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Let The Drum Roll

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It was two in the morning and the lads with their manager Brian Epstein, piled into a private car. They had just left a dinner party with high end investors and big names in the industry. John was drunk and cuddling into Paul’s embrace. Paul who was buzzed, held his lover gently, looking uncomfortable being so exposed. George sat alone, he was drunk but was sobering up. Ringo was a little tipsy but alert, sat next to his manager. Brian hadn’t had much to drink at the dinner but poured himself some liquor in the car. Now that his boys were safely out of sight of the public, he felt safe enough to indulge.
Their first stop was Paul’s house. John was staying over with McCartney as a planned night together. Paul helped John out of the car and they entered the house shortly after. George was quiet on the way to his residence, which was the next scheduled stop. Upon arrival, the light in the front room was on.
“Looks like Patty waited up for you.” Ringo observed.
“Yeah, she likes to be up when I get home.” Harrison stated as he reached over and kissed the drummer on the mouth. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” Said the blue eyed gentleman. With that George exited the car and approached his front door. The car drove off with just Ringo and Brian alone in the back.
“How are you and George doing?” Asked Brian pouring another drink.
“We’re good.” The petite man answered. “I guess I should admit to you, I slept with John.”
“Really?” the manager was surprised. “How did that happen?”
“He and Paul were fighting. George went in to check on Paul, while John stayed with me.”
“So John made a move on you?”
“No, I made a move on him and took top.” Brian nearly spilt his drink.
“My goodness Rich,” the manager recovered. “you clearly have adjusted very well to your new relationships.”
“Well I always considered myself adventurous.” The drummer said with a smile and a light touch of his companions knee with his hand. Brian was sipping his drink, but the ice crashed to the bottom of the glass. He became instantly aroused. Still was he reading the young man wrong and was it possible the Beatle was not in a frame of mind to consent?
“Richard.” The older man said gently placing his hand over the one on his knee. “Do you know what you are doing?” Brian instantly felt the smaller hand tremble beneath his and the fingers twitch.
“Yes.” Said the meek voice of the petite man. He looked away, feeling flushed in his face. Brian leaned in for a kiss and the tongue of his companion penetrated his lips. The kiss swirled between the two, then the large hand of the manager reached in to Ringo’s inner thigh. Feeling the hard swollen meat between his fingers, Brian found his own organ fighting to escape his pants.
“Are you sure you feel comfortable with this?” asked the taller man.
“I am.” Whispered Ringo. “ You’re gorgeous, witty and experienced. I’ve been curious about you for a while.” Brian responded with another passionate embrace. Then he sat up, opened the drivers window.
“Take Mister Starkey and I to my residence.” There was a shift in the cars position as the window closed. Brian drew his lover nearer, resting the lad against his chest. He petted the boy and lightly explored his body through his clothes. Oh he couldn’t wait to unwrap the package beneath the fabric.
Ringo was breathing heavily, as he was a little nervous. Brian was far more experienced than any of the other lover’s he had before. He was also taller and more massive than the drummer, making Ringo feel small. A feeling he didn’t like. Trying not to think on his insecurities, the petite man let his hand travel up the leg he was still touching. Brian trembled as Ringo’s fingers reached towards his groin. The swollen dick swelled up against the taller man’s leg behind the slacks. It wasn’t as big as Ringo’s, but it was definitely bigger than his other two lovers. He let his hand rub against the huge cock pointing in his direction.
“Tell me,” began the manager. “How far have you gotten with your two mates?”
“Well, you know I have topped both George and John. I promise George he’d be my first, that way.“
“You know you don’t need to do this.” Assured the manager.
“I know. I want to.”
By the time the car stopped up Epstein’s driveway, they had done everything they could with their clothes on. The two hurried out, Brian relieved the driver for the night and they made their way to the front door. Once they were sealed inside, they engulfed each other’s faces while they slipped off their shoes and pulled off their jacket’s.
Ringo undid the tie around Brian’s neck, as the manager was unbuttoning the collared shirt of the drummer. The tie fell to the floor, Ringo’s shirt laid carelessly on the banister on the lower half of the stairs. Letting the smaller man walk ahead a step, Brian embraced him giving him more of an eye level with him. This seemed to boost the younger man confidence, as there was nothing small about his character or what was between his legs.
Starr would frequently hold onto his lovers head, to direct the kisses how he wanted them. He knew what he liked and wasn’t afraid to direct the position. Brian liked that in a bed partner. As they reached the bend in the stairs, Epstein laid the younger man down and climbed on top of him just to grind up against his crotch. He played with the exposed chest making his client moan out of control.
“Oh my fucking god, you’re even better than John!” the man on the bottom cried. His pants had a small wet spot seeping through the fabric, where the tip of his hard dick lied.
“Who do you think taught John?” Epstein whispered in the ear of the drummer. Then the taller man scooped up his shorter friend and embraced him deeply so not to receive protest. They reached the bedroom and Brian pinned Starr to the door at eye level. As they kissed Ringo struggled to speak.
“Put me down, I’m not a child.” Said the insecure lover.
“Richard, don’t be self conscious. You are fortunate to be at the height and body type that can still carry women and some men, while being able to be carried off by other male lovers. Only one lover in my life was able to swoop me off my feet and lay me down.” He kissed the hesitant man so deeply, the restraint the latter had melted away. “Just enjoy it, it feels nice to be small sometimes.”
Ringo had felt small his entire life, especially around the members of the band, however in the bedroom he always had women his height or smaller. He often sought petite women whenever possible. He had plenty to choose from. With George and John, he felt more comfortable starting things out in the bed, where his body height mattered little. Still he adhere to his managers advice and allowed himself to be carried inside the bedroom.
As soon as he heard the door shut the last of the drummers clothing was removed. His huge dick hung straight up, thick and strong. Brian couldn’t remove his clothes fast enough. He nearly tore his shirt off. He lifted his guest up and laid him gently on the bed. As much as Ringo wanted to protest, he had to admit it was nice being handled so sensually by another.
“May I touch you down there?” Brian asked, looking at Ringo’s huge dick.
“Of course! Touch me everywhere!” the younger man declared. He looked up with his blue eyes into the hazel eyes of the man above him. Brian was so handsome and warm. His lips were immensely soft, they felt like petals of a flower and we’re sweet to the taste. Those lips traveled down the smaller body and made his way down to the juicy dick in his grasp. He sucked down, deep throating the meat all the way to the base. The drummer moaned out of control. This was the greatest head he had ever had. Brian was so skilled, his lover squirmed uncontrollably as the tongue twirled around the thick shaft.
“Oh my god!” cried Starr. “You’re fucking incredible!” he was on the verge of cumming, but Brian having mastered many techniques, applied pressure under his testes just before Starr would have climaxed. Ringo still cried out even though nothing came out. “What did you just do to me?” he asked shaken by the pleasure he didn’t understand.
“I have learned many little methods in how to pleasure a man’s body.” Brian bragged. “Let me show you something else.” Before the Beatle could ask, Brian spread his rear and stuck his tongue inside him, causing tingles to climb up his spine. Ringo had never experienced anything like this. He had done this himself to his female lovers but no one had ever done this for him.
When Brian was done he climbed up the smaller man, kissing him deeply and thrusting hard into the huge cock beneath him.
“I want to pleasure you too!” Ringo stated.
“Oh Richard, you have no idea how much pleasure you are giving me. I love touching you and watching you enjoy what I’m doing to you.”
“Still, I want to do something for you!”
“I really want to watch you cum. You have no idea how much I enjoy that.” Ringo was not used to such a lover. Still he was determined to satisfy his partner.
“I’ll let you fuck me!” he blurted out, regretting it immediately as he swore his first time to his beloved George. Brian was touched by the offer but knew his lover didn’t mean it.
“Oh Rich, you are so cute! I know you mean well.” Epstein ran his fingers across the small chest. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you break your promise to George.” Ringo reached his hand down and grasped the large meat of his manager and jerked the best way he could think of. His manager seemed to like it, so the drummer kept at it. Brian grabbed Starr’s throbbing cock and stroked it like an expert. As hard as Ringo tried, his manager just overwhelmed him with pleasure, forcing him to stop his efforts. The older man leaned in on top, making Ringo spasm under his control.
“I love you Bri!” the drummer shouted out as a long line of his foamy cum exploded all over his and Brian’s abdomen area. Seeing his lover cum, Brian began to shake the entire bed as he thrusted harder into the dripping seed that spread all over.
“You are fucking beautiful!” the older man cried, then Ringo felt the warm load all over his chest and stomach. The two kissed deeply, the sticky substance of their climax mixing together. Brian then climbed off his lover, retrieve the towel from his nightstand and proceeded to clean them both up.
Unlike John and Paul, Ringo didn’t instinctively curl into Epstein’s chest. The young lover rolled to his side facing away from his bedmate. This worried the elder.
“Is everything alright?” inquired Epstein. He leaned up against the drummer, gently stroking his hair.
“I’m alright, I guess.” The younger man uttered
“That doesn’t sound convincing.” The manager said, drawing the blue eyed lover near his chest. Ringo felt the soft warm breast muscles behind his head. He could feel Brian’s heart beat and the hair on his chest rubbed against the smaller back. The large arms were inviting though they made him feel small, Starr couldn’t deny this was comforting. “What’s the matter Rich?” Ringo felt warm kisses on his neck from the gentle lover
“I’m scared to let George invade me ass.” He confessed.
“You don’t have to have that kind of sex.” Brian assured him.
“A part of me wants to. Both George and John say it feels amazing, but..”
“It’s okay, go on.”
“I don’t think I could handle it.”
“What are you afraid will happen?” Mister Epstein pressed.
“Will it drive me mad? Will it hurt? Will I cry like a baby?”
“I think what you are fearing is vulnerability.” Brian rolled his lover to face him. “I saw you struggling with that while we made love. You were uncomfortable being held.”
“I find it humiliating. I’m a man!”
“A man can be held. Being shorter and lighter doesn’t take away from your masculinity. It gives you the opportunity to experience something most men are too afraid to allow, even if they could.” Then Brian pushed his body down to where his head met Ringo’s chest and snuggled into the drummers warm embrace.
The younger man’s face lit up, feeling more composed. He petted his older lovers face.
“Thank you Bri .” the blue eyed man whispered caressing the experienced man’s face.
“I very much enjoy this kind of affection. Do you think less of me?”
“Of course not!” protested Ringo. Brian smiled.
“Then stop thinking less of yourself for enjoying the same thing.” He reached to his night stand, took his allotment of pills and curled back into the drummers arms. “We’ll talk more about this in the morning.”
“I love you Brian.” Starr muttered as he drifted off to sleep.
“I love you too Rich.” Were Epstein’s last words of the night.