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Books and Blushes

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The day started just like any other in the Owl House. King demanding sweet food while being completely adorable, Lilith was talking to Eda while they both had a cup of Apple Blood. Luz was happy that they could finally get their hands on some now that they have more money from that bounty.

Today Luz made plans to go to the library. With money issues being taken care of and her and her friends being back at Hexside she wanted to focus on finding another way home. Maybe there was a spell or a ritual of some kind that can transport her back home?

“Eda, Lilith! I’m going to the library!”

“Alright kid, try not to get into too much trouble.” Eda waved at her while Lilith merely smiled and gave her a nod.

Hooty started talking to her as she started walking away, “Make sure to bring some books for my new bestie!” How Lilith and Hooty get along will forever remain a mystery to Luz.

Arriving at the library she received a death glare from the librarian, no doubt because of her previous shenanigans with the Blight twins. Luz laughed to herself as she remembered the pranks they pulled. But them she frowned when she remembered how one of those pranks almost cost her the, then just potential, friendship with Amity. Amity. Amity.

“That’s actually a really pretty name. I never noticed.” Luz’s mind went back to the Blight Industries presentation and how Amity swooped in to help her. A blush spread across her face as she remembered how cool and pretty Amity looked then. She shakes her head, this was no time to think about any of that, she needed to concentrate.

She didn’t even know where to start with her research. The library was huge and if any fantasy books she read were anything to go by then there’s a real chance that she could get lost here if she isn't careful. Amity even had her own secret room in here.

Come to think of it they still didn’t follow up on the Azura Book club. Maybe Luz should talk to her about that. Its gonna be a lot of fun for sure. She could already hear Amity laughing. Wait... she could actually hear Amity laughing right now.

Luz looked around looking for the green haired witch. She found her with the kids just like last time. Amity was sitting on the floor, reading, with the kids sitting around her with big smiles on their faces that matched Amity’s own.

As Amity finished the book one of the kids pulled on Amity’s hair causing, freeing her hair from the hairband that held her ponytail, “Hey, no hair pulling.” Despite trying to be scolding Amity couldn’t stop smiling as she took her hairband back. The kids laughed along with her, thanking her for the story, hugging her legs as she stood up and waving goodbye at her. Amity waved back before trying her hair back into her signature ponytail.

Luz blushed from her spot behind the bookshelf. How had she never noticed how pretty Amity was? Was she blind to beautiful things?

“Luz?” The sound of Amity calling her name made Luz jump a bit.

“Amity! Hey! Wasn’t expecting to see you here today.” Luz really hoped she looked calm right now because she could feel her heart beating like it was about to jump out of her chest. Which might happen, anything seemed possible in the Boiling Isles.

“Oh. I started working here. I like the library and its always been a place that made me feel peaceful. Well other than that one incident.” Amity chuckled.

Luz smiled at her, “Yeah that was a pretty crazy night.” She scratched the back of her head, “But I’m really happy that it brought us closer you know.”

“Yes. I’m happy about that too.” The two witched looked into each others eyes for a few moments before looking away quickly, “So... would you like to read some books with me? In the hideout? Maybe now? There’s snacks too.”

“Sure!” Luz answered before she could even think about it, but the look of delight on Amity’s face so wonderful that it made her heart skip a beat.

“Lets go then.” Amity walked past her, taking Luz by the hand, pulling her along. Luz knew where the bookshelf entrance to the hideout was but walking hand in hand with Amity made the experience of arriving there so much better. Even if it made her so much more nervous too.

Amity wondered if she should walk faster or slower. On one hand she wanted to get to the hideout quickly because she felt like she might pass out from holding Luz’s hand, but she also wanted to hold her hand for as long as possible.

When they arrived at the bookshelf entrance Amity decided she wanted the later.

Upon the bookshelf sliding up the two entered and Amity looked around to make sure they weren’t followed, namely by her siblings cause they would never let her hear the end of it.

This was the second time Luz was in this room. She looked around the bookshelves. She picked a random one, noticing that Amity perked up when she saw her choice. Must be one of Amity’s favorites. She looked around for a place to sit, there was obviously the chair at the desk but that was Amity’s spot.

Amity saw Luz looking around and decided to do something that would either end really well or really bad, probably with her fainting. She gathered up all the pillows and made a little pillow nest of sorts. The green haired witch sat down after picking up her own book. She looked up from her spot, her eyes meeting Luz’s for a brief moment before she blushed and looked away, Luz doing the same.

She didn’t trust her voice right now so she resorted to patting the spot next to her. Luz smiled at the gesture, practically skipping to take her spot on the pillows. There was little space left between the two, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, quite the opposite. It made both their hearts flutter and made big smiles appear on both of their faces, smiles that they bashfully tried to hide behind books.

They read their books in silence, mealy enjoying each others presence, stealing glances at each other every now and then.

Luz was starting to get a bit sleepy. She was very comfortable and the atmosphere was really relaxing for her.

“Hey Luz, you ok?” Amity’s voice snapped her out of her sleepy state. When she woke up a little, she realized that she was leaning her head on Amity’s shoulder. Amity blushed looking down at her, it didn’t take long for Luz to do the same.

“Sorry! You’re comfortable! I mean this place is comfortable!” Luz scrambled away from Amity, almost falling over before catching herself, “Uh, I think its getting pretty late anyway, I should go. Everyone’s gonna worry and King might try to form an army to find me.” Luz chuckled at that thought.

“Oh.” Amity’s looked sad for a moment before smiling at Luz, “I’ll see you in school then. And maybe... maybe we can do this again sometime.”

Luz beamed at Amity and took her hand in hers, “I’d love to.”

They both smiled at each other before looking at their hands, then back at each other, blushing, faces so close they could almost touch.

“I... I’ll see you soon ok?” Luz let go, a bit reluctantly since holding Amity’s hand felt really nice and she was pretty sure it was now on her list of favorite feelings.

“Yeah sure.” Amity smiled, “I really enjoyed this Luz.”

As they parted ways and Luz made her way back to the Owl House, Luz’s mind couldn’t help but think about Amity’s offer to meet up next time. She liked spending time with Amity and she was really looking forward to their next meeting. That’s when it hit her. Was it... was it a date?! Luz liked Amity, she liked spending time with Amity, Amity clearly liked spending time with her too or else she wouldn’t have offered to meet up again.

She spent so much time thinking this over that she was back at the Owl House before she knew it.

“Hey kid, took you long enough.” Eda welcomed her back, reading one of her spell books with a bunch of glyphs around her.

“You’re back!” King jumped into Luz’s arms and snuggled into her.

“I missed you too King.” Luz patted him on his little back.

“So did you find anything?”


Eda raised a brow, “At the library? About going back home?”

Luz’s eyes widened, “Oh no! I completely forgot about it!”

“Then what were you doing this whole time?”

“I was with Amity.” Luz rubbed the back of her head, “We were reading books together.”

Eda laughed, “Is that what you kids are calling it these days?”

“No! We were really just reading books! And I lost track of time.” Luz’s face felt like it was on fire and she was sure her whole face was red, “We’re meeting up again. Just don’t know when.”

“Ah young love. So sweet, it makes me sick.” Eda gagged dramatically, followed by laughing.

“I’m just gonna go to sleep, its been a really long day.” Luz ran into her room before Eda could tease her more.

Despite the fact that it would no doubt lead to more teasing from Eda, Luz couldn’t help but look forward to her next maybe-date with Amity.