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What is love?

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It felt strange, or so Fushi thought, how the playground looked like at night; empty and in almost complete silence. It also felt strange being there without Eko or March, although he really wasn’t alone at the moment.


"So… 400 years, Huh...?" He heard his companion say, he was sitting next to him under that small billboard so familiar to Fushi.


"Yep" He replied as he took another sip of his drink.


"...And you revived me" Although Kahaku's tone didn’t give any indication of doubt, it was obvious that there were still many things going through his mind. Fushi couldn’t blame him though, he wasn’t only in a completely different world from the one he knew once before, many centuries in the future, he also had to carry everything that had happened before.




"Wow" He didn't seem surprised.


"You're taking this better than I would have expected" The white-haired boy continued.


"I guess I just don't know how to react"


They hadn't talked much. After the initial shock Fushi took him to a place more familiar to him and he simply stared at Kahaku who was apparently trying to decipher all the things around him, from the lanterns to the asphalt. When the blood on Kahaku's clothing began to turn a more brownish color due to oxidation, Fushi decided to talk to him a bit and tell him about the situation, about how he revived his friends and how long ago they were revived, since that man didn’t seem to be able to ask a single question about the situation he was into.

In the distance they could see how the dark night sky slowly turned purple thanks to the sun that threatened to rise. Fushi didn't want to show it, but he still felt slightly uncomfortable at the presence of that black-haired man next to him.


"Why did you revive me?" They both avoided each other's gaze, and Kahaku was quieter than Fushi remembered.


He pondered the answer, he really didn't know. "I don’t know"


"It was an accident?"


"Probably" He took another sip of his bubble tea.


There was another strange silence, it wasn’t completely uncomfortable since they both didn’t seem to be very aware of their situation, but there was definitely a complicity in which they both felt that there was something wrong.             


"I'm sorry," Kahaku said suddenly. "Because of… Because of what happened before…" He looked at his own body and clothes covered in dried blood, his face still dirty from the liquid that was once crimson, he pointed to his bloody body instead of finishing his sentence.


"Why did you do it?" Fushi asked genuinely curious.


"I… I didn't mean…" His face looked truly pained. "I didn't mean to hurt you... It was... It was the knocker... the... the knocker had already killed the others before so... so it wasn't my fault... It wasn't..." It felt like he was trying to convince himself.


Fushi looked at his face bathed in the light of the streetlight, sitting a few meters from him in a pool of blood, he could recognize those eyes so characteristic of his successor but he couldn’t recognize that face so distressed, as if he were silencing thousands of words.


"I know." However, he couldn't help but feel a bit upset towards him. Although it wasn’t technically his fault, he was involved in his near-death experience. "Then why did you run away?"


"I couldn't face you after that… I couldn't face anyone… after that" He watched as he clenched his fists and closed his eyes in exasperation.


"But then you do think it’s your fault"


Kahaku didn't reply.


They both looked up as they began to see rays of sunlight peeking out, along with a few people who began to appear in the streets staring at the bloody man in terror and amazement.


"We should go somewhere else" Fushi said getting up.





Bon's face was simply indescribable. His eyes widened as his mouth opened slightly apparently not being able to form a sentence, with his index finger he was pointing to the man standing awkwardly in the frame of the door.


It was already morning, the birds were singing and the slight morning sound of the town waking up could be heard; the sound of the leaves of the trees as a soft wind passed through them, the few cars that also passed from time to time, and the steps of the man approaching Kahaku, who had a doubtful and shy look on his face.

"Kahaku?!" He exclaimed suddenly frightening the two boys who were in that strange and neglected garden, under a broken roof and a door on the verge of collapse.


It had been a long time since he had seen Bon's face so surprised, or shedding that serious and carefree face that he used to wear lately, it was nostalgic Fushi thought, to have the Bon of back then and Kahaku himself in the same place without trying to lead a war, if he took the form of Parona perhaps, they could go back to those times.


"Bon?" Kahaku asked, as he cautiously descended the broken stone steps "What the hell are you wearing?" He looked with suspicion but amazement at the suit he was wearing.


The prince completely ignored his question “What is…?! Fushi?! How is he alive? Are you… controlling his body? "


"Of course not" He replied. "I just tried to revive him and it worked."


"No, it can’t be possible! Your soul... Your fye wasn't here! You were in the other side! Where have you been all this time?"


The white-haired boy saw Kahuku’s face wrinkle into a grimace, as if he was trying to remember but couldn't.


“I really don't know… It felt like waking up from a long dream, not at all like when you revived Kai and the others, they seemed to be… present even after they were dead. I really don't know what happened"


Fushi wanted to find an explanation, he really did, but he didn't want to focus on something that had already happened and that had no turning back, it wasn't like he could just kill Kahaku and pretend that none of this happened. He called Bon so that he could help Kahaku reintegrate into society like he did with the others, but after seeing his shocked face he couldn't just ask him now, he should probably give him some time to think. He looked at his side, at that abandoned and almost destroyed sanctuary that was the only place he could think of where to bring Kahaku, Mizuha took him there from time to time and it was the place where they used to see each other after school so the place was familiar to him and he knew there would be nobody questioning his bloody companion.


He’d also considered bringing him to Yuuki's house, but he didn’t think he would be able to deal with all the questions that everyone would ask him or the tension that would probably form, Fushi knew that things hadn’t ended in the best way between Kahaku and some of his friends.

Once Bon's face stopped being one of absolute surprise, he cleared his throat and put his fingers on his chin, as if trying to find the logic to the matter, giving up completely after a few long seconds in silence and finally looking with at the man in front of him with a more civilized face.


 "It has been quite a while, huh?" He said with a small smile on his face. "It's nostalgic, to a certain point"


Kahaku smiled, finally, a shy smile and probably the first he had given in about 400 years, and approached Bon with an outstretched arm.


"I think it has" He replied as they shook hands.


This made Fushi think about how he didn’t even greet him, it felt like he was just starting to acknowledge his existence again and how he didn’t even miss his absence, which was probably why his comeback didn’t cause something so big inside him. Was he a bad person? Kahaku always seemed to love him so sincerely, but Fushi didn't even miss him.


"Welcome, Kahaku, to the new world" Finally Fushi said, as a breeze began to make the leaves of the trees sound more violently and his hair slightly obstructed his vision.


He turned to Fushi, seeing him with a look in his eyes that he hadn’t seen in anybody else in years, and years, with a look that nobody could replicate and that only appeared when he (Kahaku) saw Fushi (Only Fushi) and smiled at him, a smile no longer shy, but one that really looked like he didn't want to hide.


Fushi smiled as well.