Okayyy...." Keigo drawls out, glancing between the photos. He's always known Enji's aged well, the man lacks a lot of fine lines and has a natural youthfulness to him, which Keigo is secretly convinced has to do with Enji's natural constant anger, it fuels him and his good skin. "And why are you telling me this?"

"You will need to move into my home, and I am not telling my children you are a..."

"Fuckbuddy?" Keigo offers with a happy chirp.

Enji scowls. "Yes. We will say we are dating."

"Ouu, daddies’ secret young lover, I like it," he pauses, nails clacking against his own cup before frowning, "wait, move in? You're great and all big guy but I'm not sure—"

"Do they teach you nothing in school about being an omega anymore?" Enji grits out, and Keigo pauses. They did give out pamphlets titled 'being an omega!' when he was like fifteen or something, he doesn't remember ever reading the thing, more predictably it was probably shoved into his backpack and forgotten it to time and the trash. He remembers once thinking to himself he should probably google something to do with his secondary gender, but aside from the inconvenience of his heat his genders have never been at the fore focus of his mind. Just a mild reminder to himself that he can get knocked up every now and then.

His failure to answer must be all Enji needs because he barrels on, "I'm not giving you a lecture on your disposition, boy, but you will be moving in with me."

He makes a mental note to actually try to search something tonight, before shrugging almost carelessly, offering the truth, "I kind of split rent with my friend, she'll be fucked if I suddenly bail on her."

"I'll pay your rent for this month and next. Any other issues?" Keigo blinks, ok, hot, before swallowing, shaking his head in response. "Now pay attention, you need to have passing knowledge of my children."

"Ugh," Keigo grumbles, sinking down into the seat, "can't I just call them all Shoyu? Whatever their names were."

"Keigo," Enji warns.


They end up staying within the café for two hours, Keigo being lectured on each one of Enji's devil children (Shouto, Fuyumi, Natsuo, Touya, he reminds himself) and their various facets of life. It seems stupid to him to have to learn all this information, because what kind of sugar baby would care this much about their sugar daddies' children?

He doubts the Todoroki children are going to go open mic and do a full questionnaire on their backgrounds to check the validity of his claim that he's dating their dad, he's sure they'll be more focused on the whole pregnancy and the fact that Keigo looks like a child compared to Enji, but he guesses to little kids he looks old. Hopefully. Maybe. 


* * *


In the end Enji had been right about him needing to move in with him, he had looked it up and found pretty quickly about pregnancy separation sickness. Anything longer than a week or two (depending on the omega) could physically make an omega sick. Its something alpha's can be arrested for, as well, under 'failure to provide'.

It explains why in the past three months he's been hoarding all of Enji's things and demanding to see the man as often as possible.

A terrifying aspect of his biology that he didn't ever want to know about, but now he really does understand why all those pro-abortion protests are so big for omega's nowadays, he couldn't imagine being knocked up and having to rely on an alpha that is a shitty person. Especially if it had been a mistake.

Kind of like their situation but Enji isn't too bad. He's an okay guy in Keigo's mind.

On Saturday morning Rumi waves him off with pure glee on her features as Enji carries Keigo's things into his daddy mobile (a white SUV with the little equipment attachment on the top, it screams 'I have four children', Keigo can already imagine the gross annoying baby seat in the back). She hadn't even been sad about him moving out and Enji paying two months rent to her without Keigo even needing to stay there, she had simply look overjoyed, planning out her calendar for the next two weeks which women she's going to bring over and fuck.

The bitch.

Enji doesn't do nervous fidgeting, but the small insistent taps on the steering wheel are a good enough indication that he's not thrilled about the idea of arriving home with a pregnant omega in tow. A young pregnant omega.

As he exits the car, he first meets Shouto, the youngest, standing outside by the driveway sucking on a yogurt tube, blinking twice when he see's Keigo. There's no questioning, no greeting, just blank morse code blinking that Keigo isn't sure how to take. Enji did say he's already told his kids about him (he had not clarified what their reactions were, but Enji had been grimacing the entire time he was telling Keigo that he told his kids, so he's guessing its a not good reaction).

There's a long slurppp, the plastic of the yogurt tube collapsing in on itself, fluttering white and red eyelashes are dashed with some sunlight, and Keigo is struck by the sudden instinctive knowing that the kid in front of him is an omega. "Pregnant homewrecker?" it's a bit alarming to hear that come out of a five-year-old's mouth but Keigo just blinks before smiling.

"Shouto," Enji greets passively, a tinge of warning to his tone.

Well, blunt and direct, he can work with that. "Yup, that's me."

"Ok...." Shouto says slowly, before turning away from Keigo, "Dad, Natsuo is gone."

Enji sighs, looking less like the sexy beast he usually is when they're together and more like a washed-up exhausted dad dealing with a bunch of moody children.

"Were you waiting out here to greet us?" Keigo asks instead, confused on why the little kid is sitting outside waiting for them like this, is this what normal families do or is he missing something? Shouto glances at him, little eyes wrinkling a bit in confusion, before he's stepping back, opening the door fully and disappearing inside the house without another comment.

"Right then," Keigo murmurs out loud, Enji had said Shouto had taken the news the best out of all of them and if this is the best reaction he can hope for, then he's in for a long pregnancy.


* * *


Dinner turns out to just be four of them, Shouto, Enji, Fuyumi and him.

Fuyumi had carried the conversation with Keigo in awkward stilted conversations, she had been nice enough but had winced first when Keigo had said 'I'm your dad's secret lover, that's me' and the second time when he had said, 'yup I was studying engineering, I'm 19 turning 20, what about you?'

It was awkward. Horrible. Keigo hates awkward social gatherings with every fiber of his being. He can't fault her for it though, despite everything she was trying to be nice to him, and that's enough for him at the moment. Once the baby is born, he plans to get the fuck out of here with a single written note to Enji that says 'later lol!' and collect his hefty child care sum.

"I can do the dishes," Fuyumi begins, voice light like the first fresh snow on a mountain top, she has a squeaky quality to her voice that he accompanies with pre-teens, "you're, um," a deep pause and Keigo looks back at her at this point, "pregnant," she finishes in an exhale, punching the words out of her diaphragm.

"Its fine, its fine," Keigo waves off.

She doesn't get to reply with her overly polite 'no, I insist' that Keigo is sure she's going to start with, the front door clattering open with a loud bang, Fuyumi going still beside him her little grey eyes widening with a wordless 'oh no' leaving her lips in an exhale.

Enji raises, positioning himself between Keigo and the entrance way and the kitchen. There isn't any loud stomping or screaming, light little taps echoing into the silent house before a small skinny kid saunters in, bright blue eyes that mimic Enji's exact colour raking over Keigo before his lips curl into a cruel smirk.

"Didn't mention you got a kid fucked up."

Touya, the eldest, he recognizes him solely through the eyes alone. The pictures that Enji had showed him Touya had been shorter than his sister and younger brother, white-headed boy with vibrantly angry bright blue eyes. He intensely looks like his father. Enji hadn't said much on his eldest, and Keigo hadn't thought to ask, but its easy to put two and two together. The eldest is the problem child, there's always one in a family.

Keigo grins.

To Touya he probably does look like a kid, Keigo knows he has a baby face and compared even to Enji he looks tiny. It dwarfs him, and he knows exactly what he looks like.

A young rag doll sex toy that's been dragged into their domain.

"Nice to meet ya Touya," Keigo drawls, hip jutting out against the counter as he leans himself into a faux comfortable look, "how'd you know? I'm actually sixteen, just experienced my first heat three months ago and got knocked up on the first try."

"Keigo," Enji says in warning.

Fuyumi makes a small disapproving sound at the back of her throat that comes out as a squeak.

Touya's right eyebrow arches up, his cruel smirk twitching a bit. "Fucking figures. Old man says you two have been dating for awhile, so that was a lie?"

"Language," Enji warns sharply.

"Oh yeah," Keigo singsongs, tiptoeing to be closer to Enji, allowing one of his hands to trail up along Enji's bicep, grinning wolfishly. He knows exactly what type Touya is right away, and Keigo can't say he's angry, he likes people with sass. "How'd you know?"

"Keigo," Enji growls deeper, hand coming up and snatching Keigo's entire waist practically with one hand, the size difference makes something dark crawl along Keigo's throat, feeling a pleasant hum trill through him when he spots Touya frowning at their open intimacy. "Don't egg him on like that."

"Well," Keigo huffs, leaning into Enji's side, he looks up to the man with flickering eyelashes, amused, "that was the truth." Kind of.

Touya openly scowls at that. "I don't want to hear how you and my dad got it on."

"Oh really?" Keigo says, hand brought up to his mouth in surprise, "you don't want to know all the dirty details on how I got knocked up? I'm not really sure which day it was because we do it a lot, but—" he's stopped by Enji putting a strong hand over Keigo's mouth, silencing him.

"Where have you been?" Enji demands sharply to Touya.

"Out," Touya grunts in response, hands shoved into his pockets before he passes by them and enters the kitchen snatching an apple off the counter.

Enji scoffs, obviously not pleased by that answer but he let's it go quickly shooting Keigo a warning look before removing his hand. "This is Keigo. He is mouthy but I believe you two will get along."

"I am not mouthy," Keigo protests.

"How the fuck did you two even meet?"

"Language," Enji hisses.

"Where love is always made, a bar," Keigo chimes brightly in response.

"Keigo!" Enji snaps finally, rounding on Keigo and his scent flickers outwards like an angry whiplash that has Keigo reeling backwards, the kids in the room fall silent and Keigo is expecting the fingers that come and curl at the back of his head tugging his hair in the deliciously rough way that Enji always touches him in. Enji isn't used to giving soft, light touches, everything about the man is awkward and harsh. Enji yanks him forward, bringing Keigo’s forehead to his large chest, hissing underneath his breath, "I understand you're nervous, but you will not speak to my children like this."

"I'm just being honest," Keigo whines like a petulant child, annoyed that he's being reprimanded for being fun, he should have known Enji would be a prude that doesn't want the word sex mentioned in front of his children. Keigo allows his chin to dig forward, glancing up at Enji with fluttering eyelashes, trying to make himself look pretty and small to get the grip on the back of his head to loosen up. It works momentarily before Enji catches himself and tightens his grip.

"What do you say?" Enji snaps.

"Ugh, fine, sorry," Keigo huffs out, the grip on the back of his head loosening into a soft hold, Enji petting the hair back down as though to apologize for the rough treatment even though Keigo knows the man doesn't really feel bad for it. "I'll keep our sex life on the down low, there, happy?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Gross," Touya intones, nose scrunched back.

"He's not sixteen, he's nineteen," Fuyumi says kindly to Touya when an awkward silence hangs over the kitchen, as though she's been waiting to make that comment from the beginning in order to defend their father for knocking some kid up.

"That's barely better," Touya grumbles moodily. 

* * *


To think that awkward blowjob encounter behind the bar dumpsters would lead to this; he never would have seen it coming.

After dinner he had decided to loiter around the couch and annoy Touya by commenting on every small thing the kid was doing in his game with old boomer like comments like 'is that your friend?' when an NPC character would walk by or giving scandalized gasps whenever Touya's character would be in their underwear before changing into proper armor. When he finally got bored of that he decided to colour with Shouto at the coffee table, not really impressed by the fact that this small child can draw better than he can.

All the kids are relatively self-sufficient; Fuyumi dawdling around and playing little housekeeper while Shouto quietly plays while Enji is off in his office doing work under the strict order of 'don't bother me'.

At 8:00 PM car lights are at the driveway before there's small little steps before the door is opened to reveal the last remaining child, eight year old Todoroki Natsuo.

Honestly, he's not sure what to expect from Natsuo's reaction. Touya, once Keigo started showing vague amounts of interest in what the kid was doing, warmed up to him a bit and despite his annoying comments proudly would tell Keigo about the boss fights he's beaten, bragging like thirteen-year old's do. Fuyumi is still skittish, but she's not mean to him, and Shouto doesn't seem to really care about his existence or not.

Keigo laments on what should be his introduction 'hey I'm the pregnant omega! yolo!' (do kids still say yolo? He honestly has no idea) but lands on a more mock stern, "young man where have you been?!"

Natsuo blinks a total of six times in confusion as the door closes quietly behind him, he has the same hair colour and eye colour as Fuyumi (something he assumes they get from their deceased mother), but at eight he's already relatively the same size as his older brother and has already started filling out into larger shoulders. He has his father's frame, definitely. "Who are you?" Natsuo finally bites out harshly.

"That's the guy dad knocked up," Touya grumbles from his spot on the couch, body moving with his character as he tries to avoid a hit.

"Homewrecker," solemnly adds Shouto from his spot at the coffee table.

"Ok really who taught him that word?" Keigo asks, its funny as hell but he's not going to live his entire pregnancy out being called a homewrecker when their mom is dead, if she was alive he'd be more than happy to let the brats call him that.

"Me," Touya huffs proudly.

"I told dad I was going to my friends house yesterday," Natsuo murmurs back seriously to Keigo's earlier teasing question.

Keigo mostly just blinks.

Right, he had forgotten children tend to act like all adults have authoritative power over them. He hadn't even realized the kids would look at him and think adult! because he's barely on the cusp on adulthood, though now that he's pregnant does that automatically make him an adult? He has no idea.

Scary thoughts, really.

"Cool," Keigo says for lack of anything better to say, "don't kids have homework or something?"

"I already did it," Fuyumi says proudly.

"Whatever," Touya says petulantly with all the sass possible.

"I just got home," Natsuo tightly grumbles as he kicks off his shoes and moodily tosses his bag against the back of the couch, disappearing into the hallway to probably to his room or something.

Are all kids this moody? Keigo thinks is dismay as he glances down to his stomach, squinting at it almost harshly, the idea that the thing inside of him will pop out with an attitude like the children in front of him makes him want to reconsider everything (not that he can) but he waddles to the couch like he's nine months pregnant and his belly is huge before flopping beside Touya.

"Ok, so is that one your friend?" Keigo asks brightly as he points to a random female character.

Touya groans.


* * *


He wakes up first in the morning at 6:30 for his 8:00 AM lecture, also because he needs to pee really badly, which, ew, and makes breakfast for the rest of the household. From what he vaguely remembers from his childhood, not the abusive neglectful parent days, but when he was in the system days, was that he woke up around 7:00 AM for school. He doesn't have the greatest culinary abilities in the world but he's able to whip up a pretty mean eggs and bacon.

He has no idea if Enji drinks coffee and he doesn't spot a coffee machine so Keigo settles on just boiling the kettle encase Enji is a tea drinker or if one of the kiddies likes hot water for whatever reason.

Fuyumi is the first to wake up, cutely rubbing at her eye and yawning as she pads into the kitchen almost freezing when she spots Keigo in there, already mostly done cooking breakfast. "You up? I'm almost done," Keigo tries to go for kind, the type of kind he see's other omegas give small children that he's never felt inclined to do. Fuyumi's little eyes are wide open, confused mostly, as she takes in the scene before offering a small nod. "Go wash up and then take a seat?" That's something people say. Probably.

She skitters off at the request to 'go wash up' (whatever the means but he saw it on the TV a week ago so it must mean something because all he does in the morning is splash water on his face until he feels alive). When she returns from the bathroom, Enji is the next to follow her into the kitchen, glancing at Keigo and huffing at the scene at breakfast being served, which ok, rude, before sitting down at the head of the table, Fuyumi sitting down next to her father.

"You can cook?" Enji asks with a thin brow arched at that curiously.

"Its eggs, bacon and toast, it isn't that hard," Keigo quips back.

"Thank you!" Fuyumi chimes back brightly, well-mannered unlike her father to thank someone for making her breakfast, and Keigo offers her a small true smile. Okay, he concedes, maybe Fuyumi is cute, but the rest have attitude.

With the smell of food in the air the rest of the children come out of their rooms, first Shouto who Keigo for some reason picks up and places on his hip, stares at the child and slowly places him down on the ground confused on why he felt the need to pick Shouto up, then Touya, then lastly Natsuo.

"What time are your classes today?" Enji asks.

"What? The same as everyday?" Natsuo peevishly murmurs, looking at his dad with squinted eyes like he's the stupidest adult he's ever seen in his life.

"Not you, me," Keigo corrects chirpily, "just from 8 till like 11, why?"

"You’re in school?" Touya asks this time in confusion, all the kids are looking at him with the same 'why is this adult in school like us' which should be more hurtful than it is but its only kind of funny.

"He has university," Enji says with a small sigh, "I see. Will you pick up Shouto from daycare early then?"

"Early?" Shouto sounds suspiciously hopeful about that idea, and Keigo freezes midbite. He's been here one day and he's already settled enough to make them breakfast and pick up the youngest from daycare? Its all too.... domestic, but he settles on a small nod.

"Good, I'll drop you off after I drop off Shouto then."

"Right right right," Keigo chimes repetitively. Right.

* * *

The first week is the easiest week.

His university schedule is pretty good this semester, with only three lectures and one tutorial and no part-time job he has a lot of time on his hands, which results in him practically becoming a nanny for Shouto and the rest of the kids. He notices pretty early that Enji kinda has the 'absent father' thing going for him, Enji usually at work until 6pm before coming home eating dinner and locking himself up into his study to work more. Which pretty much leaves him, barely an adult, to be a shining beacon of adult attention for these children.

With Fuyumi he always cooks dinner with her, with Shouto its easy because he spends the most time with the kid throughout the day and Shouto is increasingly becoming attached to his hip, and with Touya and Natsuo he just harasses the kid's as they play their games or joins them.

Its when he gets settled enough into the household does his nesting start to kick in.

Usually, he nests in his bedroom, but he doesn't end up doing that this time. He has the whole day off when it begins, Shouto sleepily nodding off on the couch as they watch a cartoon re-run on the TV, stubbornly refusing to go down for a nap when Keigo starts to bring blankets from his room into the living room surrounding around Shouto, but that's not enough, and he's forced to drag out every shirt of Enji's into the living room and by the end of it the entire living room has all the spare blankets and pillows haphazardly falling off of the couch, blankets from each of the kids rooms making an appearance as well.

It looks like messy pillow fort, and it's only when he's done does he realize he's nesting.

He's nested before, with his own bed and pieces of clothes from the alpha's he was seeing at the time (with Enji he's always been more insistent on nesting to the man's scent compared to anyone he's ever been with before) but never something this big.

"What is this?" Touya and Fuyumi enter the house at the same time, little eyebrows furrowed forward in confusion to why Keigo has decided to drag the entirety of their home’s linens to the middle of the living room.

"Oh!" Fuyumi says in bright surprise, her smart little omega self realizing shortly, "a nest!"

"Yes," Keigo says breathlessly, his instincts immediately pleased that three out of four children are home, and he stands up quickly shuffling them forward into the living room and making sure to drape them up in the blankets covered with his and Enji's scents, a pleased low purr leaving the back of his throat. "Good. Stay like that."

"I need to pee," Touya whines as he's settled near Shouto's sleeping form.

"Ugh fine be quick," Keigo grunts out, lifting the blanket so Touya can wiggle out and run to the bathroom to pee, Fuyumi dutifully sitting in her spot and beaming at Keigo like he's done something good for her. Probably. He knows for omega children they like to be nested by their families’ matriarchs—


He shakes away the thought, not letting it stick too much because he doesn't want to consider the implications of that just yet.

When he finally has a sulky Touya back in his nest, Shouto finally stirring awake and confused by the blankets, shirts, and pillows piled into the living room (but thrilled in the same way Fuyumi had been) it isn't really complete until Enji and Natsuo both arrive, Natsuo still kind of sweaty and dirty from soccer practice so he lets the kid get changed and cleaned before ushering him into the nest with his other siblings.

"I guess I'm making dinner tonight then," sighs out Enji.


* * *


Before the whole pregnancy thing him and Enji had sex pretty regularly he'd say but since moving in with the man, living amongst his kids and sleeping in his bed Keigo was honestly expecting some sort of increase in at least hand jobs.

Except he's being blue-balled.

"I'm pregnant not invalid." He settles himself over Enji's lap as the man is trying to flip through a book with his old man reading glasses, it really shouldn't be as sexy as it is. Enji simply offers a withering look to that.

"You're loud," Enji says simply, head tilted to the side to look at his book over Keigo's shoulder, not bothering to push him off or move him, "and the kids are all home."

"They're always home," Keigo protests and he knows he sounds whiny but he's not a fan of getting blue-balled because of kids, he has a kid, he's pregnant with one, once the kid is popped out does that mean no more sex?

"Yes, you have to wait about six weeks after birth before you can have sex again," Enji says bluntly, practically monotonous, and oh he whined about that out loud, but more pressingly:

"Six weeks?!"

Finally he can hear behind his back Enji's book snapping shut, the man finally offering his full attention to him. "Keigo, you'd have given birth."

"So?" Six weeks. That can't be right. Can normal people go six weeks without sex? Before when he was a masturbating pre-teen to his late teenage years it was pretty frequent, and when he finally did start having sex that was pretty frequent and since being with Enji he has to admit that jerking himself off alone doesn't have the same kick to it anymore.

Enji's face is crumpled up in confusion, "do they really teach you nothing in school anymore? Exactly what do you think happens when you give birth? Its a dangerous thing that changes you physically. My wife had complications from Natsuo's birth, and we had to wait up to six months before doing anything again."

"You really aren't making me feel sexy right now," he jokes, kind of, but it really is killing his mood to hear that he could have enough complications to not be able to have sex for six months. Six. At that point he'd practically be a virgin again. "Okay but that's after the baby pops out, I'm talking about right now big guy."

"And like I said," Enji says with dripping disappointment, "is that you are too loud."

"I'll be quiet, I swear, pinky promise."

"No." He can hear the book resolutely snap back open behind his back and Keigo groans pathetically as he slumps off of Enji's lap and curls up beside the man like a mewling horny cat in heat, hoping if he's annoying enough the man will kindly dick him down for the night. Eventually Enji offers with a long-suffering sigh, "we can have Touya and Fuyumi babysit on the weekend and we can go to a hotel."

"Can we not just bang right now?" Keigo grumbles against Enji's hip, kind of hating the man at this moment for denying him, he's not that loud, just a bit. "The kidlets are asleep, they won't hear anything you know? And Touya and Fuyumi should already know babies come from sex—"

"No means no, Keigo."

"Touché," Keigo huffs before deciding to drop the subject.

(Its only after when Enji finishes his book chapter does the man properly fuck him into the pillows, slow and deep, Keigo's face pressed into the pillows practically being suffocated to drown out the loud keen moans echoing in their room, the next morning all the kids minus Shouto look at Keigo with weird awkward stares, Enji simply offering Keigo a flat unimpressed look that reads: see?).


* * *


He spends most of his time with Shouto.

He would think that most of his time would be spent with the man that knocked him up, but really he spends most of the day with Shouto. Doodling with him, watching TV with him, taking baths with him, making food for him (albeit bad food, but food, whatever Shouto doesn't care about that), and really, despite Rumi's constant teasing's, it's peaceful. 

He likes spending time with Shouto, ok? Sue him. 

"What’re you drawing?" Keigo drawls, leaned back against the couch as he glances down to where Shouto is drawing vibrant pink lines around a one-legged crescent moon head stick man. 

"You," Shouto says simply. 

It makes Keigo's heart flutter a bit, makes him feel a weird airy feeling of love even though he knows it's only been two weeks and he can't just say he loves a kid after a mere two weeks. He's not even sure if he loves Enji, how could he love one of his children already? 

"Oh you cutie," Keigo coo's happily, crouching forward while being mindful of the small little pouch at the base of his stomach, to kiss the back of Shouto's head, pleased when the kid makes a small little sound like a surprised cat. "Why do I have pink lightning shooting out of me though?"

"Not lightning," Shouto corrects primly, colouring a beaming ray of pink with a bit more strength, "it's love." 



He's glad Shouto can't see him because the corner of his eyes immediately waters up at that, an instinctive sadness just tinged to the possibility that maybe he's the first person in Shouto's life that the kid has felt unconditional love from. Because Keigo does, he really does, he doesn't even know why, maybe it's his pregnancy or the fact he spends pretty much most hours circling around this tiny adorable five-year-old, but Shouto is right and he can see it, Keigo loves this stupid kid. He loves him. 

I'm never going to be able to escape this place, Keigo blinks away the tears before they can fall, not willing to cry just because a kid has noticed how much he loves him, which is literally just an example of what pregnancy hormones is doing to his body. 

"I sure have a lot of love flowing out of me," Keigo whispers, ruffling the back of Shouto's head, "are you going to draw you in there somewhere?"

"Yup," Shouto nods sharply to that.

"And your dad?" 

"Ew," Shouto says with a small, wrinkled back nose, finally glancing back to look at Keigo with wide curious little eyes, almost conspiratorially he asks, "do you love dad?"

It's too much of a loaded question into a mere two weeks of living together after him and Enji were no-strings attached kind of people, but it doesn't seem like the kind of thing he should say no too, because the kids are supposed to be thinking that him and their dad have been dating for awhile now and adults that are dating love each other. 

Probably. Maybe. Probably should, anyway. 

"Ummmmm," it shouldn't be as hard as it is to just say yes, I love him, even if it's a lie, but for some reason it feels almost sacrilegious to lie to Shouto about love, like Shouto will be able to sense there isn't really any love and get a weird, warped viewpoint on it. Is he thinking to much about this? Likely. 

Shouto blinks at him. Keigo blinks back. 

"Maybe?" Keigo offers sheepishly, hating himself for not being able to lie to a literal child about who he loves, something he feels like adults should easily be able to do, "I love you, and I like your dad, but I don't know if I love him yet." 

Shouto frowns a bit, nodding seriously like Keigo is confiding in him with his feelings which is just absurd, but Shouto places down his crayon to give Keigo his full attention. "I love you."

Its so serious, said so sternly, it practically emulates the same type of seriousness Enji always speaks in with even the most mundane things, but it makes Keigo grin from ear to ear. 

"I love you more kiddo," he says, trying to mimic the same type of seriousness, and Shouto blushes softly to the affection, ducking his little head down so his chin meets his chest. 

Its cute. Way too cute. 


* * *


He's four months into his pregnancy, one month and two weeks into living with the Todoroki family when it happens.

He's heard Rumi's consistent warnings that at this rate he's going to become the mother of five children, and he had scoffed at her because he's not exactly mother material. Sure he spends most of his free time taking care of the kids, sure Shouto clings onto him constantly now, but aside from Shouto he's literally just gotten Touya to stop calling him 'homewrecker' (he hasn't). Not exactly mother material.

It happens at the grocery store while he's getting groceries with Fuyumi and Shouto.

"Shouccan!" A small little voice squeals in excitement, Keigo blinking in surprise when another tiny child is flinging themselves into Shouto's general vicinity, Shouto letting out a little puff of surprise at the hug-attack. Its cute, incredibly cute. "Oh!" The kid says in surprise, glancing up at Keigo with wide green eyes, "hello Shoucchan's mom!"

"Mom?" Shouto repeats glancing from where Keigo is to where the green-child's mom is approaching them with an apologetic smile on her face.

He tapers down the immediate need to say I'm not their mom because that should be obvious enough, Fuyumi is eleven years old, unless he started having kids concerningly young of course he's not their actual mother.

"Is this your friend?" Fuyumi asks kindly to Shouto who makes a small sound of agreement, carefully pushing the green-haired child off of him and quickly making his way back to his favourite place to be, which is clutching at Keigo's legs.

"Sorry," the older green-haired woman says when she finally approaches, reaching out to tug her child backwards and back into her general vicinity. "Izuku please don't run off like that!"

Right, Izuku. He's heard Shouto mention him a few times, but Shouto has what the daycare likes to deem 'attitude' problems because of his disinterest in his playmates, or even better he's heard is 'attention problems' which stems from Shouto's inability to really pay attention to things that don't interest him. The kid is five, what kind of five-year-old sits still and pays attention perfectly?

"Sorry mom," Izuku whines out, wiggling a bit as he tries to escape her hold and try to re-latch to Shouto's side.

"It's fine," Keigo says, shooting Izuku's mother an easy smile before trying to brush the small child clinging to him like a lifeline. "Shouto don't cling to me like that."

"Sorry mom," Shouto parrots in the same tone Izuku had just used and Keigo feels like his entire body is suddenly dipped into cold ice, the type of cool feeling that creeps immediately down his spine and leaves him paralyzed.

Even Fuyumi looks surprised by it, her eyes widening as she glances up to Keigo with those big eyes, searching on how he's going to react.

'What're you gonna do when the brat starts calling you mom?' He can hear Rumi's lithe teasing tone ringing through his head, even when she had asked him, he had just snorted and hadn't even considered the possibility.

Maybe pregnancy is making him more maternal though, because he doesn't correct Shouto, doesn't bother to blurt out the obvious 'I'm not your mom' because he knows Shouto knows that, the kid might have attention problems but he's not stupid. Probably. Honestly, he doesn't fucking know.

"Its fine," he grumbles, practically whispering the response, and he doesn't even know why he suddenly feels all jerked up, but he blames it on the hormones. “Its fine.”

* * *

It doesn't end up being a one-time thing.

Shouto calls him mom at every opportunity the kid can, even when Keigo isn't around he'll say the word just for the fun of it, which had confused Enji because he started to worry Shouto was calling him mom. Keigo hadn't really put much thought in his long-term stay with the Todoroki's, but now with Shouto latching onto the idea of Keigo as his 'mother' and even Fuyumi has been getting more attached lately, he's not sure what he plans to do.

Sure, he likes Enji, and Enji makes enough money for Keigo to remain a stay-at-home mom for the rest of his life and avoid working, just leaving him to raise a bunch of Todoroki children until they're old and no longer need their mother, but he has bigger aspirations. Kind of. Okay, not really. If he's being really honest his goal in life was to somehow never work a day in his life ever again, but he didn't think the chance would come this easily by getting accidentally knocked up.

"He's not your mom stop calling him that," Natsuo says in disapproval as he slaps his fork down onto the table, nose wrinkled back and properly scowling.

Keigo was wondering how long until one of the other children would get sick of the constant mom's and start getting aggravated by it. The answer, one week.

"Mom is mom," Shouto replies stubbornly.

"Mom is gone!" Natsuo yells back in a frustrated effort to hold himself back, he almost looks close to tears.

"Now, now, let's not fight about it, it doesn't matter if he calls me mom," Keigo tries soothingly. Obviously, he sucks at being soothing because Natsuo just glowers at him in the same way Enji glowers at him when Keigo says something stupid.

"You're not our mom though," Natsuo says moodily.

"Solid observation," Keigo drawls, mostly amused, "no I am not."

"It doesn't matter what Shouto calls him," Enji says gruffly, shooting Natsuo the look that shuts his son up immediately.

"So, he's supposed to be our new mom?" Touya demands sharply, eyebrow arched up and regarding Keigo with a doubtful look. It makes sense to Keigo, really, that the other kids don't really consider him mom material; he's barely older than them, and really the only one he truly dotes on like a mother is Shouto. And even then it isn't like he's that motherly, if anything he's barely passing when it comes to the mom-meter.

"No," Enji grunts out, placing down his fork beside his plate and sighing, "Keigo isn't meant to replace your mother. No one is."

"Unless I somehow gave birth when I was like 9," Keigo grins out, nudging Touya sharply with the edge of his elbow, making the moody little teeny bopper look at him in annoyance. "Shouto is younger than you guys so cut him some slack."

"I think its nice," Fuyumi offers happily.

"Whatever," Touya says with a small eyeroll. 

And like that, Keigo somehow becomes mom to Shouto.

* * *

Taking care of Shouto and essentially becoming a full-time nanny for four children isn't as hard as he thought it would be. The kids are pretty much relatively self-sufficient, and even though lately they have been getting more keen on having Keigo's attention on them at certain times of the day (even Natsuo is demanding his attention lately), it isn't as hard as he thought it would be, it almost gives him a false sense of security that when the demon parasite inside of him pops out he'll be able to be a properly functioning mother.

Most of the time, anyway.

"He has a fever," Keigo says with a small frown on the corner of his lips, the back of his hand pressed to Shouto's forehead and sighing. His temperature isn't that worrying, and he's not even that surprised Shouto got sick since the daycare has had a bug going around the past week or so, but today he has a presentation for his class he has to go to. "I have to go to school today Enji, you'll have to stay home from work."

"Fuyumi is ill as well she can stay home and watch him," Enji says with a small frown gracing his lips, tugging on his cuffs all business like to re-arrange his suit.

Keigo frowns. "She's sick, she can't watch Shouto today."

"I have a meeting today," Enji says sharply, glancing back down to Keigo with a small frown, "I'll call in for a babysitter, just wait until they arrive."

"I have class in less than an hour!" Keigo protests with, scowling. He can feel irritation niggling up his spine, the beginnings of an argument at the tip of his tongue, because in general Keigo tries to avoid mentioning what a god awful father Enji is because Enji is trying in his own unique way, and personally Keigo doesn't care that much if he's watching the kids most of the time, but they aren't his children, he shouldn't have to sacrifice things that're important to him for kids that Enji should be prioritizing himself.

"The kids will be fine alone for an hour," Enji says with a small sigh, "I have a trusted nanny that can be here soon."

It makes sense, it does. Enji is right, Fuyumi is twelve she can be home alone with Shouto for an hour until a babysitter comes to the house and can watch them until Keigo is done with his class, but a larger more aggressive part of him isn't keen on the idea of leaving behind two sick kids without any adults, even if it is for an hour.

"Fine," Keigo snaps back, shooting Enji a small glowering look as Enji sighs before stepping outside of the room to pull up his cell to call the nanny to come watch them for a bit.

"Mom I feel sick," Shouto whines softly, drawing his attention away from where Enji has retreated too.

"I know," Keigo says, trying to push away the irritation he feels at Enji for a moment to focus on Shouto, sliding his hand over his shoulder to push back his hair, smiling lightly. "I have class for a couple of hours, but I'll be home around noon, until then a babysitter is going to be watching you, ok?"

"Okay..." Shouto says with a small pout.

"Keigo," Enji calls into the room, his expression forlorn and Keigo can feel the nagging feeling that something is wrong even before Enji can say it. He runs a hand over Shouto's forehead one last time before standing up and meeting Enji out in the hall, arms crossed protectively over his chest, just above his small baby bump.

"What's wrong?"

"She is not available today," Enji says with a small terse sigh, pinching at the bridge of his nose, "I understand you have classes today, but I have an important meeting today."

"So, my classes are less important?" Keigo bites back, lowering his voice into a small hiss, "these are your kids, you know? I have a presentation that's half of my fucking grade today, I can't miss it."

"Fuyumi is fine to watch him—"

"She's puking every ten minutes!" Keigo says in disbelief, tossing his hands up in exclamation at the idea that Enji wants to leave his vomiting daughter to take care of a sick five-year-old. "Enji you have to be kidding me, we can't just leave them home alone."

"I cannot rearrange this meeting and if I don't leave in two minutes, I'm going to be late," Enji snuffs out, "can you not speak to your professor?"

"Mom?" Shouto's small voice calls from the room in a tiny shy whine.

"I have to go, Keigo." Enji says sharply, taking a large step backwards to put space between them and Keigo suddenly feels godsmacked. He's going to leave. He's going to make Keigo have to choose between abandoning two ill children and him passing his fucking class. Is that even a fair choice? Its barely a choice, because he's pretty sure one of those choices is considered fucking illegal.

"Don't you fucking dare—" Keigo hisses venomously, but Enji doesn't bother to acknowledge him, stepping away and calling out a loud booming 'I'm leaving' before he can hear the front door slam shut.

He's in disbelieving awe, his jaw clacked open in shock that Enji really just fucking left.

He's shaken out of his absolutely livid fury slowly creeping over his thoughts by the sound of Fuyumi vomiting loudly in the bathroom, her small, pained whines echoing down the hallway that makes Keigo pull a small face of disgust.

He sighs, popping his head into Shouto's room to grumble 'I'll be right back' before heading towards Fuyumi to rub at her back and to make sure she gurgles water so her teeth don't rot from vomit. After that, he'll send an email to the professor, begging to let him do his presentation another day.

He's going to kill Enji, he decides. He'll take all the money and him and the kids will live happily ever after without their shitty useless stupid goddamn dad. He's going to murder that stupid hotheaded pig alpha. 

* * *

Enji doesn't get back home until 7:17 PM, at his arrival Keigo doesn't get up to give his typical cursory 'welcome back' kiss, and Enji doesn't approach him looking to do the same thing.

"Okay kidlets," Keigo claps his hands together at that, smiling tightly, "I need all of you to go upstairs for a little bit and listen to some music or something."

Enji makes a small face at that, "Keigo—"

"Why?" Touya demands with narrowed eyes, still not bothering to shut off his game or get moving, even Shouto is still gripping at Keigo's hip, looking up at his mom with wide betrayed little eyes. Shouto in general is pretty clingy, but Keigo has had the thrilling experience in finding out that Shouto becomes even more clingy when he's sick.

"Your dad and I are going to fight," Keigo advises chirpily, Touya finally tearing his eyes away from the screen to glance at Keigo, then to his dad.

"Fight?" Shouto asks, blinking up at Keigo in confusion. Keigo decides to take pity on the kid and leans down to wrap an arm around Shouto with a small grunt, before nodding resolutely.

"Your daddy did something really mean to mommy today."

"Not nice," Shouto mimics with a small scolding frown to his father.

"Yeah, so we're going to argue, probably very loudly, so Natsuo, Touya can you watch Fuyumi and Shouto for me for a bit?"

"Whatever," Touya says with a small shrug, tossing his controlled to the side of the couch and sitting up and jabbing his hands into his pockets, little chin tilted downwards. Natsuo seems the same, nervous energy as he comes up and takes Shouto from Keigo, glancing back at his father with a small considering frown.

He doesn't have time to consider why the kids are acting all weird about the declaration that him and their father are going to fight, too focused on internally ramping himself up on what he's going to say because he has a lot to say, honestly. He waits until they’re precisely upstairs fully before he begins.

Enji begins first, "Keigo I'm sorry, but you have to understand—"

"That your job is more important than my degree?" Keigo demands sharply, crossing his arms over his chest protectively, "are you kidding me right now? I know Shouto calls me mom and I take care of the kids most the time, but you realize I'm not a nanny, right?"

Enji makes a small, wrinkled face at that, tersely nodding. "Yes, I'm aware."

"But you just thought it'd be okay to force me to fucking fail my class because you had a meeting?! You're the boss! You own the fucking company. You could have just told the assholes you're meeting with 'my kids are ill and I need to watch them' but instead you pulled the most dick move in history!"


"I'm not done!" Keigo snaps back, knowing that his scent is ramping up away from its normal natural scent into something sharper, angrier. "That was the most dick alpha thing you could possibly do, and I'm so fucking angry, if it wasn't for the fact the kids are sick and already have intense abandonment issues from their mother dying, I'd be fucking gone right now because I honestly don’t even want to see you."

Enji looks openly slapped by that declaration, taking a heavy step forward that makes the hair on the back of his neck stand in warning. "Don't say that," Enji says sharply.

"Why? It's fucking true," Keigo bites back.

"I know, but—" Enji begins, letting out a small, frustrated growl at the back of his throat, taking another step forward until they're taking an arm length apart. Keigo hates it, hates it that he can see the sharp desperation on Enji's face at that, the open hurt. "I won't do it again," Enji says simply, a small, whispered declaration. "I'm sorry, Keigo."

Maybe its the pregnancy, maybe its the fact that he can see Natsuo's stupid little toes hanging off of the top steps of the stairwell eavesdropping on their fight, but Keigo can already feel the fight leaving him. He wants to leave, he wants to grab his bags and get the fuck out of here and tell Enji to go fuck himself, but how could he abandon a kid that calls him mom? Putting away the logistics that he can’t leave Enji’s side because of this stupid pregnancy, how could he abandon the rest of these kids that just have their shitty overworked father and him, and no one else? It feels like entrapment, honestly, like Enji brought him here knowing that once Keigo got settled the omega would never leave him, but still.

"Do something like that again and I'm taking the kids and running away," Keigo declares snappishly, allowing Enji to reach out to him to pull them into each other, he hates that he immediately sags into Enji's body heat, to the stupid delicious alpha scent of this man.

Enji allows a small, amused snort to leave his lips at that. "I'm sure they would go with you, they love you a lot, Keigo."

"They better," Keigo grunts softly. “You could put in more effort you know.”

“What do you mean?” Enji inquires lightly, the tip of his chin placed onto the top of Keigo’s head, and like this he feels completely dwarfed by him. Small, pliant, unable to escape. It aggravates him that he reminds himself of those omegas in the dramas, the kind of scene him and Rumi would have cackled at cheering ‘leave that asshole!’ and yet here he is, wrapped in Enji’s arms, unwilling to even properly entertain the idea of leaving, just like those dumb afternoon soap operas.

God, this sucks, he thinks.

“I know you’re busy, but you should spend time with the brats,” he avoids saying and me, because him and Enji aren’t really in a relationship, as much as it feels like they kind of are, he doesn’t have the right to demand Enji’s time, even if he kind of wants too.

“Hm,” Enji hums in acknowledgement, whatever that means.

“Can we come down now?” Touya whines from upstairs, apparently having enough from being removed from his game for five goddamn minutes.

Keigo can only laugh into Enji’s chest, feeling completely stupid. He has, he’s gone stupid from this pregnancy, he’s certain of it.

* * *

The great thing about their fight and him starting to show more at five months in is that Enji is much more yielding to him now. He isn't sure if its because the threat that Keigo could really leave after the birth of their child, or simply that Enji is acknowledging an effort to be a better person, but Keigo likes it, and he knows the kids like it even more.

Saturdays become 'Family Day', where Enji actually puts aside his work to spend time with his children, and the kids on the first one actually seems confused to why their dad isn't working, but by the second week they finally warm up to the idea.

He's actually excited for this weekend as he's had the nanny over a lot this week, a middle-aged woman with two kids of her own that are respectively both teenagers and Very Moody (Keigo is terrified for when Touya finally becomes a proper teenager), due to his exams being next week and needing to study. Shouto has been pouting about the separation all week, so it'll be nice for them to spend some time together this weekend properly.

"Are you free Saturday from the brats?" Rumi asks, straw in her mouth as she chews around it, ankles kicked out and lounging deeply set into the chair with her eyes focused on her phone. She doesn't even look up as she asks it.

"Nah Saturday I'm planning to spend some time with them since I've been busy studying with you all week," Keigo grumbles into his own drink.

"You realize your not their actual mother, right?" Rumi asks, finally glancing up from her phone to offer him an unimpressed eyebrow raise.

He rolls his eyes at that. "Yes, I'm aware I didn't pop out four children."

Rumi narrows her eyes in on him, a calculating look to her that Keigo squirms a bit underneath. "I thought you'd be more freaked about this," she begins, elbows coming down onto the table as she curves herself forward, hands on her chin, "yet instead of being freaked about the literal baby inside of you, you've decided to become a happy house omega of four children."

"The kids are cute," Keigo shrugs off with, "did I show you photos of them yet?"

Rumi groans. "God, spare me."


* * *

He isn't great at being a traditional omegan mom, he knows this, but he still tries because Shouto and the thing that's going to pop out of him both will call him mom, and as much as he believes in giving children Light Trauma so they come out with a personality, overall, he'd like to be a mother that they love and want to be around. 

Even for Natsuo and Touya. Even them

Which means a lot of things, but mostly it means that Keigo needs to be good at baking. He doesn't know what it is about children and baking, but all mother's need to know how to do it. 

Which would be fine if he knew how to bake. 

Fuyumi watches him bug-eyed as he tries to whisk the batter properly like the recipe says, gritting his teeth when a bit of it splatters off to the sides. Honestly, he's relatively smart. Before Enji, before this pregnancy, before he became a mom he was intending to do his masters or to become a lawyer, but for some reason in all his infinite knowledge, he can't make cupcakes

"Keigo if you aren't able to do it I can," Enji offers from the table, busy watching Shouto colour in his picture. Today is Saturday which means spend time with family day, and they were planning to go to the aquarium today but Touya had managed to inform them last minute that their school is hosting a bake sale Monday, and Keigo has appointments tomorrow so he can't do it then. So, their plans have been disrupted and changed into baking together to then they’ll all take a walk outside together. Family fun stuff.

"I can do it," Keigo says stubbornly. 

"Can I help?" Fuyumi asks with bright eyes and the stubborn part of Keigo wants to go no, but him and Fuyumi cook together, its their bonding time, so he just reluctantly takes a step to the side a small little 'come at it' falling from his lips that she glows at. 

"You don't look like you can do it," Touya grumbles from the edge of the kitchen, one of his school snacks hanging from his mouth, "just let the old man do it I don't want to be embarrassed by your shitty baking." 

"Ok rude my baking is not shitty," Keigo puffs out, grabbing a fork to poke at a few little bits of batter to break it down, he doesn't know why no matter how much he mixes everything there's still chunks, but Fuyumi being the helpful little kitchen fairy she is slowly worms her way near the bowl and starts focusing on whisking to fix the mistakes Keigo has made. "Plus, can Enji even bake?"

"Dad cooks really well," Fuyumi tells him in a small, pleased voice, "he made cookies once and they were super yummy!"

Well, its true the few and far in-between times when Enji does cook dinner for them it is usually good food, it seems contrary to his appearance and time management to actually be a good cook. 

"Why are you so insistent on doing this?" Enji asks with a small, raised eyebrow. 

"I like baking and cooking with Fuyu." Mostly the truth, but whatever, Enji doesn't need to know about his deep-rooted insecurities about the fact that he will probably be a terrible mother because he can't bake, can't rub Shouto's stomach the right way, and he can't manage to tie Fuyumi's hair up into a nice ponytail without hairs wildly coming out the sides. If he can just bake maybe he’ll be considered a less terrible mother on the mother-meter. Just maybe.

"I like it too!" Fuyumi chimes happily in a small little chirp, the apple of her cheeks turning a bit pink at the compliment even though it was barely a compliment. 

God, he loves her. 

"Do I have to sit around watching this? I want to go play my games," Touya whines leaning against the wall near the entrance, his toes turned to the direction of the living room where the TV is sitting turned off because today is family day. 

"Touya," Enji says warningly. 

"You’re the one that told mom last minute that he needs to bake for you," Natsuo grumbles distractedly, hunched over the table and idly drawing on the corner of Shouto's drawing, Keigo just manages not to drop his whisk to the ground in a loud clatter, "if you didn't we could’ve been at the aquarium today." 

There's a terse silence that falls over the kitchen after he's done, the word mom hanging over them with a glaringly obvious implication. Keigo expected maybe that Fuyumi would call him mom one day, but that Natsuo and Touya would continue treading through life seeing him as a weird parental figure that they don't want. 

They love you, Enji had said. 

Natsuo, at the glaring silence, finally tilts his head up away from his doodling looking at them with small, furrowed brows, in the same way Enji does when he's annoyed, it makes Keigo's heart squeeze just a bit. "What?" 

"Nothing!" Keigo chirps happily, either it had just slipped or Natsuo actually does intend to call him mom, but either way he's not going to harp on the kids for doing it. 

His plan goes out the window when Touya says almost accusingly, "you called him mom." 

"What? No, I didn't," Natsuo huffs out indignantly.

"Does this mean I can call you mom too?" Fuyumi asks with wide little eyes, looking at Keigo with a trembling lower lip like she's scared that she'll get yelled at if she calls Keigo mom of all things. 

"You guys can call me anything but homewrecker," Keigo singsongs, reaching out to run his fingers through her bangs and pushing them back, he almost wants to lean forward and kiss her forehead with the action but holds back momentarily because they aren't there just quite yet. 

"Whatever homewrecker," Touya grumbles, "you ain't our mom."

"You are being disrespectful Touya," Enji warns lowly. 

"I think he's my mom," Fuyumi says with a small puffed out chest, shooting her older brother a short nasty look.

"Because you and Shouto are omegas, you think any omega that nests you is your mom because omegas are stupid," Touya points out with a small dramatic eyeroll. 

"So what!" Fuyumi huffs, "Mom never nested me, so is she not my mom then? That's not how it works, you're just being mean Touya." 

"That's enough," Enji says sharply, Touya and Fuyumi's lips thinning immediately at the command, silently though they both turn their heads to the side, arms crossed and looking absolutely upset with each other. 

"Look I'm not your mom mom," Keigo says carefully reaching over to grab the fork in Fuyumi's hand that she had been stirring his abominable attempt at baking with, placing it on the counter so pieces of batter don't get on her nice blue sweater that makes her almost look like a fairy, "and I don't even have to be your mom, but if you want to call me mom that's fine, because you guys are my kids no matter what." 

Touya's nose wrinkles back at that.

"Keigo is important to this household and you will treat him with respect," Enji tact’s on lowly, shooting Touya a hard look, "he isn't trying to replace your mother." 

"Whatever," Touya grunts out, lower lip jutting out as he leans heavily into the wall, looking absolutely sick of the entire conversation. Teenagers, Keigo thinks fondly. "Can I go play my game now? This is stupid." 

"Fine until the cupcakes are done and then you have to help decorate them," Keigo says with his hip cocked out, Touya grumbling a small fine before he's quickly retreating to the living room to escape any further emotional confrontation. 

"Did I really call the homewrecker mom?" Natsuo asks curiously once a moment of silence has lapsed over them. 

"Ugh," Keigo groans, patting himself down before taking a step forward and wrapping Natsuo's head into a hug, grinning wickedly as Natsuo starts squirming with small protests of let me go! "I know your mommy's boy don't worry, do you need mommy to tuck you into bed tonight?"

"I'm not an omega!" Natsuo protests.

"Me too," Shouto says sincerely at the offer of tuck you into bed, little hands dropping his crayons to focus on Keigo again, little grubby hands reaching out and Keigo's heart does a weird tight swoop at the look. Rumi is right, he thought he'd go insane in a family like this, with children, but they're all so cute

"Mom can't pick you up anymore," Keigo says with regret, but finally lets Natsuo go at that, taking a step forward so Shouto can latch to his stomach, looking up at Keigo with pleading eyes of pick me up pick me up. Clingy child. He just knows Shouto is not going to be happy when the baby is born and he has to share his attention with another younger sibling. "No can do cutie, doctor said I need to be careful because of my stomach, but daddy can pick you up okay?" 

Shouto makes a small, displeased sound at that, that genuinely causes Enji to pull an offended face. 

Keigo narrowly avoids laughing at that. "He's taller than me so you can go higher, here Enji come pick him up," slowly he steps out of the way as Enji hesitantly steps forward, hands coming out to reach for Shouto who regards his father suspiciously, but Keigo directs Enji into properly grabbing Shouto, pleased when Enji carefully—like Shouto is a small precious baby—cradles Shouto against his chest. "See?" Keigo chirps, placing himself near Shouto's line of sight. 

"I want mom," Shouto grumbles into Enji's pec. 

"Mom can't hold you because he's pregnant," Enji says with a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips, running a large hand along Shouto's back. In Enji's arms Shouto looks tiny, dwarfed by his large father into looking like a tiny toddler rather than the proper five-year-old he is. 

Keigo doesn't know why he does but instinct forces him to glance to Natsuo who is scowling at his father with a tight down tilt of his lips, eyebrows furrowed forward, it doesn't look upset or angry, but it has the same quality when Touya is playing their shared console and is waiting for his turn. 


"I think our other baby wants to be held as well," Keigo smirks, cocking his chin over to Natsuo who suddenly frowns.

"I'm not a baby anymore," Natsuo says proudly. 

"Ok," Enji says simply, reaching out with one hand to grab at Natsuo despite his small protesting squawks at being lifted, and just as easily as Shouto, Natsuo is quickly scooped up into Enji's other arm. Natsuo doesn't look as gracefully accepting to the hug, looking like a pouting wet cat as he leans into Enji's chest, shooting nasty looks at Keigo as though he caused this, which to be fair, he did

"Can I go up too?" Fuyumi asks hesitantly from the sidelines. 

"Of course!" Keigo laughs. 


* * *


Thursdays are his off days. 

Even though he doesn't have classes anymore and he honestly doesn't have much to do, Thursdays he still sends Shouto to daycare for the full day—who looks betrayed every Thursday—but Thursdays are his me days, the day he gets to just lounge around and stop being a mom for a couple of hours completely. 

Or at least they're supposed to be. 

"I'm sorry who are you?" the principal ask with a small frown at the corner of his lips, "I believe I called his father to come."

"This is my," Touya pauses before squeezing his eyes shut and grunting out with much pain, "mom." 

"Mom?" the principal, Kita Shouta, says with surprise, eyebrow raising to his hairline with the word itself. 

"Their step-mom," Keigo corrects, carefully sitting himself down in the seat beside Touya with a small hand at his stomach and a grunt, "Enji asked me to come because he's busy and I was at home." 

"Right, I see," Kita coughs out shortly, awkwardly shuffling things around on his desk before crossing his fingers through each other and leaning forward, "Touya has been acting out at school lately, I assumed it was because his father is busy but..."

"I'm not acting out," Touya says snappishly. 

"And what would you call starting a fight with three boys at lunch, then?" The principal asks in a dry unimpressed tone. 

"So what? They were being assholes." 

"Touya we've spoken about this before," Kita heaves out a heavy sigh. 

"Did you win the fight?" Keigo asks, focusing on the important information. 

"Excuse me?" Kita says in a high tone. 

"No some lame teacher broke it up before I could," Touya huffs in pride, his skinny little chest puffing out like he, some tiny skinny little thing could beat three guys in a fight. Keigo can only smile fondly. Alphas

"Cool, well, as much as I want to say 'go get 'em tiger'," Touya grins a bit like he's being praised, and Keigo happily tact's on, "I'm pretty sure your dad isn't going to be super happy with you starting fights at school." 

"Whatever," Touya snappishly grumbles like the petulant thirteen-year-old he is. 

"So what is he getting? Suspended? Slapped on the wrist?" 

"One more fight and he's looking at expulsion," Kita says tightly. 

"Oh," Keigo says simply, "that doesn't sound good."

"No, it isn't good," agrees Kita with a small sigh, "Touya is a bright student and it hurts me to threaten him with this but he needs help, obviously his home life isn't stable enough to nurture a proper environment so I suggest professional intervention." This is said pointedly while looking at Keigo with a small downward tick to the corner of his mouth, and Keigo can only feel himself blinking briefly at the hidden insult. 

"Does the school not have a therapist?" He knows exactly what he must look like; Enji's young whore that got knocked up and is now playing mother to a bunch of children, he gets it, really he does. He only has 9 measly years on Touya that barely makes him an adult over him. But he's not the reason Touya is 'acting out'.

He pauses, frowning. 

Or is he? 

"We do but despite my insistence Touya has refused to go talk to her." Kita's fingers uncross, leaning off of his elbows and back into his chair. He looks cocky, assure of himself. "He only started acting out like this once their mother, well..."

"Left," Touya supplies helpfully in a bland tone. 

"Yes, well," Kita coughs out, "anyway, please discuss with him, one more strike and he's out." 

"Sure, thank you for your time," Keigo says diplomatically, raising up and shaking his hand in two strong movements before withdrawing himself. Right then, Keigo can't help but think, resigned, as he glances to Touya sulking beside him. 

He's supposed to get Touya, Touya, to speak to someone?

They're all doomed. 


* * *


"Ok well thanks for picking me up I'm going to go play my game—"

"Bup bup bup," Keigo interrupts quickly with, Touya is already halfway across the hallway already, his shoes kicked to the side in the middle of the floor, ready to head into the living room to pretend his family doesn't exist for the next twelve hours. "No game, you literally just got pulled out of school for fighting." 

Touya groans, tossing his hands up in exaggeration, "so? I don't care!" 

"Ok, well, I do devil child."

"This is so stupid," Touya snuffs out, violently tossing his backpack into the wall before stomping himself to the kitchen. 

"What am I supposed to do? Give you an award for causing trouble?" Keigo calls to his retreating back, letting out a small grunt of annoyance as he rubs a hand over the front of his stomach to soothe himself and remind himself why he can't just throttle Touya into listening to him. 

"How about you leave me the fuck alone because you're not my fucking mom!" 

Keigo recoils a bit, feeling suddenly a lot out of his depth, because the whole scenario is tittering too close to exactly what the principal was alluding too: that Keigo is the problem at home. 

He suddenly wishes Enji were here because Touya never gets too... angry when Enji is within earshot, it doesn't even seem like Touya is scared of Enji or thinks his father is going to punish him, no, Touya just likes to be around his dad and genuinely doesn't want to upset him. It's almost the complete opposite with Natsuo who thrives in annoying his father. 

"If I'm the issue why you're having trouble at school you can talk to me," Keigo tries for, cringing immediately after he says it because he remembers adults telling him talk to me when he was Touya's age, and it always felt like a direct challenge to not talk to them. 

As predicted Touya offers him a deeply unimpressed look. 

"I get it you loved your mom and I can't replace her but—"

"I didn't," Touya corrects sharply with narrowed eyes. 

Keigo blinks. "What?"

"I didn't love her," Touya grumbles, ripping open the fridge to grab a juice box from it, shrugging his shoulders resolutely at that. "Mom hated me and I didn't like her." 

Uh, Keigo thinks intelligently, blinking three times in confusion, before, "she hated you?"

"She hated all of us, it's why she left." Touya doesn't even look bothered as he says this, ripping open the plastic wrapping for the straw before jabbing it in and taking a long sip. 

"Your mom didn't leave, she's dead," Keigo says slowly, trying to figure out if this is Touya's secret trauma that keeps the kid from being a fully functioning member of society. Distant dad and a mother that hated him? Sounds like a recipe for a serial killer in the making. 

Touya snorts. "Yeah, sure." 

"Right...." Keigo says slowly, before shrugging it off the weirdness of this entire conversation to focus more on the facts, like how dead Touya is going to be for getting pulled out of school again. "Your dad is gonna be pisssseddd," Keigo singsongs with a small grin. 

"Don't care!" Touya mock sings back as he steps into the living room, full intent on playing his game.

Keigo just shrugs. 


* * *


"Welcome home honey!" Keigo tiptoes up to kiss Enji, ignoring the loud 'yuck' coming from the kids gathered around in the living room, today Shouto who has been in a good mood because today apparently one of his little friends gave him a pretty flower, actually waddles up to his dad to hug his leg with a small whispered 'welcome home' that has Enji looking constipated with how happy that makes him.

It's stupidly cute. 

"Up," Shouto declares pointedly once he's done hugging Enji, arms held up and Enji easily leans down to fulfill the request. Shouto hasn't yet given up on demanding Keigo holds him at every available opportunity, but he's more willing to reach up to his dad now without prompting, knowing that his dad will never deny picking up his youngest. 

"What did Touya's teacher want?" Enji demands once Shouto is settled nicely against him.

"He got into a fight at school."

"A fight?" Enji repeats, nose wrinkling back as he swerves his head to where Touya is sitting cross-legged, playing his dumb little game. "Turn that off," Enji demands sharply. 

Touya scowls, but without even turning to look at his father he obeys. The brat. 

"So?" Enji prompts gruffly, muscles tensing but he doesn't squeeze his arms too tight with Shouto pressed in them, his thumb in his mouth with his neck craned sideways to stare open-eyed at his older brother curiously. 

"They were being annoying," Touya grunts, sinking down into the couch with crossed arms, "does it matter?"

"This is the fourth time this year," Enji says, sounding deeply unimpressed.

"Whoa, ok let's put a brake on this for a second," Keigo chimes in quickly, sensing something profoundly wrong with the entire situation. He knows Touya is a little brat who likes to verbally annoy people as much as possible, but Touya is the least physical kid out of all of them, also comparatively smaller than most alphas his age, it doesn't make sense that he'd start a fight with a bunch of other kids. 

"He is going to be grounded," Enji grumbles out, annoyed. 

"Yes okay big guy," Keigo reaches out to pat his bicep, the one carrying Shouto, before turning to squint fully at Touya, "so why did you get into a fight?" 

"Because they were being annoying," Touya repeats with a small eyeroll. 

"Ok, and what did they say?" Keigo pushes, he isn't sure why he didn't think of this earlier. Touya is smaller than most other alphas, he doesn't hang out with friends after school or online and most of his social life revolves around Fuyumi and Natsuo, a loner that got in fight at school. 

Touya fully scowls, "does it matter?" 

Keigo frowns at that, waddling forward a bit to be closer to Touya and wanting to ruffle the kid’s hair or do something, but he knows Touya wouldn't like the physical attention, so he just lands on smiling placatingly. "Wellllll, I might be willing to help you escape being grounded depending on why you started a fight little alpha."

Touya's eyes narrow suspiciously at that. "Seriously?"

"Keigo," Enji warns. 

"Yeah seriously," Keigo chimes brightly, "so what is it?" 

"They just said shit like how I shouldn't be an alpha," Touya grumbles a bit, sinking further into the couch with a small shrug to his shoulders, "whatever, I beat them up so those stupid betas can go lick each other's asses." 

"Language," Enji snaps, frowning. "You are just a late bloomer, you will be taller."

"I'm not going to be 'taller' stop saying that," Touya hisses in annoyance, "I get it, I was born weak so I'm not going to be a proper alpha, I don't fucking care." 

"Born weak?" Keigo repeats, glancing back to Enji with wide eyes. 

"Weak heart," Enji mumbles softly, his lips tilting downwards more as Touya lets out a small scoff, "he takes medication for it." 

"Exactly how didn't I know that?" Keigo asks sharply, because it seems like something he should have been told when he's taking care of the children all the time. What if Touya needed to go to the hospital and he didn't know what's wrong with him? That seems dangerous. 

"I didn't think to tell you," Enji says a bit more quietly, almost bashfully. 

"Are we done?" Touya grunts snappishly.

"No," Enji grits out, "I understand they were teasing you, but it is dangerous for you to keep getting into fights Touya—"

"What am I supposed to do? Snivel like an omega?" 

"You will stop speaking of omegas like that!" Enji booms back, his voice clearly ringing through the room and Touya's shoulders slump forward, an irritated little bite to the corner of his lip. "I will not tolerate you speaking ill of your brother and sister. Do you understand?" 

"Oh so I can speak ill of every other omega then?" Touya snarks back, a cruel little tilt to the corner of his lip. "Homewrecker, you're a big fat cu—"

"ENOUGH!" Enji yells, silencing Touya abruptly, his lips falling into a thin flat line as his shoulders raise up, even Shouto let's out a small little whine at Enji's angry scent and Keigo feels like he's somehow lost control of the situation. He was expecting for Touya to confide in them, to admit he's being bullied and for them to speak to the school or something, not for Touya to lash out at them. "That is enough. Give me your phone and go up to your room." 

"Fuck you," Touya snarls back, tossing his phone to the ground before easily running up the stairs, the loud echo of his bedroom door slamming across the house that feels eerily like a slap to the face. Like Keigo has somehow failed him. 

The silence is broken by Shouto's small little sniffle, his eyes already wet with unshed tears as he grips the front of his dad's shirt looking mildly terrified like he expects Enji to just start yelling at him too, and a bit of it breaks Keigo's heart. "Hey big guy reign your scent in a bit," Keigo chimes softly, pleased when Enji blinks, quickly following the demand while running a big soothing hand along Shouto's sides. 

"I'm sorry," Enji mutters to Shouto quietly. 

"Well," Keigo exhales out, "that went badly." 

Enji simply sighs. 


* * *


Touya doesn't come out of his room for dinner, not that Keigo was really expecting him too, and Fuyumi taking pity on her older brother decided to put food by his door so he can eat whenever he builds the courage to open up his door long enough to grab the food like the little goblin he is. 

Being honest, Keigo doesn't know what to do with the whole Touya situation. With the other kids its easy for him to connect to them, two out of three want to be connected to him, but Touya seems to be the only one actively against Keigo being involved in their lives as their 'mother' figure. 

But really there's one small thing that bothers him the most. 

"Is there a reason Touya hates omegas so much?" He doesn't bother to look up from his position on the bed, trying to rub oils over his stomach that should prevent stretch marks (he's doubtful to that, but whatever) as Enji is busying himself with sorting out the closet. "He mentioned not loving his mom but..."

"He told you that?" Enji asks sharply, properly turning around at that and Keigo pauses, unsure. 

"Maybe its just his way of coping with her death?" Keigo offers carefully. 

"Touya and Rei never got along," Enji grumbles curtly, folding one of his grey work shirts over his arm, scowling down at it. Its the first time Keigo has ever heard her name uttered. Rei. "Rei... she became unwell shortly after Fuyumi's birth." 

Keigo holds his breath, unable to prompt the question of what kind of unwell she became, why if she became unwell they decided to have two more kids, why Touya and his mother never got along. He has a feeling that even if he asked, the answers he would get would be unsatisfactory. 

"When she left I thought Touya would get better, but he's still not fitting in as well as I hoped," Enji sighs out, placing his clothes back into the closet before approaching the bed, his weight sinking the side of it as he sits down beside Keigo, hand coming up tentatively to run itself along the expanse of Keigo's baby bump.

Left. "You guys all talk about her like she walked out the door," Keigo says carefully, narrowing his eyes a bit as he reaches out to lace his fingers through Enji's, effectively stopping his petting. "She died." 

"Yes..." Enji says slowly, gaze drawn to where their hands are linked, unblinking. 

It leaves a weird unsatisfactory feeling to crawl up the sides of his stomach, to weave itself into his skin and make it all feel wrong. But he doesn't know why

"I'm not sure what to do to help Touya," Enji confesses after a beat, eyebrows furrowing forward slightly as he pads his fingers into Keigo's stomach, and Keigo can feel the baby flutter into attention at the touches of their father. 

"Buy him a cross and say a prayer?" Keigo offers with a small grin.

"Keigo," Enji admonishes. 


* * *


Touya refuses to leave his room to go to school, predictably, skips breakfast and yells at his sister to 'go the fuck away' when she knocks on his door four times begging him to go to school with her.

Moody, but exactly the level of moodiness that Keigo was expecting from Touya anyway.

Keigo ends up just lounging on the couch, the distant thrum of Touya's heavy bass music playing in the distance as he tries to balance cups on his pregnant stomach. He's at the stage where he can now feel the baby moving sometimes, just little flutters, sometimes a little press against his stomach that makes his skin bulge out weirdly, its strange but he's starting to learn to like it, even when the baby presses on his bladder and makes him pee a bit.

He's starting to get a little worried for the functioning ability of his bladder after this baby. Just a bit.

The last thing he expected was for Touya to actually come out of his room at any period today.

"Homewrecker," Touya's voice says grimly from behind him on the couch, Keigo easily craning his neck back to hum out an acknowledgement to Touya, not wanting to make it into a big deal that the moody one has decided to grace the outside world with his presence.

"What's up child?"

"I'm not a child," Touya grumbles, shuffling his feet forward and Keigo arches a brow up a bit in curiosity at the nervous gesture. Touya doesn't do nervous, the kid has a permanent need to try to look cool and collected at all times despite being a hormonal thirteen-year-old. Finally, Touya scowls at the floor before snapping out, "I'm hungry."

"Ok, and?" Keigo chimes lightly.

Touya outright groans, "I'm sorry for almost calling you a cunt. God whatever I didn't even say it."

"I was looking for a 'please' but that works as well," Keigo laughs. He groans a bit as he moves to stand up, Touya awkwardly shuffling around and watching him warily as Keigo moves into the kitchen, he knows he could just tell the annoying brat to get toast or something, but he has a feeling Touya is the child the most wariness when it comes to Keigo, the most wary about the idea of a mom, in general, so sometimes he wants to try a bit harder for him. "Just eggs or french toast?"

"Eggs," Touya mumbles sulkily, adding on a more annoyed, "please."

The height of manners in a hormonal pre-teen, really.

"So," Keigo tries for casual, like he doesn't really care for the answer, Touya is a spiteful thing that knows if the adults around him want to know something, he'll do his very best not to tell them, so Keigo always has to employ a tactic he likes to deem 'I Don't Care About You' when it comes to extracting information from Touya. "Other kids are bullying you, huh."

"I'm not being bullied," Touya snaps back immediately.

"Well they're picking on you for being smaller."

"So what? I am smaller."

Well, not exactly how he was expecting this conversation to go. He was expecting a burst of tears (probably a bit too fantasy like, this is Touya he's talking too) or maybe for Touya to clutch to him and whine about how none of the other kids like him. "Right... well, that isn't a bad thing, but you should still try to get along with your classmates."

"I don't care about those losers," Touya scoffs.

It strikes an eerie chord within him, the same type of thing he said when he was a kid, when he couldn't find it in himself to fit in with his classmates because he was a ward of the state, the son of a criminal, a dumb little orphaned omega that just never could quite fit in with the other family-loving omegas, their little games of playing with each other's hair or drawing pictures. He wanted to play, to be active, to run around. But he was lonely, the kind of loneliness that could only come from having to self-isolate himself, to shield himself from getting hurt from others. In high school he was lucky enough to meet Rumi and Tsunagu, so maybe Touya is just going to have to be one of those kids that has to wait to meet his people.

He imagines Touya probably is the same; too weak and too small to be with the other alphas of his class, but still too alpha for the betas in his class, and someone as high pride as Touya would never want to demean himself into sitting around braiding people's hair and gossiping around in a circle like the omegas in his class probably do.

"I didn't really have any friends until high school." High school is only a couple months away for Touya, before his lanky little pre-teen grows up into something more temperamental, more angry, his ruts will probably start in a year or two and it'll make the whole house smell awful. Keigo hates how happy it makes him to think that in a year, or even many years from now, he'll still be here taking care of these kids. He'll get to be around when Fuyumi starts her first heat, when she gets her first period, when they all get their first boyfriend or girlfriend, for when Shouto grows up. "I never really fit in with kids and I pushed people away, but when I got to high school, I met my current friends and I kind of found my people, and now I've found my family."

"That sounds really lame," Touya advises in a short drawl, rolling his eyes. "I get it, I get it, I'll have friends one day, whatever, I'm hungry."

"God you're such a brat," Keigo laughs, "ok, ok, fine I'll make you your damn food, but you have to ease up on the fights, I'm too pregnant to have to waddle myself to your school and the baby is going to pop out of me eventually you know."

"Just ease up on them?" Touya asks warily, elbows clattering up against the dining table as he tosses himself into a seat, eyebrow arched up. "Sounds like you're saying I can get into some."

"Just don't get caught and don't bully people," Keigo chirps back, waddling over to the fridge to grab two eggs from the fridge, before turning around to give Touya a small mischievous grin. "How about we make a bet?"

"A bet?"

"Yeah, every time you get caught fighting or get in trouble at school you'll owe me something."

"What?" Touya demands warily.

"A kiss on the cheek and you have to go 'I love you mom!' in front of everyone." Touya makes a full-on face of disgust at that. "What? Too chicken to do it?"

"No fuck you," Touya grumbles, "whatever, fine."

"Great," probably going against some kind of parenting rule that he's forcing affection as a form of punishment, but whatever, no one ever said he would be a great parent.

"Do I have to do it today?" Touya asks carefully, like he's testing the waters of something, and Keigo kind of blinks at the small little hopeful tone to his voice. He thought it would be a great deterrent to keep Touya from getting into trouble because Touya of all people wouldn't want to show him affection—right?—but he has a sinking feeling maybe he's just opened the door that now whenever Touya wants to show affection all he has to do is get in trouble.

Definitely not a good parenting strategy.

He backtracks quickly. "Uhhhh, actually no, nope, how about you have to help me cook for a week every time to get in trouble. But if you want to give me a kiss I ain’t going to say no." In time, he hopes, that one day Touya will be able to show him affection willingly and easily.

Probably the hormones talking, Keigo thinks.

“Disgusting," Touya huffs. 


* * *


"I wanted to hang out with my friends today," Natsuo grumbles petulantly for the fifth time today, Keigo decidedly ignores the comment again just reaching out to readjust Natsuo's hat on his head before taking Fuyumi's hand again. It isn't really that warm outside yet, but the kids (aside from Shouto) all burn super easily so even in the spring weather they get a little red on the tip of their noses if left outside without sunscreen too long. 

"Stop whining loser," Touya snaps back automatically. 

"At least I have friends," Natsuo huffs underneath his breath. 

"Natsuo," Enji says tightly, "every Saturday is family day, you know this." 

"Ugh," Natsuo grunts out in exasperation. 

Keigo can't help but laugh at the pure disgust that was in his little eight-year-old voice. Gently he squeezes Enji's hand, Shouto already easily sat on Enji's shoulders and looking absolutely mystified and thrilled by seeing the world from a higher vantage point to the point the kid has been silent the entire time they've been waiting in line to get their tickets to enter the aquarium. His other hand is occupied by Fuyumi who is clutching at him for dear life even though she is a bit old to want to be holding his hand in public, Touya and Natsuo stood behind them bickering because the two of them got into a fight about the last piece of bacon this morning.


He's just shy of seven months now and Keigo isn't exactly thrilled by the idea of walking around for hours on end, even if its inside of an aquarium. He expected eventually his baby bump would get heavy and he'd get to the point he just wants to grunt and waddle around everywhere, but he thought that'd be on the cusp of nine months, not now

"Mom?" Fuyumi asks quietly, as she always does when she says the word mom, like she's expecting some sort of backlash.

"What's up?" 

"Will there be dolphins?" Fuyumi chirps brightly, her and Shouto had watched a mermaid movie last night to 'prepare' them for the aquarium, and they even started a little list of sea creatures they plan to see at the aquarium, which Keigo has no idea if their local aquarium even has all the listed animals, because he's pretty sure he saw 'giant octopus' on that list. 

"They do," confirms Enji severely. 

"Dolphins..." Shouto mumbles into the top of Enji's head. 

"Who cares about dolphins?" Touya mumbles. "Fucking lame."

"Language," Enji snaps automatically, it doesn't even really sound like Enji is really paying attention to what he's saying, just replying out of habit to Touya's foul mouth, before Enji is glancing down to Keigo, frowning. "Will you be okay?" 

"Might have to carry me and Shouto later today," Keigo smiles as he presses himself into Enji's side, looking up at the man with fluttering eyelashes to be cute. He's joking, mostly, but he knows if he really pressed for it, he's sure Enji probably could actually carry him. The man is built like a truck. A delicious finger licking truck.

"Will the baby be ok?" Fuyumi asks worriedly, easily dropping Keigo's hand to reach forward to smooth her little hands over the front of his stomach, a worried etch to the corner of her lips. It brings a small smile to his face, even Enji looks mildly pleased by Fuyumi's worry about the baby. 

It's weird but lately the kids have finally started showing an interest in the fact that they're going to have another sibling soon, even Natsuo is more interested in the whole 'baby' aspect lately. He's not sure if it's because he's started to smell more pregnant lately (even he's picked up the light milky scent to his pheromones) or if it's just because he's getting big enough for it to call their attention, but its nice that they aren't just ignoring the whole 'a baby is going to pop out of him in four months or less’ anymore. 

The only one that hasn't shown any interest in the baby, is, as expected, the current baby of the family. Shouto has seemed keen on pretending his mother isn't pregnant and that no new sibling is going to join them, Keigo can't tell if it's because Shouto doesn't care or doesn't really understand, but it kind of worries him. Just a bit. Enji tells him it's normal, that Natsuo hadn't seemed really that interested in Shouto when Rei was pregnant with him, but Natsuo had been like three

He doesn't even know why he's worried about this. Hormones? An intrinsic fear that his baby won't fit in with their siblings? It seems illogical to him to even be worried about it, kids don't care about babies, kids just want their parents’ attention and to play with other kids. 

"Baby?" Shouto asks, glancing down from the top of Enji's head to where Keigo's stomach is. The baby, as though sensing the attention, makes a small little attempt at kicking one of Fuyumi's hands, she giggles happily at the movement. 

"Stop feeling up our brother," Touya tells Fuyumi with a small eyeroll.

"Sister," Fuyumi corrects primly. 

"Don't know and couldn't tell you," Keigo shrugs out, reaching out to pat the top of Fuyumi's head, "we should really just be hoping for another omega to join our league, then we'll outnumber the alphas in our family." 

"Advocating supremacy?" Touya mocks.

Keigo grins. "Damn right." 

"Doesn't matter if its a boy or a girl, it's still going to be an annoying baby," Natsuo shrugs out. 

"Awww is my little baby getting middle child syndrome?" Keigo coo's out.

"Enough tormenting, we're next in line," Enji interrupts sharply with, shooting Keigo a small unimpressed frown that Keigo simply beams back at. 

"Finally," grumbles Touya. 


* * *


He lets out a small groan as he sits himself onto the bench beside an old woman and another male omega with a stroller, hand held at the bottom of his stomach as he glances over to where Shouto has himself pressed up against the glass, eyes blown wide as he stares down a white snake with extreme intensity, Touya beside him giving away how interested he truly is in the aquarium by talking Shouto's ear off about snake facts even though Shouto is likely not listening to his older brother at all. 

Fuyumi is busying herself with the 'cuter' animals (self declared by her) and trying to get a turtle to look her direction as Enji is behind his kids with crossed arms, everybody in the area steering clear of Enji's general vicinity, because nothing quite says 'Stay Away' like a giant burly alpha with a bunch of children. 

"Is this your first?" Keigo blinks at that, confused before he remembers when he's away from Enji people have a tendency to talk to him because he's pregnant and not accompanied by his giant scary alpha.

"Oh," he wonders if this really would be considered his first child when he technically has four of them running around not too far from him. Sure this is the first to actually pop out of him, but Shouto was technically his first child. 

He doesn't get to answer before he hears the clear pleased, "mom!" that has about six adults turning their heads to, before Fuyumi and Shouto are barreling towards him with a little skips to their steps. 

"Don't run!" Enji gruffly calls after them. 

"Did you see the turtle mom?" Fuyumi asks happily, settling herself right between his knees, Shouto trying to follow her lead to squeeze himself in as well and when ultimately failing trying to crawl on top of Keigo's knees, which leads nowhere because Enji ends up scooping Shouto away before the kid can succeed in his crawl on mom's lap plan that has Shouto pouting. 

"Yeah, the turtle kind of looks like dad doesn't it," Keigo says with a small smirk to his lips to Fuyumi, "no neck and big body."

Enji frowns at that when Fuyumi let's out a small giggle. "I have a neck."

"Sure you do big guy." 

"Turtle," Shouto says in awe, staring up at his father with wide all-seeing eyes and Keigo can't help the laughter that bubbles over his lips at that.

"It's okay dad, turtles are cute," Fuyumi informs her dad seriously.

Enji mostly just looks confused and simultaneously offended at the prospect that his daughter is comparing to him to a turtle because he doesn't have a neck, letting out a small gruff, "I do not look like a turtle." 

This is my family, Keigo can't help but think, feeling a smile threatening to stretch across his face again, or maybe it already has by the way Enji is giving him the unimpressed look

His family. 


* * *


Him and Enji don't get a lot of time of just the two of them together. 

It's annoying but Keigo has begun to understand why married couples don't get to have sex whenever they want like he thought they would be able too. Not that him and Enji are married. But still, between his pregnancy, the children and having to maintain lives as adults, they don't get a lot of time of just the two of them. 

It's a rare day off for Enji, the man decidedly taking one after working three Sundays in a row, the children are already all at school, Shouto at his daycare (who had given Enji the stink eye when his backpack was put on), leaving them alone together for the first time outside of them just passing out in bed together in probably weeks

Keigo plants his feet onto the coffee table, wiggling his toes and eyebrows, "are we going to get down and dirty?"

Enji huffs. "No."

"Boooo," he doesn't get why Enji is always so against sex in the household when they end up doing it anyway, it isn't like the kids (aside from Shouto on rare occasions) actually enter their bedroom, but Keigo just pouts before sinking back into the couch. "Fine, what do you want to do today then?" 

"We need to talk," Enji says a bit tersely, not in a mean way as sometimes his tone of voice comes out as, just stressed, unsure, careful. The hair on the back of Keigo's neck stands up a bit in alertness, worried. 

"About?" Keigo prompts, keeping his tone purposefully light. 

"About when the baby is born," Enji advises with a small cursory nod to Keigo's belly like Keigo needs reminding of where their unborn child is, "what are your plans?"

Keigo blinks. Plans? "Well I guess I'm going to breastfeed, but if the little demon starts chewing on my nipples I will make them suck out of a bottle." 

"No," Enji says, sounding a bit more strained, he shuffles back a bit and with his big hulking form it almost makes the man look intimidating when the gesture is more nervous than anything. Enji exhales, the air coming from his nose and Keigo waits patiently for him to just say what he really means. Enji's biceps flex tightly as though trying to amp himself up to it, before he murmurs roughly, "I want you to stay." 

"Oh," he mostly just assumed he would be staying, but if he really thinks about it, it makes sense that Enji would want to confirm his intentions. "I just assumed I would be staying, but yeah, I'm not going anywhere big guy." 

Enji heaves out a long, relieved sigh at that, his shoulders slumping forward before he offers Keigo a small genuine smile. It makes his heart cramp up. "Good." 

"Good," mimics Keigo breathlessly, "are you sure we're not going to get nasty, because this really feels like a get nasty kind of mood." 

"You are a menace," Enji breathes out. 

"Your menace," Keigo coos.

"Fine," Enji sighs out, and it is completely not sexy, and really Keigo was half joking because them doing anything sexual lately is over complicated and obstructed by the giant whale stomach he has going on, but Enji rounds around the couch and waves carelessly towards it. "Sit." 

"Sit?" Keigo echoes, now genuinely curious. He waddles easily over to the couch, tossing himself onto it with a small little umph, hands coming to cup the underside of his stomach as he raises a curious brow to Enji. He's expecting maybe a massage, Enji likes to give those, and Keigo isn't sure if it's a foot fetish combination or Enji genuinely feels bad for the soreness Keigo's feet and ankles experience, but the frequency and how willing Enji is in massaging him is, well, curious and suspicious.

Enji slowly lowers to his knees, even on his knees Enji's large frame feels dwarfing for Keigo, slowly Enji brings his legs up and the obvious thought of yes a massage filters through him before Enji is gently positioning Keigo's heels into his shoulders, spreading Keigo's legs almost obscenely in front of Enji. 

"I wish to be careful," the doctor did say to 'reduce' their sexual encounters simply because Keigo is barely an omega by societies definitions and he's small compared to Enji, but he didn't think it mattered much because him and Enji barely have time to actually have sex, and Keigo is too tired most of the time for them to go past lazy blowjobs and fiddling each other with fingers. 

"So?" Keigo prompts, his throat feeling dry as he croaks out the word. 

Enji shoots him an unimpressed look before reaching forward, his muscles flexing underneath Keigo's toes, before large daft fingers are coming forward to pull at Keigo's sweats. He doesn't drag them all the way down, just until they're pushed down awkwardly enough to be past Keigo's thighs. He squirms at the feeling of being nude in the living room, the area where they spend most of their time with their family, it seems almost sacrilegious for him to be exposed like this. 

"If you're planning to fuck me big guy you better get me wet first," Keigo teases lightly, trying to relax backwards into the couch, his view below his stomach is practically obscured, which makes him want to frown, because how is he supposed to know what he looks like down there without being able to see. 

Enji merely scoffs, "I do not need you to be wet."

"Wow, harsh, are you into putting me in painnn—ah," his voice hiccups off into a small little gasp when Enji's head ducks down, his stubble rubbing bare across his labia, Enji's nose pushing up to rub into his soft tuft of blond pubic hair before his tongue deftly is running slowly over him wetly, just a long strip from the bottom of his cunt to where his small little omega cock is laying down flaccid. 

"Be quiet," Enji mumbles against the lips of his opening, and Keigo shivers to the feeling.

Keigo groans, head falling back against the back of the couch, narrowing his eyes up at the ceiling. "Fine, fine, eat me out then and I'll be a docile quiet little omega." 

Enji snorts, "brat," he grumbles against him before opening his mouth properly, allowing his small little omega cock to slide into his mouth in one go. Keigo groans lightly at the feeling of his flaccid dick being surrounded in hot wet warmth, the entirety of him taken in so easily in just one go. He hates when Enji gives him head for that reason precisely, it makes him feel small, like the small little cock attached to him is for decoration and is completely useless. Which it is, but he doesn't like the reminder.

Enji is good with his mouth, in a way that Keigo has never found in another alpha. Most alphas that ate him out in the past focused on just bobbing, sucking lightly in an unenthusiastic way to just do their part rather than really trying to get him off, but Enji sucks him like a man trying to suck his soul out. Keigo would love it more if more often than not all he wants is for Enji to actually stick his fat fucking cock into him and fuck him within an inch of his life. 

Enji doesn't bob his head immediately against his soft shaft, slowly just rubbing his tongue against the sensitive head to work him into hardness until Keigo can feel himself stiffening in his mouth. 

"Going to eat me out?" Keigo whispers in way that he hopes is sexy, his voice almost breathless because he can feel his cunt emptily clenching around nothing as his small cock slowly hardens itself into Enji's hot mouth. It's almost annoying how little suction Enji is giving him, just lazily swirling his tongue around it, his hands coming up to Keigo's hips to hold him down to keep him from thrusting up. "Because you know I much rather you eat out my pussy than my cock."

He can feel the exhaled air from Enji's nose, before Keigo can protest his half-hard omega cock slipping from Enji's mouth. "You're talking to much," Enji grunts. 

"Maybe you aren't trying hard enough," Keigo says pointedly. 

"Hm," Enji hums in soft agreement, and Keigo is about to snark him back when he feels the warm press of Enji's fingertips against his pussy lips, softly prying them apart, Enji's head dipping forward to no doubt inspect him more closely, instinctively Keigo tries to worm his knees together to close his legs, stopped by Enji's head between them. "You're already getting wet for me." 

It makes his spine shiver, the light prideful way that Enji whispers that right against him, and Keigo wants to snap at him to just hurry to do something, but Enji must sense his impatience before he gently repositions his fingers to pry him properly open before his tongue draws across his cunt again. It feels good, so good, and Keigo whimpers as his hands come up to grab at the top of Enji's head, clutching between rough red strands of hair. 

Enji begins to properly eat him out. Full mindful licks that press right up between the edge where his cock is protruding to where the top of his cock is, rubbing the tip of his tongue up into the area, before dipping back down and lapping up his slick from his now dripping cunt. It feels good, but it isn't enough, and Keigo squirms on Enji's tongue, annoyed that Enji won't do this properly to get him off. 

He shivers at the brush of cool air that hits him when Enji removes his mouth, he can already feel his stupid slick dripping down past the inside of his thighs and onto the couch, "Enjii," he whines when Enji doesn't immediately dip back down to continue. He's so focused on trying to tug Enji's head back down that he doesn't hear the small click of the key being turned into the front lock. 

He doesn't have time to properly think about it before his sweats are being tugged back over him, letting out a small disgruntled what the fuck before the door is being swung open, Enji still on his knees between Keigo's legs. 

"Mom I'm home!" Fuyumi's voice chimes out happily.

"Welcome home," Enji grunts out in response for Keigo, slowly standing up from the ground and Keigo groans to himself as he brings up his hands to cover his face, just knowing he's probably flushed. "Why are you all home so early?"

"Half day at school," Touya grumbles as he pushes into the house, his backpack clattering against the floor as he steps into the living room. "It smells weird here."

"I peed myself a bit," Keigo murmurs into the palms of his hands as a cover story because he’s done it twice since this stupid pregnancy.

"Ew," says Natsuo. 

They were so close. So very close. Keigo can only sigh. Enji just offers him a consoling pat to the top of his head.

Keigo huffs.


* * *


"You need to have a baby shower or a party or something man," Rumi drawls into the phone, her voice distorted by the sound of her chewing. Keigo scoffs, his cellphone pressed between his ear and shoulder as he busies himself with tying up Fuyumi's hair into a ponytail before she goes to her fencing lessons. She had wanted to start them out of the blue one day after watching a documentary about 'omegas in sports!' and feeling inspired, had wanted to do sports as well, not just piano lessons, violin lessons, or dancing, but sports.

"Ok then plan my baby shower." He finishes up the ponytail before offering Fuyumi a wet kiss to her forehead before ushering her towards the door where Enji and Natsuo are waiting for them to finish up, Natsuo already decked out in his soccer gear. "Most of my friends are alphas though, so doesn't that go against the whole 'baby shower' aesthetic?"

"Mom I'm going!" Fuyumi calls from the door anxiously.

"One sec," Keigo grumbles into the phone before tossing it into the couch and finally giving Fuyumi his full attention. He doesn't know why she's nervous, but if he was going to assign an attachment style to his and Fuyumi's relationship, he would call it anxious in general, she needs constant reassurance and seeks for his attention when she does even the most small things. "Bye Fuyumi, be good and beat up all the little alphas in your class, ok?"

"Omega supremacy!" Fuyumi chirps back, raising her little fist in salute.

Enji scoffs.

"Can we go?" Natsuo whines, "we're going to be late dad."

"Yes, we're going," Enji says, reaching out to land a quick peck to Keigo's lips, Keigo can't help the reflexive smile that crawls on his lips whenever Enji kisses him goodbye because it's just so domestic. So sue him if he likes it, whatever. "Are you going to start dinner?"

"Yeah I'll start it, stop worrying," Keigo grunts.

"Bye mom!" Fuyumi chimes brightly as she skips out of the door, Natsuo muttering a quick 'later' before following after his sister, Enji being the last one to exit the household.

With them finally gone he heads back to where he abandoned his phone, surprised to find that Rumi didn't just hang up on him abruptly (a very Rumi thing to do). "Anyway, I thought alphas can't throw baby showers."

"Dude, I thought only the baby of the household called you mom," Rumi voices in disbelief.

"Oh," right, he didn't update her on the whole 'Fuyumi calls me mom and Natsuo called me mom once by accident as a Freudian slip', "well, I am kind of their mom."

"So you plan to stick around in this weird family situation, huh?"

"No, I'm just going to leave after I give birth with a newborn baby and no money," Keigo intones sarcastically, Touya on the couch finally whipping his head around with wide eyes, Shouto who had been quietly doodling beside his brother looking up as well with wide terrified eyes. Quickly he lowers the phone, "I'm joking you guys, I'm not going anywhere."

"They heard you, huh?" Rumi snorts, "whatever, loser, I can throw the greatest baby shower in the world, just watch me."

"Okay, well, make it PG13 because the kids are going to come to it," Keigo says, Touya's brows dipping down in annoyance, "even the ungrateful little alphas."

"Ugh," groans Touya.

"This is so lame," Rumi drawls, he has no doubt on the other side of the line she's rolling her eyes at him at the fact he wants to bring kids to an event about the upcoming birth of a baby. See, this is why alphas don't plan baby showers, he has no doubt in his mind Rumi was thinking of throwing a get-drunk-with-strippers kind of party when baby showers are lame, people just bring gifts and food and talk.

"I'm pregnant and have four kids, I'm literally the definition of lame." Shouto, having decided that he doesn't believe Keigo's whole 'I'm not actually leaving' has abandoned his drawings in favour of latching himself right to Keigo's leg at this point, and Keigo peers down at the top of the kids head already wishing he could take it back. "Anyway whor—Rumi, I have to go."

"Ew you can't even say whore anymore. I hate who you've become." She ends the call abruptly there without so much as a goodbye, and Keigo rolls his eyes in exasperation at the phone before looking down to where Shouto is looking up at him.

"I'm not going anywhere."

"I go with mom," Shouto says stubbornly.

Goddammit, Keigo thinks. 


* * *


"I'm not sick," Natsuo huffs in protest as he scourers the kitchen with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. Keigo has no idea what exactly has this kid so addicted to going to soccer practice to the extreme that he'll pretend not to be barfing so he can go, but Keigo definitely does not relate or understand.

"Just enjoy the day off." He stretches out his legs, resting his hands over his stomach as he tilts his head back, glancing to where Natsuo is busying himself with opening up every cabinet door and not closing them behind himself. The kid is a picky sick, he'll give Natsuo that, the kind of 'I'm sick' but is somehow constantly puking and hungry.

"We have our tournament soon!"

Keigo outright groans at that because that means him and Enji are going to have to waste another Saturday sitting outside with a bunch of other parents as they watch Natsuo and his bratty little sport friends play sports. It's a hellish nightmare. Why do parents put their kids in organized sports? He hates it. Hates it. Between Fuyumi and Natsuo they're constantly at some sort of sport related event lately, at least with Touya's piano lessons they only have to sit in on his end of the year performance every six months.

Oh god, Keigo thinks in realization, what if Shouto joins a sport?

"Stop groaning, aren't you supposed to be supportive or something?" Natsuo snaps back in irritation.

"I'll be supportive once it stops eating away at all my weekends to watch you kick around a—" he pauses when the doorbell goes off, groaning because that means him and his giant living weight on his stomach are going to need to get up and answer the door.

"I can get it," Natsuo says in protest when Keigo begins to slowly sit himself up.

"You get door opening privilege's when you turn ten," he doesn't actually even like the idea of Touya opening the door, but he might as well put off any 'I can answer the door' arguments for another two years, he huffs dramatically as he finally begins to waddle himself over to the door, a part of him regretting not just letting Natsuo open it for him. He doesn't immediately open the door once he's at it, remembering Enji's whole lecture about not opening the door for strangers because there was a break-in where an omega and the two children were murdered on this late-night true crime show they were watching once. "Who is it?"

He isn't met with a response and Keigo frowns, Natsuo coming skittering up behind him and nervously yanking at his sleeve, "can't we just ignore the door?"

"Natsuo?" a light female voice says, its a soothing voice, almost delicate and barely carries through the door, but its enough to make Natsuo whip his head to stare at it with wide eyes.

"Mom?" Natsuo whispers in confusion, his hands coming up to grip the back of Keigo's shirt. "That sounds like my real mom."

"Your mom?" Keigo repeats, unsure, as he glances to the door, unease lacing itself up his spine. "Who is there?"

"Rei." She says simply, her voice clear-cut across the door and Keigo takes a step back to put space between him and the door, hand automatically coming up to stop Natsuo from approaching it. His mind is racing a mile per minute, unsure what to do, because Enji had told him his ex-wife was dead, and now the woman is at the door? Even in the situation that Enji lied about her being dead, it's still suspicious, what if she's a kidnapper? What if she plans to take the children? The inner omega in him immediately locks down on that, the protective point of his instincts flaring up because these are his kids. Not hers.

When he fails to give her a response, she calls out clearly more desperate, "please I just want to speak to you for a moment."

"Natsuo go upstairs," Keigo decides on abruptly, "call your dad for me too, okay?"

"I don't want too," Natsuo says stubbornly, clutching harshly on the back of Keigo's sweater refusing to let go. Keigo can't tell if it's because the kid is trying to protect him, or maybe wants to see his real mother.

The more instinctual part of his brain doesn't want to let them see each other. The omega part of him insistent that he's Natsuo's mother and that there isn't room for any other omegas to come and swoop his children away, he shushes it quietly, knowing the fears are illogical. But still.

"Ugh, do you really have to argue with me right now?" Keigo is just short of whining, before reaching up to pinch his nose bridge, waving almost harshly, "okay, can you at least call your dad for me?"

"Fine," Natsuo huffs in exasperation like he's doing Keigo a favour instead of being a complete nuisance. Once Natsuo has retreated far enough into the living room to fetch the phone to call Enji, Keigo inches towards the door glancing through the peek hole to check if this is some elaborate kidnapping scheme, before slowly opening the door. He doesn't open it all the way, just a crack to peer through and narrowing his eyes in on the figure in front of him.

He's stared at the family portraits enough to recognize her right away.

So, Enji lied to him. Great.

"Hello," she greets in a controlled tone of voice, looking almost surprised to see Keigo at the door before smiling almost softly, in an absolutely kind way. She hated me, reminds Touya's voice in the back of his head, the woman in front of him doesn't look like the kind of person to hate her children, let alone abandon them.

But looks can be deceiving.

"Mom opened the door!" Natsuo squawks in realization from somewhere behind him, Keigo doesn't even have it in him to feel happy about Natsuo calling him mom, before the brat is babbling into the phone, "dad ya, homewrecker just opened the door—"

"That's Natsuo right?" Rei asks, her gaze drawn to try to look behind Keigo through the silver of the door, and Keigo straightens up enough to try and block her gaze. She smiles. "He's gotten a lot bigger."

"He looks a lot like his father," Keigo says dryly, the kind of response he gives whenever people comment on any of the kids 'they take after their father's side' to avoid the awkward guessing on what his role is in their lives. "I'm guessing you're here to speak to Enji but he's at work right now."

"No, I just..." she pauses, her shoulders straightening a bit as she says confidently, "I want to see my children."

My children. Keigo can feel his hackles immediately rise. "They're at school right now."

"Mom," Natsuo says, hand coming up to yank at Keigo's sleeve insistently, he's never had Natsuo call him mom so many times in a row, especially not on purpose, and he wonders if maybe Natsuo had been like Touya in which he didn't like his real mother. It makes him feel more uneasy. "Dad wants to speak to you."

"Pass it here," Keigo murmurs lowly, Rei doesn't look all too bothered by one of her kids calling another omega mother, but maybe she had willingly left the children, maybe Enji had just thought it would be easier to tell the kids their mom is dead rather than admit they've been abandoned. Natsuo passes him the phone and as he brings the phone up to his ear, "hey, your dead ex-wife is at the door."

Enji sighs heavily. "Keigo..."

"We'll talk about this later," Keigo cuts off before he can hear excuses because he doesn't want to deal with that whole can of worms right this moment, "is she safe to bring inside?" he demands sharply.

"Yes," Enji mumbles reluctantly, "I would rather the children don't have to speak to her though."

"You don't seem surprised to see her," Keigo asks Natsuo instead, now that he properly thinks about it Natsuo hadn't at any point exclaimed in disbelief 'my mom is alive!', if anything he seems to be regarding her almost warily, like the kids typically do with strangers they don't feel like interacting with.

Natsuo simply shrugs, shuffling his little feet a bit before yanking the blanket more over his shoulders protectively. "Yeah."

"Do you want her to come in?" Even if she wants to see the kids, if they don't want to see her, he's completely fine with slamming the door on her face and calling the cops on her to get her removed from the premise, but Natsuo hesitantly shrugs his acceptance. "Right-o then," Keigo sighs, before addressing Enji again, "will you pick up Shouto from school then?"

"I'll head home now. I do not want Shouto to see her."

Ominous. "Okay, and the other two brats? She says she wants to see the kids. We should ask them if they want to see their mother at least." He doesn't like it, but he knows children naturally yearn to reach out to their biological parents most of the time, an inherent needing to know the unknown. He'll give them the chance to know their mother, even if it's just for an afternoon.

Enji falls silent for a moment before curtly grunting out, "I will go by the school and ask them."


"Keigo I'm sorry—"

"Later big guy," Keigo huffs, tampering down his irritation, that's for later, when they're behind closed doors and the kids are already put to bed. "I'm going to let her in now, I'll see you soon."

He hangs up on Enji abruptly at that before turning his attention on the small little crack of the open door to show Rei politely standing still, waiting.

Keigo puts on the best megawatt smile he possibly can, the kind of smile he gives the children when they're showing him something cool that he really doesn't care for, before opening up the door properly. "Just take a seat," he chirps brightly, motioning over to the couch, Natsuo hiding behind him, watching Rei enter with wary eyes. 

I'm going to castrate that man, Keigo thinks as he smiles. 


* * *


He was expecting stilted awkward conversations that he would have to lead, but Rei genuinely seems like a nice person, lightly inquiring about Natsuo and his life, before asking about the other children. Almost two hours of speaking with her and he still can't wrap his head around the fact that this woman, a woman that seems to sincerely love and care for her children, had willingly left their lives, even more so that the eldest seems to think his mother had hated him.

Even though Natsuo replies to her questions he doesn't seem willing to comfortably open up to her, still plastered somewhere near Keigo and not speaking unless prompted to do so, but even with his bad attitude Rei doesn't seem to take it personally, and she continues the conversation in light kind tones.

It's baffling.

Enji, Fuyumi, and Touya arrive in late noon, Touya being the shocking one because he assumed Touya wouldn't want anything to do with his birth mother, but Touya tosses his backpack dramatically to the side, grunts a small 'I'm going to my room' before quickly scurrying himself up there, obviously having just taken the whole situation as a prime opportunity to skip school. The brat.

"Rei," Enji greets severely, a scowl etched to the corner of his lips, Fuyumi is latched beside her dad, looking nervous about the whole situation. "Why are you here?"

It surprises Keigo because it's an outright hostile greeting. "Enji," Keigo warns lightly, because even if she's not supposed to be here, she's still the kid's mother and they might genuinely want a connection with her, and they shouldn't be stopped because their parents can't get along anymore.

"It's fine," Rei says coldly, raising from her seat, hands clutched in front of her stomach as she turns to look at Enji. She looks nervous. "I just wanted to come see the children, I know you asked me not too but they are still mine as well."

"I asked you not to come because it is not good for Touya or Shouto, yet you disobeyed the one thing I asked of you," Enji grits out, his scent laced with annoyance and a tinge of anger, Enji's scent always carries a tiny bit of anger, like the man is constantly suppressing an outbreak need to just yell, but Keigo can tell he's genuinely irritated by Rei's presence.

She hated me, Touya's voice reminds him in the back of his head.

"I understand, but I've been working on it with the hospital, and I believe it would be good for my recovery and the children if I could be involved in their lives, even if it's a little bit."

"You—" Enji starts angrily, in an almost a booming voice.

"Alright, stop right there," Keigo cuts off sharply, "she's only here because the kids wanted to talk to her Enji, even if Touya just wanted to get out of school I'm sure a part of him wanted to see her." He honestly really has no basis to support that, but it probably is true on some level, he's sure if he looks up at the staircase, he could probably catch a glimpse of Touya's eavesdropping toes.

Enji frowns heavily at that, looking almost scolded by it before nodding once tightly. "Fine. I will not allow you to meet with Shouto, though. To Shouto his mother is Keigo."

Rei frowns, but she nods in agreement, "I understand."

"Great," Keigo chirps out in mock-happiness, clasping his hands together, "now that that's out of the way, Fuyumi come here you look like your hair is a mess."

Fuyumi seems to be pulled out of her nervous latching onto her dad at that, looking a tiny bit more confident as she steps forward—and Keigo can automatically see Fuyumi get's most of her resemblance from her mother—before she's immediately rushing forward to Keigo in a flurry, settling herself in between Keigo's legs. "Sorry mom, I ruined my hair, but Emi wanted to practice doing braids."

"They aren't bad," Keigo lies, they’re pretty bad but Keigo can barely manage a basic braid so who is he really to judge? Fuyumi isn't looking to her birth mother, even this close together, seemingly just nervously fiddling with her hem of her skirt as Keigo removes the messy braid carefully from her hair. "Fuyumi is really getting into cool hairstyles lately," Keigo offers as a peacemaking statement to Rei, it seems stupid to say but it seems like the stupid kind of information if he were the mother on the outside, he would want to know, "I think her interests are rubbing off on Shouto lately, he's super into 'cute' animals and doing hair lately."

"He's really bad at it though," Natsuo grumbles, having ended up as one of Shouto's guinea pigs the other night. Shouto hadn't yet really figured out how to braid or do a ponytail without pulling hair, but his favourite thing to do currently was to put as many colourful clips possible into his alpha relatives’ hair until they get irritated and escape. Honestly, Keigo is starting to think Shouto is just doing it to annoy them, considering the only one that sits there and allows it until Shouto is bored is Enji himself.

"He'll get better," Enji says simply, removing his coat and hanging it up in the closet, "he is already getting an understanding of colour theory."

"Big guy I'm pretty sure he just puts those clips in randomly," Keigo laughs, the idea of Shouto having a 'colour theory' plan is funny, if not completely off base. That's more Fuyumi's shtick. He finishes with Fuyumi's hair before patting her down a bit, "ok, all good to go."

Fuyumi seeming more confident, finally turns to Rei, still nervously scrunching up the bottom of her skirt as she kicks her leg a bit forward, twiddling in one spot. "Is today a good day?"

Keigo blinks at the question, because it seems so odd to ask, but Rei seems to know what Fuyumi is asking, smiling almost forlornly at the question. "I've been doing much better lately, thank you Fuyumi. I'd rather know how you've been doing."

Fuyumi seems to consider the question with a small hum before glancing anxiously to Keigo. "We went to the aquarium last week I saw a turtle that looks like dad, and um... I started doing fencing."

"She's a natural at it, apparently," Keigo adds in a bit pridefully, as much as he hates having to go to their organized sports, he can't lie that it brings pride to him to see Fuyumi outmaneuvering even her alpha counterparts in the sport, already knowing that it's helped build up her confidence piece by piece. Something he knows all girls need at some point.

"And how has your older brother been?" Rei inquires lightly.

"He got in a fight with mom last night over the TV," Fuyumi confesses in a small conspiratorial whisper, "because Shouto wanted to watch a kid show and Touya wanted to play his game."

Keigo can hear a small displeased hmph come from the top of the stairs that he can't help but roll his eyes at. "He's doing good, good grades at school as usual and he's obsessed with this game lately."

"I'm glad," Rei says lightly with a small smile. It seems almost melancholic.

"If you want I can show you photos of the kids," Keigo offers easily, feeling compelled for some reason to help bridge this weird gap between this women and her children, even if they're really his now.

"That'd be nice, thank you," Rei says carefully, her smiling lifting into something a bit more genuine.


* * *


She stays roughly until they have to go get Shouto from his daycare, Natsuo doesn't say bye to her, but Fuyumi says a cheery goodbye, telling her to 'get better soon!' before Rei leaves their property. Once she's gone it's like there's a collective sigh over them, the kids immediately skittering properly into the living room and beginning to naturally argue over who gets to watch the TV or play the game that they all share that Fuyumi never gets a chance at.

"Do you think you guys can live without a babysitter for ten minutes?" Keigo asks, already grabbing a light sweater to wear as Enji shoots him a curious look.

"We aren't babies," Touya huffs in annoyance, having won the battle of who gets the TV and forcing Natsuo and Fuyumi to sulk beside him as they watch their older brother play his game.

"Alright you're in charge then," he'd rather put Fuyumi in charge because she has more emotional maturity, but he knows him and Enji need to start trusting Touya more to build a sort of teenager-confidence that he lacks over his siblings.

"Great," grunts Touya sarcastically.

"Bye bye babies!" Keigo cheerfully sings as him and Enji go out the door, Enji nervously reaching to hold his elbow as he goes down the two steps of their household. Two steps. But Keigo allows it, mostly because he's big and round and half the time he can't even really tell where he's going because his stomach blocks his view. "So," Keigo begins once they're on the driveway, out of earshot for the kids that might potentially be trying to listen in, "there better be a good reason why you lied to me that your ex-wife is dead."

Enji winces, it's subtle and barely there, but Keigo can spot the telltale flinch of the man's hulking shoulders. "We aren't divorced."

Keigo abruptly stops walking, a small screeched, "what?!" falling from his lips before he can stop it.

"I'm sorry that I lied. I pay for her treatment under the condition that she doesn't appear in front of the children but..."

"I thought you were the wedding band as memento to her but you're just still fucking married—oh my god, are you fucking kidding me right now?" All this time Touya and Natsuo were right to call him a homewrecker, he was a homewrecker, he was literally playing house and replacing this poor woman when she was still married to Enji.

"Keigo," Enji says almost weakly, reaching out blindly to grab for a part of Keigo to keep them close together, but when he gets near his elbow Keigo snatches it away, anger boiling in his stomach like lava.

"Why the fuck would you lie about this?!" Keigo hisses, "I can't—I can't fucking believe this, I sat there showing her pictures of her own children and you're still married!"

"She tried to kill Shouto," Enji blurts out suddenly, the words alone cool Keigo's anger down into a weird simmering feeling, horror coiling through his blood and making him regard Enji with wide disbelieving eyes. "She had a tendency to get postpartum depression after Fuyumi, with Natsuo it was worse and then with Shouto she tried to pour boiling water over him when he was a newborn baby, Touya and Fuyumi stopped her because I wasn't at home."

"Why the fuck would you let her—"

"It was postpartum psychosis," Enji interrupts sharply with, frowning. "She told me 'they said I had to do it or they would kill all the children' when I asked her what she was doing. I had her hospitalized and it took 12 months for her to recover, then even after that she had lapses of instability."

Keigo doesn't move from the spot he's rooted, regarding Enji with a horrified look. He's heard of postpartum depression, even psychosis, but he didn't think they were just something that actually happened, that it was rare enough that he didn't have to worry about it himself.

"Even when I brought her home the children were scared of her, and she continued to have mood swings and depression. But I kept trying because I didn't have the time to raise four children and work at the same time." Enji murmurs lowly, slowly reaching back to grab Keigo's elbow to pull them closer together, and Keigo willingly goes into his arms. "An omega, when they are unable to make choices for themselves, their alpha is first choice and then if that fails the parents come into play. Rei's parents passed away three years ago, so if I were to divorce her now while she's still in the hospital the state would assign someone to make medical decisions for her. It is my responsibility for what happened, so I couldn’t allow that to happen."

"But why say she's dead?" Keigo practically whispers.

"It is what we tell Shouto," Enji advises with a small grimace, "I... I just thought it would be easier for him to understand. I didn't think you would ever meet her."

"Right, that isn't weird at all," Keigo huffs, not even surprised that Enji, this awkward completely incapable of communicating man, thought it'd be easier to just say Rei is dead than to explain that she's sick to his youngest son. "Big guy, of course she's going to want to see her kids."

Enji frowns, nodding slowly in understanding.

"The kids might be wary of her but she's still their mother, and it'd be better for them and her if she was involved in their lives just a tiny bit, so they can see what she's like when she's better." He doesn't particularly like the idea of someone mentally unstable being left alone with his kids, but it makes sense that the kids get to know their mother at least a little bit, she doesn't hate them or want to hurt them, she's just sick. He reaches out slowly, cupping Enji's face and smiling lightly. “I don’t know why the fuck you lied to me about this, but I swear to god you’re on thin ice with all these surprises.”

“I’m sorry,” Enji murmurs gruffly, seemingly actually remorseful about it, “I did not know how to correct myself.”

"Are you lying to me about anything else big guy? Because I'm not a fan of all these surprises that keep coming up."

Enji huffs softly, "I believe that is everything."

"Damn right it better be," Keigo smiles, "ok let's go get our baby from school before he throws a tantrum."

"Shouto does not throw tantrums," Enji advises sternly, in complete surety.

"Big guy, I swear to god, where do you get this romanticized version of him?" 


* * *


The whole thing with Rei starts small, mostly just the kids visiting their mother in the hospital she stays at once every two weeks is the agreement. They agree that she won’t come to the house anymore, because they want to remain in a neutral area where there's attendants for her if it's needed. Plus, Touya doesn't like to see his mom. Truthfully, Keigo was hesitant about exposing Shouto to her, as though once Shouto met Rei he was going to look at her with starry eyes and suddenly she'd be mom, and he wouldn’t be anything to the kids anymore.

It doesn't happen that way. Shouto is relatively indifferent to her, even after Keigo had explained to him that 'she gave birth to you from her tummy like this' glad that he had his own pregnancy to help explain the situation, but Shouto hadn't seemed happy with the idea of having another mom, so Rei was Rei. Nothing less, nothing more. They do bond over small things like Rei showing the kids how to do origami, explaining flower types to her children, sometimes all of them going for a walk in the hospital yard when the weather permits.

They kids are still wary of Rei, and a part of him wants to ask them what about their mother makes them so scared of her, but maybe they've seen the gentle kind version of Rei before, and just knew it would eventually follow a less kind and happy version of the woman eventually.

Sometimes he wonders what Enji was like during those moments, absent, involved, abusive, yielding? What would happen if he lost his mind after the pregnancy as well? He couldn't do that to the kids again, for them to lose their second mother in the exact same way they lost their first mother.

"Keigo," Enji calls lightly, his hand coming up to cup Keigo's elbow, drawing him out of his thoughts. "Are you okay?"

A question Enji tends to ask all the time now. Are you okay? He knows pregnancy makes him appear weak and fragile to people, but he doesn't exactly perceive himself as a fragile little teacup. He forces a smile to his face. "I'm good big guy, what's up?"

Enji's eyebrows dip forward, two little lines wrinkling in-between his eyes. "You seem stressed," he says pointedly.

"Well, a lot going on recently," Keigo shrugs, "dead ex-wife not dead, Touya got pulled out of school yesterday again and even now the pre-school teacher is 'concerned' about Shouto." That hadn't been a fun talk. He knew, compared to all the other children, that Shouto was a tiny bit different, he didn't really see it at first (because he had no base line for how children should act), but Shouto has problems with paying attention. It's as simple as that. The kid likes to zone out when things aren't interesting enough to hold his attention and apparently that's concerning. He's probably a bit more irritated than he needs to be about it, but it almost feels like a personal attack, like he's doing something wrong.

It's been a stressful week, ok, sue him.

"I'm sorry," Enji says severely, like if he doesn't say it properly then Keigo will misunderstand the intention behind his sorry, Keigo just smiles lightly, reaching up to run his fingers along Enji's jawline, making a feel for the small amount of facial hair Enji keeps there.

"Do you think Shouto is having problems because of his mom?"

"You’re his mom," Enji corrects, "he doesn't see Rei as a mother figure."

It shouldn't make him feel infinitely better, because it's wrong and he feels bad for Rei, but it still makes him feel fluffy. A weird coil at the bottom of his stomach uncoiling, fixing itself. "Ok, fine, do you think he's having problems because of Rei?"

"He might be confused," Enji agrees carefully in a controlled way, he peers down at Keigo with a small look that Keigo can't decipher. "He might just need reassurance."


"I understand you're stressed but it would be good for the kids..." Enji trails off, glancing away like he's suggesting something he knows is going to annoy Keigo.

"Come on, out with it big guy."

"It might be a good idea to nest them." Enji blurts it out like he's suggested something wrong, something he's not allowed to have a say in, it confuses Keigo a bit because it doesn't seem that weird to ask an omega to nest the kids because they're all a little stressed, and maybe nesting will make him feel better. Apparently lapsing into a quick silence is the wrong response because Enji quickly back pedals, "it is fine if you do not want too, I just thought it would be—"

"I don't mind." He interrupts sharply with before Enji can dig himself further into a hole. He doesn't mind, nesting is easy, it's relaxing, and Fuyumi and Shouto always seem pink-cheeked by happiness whenever he ends up doing it. Honestly, he should probably do it more if it makes them so happy.

Enji exhales in a rush of air, looking somewhat surprised that Keigo doesn't mind nesting, he doesn't get time to pick that specifically apart before Enji nods, once, sharply, before moving to the closet. "What do you want for your nest?"

"Hmmmm, let's do our room, also just grab anything." Mostly because his last nesting event last month in the living room resulted in every single pillow, blanket, and half of Enji's shirts being tugged out into the living room into a giant cocoon, which afterwards, Keigo had to do a whole load of laundry with Fuyumi's help. It'd just be easier if he had Enji in his nest when he's nesting, really, then he wouldn't have such an insistent need for the best smelling clothing pieces.

Wait, he thinks.

Why hasn't he ever thought of this before?

"Go sit on the bed," Keigo says breezily, excitement ramping up in his chest at the idea of centering his nest around his alpha, that he won't need all of Enji's clothes because he can just have the alpha himself in the nest. It's perfect. Genius.

Enji furrows his brows together in confusion, "go sit on the bed?"

"Yeah," Keigo chimes brightly, motioning with limp hands to usher Enji towards the bed. Their bed is honestly perfect for a nest, it's huge and takes up most of the room, and most of all it's comfortable. A sink down to your teeth kind of comfortable that makes Keigo's toes curl, but also makes it very difficult for his constantly uncomfortable pregnant body willing to leave said bed.

He waddles off to the closet to find the pillows that they keep for his nesting, just extras that only really carry a light scent of the family members, Natsuo in the hallway regarding Keigo with suspicion when he spots Keigo heading to the closet. "I'm busy today," Natsuo says with a small frown.

"You don't go to your friends until after dinner for the sleepover. Plus, today is Saturday, sucker." He doesn't bother to turn around from where he's piling the pillows into his arms, before cocking his chin to the closet, "can you grab the blankets on the bottom for me?"

"Ugh," Natsuo groans pettily.

He doesn't complain much past that, grabbing the blankets and trailing after Keigo to bring them into the room, Enji still dutifully sitting on the bed as Keigo tosses the pillows on haphazardly, Natsuo dropping the blankets at the end of the bed regarding his dad almost curiously.

"Do you want to help build my nest?" Keigo asks Natsuo almost absentmindedly, rolling up one of the blankets to lay it near Enji's shin, he's thinking of a more fortress kind of design today, something where all the blankets are laid around a king where him and the kids can climb in and curl up around Enji.

"Help?" Natsuo echoes, almost confused.

"Yeah, I wanna do like a castle sort of thing, doesn't your dad kind of a have a 'I Am King' kind of vibe?" He tosses a few pillows in kind of around Enji's body, Enji giving a displeased grunt of denial that he's kingly. "It's a compliment, big guy."

"Can alphas help make nests?" Natsuo asks almost suspiciously, like he's being led into a trap of some sort.

"It is considered an honour for an alpha to be allowed to help or to even be allowed in a nest," Enji advises his son seriously.

"Oh," says Natsuo simply, eyebrows kind of wrinkling up in the same way that Enji's do when he's trying really hard to think of something to say in response when he's left flabbergasted. It's cute.

"Just pile some blankets around your dad for me then, okay?" Keigo presses a bit, a part of him kind of just wants the kids to help build this nest, to have their sticky little hands leaving their scent all over these blankets and pillows, to make it smell like his family.

"Okay," Natsuo chimes sounding less reluctant now.

Keigo can only smile. 


* * *



With Natsuo's help they do manage to build it quite high, letting Enji out a single time to go to the bathroom before he returns with Fuyumi, Shouto, and Touya in tow. Shouto's little eyes widen up in excitement when he spots the nest, quickly dislodging himself out of Enji's arms to skitter up into it.

"I thought we were going to the mall today," Touya sulks as he stomps over to the nest, shooting Natsuo a curious look when he spots his brother helping put some pillows around the blankets to give it structural integrity. "I wanted to get a new game today." 

"We can go later," Enji grumbles, pushing at Touya's shoulders to urge him forward. 

"I'm an alpha," Touya protests with, crossing his arms across his chest and stubbornly not moving forward, "I'm thirteen I don't need to be nested like a child anymore every goddamn month." 

"You will join me," Enji says sternly, picking up Touya like he's weightless despite Touya's small squawk of protest, before settling both him and Touya in the middle of the bed, Shouto having to readjust himself by sitting on his dad's lap with Touya, peering at his father almost curiously. 

"Are we all nesting?" Fuyumi asks in surprise.

"I helped make it," Natsuo tells her with a bit of pride, "so it isn't like those other lame nests, even dad can fit in this."

Keigo feels like that probably should offend him, but he mostly just snorts under his breath as he settles the last few pillows. Compared to how many people are actually going to be in the nest, it isn't nearly big enough to be a proper full-on nest, but Keigo is pregnant, it isn't like it was his instincts calling for him to nest his family, just something all of them need right now. 

He crawls into it next, settling beside Enji and Shouto quickly abandoning his father's lap to crawl to his side to be leaned against him, his little ear pressed to the top of Keigo's stomach. Lately that seems to be Shouto's favourite spot, he can't tell if it's because he's sincerely excited about the baby or if it's just his stomach is nice and warm. It's hard to tell with Shouto. 

"Where should I go?" Fuyumi asks politely as she begins to crawl in, and Keigo easily moves off Enji's shoulder to pat the small amount of space between their bodies, she beams at that quickly wiggling herself between them and plopping down. 

Natsuo stands on the outside with his nose wrinkled back, "I'm not sitting on dad's lap," he declares stubbornly. 

"Oh come on Mr. Whiny," Keigo groans, "just go sit on your daddies lap." 

"Don't call him daddy." 

Natsuo’s latest complaint since his friends have apparently told him its childish to call your dad ‘daddy’.

"Why not?" Keigo mocks in a high I-am-innocent tone. 

"Keigo," Enji warns sharply, before resolutely reaching out over Fuyumi and Keigo to grab at Natsuo's arm, tugging him forward, "Natsuo please stop acting like this and come join us." 

"Ugh," Natsuo groans, his bottom lip jutted out sulkily as he crawls into the nest, he climbs easily over Keigo and his sister before finally settling himself on his dad's lap, arms crossed and pouting at the demeaning aspect of having to sit on his dad's lap when he's still eight years old. Alphas

It's nice when they're all settled into the nest, even Touya is sleepily dozing off against his dad's shoulder because they woke up the teen-bopper earlier this morning because Keigo likes to watch him suffer. He remembers when he was a teenager or a pre-teen how he'd sleep until late noon, he didn't really know if it was some form of laziness or teens just need more sleep to grow, it's probably a combination of both. 

He settles to be more hanged over Fuyumi, the awkward angle does bite at his stomach a bit, but it's worth it once he presses his cheek against the side of Enji's shoulder. He doesn't know why he never made Enji nest with him before, because this is infinitely a great idea, and it itches at the primal omega part of his brain like a sweet softly sung lullaby. 

"Mom," Shouto says, wiggling a bit before readjusting himself a bit more heavily onto his stomach, "the baby is moving."

"They do do that," Keigo laughs, reaching up to run his fingers through Shouto's silky hair.

"Maybe they're saying hello," Fuyumi whispers, her hand automatically coming up to press against the side of Keigo's stomach as well, they've all gotten a bit more touchy with him, but it's hard to be annoyed when they're finally showing some sort of interest. Keigo feels a flutter of movement again, Fuyumi letting out a small, pleased gasp at it. "Hello baby, I'm your big sister." 

It chokes him up. He doesn't even know why, but it makes him want to cry. 

Stupid hormones

"I'm Shouto," Shouto says, deciding to follow his sister's lead and it makes Keigo's eyes widen, even Enji looks slightly surprised by the interest Shouto is suddenly showing. 

"You'd be the babies' big brother Shouto," Enji advises their son carefully, a low rumble of his usual tone as he runs his hand along Touya's side, who looks promptly knocked out from the entire conversation. 

"Big brother?" Shouto's nose wrinkles back at that, "I'm small." 

"Well you're bigger than a newborn baby," Keigo laughs out, wishing he could lean over and pepper kisses to the top of Shouto's head, to give positive reinforcement or something, because it's rare enough for Shouto to be this engaged in a conversation about anything outside of his own interests. "Well, you'll always be my baby, even if you aren't the baby of the family anymore." 

"Hmm," Shouto hums, biting down on his bottom lip a bit and worrying over it before deciding on a curt, perfunctory, "I am your big brother," to Keigo's stomach. 

"I'm a better big brother," Natsuo grumbles pettily. 

Keigo can't help but smile ear to ear, a thrilled sort of relief running through him. He doesn't even know why he was worried that this baby wouldn't fit in, these are his kids. All of them. It was stupid to be worried. 

He turns his head a bit to the side to catch a glimpse of Enji in his moment of happiness, because lately whenever the kids do anything that makes him happy, he wants to share it with Enji, his kind of alpha, and maybe Enji can sense his radiance because he dips down just a bit to give a quick kiss to his lips. Light, barely there, but a small kiss to show affection. 

It just makes him feel happier. 

"Ew," Natsuo whines. "No PDA!" 


* * *



"God my entire body is sore," groans Keigo as he lays down onto the bed—slowly—because he's at the point of his pregnancy where everything needs to be done at a snail’s pace. He doesn't bother to wait for Enji's answer, Enji too busy typing away with his fat old man fingers at his laptop, just instead reaching for the remote and clicking on the TV.

Lately he's always assaulted with one thing in media, constantly, and for some reason it is aggravating him. Mocking him. 

'Will you bite me?' the small blonde little omega girl whimpers out pathetically, neck arched to the side as she flutters her big doe eyes, peering at her alpha desperately. Mating bites. The media always makes a big deal out of them, and in a way, they are a big deal, even if they eventually fade if their partner isn't marked enough. And honestly, Keigo never really thought about mating bites, never really assumed he'd ever be in a relationship where he wants to be bitten and tied down to an alpha not matter how impermanent. Bites are essentially for married people, and Keigo never wanted to get married. 

And yet he's jealous of this depicted teenager getting a mating bite from her boyfriend—ridiculous!—half of him wants to write up a complaint to the TV because it isn't fair that some diddy-doddy teenagers are getting mating bites when him and Enji barely even get to fuck properly most of the time.

He knows Enji isn't just going to abandon him after the birth of their child, the kids like him too much and honestly, they've settled into each other nicely. Keigo likes Enji and he's certain Enji likes him back, even if Enji is awkward with showing his love and affection. The thing is him and Enji never really got to experience the exciting part of love, never got to experience the intense need to be by each other's sides at all times of the day, the weird awkward feeling that settles in your stomach before dates, hell they don't even really get dates, they've fast-forwarded into being a stable couple that's already had four children with one more onboarding, all the excitement of the relationship bogged down by stability. 

He knows they won't be able to just be romantic and obsessively in love like the teenagers just because he kind of wants them to be, even if it's for a day, even though he knows it's immature and what they have is a lot better. Probably. Maybe. 

No, yeah, Keigo corrects. 

But maybe he does regret that they'll never get the chance to do things like that, to have the proper honeymoon phase of the relationship. And really, if all goes well, Keigo never really will experience the honeymoon phase of any relationship. Rumi says it all the time that he's still young and full of life and that he has a lot more to life than being outside the home raising children, but he likes raising the kids. He just wishes he could have the other parts as well. 

He clicks off the TV with an irritated like hmph before they can get to the whole biting section because he refuses to feel inferior to a dumb TV omega teenage girl. 

This, apparently, draws Enji's attention sharply away from his laptop. "What's wrong?" 

"Nothing," Keigo replies automatically, because nothing really is wrong, aside from his aching feet, body, head, shoulders, back, and well, everything. Enji shoots him an unimpressed look, so he adds a more sheepish, "my feet are swollen." 

They've been swollen since the moment he first got pregnant it feels like. Like he's constantly walking on bloodied versions of his feet and the number one thing he's looking forward too once this demon child pops out of him is that his feet won't ache anymore. 

"Okay," Enji acknowledges and Keigo half expects him to turn back to his laptop and continue on with his work, but Enji clicks on a few things before resolutely snapping it shut placing it down onto the bedside table before turning his attention back onto Keigo. Enji doesn't need to move all the way to the bottom of the bed because Enji's bed is massive, just like Enji is massive himself, just settling half-way before gently grabbing Keigo's feet and depositing them on his lap. 

He should have known better, every time he's even so much as whispered discomfort about any body part Enji will willingly drop what he's doing in order to give a massage. Enji is surprisingly really good at massages, contrary to his big hulking demeanor, he has a sort of gentle touch that only his dad-fingers could give Enji. Gentle with just the right amount of pressure of the bottom of his feet. He sinks easily into the bed, not completely down because that'd be an awkward position for him, but just enough for him to get properly comfortable. 

"Keigo," Enji grumbles as he digs his thumb into the bottom of his heel, and Keigo let's out a small hum of acknowledgement, "we agreed to communicate our issues more, as difficult as it is." 

"How'd you know?" Keigo murmurs sheepishly, annoyed that Enji could tell he's just avoiding a real issue while he himself can never get a proper read on the man. It feels unfair somehow. 

"You've been getting increasingly irritated at romance shows on the TV lately." He presses his fingers in along Keigo's swollen pregnant feet before deeming the right one good enough and dropping it carefully onto his lap before reaching for the left. "Are you..."

"It's just unfair," Keigo breathes out before Enji can fall down some weird self-depreciating rabbit hole, which is always a strong possibility, "everyone on TV is mating bite this, mating bite that but we've been together for months now and I'm about to pop out your baby and I don't get one." 

Enji's ministrations pause completely and Keigo risks cracking open an eye to get a look at Enji—a bit disappointed in himself that they had squeezed shut without his permission in the face of conflict—and Enji just simply looks floored. There's no better way to explain the open look of surprise on his face, how his hands are loosely keeping a hold on Keigo before finally Enji seems to reboot, running his tongue over his lips before muttering deeply, "do you want me to mark you?" 

"Yes," Keigo breathes out. "Well, I want you to want to mark me too but—"

"I do," Enji interrupts severely, "I just... I did not want to assume what you would want. You didn't like me leaving marks on you before." 

"That was before I became the literal mother to your children," Keigo huffs in fond exasperation. Of course, Enji would assume he didn't want to be marked because Keigo in the first week of them being together as fuck buddies had casually said 'I don't like when alpha's bite me anywhere', and Enji being the gentleman he is, extended that well past its warranty. 

Enji's lips quirk up just barely in amusement to that, before he finally gets to proper work on the left foot, apparently the declaration 'I want to be marked' not enough to get Enji to move away from his task of caring for his poor bloated body parts. Its endearing while being simultaneously aggravating in the worst of ways. He swears sometimes Enji is the greatest cock tease in the world, without even knowing it. 

"I was hoping we could get to the marking right now," drones Keigo, wiggling his toes a bit to get the message across, but Enji simply snorts. 

"Don't be impatient," Enji scolds lightly. 

"I'm literally wasting away. Please alpha I need you to bite me or I might die right this second—"

"Keigo, don't be absurd,” Enji cuts off sharply.

“I’m like a month away from popping out your child, I want my mating bite,” Keigo pouts out, now that he knows Enji wants to give him a proper mating bite too, why would they delay it?

“You’re always too rushed when it comes to sex,” murmurs Enji, his fingers lightly squeezing around Keigo’s ankle and letting out a small puff of air, like it’s troublesome that his pregnant mate wants to have sex with him.

Keigo takes to wiggling his toes at Enji, hoping it replaces finger-wagging. “And you take too long, old man.”

“Brat,” Enji simply grunts in amusement, not bothering to adhere to Keigo’s ‘please hurry’ and instead painstakingly returning back to massaging his feet. Sure his feet are sore, they’re always sore, but they aren’t more sore than usual, he really just mentioned it to get Enji off of his trail. Meaning he’s literally shot himself in the foot, removed the possibility of a quick and dirty sex sech where he can get his bite and feel Enji fucking him.

“Well you’re the one that knocked up this brat,” Keigo teases lightly, Enji reacting with a small eyeroll of annoyance at that, as he does whenever Keigo makes a quip about him being young and pregnant, leaning backwards against his fortress of pillows. Their entire bed is constantly overrun by them, his instincts having kicked in lately to force him into making their bed fluffy, constantly overflowing with softness, readying it for their child.

From this angle Enji’s pecs look bigger, almost heavier, like the ball of pure muscles the man is. He doesn’t know how Enji finds the time to keep up his figure, and sure they have a home gym (that only Enji uses, and sometimes Natsuo and Touya will mess around in it) but between their lives, the kids, and everything in-between, it seems insane that Enji is still able to be so fucking attractive.

He just wants Enji to fuck him, so, so badly.

They haven’t done it in awhile, as they’ve been busy with the kids, the doctor appointments, Rei coming into their lives, Shouto needing a bit extra attention lately to see if they can ‘help’ the kid become more normal, everything in their lives as been outwardly focused on everything else surrounding them, not able to focus on the very intense need for the two of them to just be together, alone, sometimes.

Or at the very least Keigo very much needs Enji alone.

“Come onnnn big guy,” Keigo whines, pushing the heel of his foot into Enji’s shoulder blade, a weird thrill running through him when he realizes even when he pushes with most of his weight, it doesn’t seem to force Enji to give away to him at all. It pleases the weird omega part of his brain, the part of himself that see’s Enji as a big shiny perfect mate. “I’ll be quiet, I swear.”

“No you won’t,” Enji sighs, but seems to concede as he drops Keigo’s other foot from his hands, slowly standing up and shooting Keigo a withering look, as though he’s looking down on Keigo, both literally and figuratively. It makes Keigo’s skin warm.

Before the pregnancy, before the kids, their sex was almost borderline violent. He misses that, of course, misses the way Enji would grab his throat as he fucked Keigo open on his monstrous dick, misses the way his cunt would ache afterwards, misses the way that sometimes Enji would grab him in a way that left bruises. Now it’s all soft, gentle, and yielding sex. The kind of sex you see in the movies, light and careful, and while it’s good in its own right, he misses being dominated.

But he knows it’s for the better, right now, and he can wait a little bit longer until they’re able to return back to normal.

“So we’re going to fuck?” Keigo asks, maybe a bit too excited about the prospect.

“You truly have no intention of setting the mood, do you,” Enji murmurs dryly.

“I never do baby,” Keigo laughs, which is true, he doesn’t, even the first time they hooked up he had dropped his pants to his ankles, leaned up against the wall and wiggled his ass at Enji and said ‘gonna fuck me, big guy?’ and Enji was riled up and drunk enough to comply with just that.

“Fine.” Enji grunts, grabbing at Keigo’s knees and pulling him towards the end of the bed, unable to stop the surprised yelp he let’s out when he’s dragged across the bed, his knee’s already hanging off the side, his throat going dry because he knows exactly what Enji pulled him over here for. “We could wait until it is safer,” Enji sighs out, exasperated, but Keigo wiggles himself into a more comfortable position, shooting Enji an almost sly smile.

“What, scared?”

“You’re already 36 weeks,” Enji offers, as though he’s unimpressed, “I don’t want you to go into early labour.”

He doesn’t want to wait until 6 weeks to have gone by after the baby, and god knows if they’ll even have time to do mating bites 6 weeks from now. He’s read the baby forums, the whole ‘my husband and I never have any time together anymore’ spiels, and he already knows, on some level, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to them.

Plus, he wants his bite now.

“It’ll be fine your dick isn’t that bomb,” Keigo dismisses easily, “just be gentle.”

“A menace,” Enji grumbles.

“You know it,” Keigo shoots back brightly, leaning back a bit so he can press the heel of his foot into Enji’s crotch, frowning when the man is soft, which really annoys him because he feels slightly too impatient to work Enji into full hardness right now. An instinctive want to just have Enji inside him now overwhelming him. “How are you not hard, daddy?”

Menace,” Enji repeats pointedly, “if you want me hard you better use those hands, boy.”

God he loves it when Enji calls him boy. A reminder of how young he is, a reminder that Enji’s literally knocked him up when he hasn’t even turned twenty yet, domesticated him and will probably accidentally knock him up again after they have this baby. Maybe even when he’s older, he’ll still be Enji’s boy.

It’s an attractive thought, honestly.

“Fine,” Keigo huffs like he’s put upon, as though he isn’t salivating at the idea of getting his hands on Enji’s dick. Blowjobs are fun sometimes, but it’s more fascinating to feel Enji in his hands, to feel it pulsating, the radiating heat, the way the veins throb when he runs his thumb along the head. He loves it.

He’s always kind of had a thing for Enji’s dick.

He inches to the end of the bed, Enji idly standing still for him, and now that won’t do, he can’t have Enji acting all prime and proper, unaffected by his pregnant mate demanding to have sex and to receive his mating bite. Enji isn’t wearing much, just loose pajama pants that he always wears, because Enji is the type of man to wear matching bottoms and top pajamas like he’s from a 1950s sitcom. He doesn’t bother with usual foreplay because he’s restless, just tugging the pajamas until their snuggly tucked underneath Enji’s heavy balls, threatening to fall to his ankles.

Enji lets out a small hiss when he finally does wrap his hands around Enji’s flaccid member, because his hands always run too cold and Enji always runs too hot, enjoying the pure weight to his shaft. Enji hard is a whole other ballpark, but even flaccid his cock is massive, a weight to it that makes his mouth water every time he sees it.

“Fondling it isn’t going to get me hard,” Enji grunts out, eyebrow raised as he peers down at Keigo, unimpressed.

“Are you impatient daddy?” Keigo coos teasingly, slowly dragging his palm across Enji’s dick. It doesn’t drag well because there’s no lubrication, so he pulls his hands back, making a show of spitting into them that has Enji grunting too, before returning to his ministrations, humming a bit under his breath when they glide up Enji’s girth much easier. 

Enji sucks in a breath of pleasure between his teeth, leaning backwards to watch as Keigo runs his hands along his dick, pumping him slowly until Enji is finally at least a tiny bit semi-hard. He can’t help the way he wants to taste it, not when it’s curved up so nicely in his hand, filling out heavily, enough to make Keigo briefly reconsider letting Enji fuck him right now when he’s this far along in his pregnancy.

But he wants his bite. He’s not going to be outdone by a simple teenager on a TV show.

He leans down enough to run the flat of his tongue along the slit, the cool feeling of slick trickling against his inner thighs from the way Enji gives a low hearty moan to that. Enji isn’t never particularly expressive when it comes to sex, Keigo always having to work for small reactions, but when Enji does make any sounds it’s just that much sexier. He pumps along his girth, just until Enji is hard enough, not wanting to waste time with something as simple as foreplay when he could be having Enji in him, now. He let’s his hands fall easily, looking up at Enji with a small cheeky smile.


“Keigo,” Enji grumbles, letting out the small rumble of displeasure to radiate from his chest, close to the sound of a growl but cut off too early, “you’re being too rushed.”

“I’m excited, aren’t you?” he says sharply, just short of an accusation, but Enji just shoots him a vexed look of annoyance, the look that reads ‘you are being an insufferable brat’ before he’s settling his hands onto Keigo’s thighs, hitching him up the bed to push him off the ledge, Enji reaches around Keigo’s balloon of a stomach to snatch one of the pillows and placing it underneath his lower back.

“Mating bites is not something to rush to get over with,” Enji says calmly, replacing his hands back onto Keigo’s inner thighs and rubbing his thumb into the skin there. “I want to have my time with you, so try to keep it down, we don’t need the kids hearing you.”

Keigo wants to chirp out a small ‘no promises, big guy’ but the words are cut off from his throat when Enji leans down over him, bending down over the bed, and their bed is huge, massive and tall, Keigo can’t imagine this angle feels great on Enji’s old man back, but the thoughts are wiped from his mind when Enji is sliding down Keigo’s small pink no-band sleeping shorts, exposing his tiny cock and pussy to open air.

He hadn’t expected when he started hooking up with Enji that the man would actually be a fan of eating him out, sometimes alphas are weird about it or dislike doing it, but sometimes Keigo has suspicions that Enji loves eating him out more than fucking him. It’s hot, so fucking hot.

Enji leans forward, the warm breath of his mouth fanning over his delicate hypersensitive skin that makes him shiver in anticipation, he’s expecting to use his mouth to open him up slowly and surely, to get him ready for when Enji properly knots him, but Enji’s mouth wraps tentatively around his half-hard omega cock, sucking lightly against it with enough pressure that has Keigo squirming, hands flying out to grip at Enji’s head to hold him there. Enji’s mouth is always so hot, it runs degrees hotter than any other part of his body and the warm heat has him buckling his hips up instinctively, little breathless gasps falling from his lips to encourage Enji.

Not that he needs too, Enji sucks cock like a man starved.

His light suckling stops momentarily, replaced easily by the flat of his tongue pressing up against the bottom of where his small cock is, trailing small kitten licks along the shaft as Enji slowly slides in a single finger into his pussy, the warm press of it breeching past the first ring of muscle easily. Keigo lets out a low “fuuuuuck” that has Enji rumbling in amusement against him, the vibrations of his voice making Keigo want to whimper, noisily. He bites down the louder sounds he tends to make, aware that Enji will probably find them encouraging in the moment, but annoyed when Touya is shooting them dirty looks for the next two days.

Enji pulls back slowly, Keigo whimpering at the lost of something sucking at him. He sounds smugly amused as he demands, “do you still want to rush?”

Yes,” Keigo whines, his heel easily catching on Enji’s shoulder as he kicks at him lightly, because he doesn’t truly want Enji to stop, blubbering out a desperate, “I want you to fuck me so badly big guy, I know you hate rushing but—”

“Shush,” Enji hushes gently, the tip of his nose brushing up against his pubic bone, slightly suckling against his mound where his pubic hair is sparser to suck in a small bright pink mark, it makes Keigo’s skin boil in want, a keen whine leaving the back of his throat.

Enji has never left a mark on him, and to know that he’s been missing this for months makes him want to kick himself in the ass like an idiot, a moron, for ever forbidding Enji from doing this.

Enji’s teeth trail across his pelvic bone, just lightly and running smoothly across his skin, if Keigo really focuses he can make out the feeling of Enji’s sharper alpha teeth scraping him, ready to sink into him. It makes Keigo wish he put more effort into making himself hairless, something he’s given up on since he’s gotten further into his pregnancy because it’s hard to shave when he can’t even see his crotch anymore, but he wishes he could see bite marks littered over his crotch, marking him as Enji’s across his body.

He can feel Enji leaving little suction marks beneath his bellybutton, at the base of his round stomach, a low pleasant rumble of, “you look beautiful,” being muttered from Enji that has Keigo fully flushing, letting out an embarrassing whine of approval at the comment.

“Stop saying that,” Keigo huffs out, “go back to sucking my cock instead.”

“Demanding,” Enji grunts in amusement, his face does trail downwards, and Keigo can feel the trickle of his breath ghost over his skin, hovering too far to be where his tiny little cock is curled up from Enji’s previous ministrations, and Keigo can feel his stomach tighten when he feels the telltale drag of Enji’s teeth against the sensitive skin of his inner thigh before Enji slowly, but surely, bites. He just narrowly avoids a loud pained moan, biting down heavily on his bottom lip to stifle his whimpers as Enji drags his tongue soothingly over where he’s bitten. “I’ve wanted to mark you for months,” Enji whispers into his skin like a confessional, Keigo feels breathless.

“Yeah?” Keigo asks wobbly, unsure, and he hates how Enji is dragging him into his pace, into the beat of his drum of slow, loving, careful. Before Enji he hated mushy stuff like this, but now it makes a hard lump stick to his throat, making his pussy ache. He blames the hormones.

“Mh,” Enji grunts, sharp nose rubbing into his inner thigh, and Keigo can hear him sniffing right up against his scent glands, making him almost want to tap out, to move away completely because they’ve been together for months and sure they’ve scented accidentally, but he’s never had Enji straight up into his scent glands to properly smell him. Enji let’s out an appreciative rumble from the thicket of his chest, “smells good.”

“You’re being mushy,” Keigo groans in protest, squirming to try and escape Enji’s steel hold on his thighs that’re keeping him still.

“How awful of me,” Enji responds dryly. He’s expecting Enji to resume his slow ministrations, to continue torturing Keigo with gentle nips and sniffing, but Enji pulls back enough to be looking down at Keigo, before he can feel Enji’s hands sliding down his thighs, spreading them apart further to the point it almost hurts. “Very well,” Enji murmurs lowly, “should I give you what you want?”

“Oh god yes,” Keigo exhales out.

It’s embarrassing, almost, to feel Enji’s fingers loosely swipe over his pussy, to feel the telltale slide of wetness from Enji’s previous ministrations, as little as it was. Enji pets over his folds, rubbing idly across his lips with feather light friction, barely enough for Keigo to even rock his hips into, tantalizingly slow, Enji slips the first finger in, straight to the knuckle, Keigo throwing his head back and letting out a too-loud encouraging moan.

It’s too gentle, Enji just giving careful little thrusts with his finger like he’s scared of breaking Keigo, and as much as Keigo wants to throw his head back and let out a frustrated growl, he focuses on closing his eyes, slowly rocking his hips into the feeling of just one of Enji’s large fingers. He doesn’t have to wait long until the second is sinking into him, letting out a low rumble of pleasure as Enji uses his free hand that isn’t sinking into his pussy to wrap around his small little omega cock.

Fuckk,” Keigo let’s out as a thin hiss, hips stuttering upwards as he feels the telltale pleasure building below his bellybutton, it’s too quick, too sudden and he reaches out blindly to grab at Enji, to stop him, “Enji st-stop I’m going to—”

Enji removes his fist and relief sinks through Keigo’s bones at the same time frustration builds from having his orgasm cut off too early, but before he can fuss about it the velvety calloused feeling of Enji’s fist is replaced by a sudden tight wet warmth that has Keigo letting out a loud hoarse swear too, his hands immediately falling to his sides, fingers curling into the bedsheets.

“Enji, fuck, no!” Enji doesn’t let up, suction around his little cock becoming tighter until tears at prickling at the corner of his eyes, hips uselessly thrusting up to try to push his cock deeper, further, even though his tiny cock has no chance of sliding down to the back of Enji’s throat, blearily he realizes Enji has added another finger, his slick squelching nosily from where Enji’s fingers are thrusting into him.

His orgasm pulls out of him abruptly, white blinding lights flashing across his eyesight as his back arches up off of the bed as much as he can, as his neck bares itself out to Enji instinctively, his cunt fluttering tightly against the fingers lodged into him as he spurts out his sterile thin load into Enji’s mouth. Enji is a strange alpha, the kind that doesn’t mind drinking Keigo’s useless omega cum, the kind of alpha that’ll actually pleasure him, and god, Keigo loves him for it.

He comes off of his orgasm slowly, body shaking from overstimulation as Enji continues to work his fingers into his soft pliant awaiting cunt, sagging boneless into the bed as his cock pops free from Enji’s mouth.

He can only manage a small moan of protest when Enji finally slides his fingers from him, slick easily chasing after Enji’s fingers and gushing out, pooling easily onto the bed enough that Keigo knows it’s going to leave a stain. Enji’s fingers are slowly replaced by the fat, bulbous head of Enji’s cock spearing into his pussy, pushing easily past the first ring of muscles, his eyes going wide with unshed tears prickling at corners as his mouth opens into a useless little O, as his thighs quiver uselessly, hands gripping at the sides of the bed.

“Good?” Enji rumbles out in an exhale like the sound was punched deep from his chest as he pushes in a bit more, there’s no ache or resistance, just sopping wetness that trickles from Keigo encouragingly.

“So good,” Keigo slurs out numbly, still riding out the aftereffects of his orgasm, he feels simultaneously too sensitive and so good as Enji carefully sinks deeper into him.

Enji just let’s out a small groan of pleasure when he’s finally to the hilt, both of them going still. Keigo can’t breathe, the air sucked out from his lungs as he tries to focus on the fuzziness of the ceiling, to come back into his body, no matter how many times they fuck he’ll never get used to the all-encompassing way Enji’s cock sits in him, the way it carves his insides out, making him ache.

It’s always on the edge of too much.

“Keigo, breath.” He inhales at the instruction immediately, brain latching onto the sound of Enji’s voice, his eyes flickering to where Enji is leaned over him with a worried expression. Absently he nuzzles into the hand cupping at the side of his face that he hadn’t even felt until now, eyes closing to the gentle scent of worry and arousal Enji is letting out. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine big guy,” Keigo mumbles out, and he isn’t lying, he feels better than fine, like an ache inside of him has finally been soothed, it’s been so long since he’s been properly fucked by Enji, and fuck, he’s missed this. “Gonna fuck me right?”

“I’m going to fuck you gently,” Enji says pointedly with a small grunt, Keigo letting out a little whine of protest at that.

“No fun,” pouts out Keigo.

The thrusts start out small, Enji carefully pulling out a bit before thrusting in, a lack of heat behind his thrusts that make Keigo want to holler in frustration, because he’s not going to break from Enji fucking him a bit rougher than this. His frustration tampering off when Enji properly pulls out before snapping back in, a bolt of electricity running through him as he let’s out a small encouraging moan, biting at the meaty part of Enji’s palm to try to stifle any potential louder noises.

Enji leans over him, large body encompassing the totality of Keigo—a deep part of him purring at the knowledge of the difference between them—as Enji turns his face away from the palm of his hand so their lips can collide in a messy open-mouthed kiss. Enji kisses like he’s trying to devour Keigo, hot, wet, soft, and Keigo groans deeply into the kiss as Enji fucks him open, the wet slaps of their skin the only sound echoing throughout the room.

When their lip’s part Keigo can’t be bothered to stop the small little ah ah ah’s that fall from his lips breathlessly, Enji’s hands holding at his waist to help bounce Keigo onto his cock, not able to bite down his own loud grunts of pleasure.

It’s good, great, Keigo can feel his little cock drooling into his pubic hair, smearing itself messily across him as Enji fucks into his limp fuckable body. He still feels sensitive, like he hasn’t managed to recover from his first orgasm, and slowly he can feel the heat building up into the base of his stomach, coiling deep within him in warning of his second.

“Ah, close.”

Wait,” snarls Enji roughly, reminiscent of before he got pregnant, when Enji would spread him and fuck into him roughly without an ounce of care of how Keigo would take it, just using him as his personal fucktoy. Keigo can’t help but let out a breathless sob of pleasure at that, cunt squeezing down on Enji desperately, trying to seek out his own release, Enji’s thrusts just get rougher and quicker, balls nosily slapping up against Keigo’s skin.

“I can’t,” Keigo whimpers out, he can feel the prickle of heat crawling over his body, his stomach muscles erratically twitching, his release hitting him abruptly as his cunt spasms around Enji’s cock. He doesn’t need to wait long before he feels the sharp drag of Enji’s knot puffing out, a breathless realization that he’s going to get his mark now sinking through him as Enji reaches up to roughly turn his head to the side, neck barred out to him.

Enji bites him at the same moment Keigo can feel heat rush into him at Enji’s release, knot inflating almost painfully, stretching Keigo open around it to lock them in together. He isn’t sure what hurts more, the sinking of Enji’s sharp teeth into the back of his neck or the feeling of Enji’s too-large knot biting at the edges of his pussy, but he can’t help but let out a wet laugh of relief.

Its nothing like the TV shows or dramas, there isn’t a flash of connection that binds them, that allows them to see each other’s thoughts or to feel each other, just a weird sinking warmth that floods his chest as Enji pulls away from his neck, their gazes locking.

“Are you okay?” Enji asks immediately when the cool down of his orgasm hits him, frown etched on his face when he spots the tears gathered at the corners of Keigo’s eyes.

“I’m pregnant and emotional,” Keigo laughs lightly, reaching up to cup Enji’s face and peppering small kisses to his jawline, he wants to be annoyed that Enji would be so quick to ruin their beautiful just mated mood. It’s hard to be, though, with the weird feeling of happiness that’s stretching across him, making him almost incapable of getting irritated.

“Does it hurt?” Enji presses on.

“I’m fine, big guy.”

“Hm,” Enji grunts, obviously disbelieving that Keigo is not hurt, but willing to drop it for a second. “We’ll need to disinfect the wound afterwards.”

“Ya, ya,” Keigo says, giving a small eyeroll to the Daddy-ness of Enji, “can you just kiss me now?”

“My mouth has your blood on it,” Enji points out, eyebrow slightly raised.

“I said kiss me you buffoon.” Enji leans down to oblige his request, their lips meeting softly in a light mocking press of a kiss, but Keigo can’t help but smile at it, the stupid mating and pregnancy hormones making his brain dance in happiness, a weird floating feeling overtaking him.

Yeah. He can get used to this.



* * *



"God you're like a bloated whale," Rumi grunts upon greeting, thumping his shoulder with her fist that knocks him back just barely, but enough for Enji to take a step behind him to steady him, shooting Rumi a withering look. 

"Thanks," Keigo drawls with a small eyeroll. 

"Whatever, so where's the kids?" Rumi doesn't bother wasting time with the mushy shit like 'it’s been ages since we've seen each other!' or any of that emotional bullshit. She's never been the type to dwell too much on stuff like that, probably, knowing her, she simply hasn't missed his presence that much. 

"We're not kids," Touya grumbles from his strategic position on the couch to be hidden from sight, Natsuo and Fuyumi coming up to pop their heads over the side to finally look at Rumi. Shouto had disappeared the moment they told him someone was visiting, apparently deciding that meant to play hide and seek. He's been missing for thirty minutes and Keigo still hasn't been able to find the kid. 

"Shorter than me, so yeah, your kids," Rumi huffs, all bold and chest puffed out despite being the shortest adult in the room. Keigo isn't exactly a short omega, but he's not the tallest one out there. Rumi, though, is short for her secondary status. She always called it 'bad genetics' because unfortunately both her parents were short, and her dad was a recessive alpha, so he wasn't exactly the biggest baddest alpha around the block, either. 

"You're shorter than homewrecker," Touya observes out loud.

"Touya," Enji snaps in warning. "Do not say impolite things like that." 

"Whatever it's true," Rumi waves off, she makes a show of nosing the air, a small cruel little grin creeping up to the corners of her lips, "someone is a small for their age."

"I have heart problems, bitch," Touya snaps back with a casual shrug, but the downward snarl of his lips gives him away in his annoyance. 

"Touya!" Enji hisses. 

"Sure thing, shorty," Rumi laughs boisterously, reaching out to try and slap Keigo's shoulder again, which this time he does step out of the way to avoid because apparently Rumi doesn't understand pregnant people aren't supposed to be mauled. "I see one, two, three, where's the fourth?" 

"He's hiding. I think he thinks you're going to play hide and seek with him," kind of cute, also kind of relieving that Shouto's first instincts when anyone strange enters their house is to hide. The parent side of his brain is both pleased and annoyed by the choice. Mostly because it's annoying to have to try to hunt down a five-year-old in a house as massive as this when he's about two minutes away from popping out this baby. 

"Hilarious," Rumi snorts before obviously not going to look for him and instead plopping herself down onto the couch with a loud hmph right between Natsuo and Touya, they both look mildly disturbed by her lack of manners. "Cool game, can your character get naked? I bet they'd be hot." 

"You're weird," Natsuo observes bluntly. 

Enji subtly grabs at Keigo's elbow at that, gently (because he does understand pregnant people aren't to be tossed around like rags) tugging Keigo into the kitchen, putting enough space between where Rumi is with the kids. "Keigo, are you sure it's wise to leave her in charge of the children? I trusted her because she is your friend but..." 

"I mean it should be ok," maybe, probably, one of the kids might be dead when they get back, but it's just a small slim possibility, "we can't exactly ask our regular babysitter to be on call for the next like week encase this baby decides to evacuate before their due date. She's literally the best I can do on short notice." 

"I can hear you guys," Rumi calls cheerily from the living room.

"I'm sure it'll be fine big guy." Again, heavy on the unsaid emphasis of maybe. He's mostly worried about Shouto because Shouto seems to dislike even being separated from him during the time he has to go to daycare to play with his friends, and Shouto likes his friends. But for all he knows labour could have complications and they can be tied up in the hospital for a couple of days, even if they are just gone the standard three days recommended by the hospital, they still can't exactly leave a thirteen-year-old in charge of them for three days. 

"Hm," grunts Enji. 

"Tsunagu is visiting his parents for two weeks and Taishiro has exams," Keigo adds, "I mean Rumi has them too, but she doesn't study anyway."

"True that!" Rumi chimes brightly in agreement. 

"It isn't like you're not going to be home, either." Keigo tact's on, mostly to console himself with the idea that he's leaving Rumi to help with the household while he's gone. Rumi. By the time he get's back all the kids are going to be feral monsters, he's pretty sure of that. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

"I'd like to be with you as much as possible," Enji grumbles lowly, invading Keigo's space just a tiny bit to put himself up against Keigo's belly bump, it feels too close and too far all at the same time. 

He opens his mouth to reply, feeling flustered as he always does when Enji shows straight-forward affection, even though he shouldn't because Enji is either straight forward or nothing, and they’re mated now. Mated. He doesn't get the chance too, though, because Shouto comes barreling into the kitchen with a small aggravated, "mom!"

"Cockblocked, huh," Rumi cackles from a distance.

He rolls his eyes at her. "What's up baby?" 

"You didn't find me."

"Well, you were hidden really well." Shouto doesn't seem that irritated because he decides to skitter forward until he's latched onto Keigo's leg, cheek rubbing up into his knee. Lately Shouto is very rubby, constantly rubbing the area's where his scent glands will be up against his family members—even Touya, which is just cute—and it's strange to think the light baby omega scent will start to turn soon, that soon Shouto will have his own unique scent and capability to scent whom he pleases. 

"Shouto," Enji says, hand coming up to land on top of Shouto's head, the sure-fire way to grab Shouto's attention long enough to instruct him, "this is going to be your babysitter while the baby is being born." 

"No babysitter," Shouto advises solemnly. 

"Keigo and I might be in the hospital for a couple of days, it depends on how well everything goes," Enji responds back just as solemnly and it's kind of funny how they meet each other's tones just right, like it's an inherent genetic component to sound so deathly serious in even the most mundane of conversations. 

Shouto frowns. "No hospital." 

"The baby has to pop out or else your mom will explode," Rumi says, popping out from behind Keigo, giving him a mini heart attack, he doesn't even have time to protest that because Shouto looks fully horrified. She grins. 


"Oh yeah, he's going to go pop! unless the baby comes out, so you'll have to rough it out with me for a couple of days." 

"No, Keigo will not explode," Enji interrupts sharply, scowling, "do not patronize my children." 

"Well what else happens if the baby doesn't come out?" Rumi asks with a small eyeroll, Keigo arches up a brow, had Rumi actually thought that? He wouldn't put it past her, the small amount she does know about birth is the stuff Keigo had googled with her in the earlier panic-manic days, and that had just been about the constant peeing, a mucus plug, and the terrifying aspect that he could potentially have all his teeth fall out. 

"Death." Enji says pointedly. 

Keigo abruptly feels the headache coming on because he knows exactly what's going to happen. It takes a couple of seconds to register before Shouto begins to cry, full tiny whimpers leaving him as he wails out "no mommy don't die!" which has Enji furrowing his brows in confusion. 

"He's not going to die idiot!" Touya snaps.

"You won't actually die, will you?" Natsuo asks nervously, Fuyumi and Natsuo apparently deciding the word death is enough to trigger them to leave the couch to circle around him. 

"Mom don't die," Shouto whimpers out, clutching desperately at his pant leg. 

Rumi, the bitch, is laughing. 

"Mom had like four kids and she's still alive, so why the hell would homewrecker die? Stop being stupid," Touya grumbles at them. 

And then Enji decides to make it worse. "It is less common nowadays, but birth is a dangerous thing, there is always a possibility something could go very wrong." 

"Damn, he's worse with children than me and he has four," Rumi observes helpfully. 

Enji scowls at her, "I am not bad at—"

"Okay, okay, everyone calm down," Keigo interrupts with, "the chance I'll die is very low, like super low, so let's just forget about that for right now." He's already done the whole 'will I die?' spiel months ago, and he doesn't need to have a bunch of kids wailing about the chance of him dying when he's about two seconds away from popping a baby out of him. Bad karma, really. 

"This is true, Keigo is young and he does not have any prior health conditions," Enji advises his children that have gathered around with wide terrified eyes, like he's being helpful by informing his children about maternal death rates, "which is why it is important we keep him relaxed in the days leading up to the birth." 

"Relaxed?" Shouto echoes. 

"Like a spa day," Fuyumi advises her brother helpfully. "So if we're good mom won't die?" 

"You guys are actually so bad at this," Rumi advises in a lazy drawl off on the side. 

"Not helpful," Keigo groans at her. "Look, even if I do die—which I won't, I won't die!" he rushes to amend when Shouto's eyes begin to fill up with unshed tears again, "but even if I ever do, it wouldn't be because you were bad or good." 

"It'd be because we were really bad," Touya ever so helpfully tosses over his shoulder like the little brat he is. 

"Dude," Keigo can't help but say in exasperation.

"I'll be good," Shouto rushes to say, looking up at Keigo with big glossy eyes. "Don't die." 

"Kids that is not how death works—" Enji begins with furrowed brows.

"We should go clean our rooms," Fuyumi tells her brothers sternly, hands on her hips as she points to the stairs, taking control of the situation like the good big sister she is. 

"Guys I'm not going to die."

"Better hurry he already looks like he's fading away," Rumi ever so helpfully adds.

"Touya you need to clean your room too!" Fuyumi instructs her brother sternly, Natsuo and Shouto already skipping up the stairs to hurry to their rooms because of course to a kid cleaning their room is the height of good behaviour. 

"Yeah, yeah I'll get right to it."

Once Fuyumi rushes up to her room to follow her own directions to clean her room. Something Fuyumi doesn't even need to do, her room is always perpetually clean, Rumi tosses herself beside Touya with a small grunt. "Nice work guys, that'll give me ammo the entire time I'm babysitting them."

"You can not threaten them with Keigo's death to get them to do their chores!" Enji says in complete aghast shock. 

"What about you?" Rumi asks, ignoring Enji completely to turn to Touya. "Not scared mommy is going keel over?"

"If he does it's because of dad, not us," Touya grumbles, jabbing at his controller buttons more roughly, "he's the one that knocked him up." 

Rumi tosses her head back, a loud boisterous laughter echoing throughout the house, and god she's loud. "True! Well, here's a secret your mommy was kind of stupid too, you see—"

"No!" Keigo interrupts frantically with, he doesn't need Rumi telling the kids about his great decision in letting his fuckbuddy raw him, his dominate alpha fuckbuddy. He knows he's stupid, ok? He has the proof of it bulging out from his stomach right this very second. 

"Spoilsport," huffs Rumi, her cheeks puffing out.  

"Spoilsport," agrees Touya. 



* * *



His due date is May 31st. 

Today is June 1st. 

It shouldn't be as terrifying as it is, but still, it's weird to be on constant alert of knowing that soon the baby inside of him is going to come out, fully fledged and ready for crying, existing, that he's going to be a mother. Sure, he already is kind of a mother, but now he's going to become a mother mother. They have the hospital to-go bags packed, they have Rumi on speed-dial for when they go into labour (who, since her first visit, has apparently bonded with Touya, which is more terrifying than it should be), they have the crib set up in their room and so many patterned onesies for newborns that they're coming out their assholes. 

They're ready, but incredibly not ready all at the same time.

He hadn't really put much thought into evolutionary characteristics from people's secondary genders, but ever since his ever rapidly approaching due date has begun the clock down the kids and Enji have all started to get nervous tics. Enji is smothering. Whenever Keigo attempts to leave the bedroom to do anything, like eating (he's been barred from cooking or cleaning) or even going to the bathroom, Enji will be at the threshold waiting to usher him back into the bed. Natsuo and Touya seem to be similar, whenever Enji's not around taking to becoming sheep herding dogs just like their father and he wonders if it's just instinct for alphas to want to keep 'about to pop' omegas in their nest, because in the deep olden days, that's where omegas would give birth. 

Shouto is just his normal clingy but amped up to go from being cute to kind of annoying, and Fuyumi, well Fuyumi is just being her usual angelic self. 

"I should stay home from work today," Enji observes with a deep-set frown, "Moe should be able to take care of things for awhile." 

He's heard this three days in a row now. "Big guy I'll be fine even if my water does break it's not like I'm going to slip over my own gunk," he grunts a bit in exertion as he sits down at the table, Touya nervously hovering at his elbow like he's ready to catch him at any moment. 

"I'm staying home," Enji decides on stubbornly after a single beat. 

"Me too," Shouto agrees seriously. 

"No, you're going to school," Enji dismisses easily, Shouto jutting out his bottom lip into a pout at that. 

"Will the baby come today?" Fuyumi busies herself with helping her dad and Natsuo putting the food on the table, Fuyumi's chore mostly being to make sure that Shouto eats food aside from the cookies he steals from the counter, Natsuo's job is to make sure Touya eats (because Touya seems to think energy drinks and smarties are sustenance), and Enji's job is to wait hand and foot on Keigo. Honestly, Fuyumi and Natsuo are a lot more successful at their prospective jobs then he ever was. 

"God, let's hope so," Keigo mumbles, ever since he's hit the home stretch there's been an awkward weight to him that he just can never shake off, a kind of pressure that sits at the top of his stomach as a constant not-so-gentle reminder. 

He’s had this baby in him for 40 weeks now, 9 long months.

He just really, really, wants the baby to come today.

They see the children to school, Keigo waiting at home while Enji drops them off, and true to Enji’s word he does seem intent on staying home all day. A part of Keigo revels in it, even if he doesn’t want to show it, it soothes the instinctual part of him that’s been going haywire since the late stages of his pregnancy (well, honestly, his entire pregnancy), but it’s nice to know that Enji wants to be around him right now.

He peers down at his stomach, considering it. He’s scared, of course, but the less logical part of him is excited by the prospect. He’s going to become a mother, a mother. A Bonafede mother.

Keigo is watching the TV, the steady click of the clock going tick tock tick tock in the distance as Enji is in the kitchen readying food for the next week or so, just encase. It’s hard to know if they’ll only be gone for two days at most, or a week at worst, and Rumi isn’t exactly the best cook in the area. He’s pretty sure he only ever saw her cook twice in her life, and both times resulted in the fire extinguisher needing to be used. And they can’t exactly leave her in charge of the kids with no pre-cooked food, Fuyumi has a delicate stomach that can’t handle too much greasy take-out food.

He’s bored, honestly, bored and mindlessly watching the TV as he contemplates eating some of those stupid healthy apple chips, but he’s not hungry, he hasn’t been hungry all day especially because he’s been cramping up since this morning, as much as he knows he should still be eating. Or maybe he can go back to his pre-pregnancy days where he would drink like he’s ready to die, iced coffee as a substitute for every meal, and would spend most nights contemplating a bag of chips and fried chicken at midnight. He yearns for those days, the days where he didn’t need to eat fucking apples chips.

Maybe because he’s accidentally pissed himself four times now that he doesn’t immediately recognize that the couch feels wet beneath him. If he’s being honest, it’s hard to tell, he has a lot going on with his body and feeling wet isn’t the worst thing in the world. He doesn’t clock into it at all, really.

“Why is the couch wet?” Enji asks, frowning, coming into the living room holding a plate of sliced bananas and strawberries, as though that will entice Keigo into eating, but it’s not chicken.

Keigo tosses one of the nasty apple chips into his mouth. “I dunno? Did I piss myself?”

Enji’s face crumples up at that, obviously not happy about Keigo pissing himself, again. The first two times had been in bed (once when they were trying to have sex), the third on this very same couch, and the fourth when Keigo was trying to go for a walk with Shouto around the block. That had not been fun. Keigo would be more ashamed of it, he swears, if he didn’t have a giant weight on his stomach constantly pressing on his bladder, how is it his fault if some pee trickles out? In his defense it’s just pee. Who cares? Not him. He definitely doesn’t care that he’s likely going to have a broken bladder for the rest of his life. Definitely not.

“Get up, don’t sit around in it, we need to clean it.”

He’s about to snip something witty in retort, the words going stale in his mouth when he feels a deep heavy cramp crash over him, like a wave. It hurts, but in the same kind of way any heavy cramping does.

“Keigo?” Enji asks, less annoyed and more nervous, “are you okay?”

“Cramps,” Keigo chokes out, feeling pathetic that cramps are making him want to curl into himself, something he can’t even do because of his giant stomach. If cramps hurt him, what is he supposed to do during labour?

Enji’s face does a weird myriad of emotions, like he can’t quite decide on which one to settle one, before he stresses out, “we are going to the hospital.”

What?” Keigo bites out, the after feeling of the cramps settling into just a weird feeling. He feels off. Weird. It’s hard to explain.

“I think your water broke,” Enji says pointedly, no nonsense as he snaps at Keigo to wait here, as though Keigo is going to start dancing around the house when his water has apparently just broke, as Enji heads upstairs to go get the hospital to-go bags. When Enji comes back, bags slung over his shoulders he demands sharply, “how long have you been cramping?”

“I don’t know?” Keigo hisses out, rubbing his hand idly over his stomach in attempt to soothe himself, “since breakfast, about?”

Keigo!” Enji snaps, the very daddy ‘I am disappointed in you’ tone being used. If Keigo wasn’t momentarily in actual discomfort, he would find it kind of hot. “Do you need help walking?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Keigo waves off, because after the initial wave of the deeper cramp (which he’s starting to doubt is a cramp at all, but he refuses to think too much into that) it’s all settled back into a weird feeling of malaise surrounding him.

He’s probably going into labour. Great. Fantastic. Perfect.

Don’t think about it, Keigo thinks sharply, concentrating on slowly sitting up with a small, pained grunt, Enji hovering near his elbow to help him up, before they waddle off to the car so he can go give birth. He can’t even be annoyed that the baby has decided to come out today, because he wanted them too. This is what he wanted.

It still doesn’t make it any less terrifying.

“I hate how calm you are about this,” Keigo says when they’re finally settled into the car, aside from the slight tension to Enji’s shoulders the man seems strangely collected about the entire situation, whereas Keigo is internally freaking out.

“Labour doesn’t start right away, usually,” Enji says simply, “call Rumi so she can pick up the kids after school.”

He knows that, logically, he’s read all the mommy forums, he’s scoured every piece of labour horror stories (and honestly wishes he hadn’t) he’s chalk full of useless information about labour and what to expect when your expecting, but as much as he knows the baby isn’t going to just slide out of him right this second, he can still feel a weird slow trickle on the inside of his thighs, it amps up his anxiety just a bit.

“I’m still spewing gunk,” Keigo advises Enji in a strained tone, “I’m gonna ruin the car seat.”

“Hm,” Enji hums in acknowledgement, “I’ll go grab a towel before we go.”

“Ugh, quickly, please,” Keigo grunts out.

Enji keeps to his word, gathers up a towel and places it underneath Keigo with some awkward maneuvering, but once everything is all settled, they’re off to the hospital, Rumi called and ready to take care of the kids. All the pieces are in place, and all that’s left is to actually have the baby.

He wonders if it’s normal to feel this nervous.



* * *



It takes 18 long hours.

He’s exhausted, sweaty, mentally planning how to best poison Enji so they never have to do this again, but on June 2nd, 8:07 AM, they give birth to a beautiful girl. He’s really not sure if he’s crying when she’s first passed to him, still hazy and out of it with fluids coming out of every orifice, but she’s perfect.

She also came out with blue hands and feet, which was very much not consoling when Enji had said ‘Natsuo was like this as well’, which is just a terrifying aspect that his baby could come out as anything but pristine. But she doesn’t. She’s mildly gunky, blue hands and feet, crying up a storm and refuses to latch onto his nipple for forty frustrating minutes.

Eventually after she’s fed, weighed at a tiny, tiny 6lbs and 8ozs, placed into Enji’s arms so he can cuddle her as she falls asleep, Keigo finally falls asleep himself, exhausted.

The next time he blearily wakes up, she’s latched onto his nipple again, Enji peering down at them both with a soft smile.

“I have a name decided,” Enji says quietly to him, rubbing his thumb softly into her little forehead as she suckles noisily on Keigo, little eyes open wide, but Keigo remembers reading babies don’t really see much until way later, but he likes to think she’s looking at them with the same fascination they’re looking at her with.

“Oh? Hit me,” Keigo croaks out lightly, petting down the back of her head, the small tuft of thin baby hair, he’s a bit disappointed she has light blonde hair, and he hopes one day it’ll darken into red, if it can do that.

“Tsubaki,” Enji says confidently, surely. “Fuyumi picked it.”

“Todoroki Tsubaki,” Keigo hums out sleepily, smiling lightly. “I like it.” 



* * *



They bring her home on the third day, with no complications and her feeding well enough to be released with a good bill of health. The kids pile into their legs when they pass through the doors, Fuyumi and Shouto’s loud joyous ‘mom!’s that makes him grin ear to ear. He doesn’t crouch over because he’s still feeling full-body sore and aches, his stomach still flabby and skin still loose, Tsubaki cradled gently in his arms. He feels like he’s one stitch away from unraveling, but in a good way. Mostly.

“Is that the baby?” Fuyumi asks with large eyes, hesitantly looking up with her mouth opening up into a smile when she see’s Tsubaki.

“We got another one on our team,” Keigo says softly, reveling in the way Fuyumi just beams to their little inside joke, he’s sure even if the baby came out as another burly alpha brother Fuyumi would still be happy, but just a bit Keigo is kind of relieved the same way Fuyumi probably is. Natsuo and Touya appear from the kitchen, Rumi standing at the entranceway with a disgusted look on her face when she spots Keigo and the new baby at the entranceway.

He waddles into the living room, Enji hot on his trail hovering behind him to make sure he doesn’t collapse with the baby in tow, and Keigo sinks into the couch, all the kids wandering in after him and gathering around him, peering down at the little bundle in his arms with wide eyes. Touya mostly looks unimpressed, but Fuyumi, Shouto, and even Natsuo are looking at Tsubaki with childish wonder.

“Say hey to your new sister Tsubaki, guys.”



The End.