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Second Chances: Outtakes (Flashbacks)

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"Surprise – Part 1"

[Wed. June 23, 2004]

It was the night of Casey Winchester's senior prom at Sir John Sparrow Thompson High and she was left to babysit for the night since she didn't have a date. Unfortunately, one thing led to another, which resulted in the young hunter getting ready in her room for the special occasion while Derek, Emily and Truman were waiting for her downstairs.

Casey didn't want to go to prom with Truman; she didn't mind staying at home since she had her perfect prom when she went with Max two years ago when they were dating. She really didn't want to see Derek at prom with Emily but her friend was laying down the guilt card on how she wasn't going to go to prom if Casey wasn't going. The young hunter knew that if Emily didn't go, then Derek wouldn't be too pleased since he was only going to prom to enjoy the parties. So Casey reluctantly agreed to go with Truman, before she headed upstairs with Lizzie to get herself ready.

Casey already knew what she needed to do in order to get ready so while she did the private stuff, Lizzie went to get what Casey needed from the bathroom, like her curling iron. The hunter knew that she didn't have enough time to snatch her knife strap from her closet safe, which would have been attached to her upper thigh as it would have been hidden from prying eyes or touchy hands. Instead, the youngest Winchester gathered her outfit after finishing what she had to do alone.


Downstairs was a little tense as Derek, Emily, Truman, Edwin and Marti waited for Casey while she got ready. Marti wanted to go help her stepsister instead of being in the same room as the slime bucket and she could sense that neither brother wanted to be in the same room as the jerk. The youngest Venturi didn't really understand why her stepsister was going to prom with the jerk, but then again, she never understood what teenagers did most of the time.

Emily kept glancing between the stairs and everyone else, debating about helping her best friend get ready.

"Maybe I should go up and help." Emily offered as she played with the hem of her dress.

Derek rolled his eyes; he never really understood why girls tended to get ready for these functions in groups. She's just putting on a dress!

"No need Em. Space-Case is just fine with Lizzie." He waved it off as if her suggestion wouldn't change a thing. If she went up, it would only delay us more. He thought to himself.

Emily grimaced at her date. "Derek." She said his name in a slight reprimanding tone.

Derek looked to the girl beside him with confusion, "What?"

Emily's expression didn't change.

Derek rolled his eyes, finally figuring out why she used the tone she did. "Just because I'm your date doesn't mean that stops between me and Casey." He explained, emphasizing the fact that his remarks towards Casey weren't going to stop just because it was prom and that he was her date. They didn't stop when Casey was dating Sam so they aren't going to stop if I go to prom with her best friend. Derek pointed out in his mind.

"Not even for tonight?" Emily asked hopefully.

Edwin and Marti just looked to one another before they shook their heads, already knowing what their older brother was going to say.

Derek scoffed. "Nope, because knowing you and Casey, you'll ask the same thing on Saturday."

Emily sighed, knowing that she wouldn't be able to change his mind, while the younger Venturis stifled their chuckles due to their brother's antics.


Casey had shimmied into her prom dress, snapped the neck strap in place and was just about to move onto her zipper when there was a knock at her door.

The door opened slightly before Lizzie poked her head through. "It's safe to come in, right?"

Casey smirked as she quickly zipped her dress up as far as she could go, thankful that it was covering all that she needed at the moment. "Yeah, just plug the curling iron in and then finish zipping me up."

Lizzie did as she was instructed before she walked to stand behind Casey, who was looking into her mirror. Casey watched through the mirror's reflection as Lizzie pulled the zipper up the rest of the way before she hook the little clasps together. Casey saw no indication from Lizzie that she saw anything peculiar, so the hunter let out a sigh of relief. It's still a secret. She couldn't help but think to herself.

Lizzie sidestepped to the side as she looked at her cousin through the mirror. Lizzie missed it when Casey was getting ready to go to prom with Max two years ago due to her school trip to Ottawa but she had heard the whole story from her mom and Marti on how chaotic it had been.

"Case, that dress is perfect for you." The preteen couldn't help but compliment her cousin, who had a growing smile on her face.

"Thank you, Lizzie. I guess I still get to wear it." Casey mused out loud as she looked over herself in the mirror before checking the curling iron, seeing that it was ready. The hunter moved to sit in front of her mirror before she started curling her hair, but making sure they weren't tight curls but just loose wavy ringlets.

Lizzie stepped closer so that she could assist Casey, if she needed it. "You know, I told you to go to prom, not to go with Truman." The preteen quipped as she took the curling iron from her cousin, so that she could perform the same treatment on the strands that Casey couldn't easily reach.

Casey sighed but she gave a grateful smile to her cousin. "I know but I would've been the third wheel and you know how I hate that with dates." She explained as she watched her cousin curl her hair.

Lizzie nodded while being careful of the heated instrument. "That's true."

"Plus Emily was guilt tripping me so I have to go even if I don't want to." The hunter added in as she started to pack her black clutch bag up with both her cell phones, her wallet, some tissues, her compact mirror and leaving extra space for her small camera and makeup once she was done using it.

Lizzie quirked an eyebrow, as she looked at her cousin through the mirror. "Who doesn't want to go to their senior prom?"

The youngest Winchester gave an amused laugh, making sure not to move so much due to Lizzie's current job. "I already had my perfect prom with Max. The only way this one would have topped that one was if I went with someone I wanted to go with." Casey explained sadly when she mentioned how this prom would top the last one.

Lizzie could see the disappointed look on her cousin's face and she didn't like it. There was a time that Casey was really happy with a boy. Wait, that's it! "How about Devon? You guys were great together." Lizzie suggested as she thought of the fantastic guy that Casey had dated near the end of the year during her first year of living with them. They were so adorable together!

Casey smiled at the thought of going to prom with her best friend, Devon McCloud. Originally, she was thinking about her prom being perfect if she was going as Derek's date but she knew that wasn't possible. Devon and Derek…my top two choices for sure.

"I wish I could've asked him but he's probably busy with school. He would've been a university freshman this year, you know." Casey didn't hide her disappointment over the fact that she didn't ask her ex-boyfriend from Toronto but she was slightly bragging that he would be a college boy now.

Lizzie slightly laughed at Casey's words and she was thrilled when she saw that smile but it didn't stay there for long. Lizzie sighed. "I wish the long distance thing could've worked for you guys. You both were practically perfect." Lizzie couldn't help but gush about the brown hair, blue eyed boy. Lizzie definitely liked him out of all the dates that Casey had been with after the move. Lizzie always had this feeling about Devon that he knew everything there was about Casey, like she didn't have to hide anything from him; like her name. If that was the case, then Lizzie really wished that things worked out between them. But where would they be now? She couldn't help but wonder.

Lizzie released the last curl before placing the heated curling iron down.

Casey ran her fingers through her hair quickly as she tried to loosen the curls up a bit more. "I do miss him." She commented while focusing on her hair. She then went for the makeup but she only put enough on so that it brought out her natural beauty. If Lizzie hadn't witnessed Casey putting the makeup on, she would have thought she didn't have any on in the first place; only the thin line of eyeliner, slight eye shadow and some lip gloss were used. After she was done using them, she placed the lip gloss and eyeliner into her clutch bag.

"Well, it's just one night right?" Casey looked to Lizzie before motioning for her to hold her hair up as she positioned her black necklace in place.

Lizzie nodded her head as she held her cousin's hair. "Yup. Try to have fun." The preteen advised, letting her cousin's wavy hair flow over her shoulders.

Casey quickly put on her black earrings before taking a hair clip and gathering her hair so that the clip could hold up her curls in a side ponytail.

"I'll try." Casey replied as she put her silver ring onto her right ring finger before Lizzie clasped the charm bracelet, the one her brother Sam had given her, on her right wrist. "Try not to burn the house down." Casey told her cousin seriously when they locked eyes but Lizzie could see the slight amusement in her cousin's blue-contact covered eyes.

Lizzie laughed while Casey headed for her bed, where her black heels were waiting. "I promise. I'll call Mom and text you her response if you want." The younger girl suggested as she grabbed the black clutch bag and handed it to the high school senior, who took it after strapping her heels on.

"Sounds great, you do that." Casey agreed as she stood up, nervously as she looked herself over. "How do I look?" Casey slowly turned around in a circle, having the ends of her dress flair up under the movement.

Lizzie smiled as she tried to fine the perfect compliment for her cousin. "You look-"

"Very pretty!"

Casey and Lizzie looked to the door to see that the interrupted compliment came from an excited Marti, who was trying to patiently wait outside Casey's room. Casey smiled at her pseudo-stepsister while motioning for Marti to enter her room. Lizzie gave a light laugh when Marti started skipping to Casey's side.

"I say you look amazing Case, but I do agree with Marti." Lizzie finally spoke as she complimented her cousin before smiling down at her stepsister.

Casey couldn't wipe the smile off her face. "Thank you, both of you."

"Does that mean you're ready?" Marti questioned, since Derek had sent her up to see what was taking Casey so long. Emily had tried multiple times to come up and assist her best friend but Derek and Edwin had argued that her helping would delay the process since they'd get distracted by talking gossip.

Casey shrugged her shoulders as she checked to make sure she had everything. "I guess so."

Marti beamed a smile while she clapped her hands repeatedly with excitement. "Good 'cause Smerek was getting a little fidgety." The youngest Venturi stated as she headed towards the door.

Lizzie looked to Casey, who had a confused expression on her face as well. Derek being fidgety? Both girls internally questioned.

Lizzie tilted her head to her stepsister. "Do you know why?"

Marti stopped in her tracks at the door, pondering over what to say before she looked back to the room's occupants. She shrugged. "Could be because he doesn't like to wait or from the fact he's in the same room as that slime bucket." Marti couldn't help but sneer at the mention of Truman. She didn't like how the jerk treated her oldest stepsister. At times, Marti thought that Truman treated Casey worst than how Scott had; it was weird but she couldn't help that feeling. Scott only took Casey out twice before finding out he was a cheater while Truman was dating Casey for about a month and he cheated with her cousin. Slime bucket for sure! She mused to herself.

Casey was amused by the nickname for her cheating ex and she just wanted to laugh but she couldn't; that wouldn't be setting a good example for her pseudo-stepsister. "Marti. I know he's a jerk but there is no need for names." Casey shook her head as she tried the reprimanding tone, hoping that no one else noticed the slight amusement it was laced in.

Marti gave a nonchalant shrug. "I call them like I see them."

Casey couldn't help but laugh since the little girl did have a point. "Looks like you have a niffy little gift then."

Marti smiled. "Thank you, now c'mon!" She waved her hand, signaling for her two stepsisters to follow her downstairs.


Derek was getting restless as he waited downstairs. He had only just sent Marti up a few moments ago but it felt like hours. He hated the wait and it definitely was uncomfortable the more time he spent in the same room as Truman. Sure, Derek had asked Truman to ask Casey so that he could freely take Emily but Derek was having second thoughts about the whole situation. In his gut, Derek felt that the situation wasn't right, but he instantly pushed it down, not wanting to acknowledge those types of protective feelings. That's all they are. I'm just being protective of my stepsister. If it was Marti or Lizzie in the same situation, I would be feeling the same protective vibe for them. He reasoned with himself but it didn't stop the second thought from popping up. No you wouldn't, it's different because it's Casey.

Derek groaned at the thought. He ran his fingers through his hair as he closed his eyes. "How much longer?" He questioned as he still sat beside Emily on the couch.

Edwin stifled his laugh at his brother's impatient behavior while Emily patted her date's knee to try to calm him down.

Casey was making her way down the stairs when she heard Derek's question and she couldn't help but chuckle, but only Lizzie and Marti heard her as they were right behind her.

"Relax Derek, I'm ready." Casey declared as she made her way downstairs, causing all attention to fall on her, except for Derek.

Derek threw his hands up in the air. "Finally!" He proclaimed as he stood up, getting himself ready to leave. "Took you long…enough." Derek hesitated when he finally took a look at his stepsister, and he didn't like what he was feeling when he saw her. He had to resist the urge to drop his jaw at the sight. Everyone else in the room was standing at this point when Casey finally descended down the stairs.

Casey's hair was curled yet pulled back into a side ponytail and from where Derek stood; it looked like she had a minimal amount of makeup on except for the bit around her eyes that just made her eyes stand out. She was wearing the infamous silver ring and charm bracelet that he learned early on that she never left home without them, but the dress she was wearing was simple and very form-fitting. Casey was wearing a royal blue satin halter dress with a rhinestone jeweled accent at the bust as it had a flared skirt that ended just at her knees with a mini train in the back.

Derek couldn't help deny that she definitely looked beautiful but he had to shake the thought away before it slipped out. She's your stepsister! He reminded himself repeatedly but he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Emily had covered her mouth when she first saw Casey, thinking that her best friend was looking gorgeous even with the little amount of time that she needed to get ready. I don't know how she does it. Emily couldn't help but think in her mind when she saw her friend as she finally stepped onto the hardwood floor.

Truman was smiling when he saw his date but he couldn't help but feel guilty for ruining things between them after the chase they've been through. I'll win her over tonight, I just have to figure out how. The hunter's ex-boyfriend mused to himself as he thought of ways to get back together with Casey.

Casey, on the other hand, had to fight the urge to blush when she felt Derek's eyes roaming her body. She didn't know how, but she knew it was him that was giving her the chills that ran up her spine. She hid it well as she had a small scowl on her face, getting ready for her rebuttal to Derek. "Hey, you didn't have to wait for me. You could have gone ahead." She retorted as she walked towards the front door.

Derek scoffed, thankful that she provided a way to get them back to normalcy with their banters. "And increase the chance of you skipping out…no thanks." He replied with a smirk when he exposed his stepsister's plan. He kind of figured she'd run, if given the chance since she didn't want to go with Truman. Don't feel guilty now D, you'll ruin the night if you think like that. He internally agreed with his own suggestion.

Casey lightly chuckled, since she did have no intention of going with Truman. "You know me too well, Derek." She quipped causing her pseudo-stepbrother to laugh.

"Indeed I do Spacey, and if you skipped, I'm pretty sure Em would be complaining to me and she'd be all distracted." Derek teased as he pointed out how Casey not going to prom would have indirectly ruined his prom night with his date, even if they were just going as friends that didn't mean that Derek wanted Emily to be distracted.

Emily playfully smacked Derek in the shoulder. "Hey! I would not!" Emily defended herself as she crossed her arms over her chest, defiantly.

Derek turned to his date with an amused expression; her playful hit not really affecting him. "Need I remind you of the last prom we all went to?" He questioned as he put his hands in his tuxedo jacket's pockets. Truman was interested in learning what event Derek was referring to but since he was already on thin ice with Casey, her family and friends, he decided to keep his mouth shut.

Casey was amused when she watched her friend think over Derek's words.

"Point taken." Emily sighed as she dropped her arms to her side, dejectedly.

Derek smirked victoriously, "Thank you."

Casey rolled her eyes at the action but she kind of expected it from Derek. Derek caught his stepsister's eye roll and he couldn't help but chuckle at the action. Good ol' predictable Casey.

Emily looked between her date, her best friend and the jerk. "So do we do the whole picture thing?" She questioned, genuinely curious since there were no parents in the house yet she kind of wanted to take pictures to document the special occasion.

Casey held her clutch up so that Emily saw it. "We'll do them at prom, I've got my camera." She explained before she lowered the bag and headed towards the front door.

"Make sure you get one of you and Derek together." Lizzie suggested causing the two in question to stop in their tracks, since they were getting ready to leave.

Derek and Casey looked to each other with confused looks before looking towards Lizzie.

"Why?" Both seniors questioned simultaneously, causing Marti to giggle.

Lizzie had an amused smile on her face. "Chances are Mom and George are gonna want a few of those." She explained with a shrug like it was the obvious thing in the world. If Mom and George were here, they'd be taking pictures like crazy and making those two pose together just for the hell of it.

Edwin could see the hesitation on his brother and older stepsister's face. "Plus if you do them, they might be more lenient when you present those to them." Edwin tried to persuade them. He could already tell that Casey would do the pictures for her mom but it was Derek that needed persuading.

Casey didn't know what to expect with Derek's answer to that request. Deep down, she wanted to have the pictures with Derek to have it as a documented memory of how they looked together all dressed up but she didn't want to get her hopes up. No matter how I feel about him, it's still Derek that I'm dealing with and he'd never want to take pictures with me.

Derek tilted his head in thought. "Bribing material…" He thought out loud before nodding at the idea, "…sounds good to me. Let's move out people!" He suggested as he got closer to the front door, opening it up before motioning for Truman to go first, then Emily before he turned to Casey, who was addressing the younger kids on what to do. The younger kids promised to be good before their older siblings said their goodbyes and stepped outside to join their dates.

Derek and Emily headed towards the limo while Truman stayed behind to hand Casey her flower corsage and he complimented her on her appearance. The young hunter put on a polite smile (against her will since she still felt the urge to slug the jerk) as she threaded her left hand through the corsage's wristband. Casey and Truman remained silent as they joined Derek and Emily in the limo before they headed to Sam's place to pick him, Kendra (Sam's date and Derek's ex-girlfriend), Ralph and his girlfriend Amanda up.


The ride to school in the limo was very lively as everyone chatted about the night's festivities. The guys were talking about the after parties; the girls were talking about each other's outfit and how much fun the night was going to be. Truman tried to get a word in with Casey but she avoided him and made it seem like she was so involved in the girls' conversation when she really wasn't. The young hunter was able to multitask as she was able to stay active in the conversation while listening in on the guys' conversation as she secretly watched Derek. She wanted so badly to be his date for tonight but she had to push the thoughts back and hope for the best for the night.

When they arrived at the school, it was beautifully decorated for the occasion inside and outside of the cafeteria. They had a booth set up for students to hand in their tickets and then down the hall, they had a nice set up for those students who wanted professional photos taken for the event. Truman had wandered off somewhere after giving his ticket to the booth, so Emily and Kendra thought it was the perfect time for the group to take their professional photos. Sam and Ralph didn't mind much but Derek kept on groaning about the idea. Each of them had a ticket for one photo each, so Kendra, Amanda and Emily wanted to take one with their dates and then use the rest for group shots. Through all the excitement, the girls seemed to forget that Casey's date was missing.

"If you go with that set up, what about Casey?" Sam questioned when he looked to the brunette in question, shocked to see the amused expression on her face.

Casey smirked, appreciating the concern. "It's fine Sam, but thanks for not forgetting about me." She quipped, causing the three girls to look at her in horror, for the fact that they had forgotten about her.

Emily rushed up to her best friend's side. "Sorry Casey. Where's-" She hesitated as she looked around for Truman but Casey cut her off.

"Whether he's here or not, I am not taking one with Truman." She didn't yell but they could tell by her voice that she wasn't changing her mind on the subject.

"Scratch that idea then." Kendra spoke up as she looked between everyone in the group.

Emily thought of something for a moment before she bit her lip, nervously. "Case, you can take one with Derek. I don't mind." She suggested as she looked between the two step-siblings.

Derek and Casey's attention snapped to their neighbor. "What?" They both simultaneously questioned with wide-eyed expressions.

Emily shrugged, not seeing the problem with the idea. "I was just remembering what Lizzie and Edwin said."

Casey tilted her head to the side while Derek folded his arms, both giving her an expression telling her to elaborate on that reasoning.

Emily sighed, "Your parents would want photos of the two of you. I figured one professional one would be better than a dozen amateur shots."

Derek shook his head. "No way. Forget it."

Casey's brow furrowed in thought. "Makes sense, its less photos in the long run." She mused out loud as she thought the proposition over while keeping her joy internalized. "I'm fine with it." The youngest Winchester stated nonchalantly as she looked to Derek.

Derek continued to glare at Casey as they seemed to be having a silent argument with one another. It was only a few moments later, to everyone's astonishment, did Derek groan as his agreement. Casey smirked victoriously.

"The things I do for family." He grumbled to himself, making sure his stepsister heard him. He knew she heard him when he heard her try to stifle her laugh.


After they had gotten their seven photos (four couples and three group photos), they made their way inside the cafeteria, which was once again beautifully decorated for the occasion. There were chairs set up around the room, a makeshift bar where drinks were being served (nonalcoholic), a long table where many dessert dishes were stashed for the seniors who were hungry, a DJ station that was set up on stage and a huge dance floor that was right in front of the stage.

The coupled off group were too preoccupied to notice that Casey had already wandered off as she mingled with her fellow seniors while trying to find students she had talked to over the years, like Trevor or Noel, before asking to take some photos with them. Casey wasn't shy when she approached those she wanted a picture with and by the time she returned to her friends, she had taken a picture with almost the whole student body as well as some of the teachers that were supervising. Other people might have thought it was pointless, but the young hunter figured if she was going to come to the event, she might as well document as much as she could. It's not like you get a senior prom twice and it's not like I'll see these guys again after graduation. She thought to herself.

Casey had made a quick visit to her locker before she returned to the cafeteria and she didn't care that her date hadn't returned yet after her little departure. Once she spotted her target, she grabbed Emily and dragged her towards the dance floor. They started to dance when the music started to pick up the tempo and eventually the rest of the group joined in. It wasn't long before everyone was dancing. At some part during the dancing, Casey and Derek ended up dancing beside each other and just having fun. They usually took short beverage breaks but they usually occurred during the slow songs. Most of the time, Emily dragged Derek onto the dance floor for the slow songs, leaving Casey to disappear off the dance floor to either the bathroom or the makeshift bar. The youngest Winchester had wished on occasion that the drinks served did have some alcohol in them since she couldn't really stand the closeness between her crush and her friend.

It was around the third slow song of the night when Truman finally found his date near the makeshift bar. He was trying to figure out a way to win Casey back but half way through his time at the school he realized he wasn't going to get her back by ditching her at prom like he was because he needed to plan. Truman needed to be near Casey and get into her good graces and actually being her date would be a step up.

Casey hadn't noticed when Truman had joined her side, since she was internally seething at the sight of Derek and Emily kissing on the dance floor during their slow dance. Just friends my ass! She couldn't help but think even though there was a little voice at the back of her mind that was calling her a hypocrite.

It had gotten to the point that it was just too much for the young hunter, she had tortured herself enough by coming to the event and she couldn't take it anymore. Casey gulped down the rest of the drink she was nursing before she returned the glass to the makeshift bar.

"I can't do this anymore." She mumbled to herself before she headed for the side doors.

Truman had heard Casey and he tried to grab a hold of her arm to stop her but she was too fast. "Casey, wait!" Truman shouted out to his date before quickly following to catch up with her.


Derek was still swaying to the slow song with Emily in his arms but his attention was diverted to the makeshift bar where he saw Truman approach Casey. He didn't see Casey's reaction to the scum being present but he did see her storm off after finishing her drink, with Truman close behind her.

Derek didn't like the feeling he was having inside when he saw his stepsister leave in her angry state and the fact that Truman followed after her made the feeling a little more intense.

Derek moved a bit closer to Emily. "Hey Em, I'm gonna take a bathroom break." He whispered in her ear before pulling back for her reaction.

Emily nodded, not sensing anything wrong with the action. "Okay, I'll just get a drink." She suggested, causing Derek to lead her to the makeshift bar before he made his way out the doors to follow Casey and Truman.


Casey needed to get away. She couldn't stand to be in that room anymore. Maybe some air will help. The hunter thought to herself as she made her way towards her locker, where she had stashed her clutch bag earlier, not wanting to loose it in the crowd. She made her way to the closest exit she found but it turned out that the doors were locked. The teenager swore to herself as she went back the way she came.

The young teenager was too preoccupied when she rounded the next corner that she hadn't realized that she almost ran someone over with her speed until she felt a hand tug on her forearm. Casey whirled around to see none other than Truman French.

A scowl appeared on the youngest Winchester's face as she looked to Truman and back to where his hand was gripped around her left forearm. "Do you mind?" She gritted through her teeth, not liking it when people manhandled her.

Truman didn't seem to notice the irritation in her voice as he maintained his grip on her arm. "Can you slow down?" He tried to find a compromise with her in hopes of being able to talk with her.

Casey sneered when he didn't release her arm. "Take your hand off of me, Truman." She ordered angrily while keeping her temper under control. If this jackass doesn't release me, I swear to god, I'm not gonna hold back when I get my hands on him!

"Not until you agree to talk with me first." Truman was persistent, completely ignoring the fact that he was manhandling a hunter.

Casey scoffed while wriggling her arm. "What's there to talk about?" She removed her gaze from Truman's hand as she stared daggers at her opponent. "Oh I know; nothing!" She practically shouted in his face but not loud enough that students from the cafeteria could hear her…but it did attract Derek Venturi's attention as he followed the sound of his stepsister's voice.

"How many times do I have to say it, Casey? I'm sorry about what happened at the party. I really am." Truman sincerely apologized while maintaining his grip, in fear that if he didn't, she'd take off and not hear him out. She has to hear me out! Truman thought to himself.

Derek paused in his steps after hearing Truman's words around the corner of his position. Derek slowly approached the corner and when he poked his head around it, he saw Casey and Truman just by the stairs and in front of Derek's locker but that wasn't what caused Derek to see red when his eyes landed on the duo; it was the sight of Truman's hand gripping Casey's forearm tightly that caused the hockey captain's temper to rise. Derek had this overpowering urge to march up to them and rip Truman's grip off of his Casey. What? Derek shook his head. Did I just think of her as mine? The confusion definitely distracted Derek from his previous urge to act but it was Casey's voice that brought him back to the duo's confrontation.

Casey gave Truman an incredulous look, not believing he was still going on about that. I thought he was going to talk about his absence at prom…not that I care. "That's why you stopped me once again? Forget it, Truman. Now, let me go!" She protested as she wriggled her left arm more to emphasize her point.

"Casey please, let me make it up to you." Truman pleaded yet Casey rolled her eyes at his pathetic attempt to get on her good side. He's screwed that up big time. She mused to herself before deciding that she's had enough of Truman's dominant act and thinking that he's in control. I'm always in control. She thought as she quickly repeated one of the maneuvers Dean had taught her to use if someone had ever grabbed her like Truman had. The young hunter was free in no time, causing both boys watching to be shocked at the move.

Casey took a step back from Truman as she rotated her left arm, hoping to get the blood flowing faster, to get rid of the hand grip mark on her forearm. "When I say release me, you better do as I asked." She practically growled as she rotated the abused arm a few times.

Truman's eyes widened at the attitude change, finally taking notice that it wasn't the same attitude that he's dealt with.

Behind the corner where he was still undetected, Derek's jaw went slack when he saw Casey react the way she did, bringing back memories that he was forced to forget due to a promise. It's just like the confrontation with Ryan. He couldn't help but make the connection in his mind, remembering when Casey had intervened during his face off with Ryan, aka 'The Fridge', two years ago.

Casey slowly walked towards Truman with a death glare. "Get this through your thick skull; I want nothing to do with you, Truman." She sneered as she got closer to her cheating ex-boyfriend.

"You came to prom with me." Truman pointed out; salvaging any hope he had of them getting back together.

Derek rolled his eyes.

Casey scoffed. "Get real Truman. I only agreed to go with you so that Emily could go with Derek, like she's always dreamed about, and so that she'd stop pestering me about going. It had nothing to do with you." Casey explained with a little malice in her voice, hoping that if she was mean enough than Truman would leave her alone since she wouldn't be the same person he's been chasing for so long. He couldn't handle me if I was myself with him. She mused to herself with amusement.

Derek felt guilty at the thought of indirectly ruining Casey's prom night. Derek scrunched his face up in confusion. Since when do I feel this guilty?

Truman shook his head. "I don't believe that."

Casey gave a soft chuckle, kind of wishing that her brothers were here to see this as well as be her back up. Can't the guy take a hint? "Then you're an idiot. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to be somewhere." She made a mock gesture of looking at her wrist as if she had a watch before she started to walk away from Truman (yet not in the direction that Derek was hiding in).

"All of this over a goodbye kiss that meant nothing?" Truman shouted back at her, causing her to pause in her tracks. Truman couldn't help but smirk when she stopped and Derek just wanted to punch if off the scumbag's face.

Casey turned to look at Truman with a look of disbelief on her face. "You don't get it, do you? You not only cheated on me but you did it with my cousin!" She shouted as she shook her head while turning to face him. "If you asked anyone I had dated in the past, they would tell you that I do not tolerate being cheated on and that I don't give second chances after that. You blew it, now deal with it!" She bit back harshly, getting ready to leave once again.

Truman threw his hands up in the air in frustration. He didn't want to argue with her but if it meant getting his point across than he'd have to deal with it. "What dates?" When Casey didn't move, Truman started closing the distance between them. "Around here, I've heard you've only had two boyfriends and that you constantly fight with Derek. You gave them second chances, why not me?" He questioned as he lightly grabbed her shoulder.

What Truman wasn't expecting was a fierce blast of pain in his jaw a few moments after he touched Casey's bare shoulder. He immediately pulled back his hand to grab his jaw, as the pain was too much for him. It only took him a minute or two afterwards to figure out that Casey had punched him as she now glared daggers into him while fidgeting with her hands as a satisfying smirk graced her lips.

Derek was smirking when he saw Truman grab his jaw but he was definitely surprised when he saw Casey deliver the punch. Just like before. The oldest Venturi mused as the repressed memory resurfaced on its own. Derek had noticed that when Truman was mentioning him and Casey's other boyfriends, she was fidgeting with her hands before he saw her right hand clench and unclench into a fist while she held onto her little purse in her left hand. Now that Casey had executed the punch, he could see her fidgeting with her hands again and he assumed it was because she had hurt herself, but that was until he saw the silver ring glisten under the lights as she was switching it's position between her hands before she started clenching and unclenching her right hand again.

"Not that it's any of your business, Sam and Max got their second chance when they became my friends afterwards and Derek gets them because…he's Derek. Sure we fight but that's just the way we are with each other." She explained while rubbing her right hand, since it's been awhile since she's punched anything at the gym. "And for the record, I should have done that to you at the party." Casey clarified as she pointed to the spot she had punched Truman, causing his eyes to widen. He was in complete shock that Casey would do something like this. He's heard that she was a peaceful person who usually discussed problems out, unless Derek was involved.

Truman couldn't help but tense when Casey walked a bit closer to him. The young hunter smiled at the reaction, glad to see that at least his body was giving him the message to stay away. "If that wasn't clear enough for you, stay the hell out of my life." She turned to walk away before another thought crossed her mind. She slightly turned to address him. "And keep this between us, unless you want people to know that a keener like me landed a punch on your sorry little ass." She carefully warned but Truman could easily tell that she was holding back her hostility towards him.

Truman gulped.

"Now go back to prom and pick up some dateless bimbo while I go home. You've destroyed my mood to celebrate with everyone." She practically ordered before walking down the hallway that led to the main entrance.

Derek was still shocked by Casey's attitude and choice of words but he couldn't help but feel proud that she had dealt with Truman on her own. Not how I had pictured but still, it's a hell of a step up.

When he heard Truman wince and the sound of Casey's heels receding, he quietly cursed to himself as he remembered her parting words before he sprinted back to the cafeteria. She can't go home alone…

To Be Continued...


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