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I (hate) love you

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PART TWO: I hate love you


Nayeon and Jeongyeon walked hand in hand, stealing kisses from each other every few seconds as they walked towards the student dorms.

Time was ticking and if it wasn’t for the cold weather, Nayeon would have dragged Jeongyeon into the bushes and straddled her considering how hot she was feeling right now. But she figured that her first time with Jeong probably shouldn’t be behind some shrubs (she’ll save that for their other times though, heh) near the student dorms so she did her best to control her hormones for hopefully, no more than another 5 minutes.

“Which block do you live in?” Jeongyeon asked, stuffing one of Nayeon’s naughty hands into the pocket of her hoodie. Jeongyeon could barely keep her sanity at bay because Nayeon kept running her hands along her stomach each time they kissed and her moans, oh god those delicious moans were driving her fucking insane. 

“Block D, you?”

“Block B. My room is closer so it looks like you are stepping foot in my territory tonight,” Jeongyeon replied, her teasing voice making Nayeon quiver with satisfaction.

They shortly reached the designated building, climbing a flight of stairs before Jeongyeon nervously started fumbling for her keycard.

Nayeon smirked, “Ooohh, should I be afraid that I’m now in your territory, Yoo Jeongyeon? Someone seems a little nervous I think. Are you sure it won’t be you at my mercy tonight?” Nayeon teased as the door behind her shut with a click.

“You wish.”

Before she could shoot a snarky reply, Nayeon gasped as she was pushed against the door, Jeongyeon’s lips roughly crashing upon her own as the younger girl wrapped her arms around Nayeon’s waist, pulling her in close.

Nayeon groaned at the sudden action, relishing in the taste of Jeongyeon’s sweetness against her tongue as she buried her hands in the blonde girl’s hair.

She felt blood rushing to her ears and cheeks as Jeongyeon continued her journey down her neck by leaving a hot trail of licks and kisses. Nayeon felt her knees start to give in as Jeongyeon reached underneath her top to give her breast a soft squeeze. 

It was as if her body was going into overdrive but Jeongyeon had barely done anything to her yet. Barely . Nayeon mentally scolded herself for being so weak. The last thing she wanted was to cum after, say, 30 seconds of Jeongyeon touching her. That would be absolutely fucking embarassing because she didn’t really want Jeongyeon to know how badly she’d been dreaming of this very moment. But fucking hell, Jeongyeon’s teeth tugging on her bottom lip and and her thigh wedging itself between her legs was definitely not helping at all .

Nayeon broke off the kiss, dragging Jeongyeon inside the room before practically throwing the younger girl on the sofa. Thankfully, the layout for the rooms seem to all be quite similar so navigating inside required close to zero effort.

Jeongyeon sat on the sofa, dazed but wide-eyed as she watched Nayeon stand in front of her, lifting her sweater and Jeongyeon’s hoodie off in one movement before discarding the clothing nearby.

Jeongyeon gulped in anticipation as she eagerly drank in the sight before her. Gaze piercing, lips parted and left in just her bra and jeans, Im Nayeon looked perfect . Jeongyeon revelled at how the moonlight caressed the older girl’s petite frame and how badly she wanted to explore the body before her, particularly the areas that were still clothed...

Nayeon slowly closed the distance between them, placing her hands on Jeongyeon’s shoulders and straddling her lap. She leaned in and captured the younger girl’s lips in a slow, sensual kiss.

“God I can’t wait to taste you,” Jeongyeon breathed, breaking the kiss.

Nayeon giggled. “Oh? You’ve already tasted my kisses. What else would you like to taste, baby?” Nayeon asked, sighing softly next to Jeongyeon’s ear as she started grinding against her lap.

“I..I want..” Jeongyeon stuttered, cheeks starting to feel hot with embarrassment. Was Nayeon really gonna make her spell it out to her?

“Mhmm? What is it that you want to taste next Jeongyeon ah?” Nayeon playfully teased before unclasping her bra and dropping it to the floor.

Jeongyeon’s breath hitched in her throat as Nayeon’s supple breasts came into view. Instinctively, she went to lean in so she could take that rosy pink nipple into her mouth but was stopped by a finger to the forehead. 

“No touching unless you’ve answered my question,” Nayeon smirked, leaning in until her nipple was just centimetres away from Jeongyeon’s parted lips. She could feel the hot breath tickling her skin. 

Jeongyeon placed her hands on Nayeon’s ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

“Your...your nipples. I want to taste your nipples next,” she murmured, letting her lips gently brush against the hardened nub.

Nayeon shivered as she felt Jeongyeon tease her. “Go on then,” she purred softly, running her fingers through the blonde girl’s hair, gently guiding her.

She moaned as she finally felt Jeongyeon trace her tongue around the nub before taking it in her mouth. Jeongyeon was starting to feel light-headed as Nayeon invaded every part of her thought process. It was sensory overload, seeing the older girl’s various reactions towards her. The way Nayeon hissed when she sucked a little harder, the way Nayeon groaned when she squeezed her and the way Nayeon melted into her touch when she kissed her. Everything about this girl in her arms was intoxicating and she needed more .

Lips never leaving each other, Jeongyeon guided Nayeon’s arms around her neck and hooked her own arms under Nayeon’s legs before standing up, earning a surprised yelp from the brunette. Nayeon’s body was so light that she walked over the bed with ease. She gently placed the brunette on the bed, placing featherlight kisses down Nayeon’s chest, along her torso before stopping at the top of her jeans. Jeongyeon looked up, smirking as she caught Nayeon’s dazed state before eagerly unbuttoning and taking off the brunette’s jeans and underwear in one swift motion.

The difference between them was now very stark, with Jeongyeon still fully-clothed while Nayeon was completely naked.

Jeongyeon relished at how beautiful Nayeon looked on her bed, basking in the moonlight. She never wanted this night to end.

“Baby, I don’t think it’s fair that you’re still clothed you know,” she whined, trying to cover herself up but failing miserably. 

“Someone’s impatient,” Jeongyeon chuckled, pulling her hoodie over her head, unclasping her own bra and discarding the remainder of her clothing.

Nayeon simply stared. She wet her lips as she let her eyes drink in the sight before her. God Jeongyeon was fit. And dear god, did she want Jeongyeon to ruin her tonight.

The moment Jeongyeon started climbing on the bed, Nayeon immediately yanked her down towards her, their lips clashing with a mix of lips, tongue and teeth. Their actions grew desperate by the second and when Jeongyeon finally dipped her fingers into Nayeon’s centre, collecting slick before sliding up to circle around her clit, Nayeon swore she just about lost her sanity.

Nails digging into Jeongyeon’s shoulders, Nayeon let out a loud groan as she felt Jeongyeon’s fingers finally enter her, hips bucking in a slow but steady rhythm. 

“Fuck, you’re so wet,” Jeongyeon hissed, nipping Nayeon’s shoulder and leaving a very pretty mark.

“Baby, oh god please don’t stop,” Nayeon heaved, throwing her head back every time Jeongyeon curved her fingers and clutching even more desperately onto Jeongyeon’s shoulders each time the palm of her hand came in contact with her bundle of nerves.

For a split second, a devilish plan flashed before her. Jeongyeon wasn’t usually the type to be overly assertive or dominating but for a brief moment, something in her brain clicked. Seeing Nayeon moaning and writhing beneath her, it made the blonde realise how much she wanted to push this girl over the edge, how much she wanted her lucid fantasies to come true, for Nayeon to whimper and beg her for release. 

“And what if I do...stop?”, a mischievous grin now plastered on her face as she started slowing down her actions, her tempo becoming painfully slow inside Nayeon’s walls.

Nayeon shot her an incredulous look. “You wouldn’t”, her jaw dropping.

“I can and I will...unless you beg for it, baby girl,” Jeongyeon cooed, sucking on Nayeon’s bottom lip before releasing it with a pop. 

Jeongyeon pulled back and studied Nayeon’s expression, curious as to how the older girl would react to her gamble. She’d constantly wondered what Nayeon would be like in bed. Was the girl more into vanilla-type sex? Was she more dominant?  Would she be willing to try different positions? All of these questions constantly piqued Jeongyeon’s curiosity of the girl ever since she saw her for the first time. She didn’t want to admit it but Jeongyeon had a high sex drive. She then wondered if Nayeon would be the final piece to her puzzle, both in and out of bed.

You wish ,” Nayeon scoffed, using Jeongyeon’s words from earlier against her before effectively flipping their positions so that Jeongyeon was now underneath her, shifting their dynamics.

Jeongyeon gasped at the sudden action, still in disbelief at how Nayeon flipped her with such ease. Jeongyeon had definitely met her match.

Nayeon readjusted herself, climbing onto Jeongyeon and practically sitting on her chest, her hot, wet centre now in full view for Jeongyeon to admire.

Nayeon looked down, with a fistful of Jeongyeon’s hair between her fingers.

She bit her bottom lip. “So Jeongyeon ah, is there anything else of mine that you might want to... taste ?”

Jeongyeon gulped, eyeing the glistening centre in front of her before letting her eyes travel back up the brunette's toned stomach, perky breasts and then back down to where she wanted to taste most.

Fuck, this girl is going to be the death of me.

Jeongyeon trailed her hands up the length of her waist, giving Nayeon’s breast a gentle squeeze.

“You know what I want to taste most,” she murmured, her breath shaky and her mind on the verge of exploding at the lewd scene before her. 

“ I don’t baby, not unless you tell me exactly.”

Nayeon grabbed the hand that was on her breast and lifted it to her lips, popping one of Jeongyeon’s fingers in her mouth, sucking it and letting her tongue run along the pad of Jeong’s finger.

Jeongyeon moaned at the motion, her own wet desire growing by the second.

Nayeon sat up a little so that her sex was directly in front of Jeongyeon and  then let her other free hand snake it’s way down between her own legs, parting her slick folds so that Jeongyeon could get the best view of exactly how wet she was for her. Jeongyeon was about to lose her fucking mind.

“Please…” Jeongyeon whimpered, desperate to taste that necar on her tongue.

“Please...what?” Nayeon purred, letting out a salacious moan as she circled her own throbbing clit with her fingers.

At that moment, Jeongyeon snapped. “God, please! I want to lick that clit so damn bad. Fuck, I need to taste your cum in my mouth. Just, please...” Jeongyeon begged, wrapping her arms around Nayeon’s thighs and trying to pull the girl down onto her. She’d never been so verbally obscene in all her fucking life but bloody hell did it feel good to say it.

Nayeon smirked, finally lowering herself onto Jeongyeon’s face.

“Look who’s begging for mercy now, huh?” 

“I hate you,” was all Jeongyeon could reply before finally taking Nayeon’s swollen nub into her mouth, letting the flat of her tongue slowly stroke it, causing Nayeon to throw her head back in ecstasy, completely unable to stop the string of lewd noises escaping from her lips.

Jeongyeon hummed in satisfaction as Nayeon’s sweetness flooded her senses. She knew in that instant, that this was what love tasted like. And Nayeon was absolutely and utterly correct. How could Jeongyeon not be at her complete mercy when she was riding her tongue and making the most erotic noises to ever to grace her ears? That was one more reason to hate this perfect girl on top of her.

Nayeon continued to grind against Jeongyeon’s tongue at her own pace, her head lolling to the side from time to time as edged herself, hissing each time she denied her own climax. She wanted her first orgasm with Jeongyeon to be the best fucking orgasm she’s ever had and with one more slow stroke of a tongue, that’s exactly what it was.

Nayeon cried out as she felt a tsunami of pleasure crash over her, practically knocking the air out of her lungs. She exhaled shakily as she continued to ride out her orgasm, both hands splayed out on either side of Jeongyeon’s head to steady herself as her legs started turning into jelly.

Exhausted and satisfied, Nayeon crawled back down Jeongyeon’s body, the blonde girl sitting up with Nayeon now snug on her lap.

Nayeon’s arms immediately wrapped Jeongyeon’s neck, pulling her in for a sensual kiss and moaning as she tasted her own juices against Jeongyeon’s tongue.

Jeongyeon pulled back slightly, her nose nuzzling Nayeon’s as she whispered those three little words. Overwhelmed with emotion, Nayeon was rendered speechless as she melted into the girl before her. Gaze soft and touches filled with love, Nayeon replied by kissing Jeongyeon as if it was their last few seconds together in this universe. 

It didn’t take long before Nayeon suddenly found herself flat on her back, with one leg over Jeongyeon’s shoulder. Jeongyeon had repositioned herself so that their throbbing cores came close to contact before throwing Nayeon a smirk.

For the second time tonight, Nayeon shot her another incredulous look.

“Baby, you’re gonna scissor me already? But I’m still sensitive,” she pouted, further adding to the coiling fireball burning below Jeongyeon’s navel.

“Well, too bad,” she breathed, groaning as she finally felt Nayeon’s wetness against her own.

Grabbing fitfuls of the doona cover, Nayeon bit back a loud moan as Jeongyeon continued grinding against her, the overstimulation ready to send her into oblivion.

“Ha, you feel so good babe,” Jeongyeon panted as wet, delicious sounds of their love-making continued to fill the room. 

Nayeon looked down towards Jeongyeon. 

What. A. Sight. (And what a time to be ALIVEEE)

Jeongyeon with her lips parted, cheeks flushed, hands gripping tightly onto the leg over her shoulder and the muscles on her toned stomach becoming more defined with each thrust against Nayeon’s hot arousal. She felt like she was going to see stars all over again.

“Jeong, oh god. I’m - I’m gonna cum again,” she whimpered.

Jeongyeon reached down, intertwining one of her hands with Nayeon’s.

“Yeah? Let’s cum together then,” Jeongyeon managed, her voice husky as their climaxes ripped through them. Their bodies spasmed together as they rode out their orgasms before Jeongyeon finally collapsed on top of the brunette.

Still trying to catch her breath, Nayeon gently ran her fingers through Jeongyeon’s hair.

“You’re really something, Miss Abs-of-Steel Soccer Captain,” she chuckled, placing a playful kiss on Jeongyeon’s forehead.

Jeongyeon propped herself onto her elbow, raising her eyebrow as she looked at Nayeon.

“Only...something? That’s not good enough, Miss Most-Kissable-Lips Tennis Captain. You better watch out because I plan on being your everything,” Jeongyeon grinned sheepishly, leaning down to place more open-mouthed kisses along Nayeon’s collarbone.

Nayeon sighed softly, her cheeks burning like crazy yet again as Jeongyeon continued showering her with loving promises. Jeongyeon still had no fucking clue how embarrassed and loved she was making the girl feel.

She’s still my clueless idiot.

I mean, you can’t just say something like this and not expect any waterworks to start. Nayeon really didn’t want to bawl her eyes out for the second time tonight because of Jeongyeon’s sappy words so she thought of her best comeback to date.

“I hate you,” she replied hoarsely, biting her bottom lip as Jeongyeon started trailing kisses down her chest.

“Do you now?” She felt the younger girl smirk against her.

“Yes..I hate how good-looking you are,” she sighed, trying her best to hold back a moan as Jeongyeon’s tongue flicked against her nipple. “I hate how all the girls look at you like you’re their knight in shining armour. And you’re so fucking nice that you casually talk to everyone who approaches you.” 

Jeongyeon had now started moving down towards her torso, her breath tickling Nayeon’s stomach.

“And..and I hate how sexy you look when you’re in your element on the field. God you look so fuckable in your official soccer uniform that I constantly feel wet everytime I see you play,” Nayeon panted as Jeongyeon started peppering kisses along the inside of her thigh. 

“I...I also hate how I’m so shamelessly and - Oh god, so stupidly in love with you as well,” Nayeon moaned as Jeongyeon gave her hot arousal a nice, slow lick.

“Fuck, J-Jeong, how do you still have energy...for another round?” Nayeon managed in between soft gasps and exasperated sighs.

Jeongyeon paused her actions momentarily, looking up at Nayeon with a glint of mischief in her eyes.

“It’s only been two hours babe, so we’ve still got four to go. You said you wanted six hours of this...” Jeongyeon gave Nayeon’s bundle of nerves another soft lick before continuing, “so six hours is what you’re gonna get,” the blonde heartthrob chuckled before slipping two fingers in and busying her mouth with Nayeon’s swollen-again nub. 

Welp. Jeongyeon didn’t sound like she was all.

Many, many orgasms (between the both of them) and several hours later, Jeongyeon lay beside her, having completely passed out after tonight's activities. Jeongyeon hadn’t quite achieved the six hours she had promised but five hours was a pretty good run.

Nayeon mentally scolded herself. Never again will she make such a farfetched comment about wanting 6 hours of continuous sexy-time. Nayeon was fit, sure..but BY THE GODS was Jeongyeon FIT. The girl could go all night. Nayeon had run out of energy after the first 3 hours but not Jeongyeon. Nope. The soccer captain just kept on going.

Nayeon glanced briefly at the bedside clock. It was 4:50am. They had only a few hours of shut-eye remaining before their last sports meeting tomorrow at the university. One last commitment before students started easing into the semester break.

Barely able to stay awake, she pondered for a moment at how fast the year had flown by. Nayeon sighed as she snuggled closer to Jeongyeon, the sound of the younger girl’s breathing eventually lulling her into a peaceful slumber. 


At 8.15am, the girls awoke to the blaring sound of Jeongyeon’s alarm, the sound startling Nayeon so much she had practically kicked Jeongyeon off the bed.

Jeongyeon groaned as she got up. “Well, good morning to you too. A lovely morning kiss would have sufficed but kicking me off the bed isn’t so bad either,” Jeongyeon quipped, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“It’s not my fault your alarm sounds like a FUCKING FIRE ALARM. How do you not have a heart attack waking up to this everyday? Unbelievable,” Nayeon whined, noting to change it to something more pleasant later on.

Jeongyeon simply chuckled. “It works for me I guess. But anyway, hurry up! We need to get ready for the meeting. I’ll quickly make us breakfast. Why don’t you wash up? You look terrible, like someone who’s been thrown through a five hour tornado,” she winked before walking away.

Nayeon huffed. “No shit sherlock,” she muttered under her breath as  she rolled out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.

After a very brief shower, Nayeon waltzed out in one of Jeongyeon’s oversized tops, to find that the blonde had cooked them a simple bacon and eggs on toast breakfast, with a glass of orange juice on the side. The girls sat down and enjoyed each other’s company, chatting away and discussing their plans for the semester break. Upon finishing breakfast, Nayeon took initiative by offering to clean up seeing as Jeongyeon had cooked breakfast. As Nayeon stood by the sink diligently washing, Jeongyeon approached her from behind and wrapped her arms around the older girl's waist. 

“Thank you for doing the dishes,” Jeongyeon murmured, the scent of her own shampoo filling her nostrils. Sure, she was so used to this scent because it was her own but when Nayeon used it, for some reason it just smelt so good

“It’s the least I could do, honestly,” Nayeon replied, gasping suddenly when Jeongyeon nuzzled the spot just below her ear.

“Wh-What are you doing? We don’t have time babe. I need to finish cleaning up,” holding back a whimper as Jeongyeon sucked on her earlobe.

“It’ll be quick, I promise,” she mumbled, smoothly running her hands up Nayeon’s thighs and dipping two fingers between the brunette’s already-slick folds. Nayeon moaned at the touch, having to stop what she was doing to grip the kitchen counter, steadying herself.

“Oh? No panties? And already this wet? How naughty...I think I need to clean you up, don’t you think?” Jeongyeon breathed against Nayeon’s ear as she continued her slow strokes up and down the brunette’s centre.

“Please,” Nayeon sighed, throwing her head back against Jeongyeon’s shoulder and moving her hips to match the rhythm of Jeongyeon’s fingers. Nayeon had really, really underestimated Jeongyeon’s sexual appetite. Who’s the whipped one now? Nayeon, clearly.

“Please...what?” Jeongyeon cooed, her fingers collecting more slick as Nayeon’s arousal became more evident.

“Please let me cum Jeong,” Nayeon whimpered, grabbing Jeongyeon’s hand and trying to make her rub faster. Instead, Jeongyeon did the exact opposite by completely stopping her motions, resulting in an incredibly frustrated groan from the brunette.

But Nayeon was no quitter so she started grinding herself against Jeongyeon’s hand, the wet sounds it was making turning her on even more.

Right before Nayeon was about to see stars however, Jeongyeon pulled her hand away, bringing it up for the older girl to admire .

“Fucking hell. Fuck you Jeong, I was so close,” Nayeon whined as Jeongyeon popped her fingers into her mouth, tasting Nayeon’s arousal.

They were momentarily interrupted when both of their phones dinged on the kitchen counter. Jeongyeon peered over to read the message, smirking as the situation turned in their favour. 

“Wow, the Gods really do listen to you. Now that the meeting has been delayed for another half an hour, let me give you what you really want.”

With that, Jeongyeon turned Nayeon around and lifted her so that she sat on the counter top, right beside the sink. She threw one of Nayeon’s legs over her shoulder, pushing the oversize top up so that it revealed the brunette’s soaked heat and toned stomach. Jeongyeon felt herself salivating as she admired her handiwork.

Im Nayeon, cheeks flushed, legs spread and absolutely dripping , just for her.

Jeongyeon ate her out with fervor, letting the slow and deliberate strokes of her tongue, as well as the curling of her fingers bring her woman over the edge for the umpteen time that morning. Jeongyeon felt the brunette’s body quiver against her as she came down from her high, retracting her hand away and popping her fingers in her mouth, cleaning the remaining juices off her fingers as Nayeon stared in disbelief. 

“I hate you,” Nayeon grumbled, annoyed at the fact that her body betrayed her with such ease. She knew that it was something she was going to have to get used to from now on.

“Now I have to shower again!” she pouted and Jeongyeon smooched her.

“Great, you can join me then,” the blonde grinned as she scooped a pouty and whiny Nayeon up in her arms, walking bridal style towards the bathroom.


“The meeting’s already been delayed half an hour and they are STILL late,” Jihyo fumed, pacing back and forth in front of the gymnasium. 

The sport teams had one last team meeting to clear up a few admin-related work items before the semester break. They were also required to help tidy up the gymnasium after last night’s party.

The various other members of the university sporting teams were scattered about, casually chatting amongst each other.

Jihyo and the tennis squad (minus Nayeon), as well Momo and the soccer squad (minus Jeongyeon) stood by the entrance. 

“I’m sure they’re not too far off unnie. You know Jeongyeon is always notoriously late for anything really,” Dahyun chuckled as she cuddled Sana.

“Sure Jeong is but Nayeon?! Nayeon is never, ever late,” Jihyo replied.

“Unless she is with Jeongyeon that is. Do you think our plan from yesterday worked?” Mina wondered, remembering how Jeongyeon chased after Nayeon following last night’s little planned incident at the party.

Jihyo sighed. “Hopefully. I hope they figured their feelings out.”

“Figured out their feelings? By finally fucking you mean?” Tzuyu deadpanned, unaware of the shocked expressions from her unnies. 

“Tzuyu, language!” Jihyo shot back. Sure, the girls were all the same age but to her Tzuyu was still their baby. Tzuyu, Chaeyoung and Dahyun were the youngest of the girls, having joined the university halfway through the year.

 Tzuyu and Chaeyoung joined the soccer squad while Dahyun joined the tennis squad.

“Savage,” Chaeyoung whispered, slapping Momo’s shoulder and chuckling.

“I bet you one of them is gonna rock up with a visible hickey,” Momo snickered, with Chaeyoung nudging her in agreement.

Jihyo shot her a death stare. “They wouldn’t,” she gasped.

“I bet 5000 won that one of them will. 10,000 if it’s both of them. Deal or no deal?” Momo smirked.

Jihyo and Momo continued staring each other down before Jihyo replied with confidence, offering her hand for Momo to shake, “Prepare to be 10,000 won poorer, loser.”

“I hate to break it to you Jihyo unnie but the chances of you losing is...pretty high right now,” Dahyun replied.

“Well, we’re about to find out right now because they’re running like idiots as we speak,” Jihyo said as she watched her two best friends sprint like mad towards them.

“Sorry we’re late!” Jeongyeon shouted, completely puffed by the time they reached the rest of the girls.

Jihyo had her arms crossed and lips pursed, ready to start her formal interrogation, “Why are you bo-”

“Wow Nayeon unnie, nice hickey,” Tzuyu giggled as she pointed to a faint red mark just below Nayeon’s left earlobe.

Oh shit.

“Oh, you’ve got a nice one too Jeongyeon unnie! Everyone’s really happy you both finally fucked each other. Congrats,” she added, smiling sweetly, much to Nayeon and Jeongyeon’s horror.

Oh shit x 2.

“Tzuyu the Savage strikes again!!” Chaeyoung screeched, with everyone (minus a very pissed and soon-to-be poorer Jihyo) doubling over with laughter as Nayeon and Jeongyeon scrambled to cover up their hickies.

“Hey! Just so you know, we didn’t fuck okay? We made love allll night. She wouldn’t have orgasmed over 7 times otherwise so there’s a difference, alright?!” Jeongyeon shot back, unaware that her statement was catapulting the entire situation into oblivion. 

Nayeon didn’t even know where to fucking hide her face anymore at this point because Jeongyeon DID NOT JUST SAY THAT SO LOUD AND OPENLY FOR THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE TO HEAR.

By this stage, Momo and Chaeyoung were practically on the ground in hysterics, Jihyo looked like she was about to strangle someone, Tzuyu looked chilled as hell while Sana, Dahyun and Mina had no idea what to even do with all the new information that was being thrown at them.

Mouth still agape, Dahyun gently nudged Sana. “Babe, what’s the most times we've orgasmed in a session?” she whispered.

“Um...I think 3 times? Maybe 4 max? Nayeon really is on another level to us. Seriously, wow,” Sana whispered back, in awe at her captain's feat. 

Still on the ground, Momo held her hand up with her palm open in front of Jihyo.

“Alright, pay up loser!” she snorted, having not completely recovered from the hysterics  moments ago.

Jihyo fumed as she handed over 10,000 won to Momo, throwing her hands in the air afterwards and shouting ‘I hate you all!’ before stomping inside the gymnasium. 

“Nayeon unnie?” Tzuyu asked with a gentleness in her voice.

“Yes, young one?” Nayeon replied, the redness in her cheeks finally subsiding.

“Should I call you Nayeon Seven Seas from now on?” Tzuyu innocently requested.

Nayeon’s face resembled a tomato yet again. “Probably not a good idea, sweetie,” she answered, shooting Jeongyeon a death glare. “One sec while I kill this idiot of mine.”

Jeongyeon started running, with Nayeon sprinting after her.

“CALL HER NAYEON SEVEN SQUIRTS INSTEAD!” Jeongyeon shouted as she disappeared into the gymnasium, laughing like crazy.

“OH MY GOD. SERIOUSLY?! ARGH I HATE YOU YOO JEONGYEON!” Nayeon could be heard screaming like a madwoman as she chased after the soccer captain.

Jeongyeon cackled as she dodged a sloppy tackle aimed for her. The semester was almost over, soccer season was great and the pretty Im Nayeon both hated her and was in love with her. Man, life certainly couldn’t get any better than this.