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Second Chances: Outtakes (Flashbacks)

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SC Outtakes

Fright Night

[April 4, 2002]

It was Thursday evening when Casey came downstairs to find her two pseudo-stepbrothers watching a horror film, both with a bowl of popcorn in their hands. Edwin was lying on the couch while Derek kept rocking in his recliner due to his constant pumping-the-air motion he tended to subconsciously do every time the villain attacked.

Casey couldn't help but roll her eyes at their antics. Typical and so juvenile. If only they knew that there were things a lot scarier than what they were watching out in the world. At times like these, she just wanted to rub it in their faces that she's faced worse but then that would lead to questions; questions she didn't want them to know the answers to.

Casey quickly went into the kitchen to find something to eat but when she couldn't, she grabbed a water bottle instead before heading back upstairs.

Casey stopped in her tracks when she heard yet another scream from the television followed by one of Derek's eager punches in thin air. She sighed. Might as well play my part.

"What on Earth are you watching?" Casey asked as she stood between the couch and Derek's recliner.

"Curse of Evil." Derek replied instantly without sparing his stepsister a glance.

"Part Nine: Gruekor's Revenge." Edwin added in as he popped more popcorn into his mouth.

"Much better than part eight…" Derek continued as Casey crossed her arms and watched the scene unfold as a guy with a knife was walking down the dark halls of the movie. Casey wanted to scoff or make a comment on how ridiculous the movie looked or how predictable it was but she had to resist.

"Yeah but not as creepy as part six." Edwin quickly added.

Casey glanced between the two Venturis and saw that they both were staring intently at the screen, not even bothering to acknowledge the fact that they were practically finishing each other's thoughts when it came to explaining to their stepsister what it was they were watching. She couldn't help but smirk at the idea. A Sam and Dean psychic connection in the making.

"If you want gore, try four." Derek suggested without missing a beat.

"You cannot be serious." Casey stated as she shook her head before Derek made a slicing action when the killer on screen sliced his knife through the air.

Casey groaned. He is serious.

After the initial scream track from the movie, the undercover hunter heard the little scared whine from under the orange blanket beside Edwin. Casey's eyes widened at the idea of either Marti or Lizzie being scared under that piece of fabric. Casey slowly moved the blanket out of the way to reveal a balled up Lizzie in the corner of the couch, eyes covered before she looked up at Casey.

"Is it over yet?" Casey could see the pleading in her cousin's eyes but her voice didn't waver all that much. She probably wants to look strong and prove that she can watch these stupid movies.

"For you, yes." Casey pointedly told the young girl before facing the current bane of her existence. "Why'd you let her watch this?" She questioned as she pointed to the television screen just as the intensity of the movie's soundtrack increased in its dramatics.

Lizzie sighed. "It's okay, I can handle it." The younger girl exclaimed before she turned back to look at the screen. Even though Casey couldn't see her cousin's face, she could see the girl's body tense up as the seconds went by.

Casey sighed, "Liz, its fine if you're scared but you don't have to watch this." Casey tried coaxing her cousin out of watching a movie that probably wasn't rated for Lizzie anyway. Casey slowly and carefully went to tap Lizzie on the shoulder to make sure she didn't freak the young girl out anymore than she already was. "Now let's get you to bed."

Lizzie had immediately tensed at the slight contact before it registered in her brain that it was just her cousin, she slowly turned her head to her cousin before looking to the stairs.

Derek smirked at the idea of his stepsisters being scared of a scary movie. "What, scared much?" He immediately quipped without taking his eyes off the screen as he continued to eat some popcorn.

Casey smirked to herself when no one was paying attention to her. As if these movies scare me after what I've seen. "Nope, these movies don't scare me, they bore me." She finished with a bored tone as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

Edwin turned his head to face his oldest stepsister, his eyebrow quirked at the notion of her declaration. "Bored by gore? I don't buy it."

Derek was watching out of the corner of his eye to see Casey's reaction to Edwin's accusation but she just stood her ground.

"You wouldn't be so fond of gore if it was your own flesh and blood." Casey stated with a tone that left people wondering whether she was telling the truth or just bluffing.

Derek was definitely conflicted because he couldn't tell if his stepsister meant that or not; if she meant it because of logic or if she meant it to bug them or if she meant it from personal experience. Either way, he had no idea and he was too involved in his movie to spare another thought on the issue.

Casey was beaming on the inside with her victory because of the questioning looks she got from both her pseudo-stepbrothers. She tried to focus on the task of getting Lizzie away from the movie as she pushed all past hunts to the back of her mind, hoping to temporarily forget all the times that she had to patch either of her brothers or her dad up after a hunt or even the odd chance that she got injured. No amount of Hollywood gore is going to compare to the real thing.

Casey sighed as she slightly tugged on Lizzie's arm to get her attention again. "Now c'mon, Liz." The teenager motioned towards the stairs causing the younger girl to nod in understanding.

"Come to think of it, I am a little tired." Lizzie declared as she faked a yawn and started to stretch. She was about to have a clean break but she was stopped by her curiosity to see the next death take place in the movie.

Casey could hear the small gasps coming from the preteen before she wiped her hand over her face to calm down, an action that she picked up from Dean a long time ago. "Liz relax, it's just a movie." The hunter assured the frightened girl and that got repeated nods of the preteen's head as she heard her mumble 'just a movie' as a mantra when she passed her cousin to go upstairs.

"No it's not." Edwin yelled loud enough to make sure Lizzie heard him, which caused Derek to snicker as his attention stayed glued to the movie.

Casey quickly leaned over the couch to flick Edwin in the head. "Would you stop scaring her?" Casey chided as she righted herself up.

"You mean scaring you?" Derek questioned as he jerked forward in his seat to grab Casey to catch her off guard but she didn't flinch.

Derek tilted his head to the side as he watched his stepsister slowly turn to give him her attention. She quirked her eyebrow before she followed his arm to the spot where he grabbed her: her wrist. She ignored the tingly feeling she felt at the contact and once Derek followed her line of sight he quickly let go of her arm as if it were on fire. Casey chuckled while Edwin continued to look baffled between the two teenagers as he contemplated the bizarre scene he just witnessed, movie forgotten at the moment.

Was it just me or did Casey and Derek switch personalities in that moment? The younger Venturi mused to himself before Casey's challenge broke through his fogged thoughts.

"As if, there's only five people in this world that know what scares me, so good luck trying to figure that out." She smugly stated before she retreated upstairs as she thought of her dad, her two brothers, their family friend Bobby Singer and her Aunt Nora as the only five people who knew what truly scared her; loosing her family. She could face any creature out there with her badass attitude, but if anyone she cared about was in a life or death situation, she is internally freaking out at the very possibility that she could loose them, just like she lost her mother.

Edwin returned his gaze to the movie as Derek watched his stepsister go upstairs. When he was sure that she was out of earshot, Derek leaned forward in his recliner towards Edwin, gaining his brother's attention. "Ed, I do believe that sounded like a dare to scare." Derek smirked while Edwin nodded in agreement.

You know I can never turn down a challenge, McDonald. The older Venturi mused to himself as he leaned back into his recliner and popped some more popcorn into his mouth.


Casey once again finished her nightly routine before going to bed as she took her turn in the bathroom after changing into her pajamas. Everyone in the family knew Casey's routine as if it were their own but it was the routine she performed once she closed her door that no one knew about but she has practiced all her life.

With her door always secured shut and after making sure Derek wasn't going to barge in, Casey would check her room to make sure everything was still in order. She always made sure the disguised salt line at her window was still in tact, the carpet that was under the window and by her door still hid the devil's traps and she made sure her hunting knife was secured behind her headboard. Casey would have easily had it under her pillow like her brother Dean but with other kids in the house who like to just enter her room for no reason, she had to hide it really well yet still have quick access if she ever needed it, like that night.

With Casey being a light sleeper, she immediately awoke when she heard her bedroom door creak open but she didn't jump up in her bed. She slowly moved her arm under her pillow to the back of her headboard to grab the knife while her attention was on the moving being in her room. She was about to pull the knife out completely and attack but she was stopped when she heard her name from a very familiar yet scared voice. Casey heard it again before she grumbled. Oh, you have got to be kidding me. The irritated hunter released her grip on the hunting knife and made sure it was still secure before she turned over to turn her lamp on.

Once there was light in her room, Casey turned to glare at the scared figure that stood at the foot of her bed, with a blanket over their head.

"Casey?" The figured questioned again as they slowly removed the blanket, revealing a scared Lizzie standing in front of the irritated hunter. Lizzie already knew that Casey was irritated by the glare and the fact that her cousin didn't like being disturbed when she slept but Lizzie was too freaked out to care. "Mind if I sleep in here?"

Still in her sleepy-yet-alert state, Casey managed to quirk at eyebrow at her cousin.

Lizzie swallowed. "My room isn't…safe." Lizzie tried to vaguely explain but Casey wasn't going to have that so with a wave of her hand, Lizzie told her cousin of Edwin's earlier stunt of grabbing her ankles. By the end of Lizzie's recap, Casey was pinching the bridge of her nose as she made a mental note to scare Edwin later for Lizzie.

Casey sighed as her exhaustion was now taking over once again now that her body realized that she was in no danger.

"Oh fine but seriously Lizzie, there is nothing to be scared about." Casey started off as Lizzie started climbing into her cousin's bed. "You're safe in this house and if there was anything ever out there to get you, it'd have to go through me first before it got to you." Casey finished off as she slumped further into her blankets as Lizzie followed suit. "Now go to sleep." Casey told her cousin as she turned her light off before burying her head into her pillow once again.

"Thanks." Lizzie thanked her cousin but she was still scared as she stared at the ceiling of the dark bedroom. "Hmm, you mind if we…" Lizzie hesitated to ask which caused Casey to groan in frustration as she turned over to glare at the preteen.


Lizzie gave a sheepish smile. "Sorry."

Casey groaned again as she turned around to turn the light back on. "You know, you're very lucky to have a cousin like me who can sleep with or without the lights on." She stated before she buried herself into her pillow once again as she tried to get back to sleep, now fuming at the fact that this was all Derek and Edwin's fault.

"I'm very lucky. Thanks Case." Lizzie beamed as she got more comfortable.

"Go to bed." Lizzie took the muffled command from her sleepy cousin as a sign to stop moving, which she did before she fell asleep now that she felt safe.


[April 5, 2002]

The following morning was when George was having problems with the kitchen sink once again.

"Ah, pipes are acting up again. We should call the plumber." George as he placed his dish in the sink, as he gave up the act of rinsing the offending dish.

"Woah, Dad. How could you? After what happened to the other plumber?" Derek asked in mock shock once he saw Lizzie's interest peak out of the corner of his eye.

"What other plumber?" Nora questioned as she tried to tidy up the kitchen a little more before the other kids joined them for breakfast.

George wagged his finger at his son in recognition, "It is that time of year."

Lizzie gulped from fear after swallowing her recent cereal bite. "What time of year?"

Derek turned to look at his youngest stepsister with a serious expression. "The anniversary of his demise. Fixing the pipes, in this very house." Derek's voice had turned into a scarier tone like the one you'd use to tell a scary camp fire story and Nora just rolled her eyes at her stepson's immaturity.

"Stop it you two." Nora warned, causing Derek to back up a bit and go back to his own cereal before he looked up to see his other stepsister walk in, looking like the walking dead herself.

"Oh, speaking of scary." Derek joked as Casey took a seat at the kitchen island across from Derek. She rolled her eyes at the comment because she was just too tired.

"It was a late night." Casey stated as she started rubbing the side of her head in hopes of alleviating any headaches.

Derek smirked. "Did somebody have a nightmare?" He asked in that scary movie type voice again, causing Casey to stare at her pseudo-stepbrother in a little amusement. Does he expect that to scare me?

"No, I was up late…reading a really good book." Casey subtly looked to Lizzie who just nodded.

The hunter didn't feel like elaborating on the fact that she couldn't sleep due to the fact she had to let her snoring cousin sleep in her room due to a stupid scary prank. She wasn't use to sharing a bed either and if she had to, it was usually with Sam or Dean who barely moved during the night; the complete opposite to Lizzie.

"Something better than 'Curse of Evil'?" Derek questioned with amusement, thinking that Casey was tired because she was really scared of those few scenes she saw of the movie yesterday.

George's attention quickly turned to Derek. "What? You guys rented that? Why didn't you tell me?"

Casey quirked an eyebrow and smirked at her pseudo-stepfather/uncle's antics.

Nora titled her head towards her second husband. "George, you let the boys watch scary movies?"

"Umm, how should I put this: yes." George joked, causing himself and his son to laugh.

Nora just gave George a 'you-can't-be-serious' look, causing the eldest Venturi to shrug his shoulders in confusion.

"Oh c'mon, what's a little bit of harmless horror?" George questioned Nora before looking to his son. "We are talking about PG-13 here?"

"Oh, of course." Derek confirmed

"Uh, Lizzie's twelve." Casey pointed out, causing George to look at his youngest stepdaughter, who confirmed what her cousin said with a nod.

Nora sighed. "George, it's a good thing Marti's at her mom's." She finished before taking a sip from her coffee.

George sighed in a somewhat disappointed way. "Okay Derek, no more watching scary movies when your sisters are around."

Casey rolled her eyes at her pseudo-stepfather/uncle's attempts of being controlling over his rule-breaking son. Casey knew that wasn't going to stop Derek from doing anything.

Derek shook his head in understanding towards his father. "Ah yeah, sorry, I keep forgetting about the weaker sex." He ended while looking pointedly at his oldest stepsister in a challenging way. Derek could hear his father sigh but he was waiting for Casey's reaction to his comment and she didn't disappoint.

"Oh, thank you Derek." She bit back sarcastically as she fought the urge to fall asleep right then and there. Stupid Edwin pranking Lizzie. The tired hunter grumbled in her mind.

"No worries." Derek responded without missing a beat.

"But George I wasn't scared." Lizzie piped up as she tried to defend herself, not wanting to seem weak in any of the Venturis' eyes. "The problem was your other son, who hid under my bed and grabbed my ankles." Irritation was evident in Lizzie's voice as she ratted Edwin out for his late night prank.

"What?" Nora questioned before she took another sip of her coffee.

Derek was laughing while Casey was shaking her head, disapprovingly.

George took in a huge breath before shouting to Edwin, who was still upstairs. "Edwin, do not scare Lizzie by hiding under her bed."

"Sorry Lizzie!" Edwin shouted down, causing George to smile at the victory.

"There, problem's solved. See I think we're getting a hang of this compromise thing." George beamed while Casey and Nora rolled their eyes at one another.

At this point, Derek was finished with his cereal. "Alright, love to stay for the group hug but I've got things to do." The teenager stated before leaving the kitchen.

As Derek was leaving, he found a perfect opportunity to scare Casey as her eyes were closed and her head was propped in her hands as her elbows were on the kitchen island. Derek spooks her with a loud boo (causing Nora and Lizzie to jump a little) but Casey didn't flinch from the sound like her relatives. Casey kind of figured Derek would try something so she slowly opened her eyes as she turned to face Derek; a faint smirk plastered on her face. Derek quirks an eyebrow at his keener stepsister's calm demeanor as he waited for any sort of reaction.

"Nice try Der, but even if I'm half conscious I still don't scare that easily." Casey cockily stated and Derek could see the challenge that radiated from her tired eyes.

Derek smirked. "We'll just see about that." He retorted before heading out to walk to school.

Casey left for school a few moments later after grabbing something to eat on the go, leaving three stunned people in the kitchen.


The walk to school for Casey didn't help wake her up. The hunter wasn't use to sleepless nights like she was before moving in with Aunt Nora but she wasn't a complete stranger to the situation. Sometimes when on a hunt, they only had a few hours of sleep during a case and she was fine with it but now, her body had gotten too use to the eight or more hours of sleep. It's a reason why she rarely sleeps in because she never got that privilege while growing up and she didn't want the bad habit to stick now; she didn't want to be like Derek in that aspect.

As if on autopilot, Casey walked down the halls of SJST as she avoided any contact with other students as she made her way to her locker. Once her locker was open, she started unloading and then reloading her backpack with the necessary books like she does every morning.

Casey was so out of it that when she received a tap on her shoulder, her hunter instincts immediately kicked in. Her hand quickly gripped the wrist of her attacker as her body swiveled to face her opponent as an automatic glare was sent to intimidate her enemy. Casey felt her opponent tried to wiggle free from her grip but Casey wasn't going to have that as she was letting her instincts take over as she was too tired to think.

"Ow, Casey that's a little tight." Casey finally heard her friend's plea through her tired haze before immediately letting go of the offending wrist.

"Sorry, Em! I'm still trying to wake up and my body is just reflexive like that right now." Casey explained to her best friend Emily as she massaged her hurt wrist.

Emily gave a faint chuckle. "Those are some reflexes you have then."

Casey started scratching the back of her neck, another nervous habit she picked up from her brother. "Yeah too bad they practically vanish when I'm fully awake." Casey joked before turning her attention back to her books. "So what's up?"

Emily looked quizzically at her best friend and saw that she was indeed looking tired. "Why are you so tired?"

Casey sighed. "Lizzie ended up sleeping in my room last night due to a scary prank Edwin pulled on her and since I'm a light sleeper, it was hard having her sleep in my room with all her moving and snoring." Casey became more irritated the more she thought about it.

"I sense some irritation." Emily quipped hoping it would wake Casey up a bit more. No one needs to deal with her death grip. She mused as she continued to massage her wrist a bit longer.

Casey scoffed. "Yeah well it's Derek's fault. He's the one who let Lizzie watch 'Curse of Evil' in the first place." The tired hunter shoved her remaining books into her backpack before zipping it up.

Emily ignored Casey's sudden anger since it was Derek-related (as always) before perking up at the sound of her favorite movie. "Really? I've seen that movie like five times. Remember the part where Gruekor chases that ghoul on-"

Casey groaned. "I don't want to hear about it." Casey shuffled her backpack onto her back before giving Emily a confused look. "Wait, you like scary movies?"

Emily smiled. "I love them. What's not to like? It's a total rush. Remember the part where Gruekor jumps out from behind that fence-"

Casey started rubbing the sides of her temple. "I'm not listening to this!"

"Case, are you scared?" Emily asked while she found a little amusement in her friend's extreme antics.

"Nope, I'm annoyed and I gotta go." Casey stated before walking off towards her homeroom class.


Casey was still tired and irritated by the time she had her appointment with Paul during her lunch hour. Derek still tried indirect approaches to spook Casey but she was always unfazed by his antics while pushing through her tiredness.

Paul had his eyebrow quirked as he eyed the tired teenager before him. "Is something the matter, Casey? You seem more-"

"Irritated? Annoyed?" She supplied through gritted teeth.

Paul gulped. "Thoughtful?"

"I like my options better."

"Okay, why?" The guidance councilor asked with caution evident in his voice.

"Because like always, it's always Derek's fault." Casey complained as she crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned back into her chair.

Paul internally sighed. Of course it's about Derek. "What did he do this time?"

"He let Lizzie watch a scary movie last night, therefore freaking her out and leading her to have to camp out in my room, and because of that, I got practically no sleep." Casey explained in one breath as she actively moved her arms around to emphasize on her annoyance of the situation.

That explains a bit more. He mused to himself as he nodded along with Casey's rant. "I see why you'd prefer your words then."

"Exactly, I just don't get it, why do people watch those stupid, immature, unrealistic movies anyways?" The young hunter gave Paul a confused yet curious look since she didn't get it. Casey would watch scary movies with her brothers and they would always laugh at how ridiculous or inaccurate the movie was but everyone else finds joy at the prospect of getting their guts ripped out or getting attacked by a creature or the idea of being in a life or death situation. She admits that the movies are amusing because of how ridiculous they were compared to what she hunts but she'd never react like that when she truly faced that situation.

At seeing his student's expression, he gulped as he tried to figure out a mature way to explain the fascination that was behind scary movies. "Well physical fear produces an endorphin in the pleasure center of the brain…" Paul couldn't help but give an example and when he did, he tried to mimic those scary voices. "…like in the movie 'Curse of Evil'."

Casey's eyes widened. "Et tu, Paul? You like scary movies?" The hunter couldn't believe that a teacher liked scary movies just like the bane of her existence.

Paul smiled with excitement. "Yeah I love freaking myself out."

Casey quirked an eyebrow in amusement, which caused Paul to cough a bit as he tried to backtrack from his statement.

"Ugh, because physical fear serves as a biological function."

"It does?" Disbelief was evident in the teenager's voice.

Paul swallowed under her stare as he tried to make his point convincingly. "Yeah it helps the mind prepare for fear for later on in life."

Casey, faint amusement still present, gave a slight chuckle. "You do realize that physical fear from scary movies is completely different from the physical fear you encounter in your life." She stated in a matter-of-fact tone as she folded her arms across her chest once again.

"Well movie fears are more extreme therefore having your body react to an extreme that you'd rarely come across in reality so that the fear you do face won't seem so huge." Paul tried to explain as he subconsciously twiddled his thumbs as his hands remained folded onto of his desk.

Casey shook her head in amusing as she chuckled once again. "Just so you know, Paul, once you've dealt with a scare so extreme like that in real life, the typical fear you used to get from scary movies is nothing in comparison."

Paul could hear the amusement in her voice but he saw through her eyes how serious she was about the situation.

"Is there something you'd like to share, Casey?" He tried coaxing but he instantly saw Casey's face turn emotionless before going back to the irritated look she had when she arrived.

"Nope, why would I?"

Paul sighed. "I'm here for you if you need to talk about stuff like that." It wasn't foreign for Paul to see some of his students holding back on important issues but he couldn't badger them to talk about either; they had to choose to talk about it with him.

"I thought we were already talking about my hatred for these movies?" Casey quipped, causing her counselor to give a slight chuckle for her obvious diversion tactic.

"I guess so but it seems like there is more to the story behind your hatred." Paul tried to get Casey back on topic since she rarely skipped an issue that bugged her in their sessions. She's always been open about what bugs her and she isn't afraid to share it, even if it is sometimes pointless in comparison to other issues.

Casey huffed in annoyance. "How about Derek and his need to try to scare me at this time? Another reason for my irritation." She grumbled as she silently cursed her pseudo-stepbrother in her mind.

"I see." He drawled out slowly before continuing. "Well, maybe Derek could help you to appreciate scary movies." He ended with his fingers to his mouth to represent fangs as he took on the typical Dracula tone when he said 'scary movies'.

Irritation was still evident on the teenager's face. "Paul? Not funny." She deadpanned as she silently wondered what the hell he put in his coffee that morning.

Paul nervously shrugged. "Too soon for jokes?"

"Nope, just not funny." Casey flat out stated before ending her session to get back to her lunch break before it was over, leaving a stunned Paul behind.


It was just after dinner when Nora and Lizzie drove George to the train station since he had to go to a weekend tax seminar. Casey was enjoying her book on the couch when Edwin popped out from behind the couch as he tried to scare her, but the hunter didn't flinch as she continued to read her book. Edwin tilted his head quizzically to the side as he was expecting a different reaction from his older stepsister.

"So, Edwin, how long have you been here?" She nonchalantly asked without looking in his direction.

"Since I was born." Edwin moved from behind the couch to grab a seat on the opposite side of Casey on the couch. "What'cha reading?"

"A book." She stated without missing a beat as she gave off the impression that she was so involved in the book's contents instead of secretly watching Edwin's move. Casey's been on high alert all day since Derek's been trying to scare her and she figured that Edwin would be behind it too. The hunter was extremely tired at this point but she wasn't going to give the Venturi boys the reactions they wanted. Heck, Casey knew that if her brothers snuck up on her like Edwin just did, she would have gasped then she would have smacked them before joking around as if it was nothing.

"Betcha I got a better story. About the guy who died in this house." Edwin stated as he tried to get her interest, which he did but she didn't let it show as she continued to eye the words on her page.

"Go away, Edwin."

"You should have been told before, this house is haunted by the ghost of someone who died on this very day sixteen years ago." Edwin told the line as if he were telling her a campfire story in the woods at night.

Casey quirked her eyebrow as she met his eyes, where she saw glimpses of mischief. He's up to something again. She mused to herself before speaking up and closing her book. "Really? Do tell."

Edwin shifted in his seat before he spoke. "Before we lived here, the owner, Freddie Cleaver, he was fixing the plumbing all by himself, right."

Edwin took a pause as he gauged her reaction causing Casey to glare at the younger boy in confusion. "You asking me or are you telling me?"

He continued his tale with the same voice that would cause anyone else to start shaking just a little in anticipation. "He messed up. The pipes were clogged so when he turned the water back on…" Edwin clapped his hands when he emphasized boom before he persisted, "…the pipes exploded, sending water everywhere. And a piece of pipe pierced his heart…" He emphasized that notion by slightly pounding his fist to his chest, just where his heart was located, "…Freddy was dead-y." The younger Venturi finished off as he waited for Casey's reaction.

Casey smirked. "Nice try, Eddie."

Casey reopened her book again while keeping a subtle eye on the boy at the end of the couch. Casey made sure she had her emotionless mask up while she silently cursed herself in her mind at her stupidity. How could I not have checked the house months ago for stories like these? What if Edwin isn't making the story up? What if there has been a case right under my nose this whole time?

Edwin tilted his gaze a bit to a point off Casey's shoulder and it was a second after she noticed it (and bringing her out of her thoughts) that she felt the air rushing behind her as Derek popped out from behind her in his attempt to scare her as he prompted himself on the couch's armrest that was near her head.

Derek and Edwin were waiting for a gasp, a scream, a 'Der-ek!', anything but their stepsister did nothing, as if Derek didn't just pop up out of nowhere.

Instead she slowly dipped her head back as it rested on Derek's leg (it would have been the armrest if he wasn't in her way), she looked up to have his confused chocolate brown eyes meet her fake (and unaffected) cobalt blue eyes, staring at each other before she calmly greeted her eldest pseudo-stepbrother.

"Hi, Derek."

Edwin's jaw was slacked at the scene before him as Casey just looked up innocently at Derek, who she caught off guard by her lack of response. They were sure that that little stunt would have gotten some type of reaction from her but no, they got nothing. Edwin could see his brother's gaze slightly focused between him and the girl with her head resting on his leg.

Derek quickly and quietly pulled himself together before he spoke. "Hey, so I'm gonna go over to Sam's for a bit." Derek made a slight motion that he was leaving, causing Casey to instantly lift her head as she now had her focus on Edwin.

"Yeah and I'm going over to Jason's." The younger Venturi stated as he grabbed his jacket as Derek grabbed his leather jacket.

Casey nodded along as she flipped the page of her book.

"Oh and uh, if I were you…" Derek paused as he waited for Casey to look at him. Eventually she did so he continued. "…I wouldn't flush, you know, unnecessarily." He gave her a pointed look before slinging his jacket on before opening the front door.

"Have a nice evening…Casey." Edwin waved goodbye as he followed Derek out of the house.

Once the front door was shut, Casey couldn't help but laugh as she remembered the look on both the Venturi boys' faces when she didn't give them what they were hoping for.


Casey waited almost ten minutes after Derek and Edwin left before sprinting up to her room to grab her things while berating herself for not checking the facts sooner. Casey headed for her closet door and she immediately sank to the floor after removing some objects out of her way to reveal the closet safe that Nora had gotten Casey. Casey spun the number combination with the dial before opening the safe to reveal all the stuff that she brought with her when she first moved in with her aunt; all things that linked her to the hunting world.

Casey grabbed the duffel bag before shutting the safe door for precautionary reasons. She slung the duffel strap over her shoulder before she headed for her desk to retrieve her laptop and power cord.

Once Casey got the equipment she needed, she headed back downstairs to set up base on the dinner table. Casey plugged her laptop in, turned it on and situated it in Lizzie's spot. As it booted up, Casey made sure that the front and back doors where secured and cleared before going back to position herself between hers and Lizzie's seats as she now had clear view of the front door, staircase and back door.

Casey started typing in her passwords that allowed her to open up anything hunting related. While she waited for that to happen, Casey checked the doors again but this time she checked the rugs that laid at the entrances. Casey lifted up the front door's rug to reveal that the devil's trap was still painted on the back side, still in tact just like it was months ago when she first drew the symbol onto the rug (after Nora's permission, of course). She had found the symbol in her father's journal and she had doubled checked with Bobby before she drew the symbol in its place when she first arrived. She carefully put the rug back in place before checking the back door's rug, which still had its devil's trap symbol in tact.

Next Casey quickly checked all the windows to see if the window panes were still secure. This was just another precaution since the house was already surrounded by an iron fence when Nora had convinced George to change the frames on the windows to something sturdier. Unknowingly to George, his frames were now salt coated iron frames (A/N: think the same stuff Bobby used for the panic room or the fixtures in the Campbell's house) so now no demon could pass through the house's threshold since the doors leading to the outside had them too.

As Casey made her rounds, she started hitting up her database. She started the one that contained her father's journal, the one that held all newspaper archives and the police database that she had hacked her way into during her spare time. (A/N: think Ash's computer set up) In each database she had typed in keywords she thought were relevant like for her dad's journal, she had words like hauntings, and Ontario while the keywords for the newspaper and police database were Freddie Cleaver, plumber, accident, London Ontario, and death as well as the time frame of sixteen years ago to work with.

As her laptop frantically looked through all that it had, Casey carefully grabbed her trusty duffel bag and started to unzip it, revealing the contents that she handled practically everyday before moving in with her aunt. Casey took the white towel out of the duffel and laid it out onto the table before she carefully yet quickly unpacked her bag. The hunter couldn't help but smile at the weapons that were now on the covered dinner table. There was her EMF meter, her sawed-off shotgun, a black Smith and Wesson 5906 9x19mm pistol, an array of knifes of all different sizes, a covered machete that fits her grip, multiple types of ammunition (iron rounds, salt rounds, silver bullets, buck shot rounds, etc). She practically had a mini arsenal designed to fit her like a glove. She didn't want to bring all this stuff just in case someone else stumbled upon it but her family wanted her to be prepared against anything just in case she had to deal with something out of the blue.

Casey took the sawed-off shotgun and started to clean it before she loaded it with salt rounds. Casey strapped on the gun strap she had to hold her guns in place before she placed the shotgun in its slot. She knew the probability of there being a ghost inside the McDonald-Venturi household was very slime since nothing could cross over the salt coated and iron covered perimeter but that didn't mean that nothing got trapped inside. She grabbed her EMF meter and headed for the basement to start there. She swiped the whole basement and came up with no readings before heading to the first floor. Once again, Casey got no readings anywhere on the first floor and she even did a double take in the kitchen, where Edwin said Freddie Cleaver had 'died' with a pipe through the heart. Just to be safe, Casey finished off her EMF round by checking the second floor thoroughly and she was happy (yet frustrated) that she found nothing.

She headed back downstairs to her base of operations to check on her laptop. She wanted to call Sam and Dean to see if they could help her out with the research but then again, she didn't want to freak them out and she knew they would be angry with her for trying to work a case by herself since it was one of the promises she made towards them; no hunting cases when she's away from the Winchester family.

When she checked her laptop, Casey had no hits from her dad's journal but the other two databases were still going. Casey took that time to take apart her weapons and give them an overdue thorough clean before she would have to pack them back up again. The hunter felt calm as she cleaned the familiar weapons expertly as if the past year and a half never happened and she was still fifteen and helping out with cleaning the hunting weapons in the current motel room they were staying at. She couldn't help but think where her family was and whether or not they had found the thing that started this whole renegade against the supernatural world. (A/N: remember Casey hasn't heard from John yet until after her emergency appendectomy).

When Casey finished cleaning her last piece of equipment, her laptop beeped with two notifications saying that there were no matches. Casey sighed before another idea hit her. She mentally berated herself for not thinking of it sooner as she brought up her government database which usually held information on all its citizens. Casey had a feeling she'd still get no results but she needed to be sure so she typed in F. Cleaver before clicking the enter key. As it searched through the citizen files, Casey found a way to look up a list that had all the deceased citizens with a date of death. Thinking she's narrowed it down to a time-frame of a year before and a year after Cleaver's 'death'. It was moments later that Casey's suspicions were true: no one by the name of Cleaver ever lived in Ontario, Canada and no one died of a plumbing accident in London, Ontario. It was all just a prank. Casey fumed at the thought but she was glad the family wouldn't be in trouble due to a spirit that couldn't move on.

Casey quickly yet carefully took her gun strap off and placed all her unloaded and covered weapons back into her duffel bag before zipping it up and shrugging it over her shoulder. She tucked the small EMF meter into her jacket pocket with it switched on just to put her mind at ease for the time being before she yawned, as the lack of sleep from the previous night was catching up with her. She then shut all the databases she used down (while making sure she didn't leave a trail) before password protecting them again prior to shutting her laptop down. The tired hunter trudged on upstairs to put the duffel back into her closet safe and to place her laptop onto her desk as it continues to charge itself.

It was moments later that Casey returned to the family room and positioned herself into the same position she was in when Edwin told her that ridiculous scary story when she picked up her book again. Casey didn't get past the second page before she found herself sound asleep on the couch.


After circling their block a couple times reviewing their plan, Derek and Edwin went back home to put their plan into action. Derek didn't like the fact that his stepsister wasn't giving him the scared reactions that would be typical to everyone else but once again, she's proven that she's not like anyone else. Derek was yet determined to prove that despite all of her rational logic, she'd still freak out like everyone else, well everyone except for himself of course.

The Venturi brothers quietly unlocked the front door to find their stepsister sleeping on the couch with her book laid atop her chest. Derek smirked before looking to his grinning brother. They tiptoed inside but Derek had to instantly rush Edwin out of Casey's line of sight before he made a sound after stubbing his toe.

It was only a few seconds later after the boys separated did Casey wake with a start and now fully alert and pissed as she looked around her.

"Hello?" She called out of the room but when she heard no reply she groaned as she wiped the sleep from her eyes. I hate being a light sleeper.

She finally got up and headed for the kitchen to get something to drink and as she got closer to the kitchen she could hear the water sputtering a bit from the tap.

"Stupid tap." She grumbled to herself as she checked to make sure it was turned off.

She made a beeline towards the fridge to grab the fruit punch. When pouring herself a small glass she accidentally overflowed her cup, cursing under her breath before grabbing a cloth to wipe up her mess. After wiping the liquid up and tossing the cloth into the sink, the hunter turned to her glass to find one of the stools on top of the kitchen island's counter. Casey paused in her tracks as she took the object in as she shouted what the hell in her mind. She surveyed the kitchen again seeing nothing else was out of place before she moved to return the stool back to its original position before gulping down her drink. Once she returned her cup to the sink, her arm brushed against the bump in her pocket causing her to remember that she still had her EMF meter on her.

As she walked back to the living room she check the device and saw that it was on and showing no signs of electromagnetic frequencies. So how the hell did the stool get on top of the counter like that? She questioned herself since she ruled out that a ghost wasn't the cause. The hunter paused in her tracks once again when she heard movement upstairs as well as in the kitchen. She focused on the noise but she couldn't hear anything; no movement and no beeping from her EMF meter.

"Derek if that's you up there, you're seriously pissing me off right now!" Casey shouted as she looked to the front door and saw no evidence of Derek or Edwin (no jacket or shoes present). If this is another prank, I'm sick and tired of it! A girl needs to sleep!

She continued to make her way towards the couch when more haunting noises were heard, causing her to sigh. Definitely a prank. Casey shook her head in disappointment since the noises she was hearing wouldn't be the ones she'd really hear if the house was haunted.

A few seconds later, the television started turning on and off with static, causing the hunter to roll her eyes. She took another peek of the EMF meter and saw no change plus she took note that the temperature didn't change so she was confident that she wasn't dealing with a ghost or a demon but with the two pranksters themselves since she also wasn't having the bad vibe she usually felt before facing the big bad on her past hunts. She gave a cocky smile before she settled into Derek's recliner. You can't pull one over a Winchester.

As the haunting noises continued as the storm's thunders were heard, Casey's head jerked to the front door when it suddenly opened. She instinctively went to grab something but paused when she saw her aunt and cousin standing in the doorway.

"Huh, I thought I locked that door before I took my nap." The hunter mused as a greeting towards her confused relatives.

"Are you saying that someone's in the house?" A frantic Lizzie asked as she looked between a concerned Nora and an amused Casey.

"Nope, just us." Derek greeted as he came down the stairs as he tried to hide his disappointment while Edwin joined him as he came from the kitchen.

"Figures you'd try to scare me again." Casey teased as she got out of Derek's chair and stood beside her aunt.

"I just wanted to prove that despite all your rational explanations, you'd wig out just like anyone else would…well anyone but me of course." Derek explained as nonchalantly as he could without giving away his irritation that once again, his stepsister seemed unfazed by his scary pranks.

"Yeah, and how'd that turn out for you?" Casey smugly stated as she smirked at her pseudo-stepbrother as he just glared at her. "I told you Derek, I don't get scared so easily."

Nora sighed as she figured out a way to handle the situation. "Boys, scaring people is not funny." Nora was a firm believer in the statement and she knew what her niece said was the truth; nothing Derek could ever think of would scare Casey Winchester with all the things she's seen already in her young life.

"I respectfully beg to differ." Derek retorted back with amusement in his voice.

"Me too." Edwin joined in.

"You better watch your back, Derek." The hunter warned.

Derek quirked his eyebrow in amusement. "Or what? You're gonna study me to death?" He mocked and playfully cowered away as he got a laugh from his brother for his antics.

Casey's fingers were clenched in a fist. I've had enough of him! "Okay, that's it!" She tried to lunge forward but after seeing the fists, Nora held her back.

"Uh, n-n-no. I'll handle this. Derek, Edwin you went too far with this, now…go to your rooms!" Nora ordered causing both Venturis to chuckle.

"Oh, how cute is that?" Derek teased.

"Oh, adorable!" Edwin added in before both boys headed up to Derek's room.

Nora was not amused at the little respect her stepsons were showing her. "Cute? That wasn't meant to be cute! I meant business!" She shouted up the stairs before she heard Derek's bedroom door shut.

"Nice try Aunt Nora, but for the record, I wasn't scared." Casey stated as she refolded her arms across her chest again.

"I know, Honey."

"Alright and if you really wanna show them? Let me get back at them. This scary movie crap has been giving me a headache for the past two days." Casey reasoned.

"Let us get back at them, Mom." Lizzie pleaded as she saw a chance to get back at Edwin for his ankle prank the previous night.

Nora sighed, not really sure if she should let her daughter and niece prank her stepsons back. "Casey. Lizzie."

Casey turned to look at her cousin. "Liz, why don't you wait for me in my room, I'll be up in a minute." The hunter suggested and it was after looking between the two older women did Lizzie nod and started to head up to her cousin's room.

Casey watched her cousin leave and didn't turn her attention back to her aunt until she heard her bedroom door close.

"Casey, I don't think it's a good idea," Nora tried to reason with her niece.

"C'mon, Aunt Nora. You said so yourself, this time they went too far." Casey stated but when she saw the apprehension in her aunt's face, she quickly continued. "This house is protected and secured." Nora sighed causing Casey to smirk. "It's not like I was gonna summon something from my past. It's tricky shit when you mess with stuff like that." The hunter joked, causing the older woman to chuckle.

"Language." Nora reprimanded but she only got an amused shrug from her niece.

Casey patiently waited as she watched her aunt's expression change.

"Just make sure nobody gets hurt." Nora stated before heading off towards the kitchen, leaving a smirking Winchester at the bottom of the stairs before she instantly rushed to her room to tell her cousin of their guardian's approval.


Meanwhile while Casey was talking with Nora downstairs, Derek was pacing around his bedroom while Edwin was sitting in Derek's computer chair.

"I don't get it, Ed. She didn't react in the kitchen?"

"Nothing, D. She just looked at the chair, repositioned it and then she drank her drink before leaving. I had to duck a couple times so that she wouldn't see me." Edwin explained once again as he too was confused by his stepsister's antics.

"And she practically stood still and calm when all the family room scares started happening." Derek mused aloud as he continued to pace.

"I thought this would scare her for sure. It would scary any other keener, right?" Edwin questioned.

Derek groaned as he flopped onto his bed.

"She just keeps proving that she's not some ordinary keener, which bugs me!" Frustration was evident in the older brother's voice as he covered his eyes with his hands.

After a few moments of silence, Edwin spoke up. "You think she'll try anything?"

Derek turned his head to the side to look at his brother's curious expression. "Of course she will, whether she was scared or not, she's not gonna give up an opportunity to get back at me."

"So what do we do now?" The younger brother asked as he leans back in the computer chair.

Derek sits up on his bed and he smirks at Edwin. "We act as if we don't expect an attack from the McDonalds."


Casey and Lizzie had brainstormed that night about what they could do to scare the Venturis, mainly Derek but Casey tried to minimize her involvement because what she considered scary was probably ten times worst than what Lizzie or anyone else would think of. Before Casey had decided to end the night early since she needed more sleep, she texted Emily about coming over the next day for a little help involving scary movies.

So during their scary movie marathon the next day (April 6), Emily was gasping and jerking in her seat at all the scary moments while Casey rolled her eyes and scoffed at the predictability and stupidity that was portrayed in these scary movies. Emily was too involved in the movie to hear Casey mumble to herself the typical actions that happened or correcting the mythology under her breath. At times Casey would laugh to herself on how wrong some of the theory was in the movies. She would sometimes scoff too. If anyone listened to what these movies were telling them, they'd be dead.

Even though Casey didn't want to waste her time watching these movies, she instead subtlety watched her friend's reactions, taking note on what she found scary even though she loves that particular film genre. She tried to formulate a prank against Derek as she continued to move her attention from Emily and the movie.

"Did you see that?" Emily finally turned to her best friend as the movie's credits being shown. "That was amazing."

Casey just smirked at the sound of Emily's obvious excitement. "I guess so."

Emily tilted her head to the side as she took in her best friend's blank expression. "Are you okay? It wasn't too scary, was it?"

Casey quirked an eyebrow in amusement as she took in Emily's concerned tone. "Not scary, just…predictable."

Emily made an 'oh' sounds as she ate the last of her popcorn.

"I told you that I wasn't into scary movies." Casey nonchalantly stated.

"I thought that you meant you were just too scared to watch them." Emily mused aloud before looking to her best friend.

Casey popped a piece of leftover popcorn into her mouth. "Nope."

Emily's brow furrowed in confusion. "Then why did you want a scary movie marathon?"

Casey leaned back into the couch as she started to tap her fingers on her knee. "I was hoping for your help and I thought maybe the marathon might help trigger a few ideas for me."

Emily's interest perked up. "Help with what?"

Casey smirked as she moved a little closer to Emily. "I wanna scare Derek."

Emily's eyes widened, "But that's not possible."

Casey chuckled a bit and if Emily looked really closely, she could see the mischief in the other girl's eyes. "Anything's possible and besides, we're gonna use something Derek would never think of using in a million years." Casey retorted a bit harshly even though she didn't really believe in what she was saying about Derek. She couldn't really accuse Derek of not using his brain since he does use it when pranks are involved, he just doesn't use his brain productively, but the hunter wasn't going to let that piece of her opinion slip out. Can't let people know how my hunter brain works.

"And what's that?" The hunter's neighbor asked.

"Our brains."


The day consisted of Casey and Emily conspiring for a perfect prank for Derek while Lizzie tried to scare Edwin before trying to enlist in his help when it came to pranking Derek.

Casey had performed her fake prank to Derek involving the bloody hand as a way to throw him off. Casey had a feeling that Derek knew somehow that that wasn't her true prank on him. Whether Derek had a gut feeling about it like Casey had on her hunts or if Derek was getting inside info from Edwin, Casey wasn't sure but she still kept a close eye on Edwin throughout the proceedings. Family loyalty.

After going over the plan, everyone waited until it got darker outside as the previous night's storm was still raging on. Lizzie managed her little disappearing act while Derek was watching television followed by Casey's disappearance act on Derek when he was junk food hunting in the kitchen. Next came Edwin's sudden appearance then disappearance on Derek when he was searching the second floor for his little brother.

Derek was confused yet curious about the sudden disappearances since he didn't hear them leave. He kind of shrugged it off as nothing as he continued to find his brother so that he could start his movie. Derek knew once his brother pulled the eerie stunt that his stepsister's prank was definitely in process and he had to fight the urge to smirk as he tried to act the part of being affected by her 'scary prank'.

Edwin returned to their base of operations after turning the webcam on allowing the gang to have a visual of Derek in the living room as he slowly paced in front of his recliner before taking a quick seat and then repeating with the pacing once again. As everyone was eager to watch Derek squirm, Casey kept her focus on Derek as she watched his body language as she went off her gut feeling that something was off.

"Edwin c'mon on! Quite hiding and get your butt down here so I can start the movie!" The gang heard Derek shout towards the stairs through the video feed (and faintly through their closed door). "Edwin? Lizzie? Anybody?" Derek shouted again when he got no response.

Casey took her 'Winchester' cell phone out and dialed the house number. Derek claimed that he doesn't get scared but Casey thought that he might have the same fear as her. She figured it would be too cruel to have a recording of a panicked Marti on the phone pleading for Derek's help, which would definitely freak Derek out. Instead she went for the silent call and quick hang up which got Derek to look curiously at the phone since the number was unknown. He gave a nervous laugh as he placed the phone back on the coffee table.

"Okay, haha, very funny. You guys can come out now!" He bellowed, which caused the gang to snicker.

"Oh we won't come out, but something else will." Edwin stated to the screen with glee.

"Alright activate the Banshee." Casey ordered with a smirk as she was the one to choose the creature.

Casey knew from experience how someone would react to a Banshee's cry ever since she accompanied Sam and their father in Orlando for that Banshee case while Dean had a solo case of his own. Anyways, the synthetic scream (real Banshee recording from Casey's files but with its frequency toned down so it'd be harmless) wasn't going to be at the frequency she dealt with but Derek's reaction would tell her everything she needed to know; whether he was faking his actions or if he was simply reacting.

Emily clicked a few buttons on the computer before the synthetic scream was heard through the video feed for them while it emitted through the small speakers for Derek. A few seconds of exposure of the scream and Derek was covering his ears as he wobbled around the room in agony.

The gang was too busy laughing at Derek's misfortune to notice the smirk that formed on the hunter's face. He's busted. She mused as his real reaction should been a less intense version that she had dealt with; she had been shell shocked in her place, with cries of agony as she had fallen to her knees and doubled over as she tried everything she could to cover her ears as blood started to leak out of them. Even with the frequency lowered, Derek shouldn't have been able to move as much as he did since a recording at its original frequency would still render its victim immobile.

The girls stopped laughing once they witnessed Derek trip and fall on the ground and stay there, motionless. Edwin claims that his brother was faking it but that didn't stop Lizzie from gasping or Casey going wide eyed as she left the room grumbling that her aunt wasn't going to be pleased. Lizzie followed right behind her cousin and after Emily motioned for Edwin to do the same, he rushed to follow in step with Lizzie.

Although Casey knew that Derek was faking it with the fake pain she couldn't help but worry at the idea that he got hurt during his fall like what if he banged his head accidentally. Once she rushed into the living room and saw Derek's body covered by the orange blanket, her thoughts went from worried to pissed off. No one falls and has a blanket magically covering them!

Lizzie soon stood where Derek's feet should be while Edwin made his way to stand by Derek's head. Casey, on the other hand, slowed her movements down as she walked to stand by the prankster's stomach before planting her butt on the coffee table. She had to repress every urge she had to kick the body that laid before her on the ground but she thought she would just play along yet not react whatsoever like the brothers hoped.

Edwin watched his stepsister quizzically as she just stared at his brother's body and before he knew it, she ripped the fake head out of its spot without even flinching but Lizzie screamed at the sight of Casey holding a head with no body, having it not register yet that it was a fake.

Huh, that's new. The hunter mused to herself as she looked at the head while Lizzie continued to scream as a skeleton flew down the stairs towards her while being accompanied by some more haunting sounds.

Before Casey could say anything to calm her cousin down, the front door flew open, causing the young girl to scream once again. When Casey saw that it was her aunt, she quickly threw the fake bloody head at Edwin who caught it before Nora was fully in the room and looking at her scared daughter.

Lizzie went from scared to pissed off when she realized that Derek was fine and that Edwin had double crossed them in their ploy to scare Derek so she was off chasing her stepbrother while Nora looked between the two rivaling teenagers.

"So scaring Derek didn't work?" Nora directed at her niece.

Casey stared at Derek with indifference. "Nope, he already knew."

"But of course." Derek cockily stated since he outsmarted Casey out of her own prank but he couldn't help but wonder why she wasn't furious or something, she just held a bored expression like she already knew that Derek knew. How is that possible? Lizzie didn't know so how would Casey?

A few moments later the sound of thunder from the storm was heard before there was a rattle coming from the front door, as if someone was jingling the doorknob. Derek and Nora's attention immediately turned to the door while Casey's head slowly turned to look at the door.

"Uh, you guys expecting any company?" Derek questioned, causing Casey's hunter instincts to go on full alert now since she saw true confusion on his face.

Casey let out a 'no' before the power went out.

The three figures just looked at each other before making their way to the kitchen, Derek and Nora rushing to the cordless phone while Casey held up the rear slowly as she made her way to one of the kitchen cabinets to find a flashlight. Casey was kind of cursing herself that she was unarmed at this point since she wasn't sure if the threat was a unknown supernatural one or if it was the storm that just blew out the fuse box.

After Nora got a hold of the phone from Derek, she turned it on but she froze when she heard no dial tone, "The line's dead."

Derek ran a nervous hand through his hair while Casey turned the flashlight on and wondered. If the power's out then that means the cordless phone won't work but a regular land line would…no need to panic.

Casey was brought out of her thoughts when water started spouting out of the sink as if it were possessed. Nora screamed just a bit while Derek whimpered a little when Casey pointed the light at the sink. Casey just gave a glare at the sink because she knew there were no ghosts on the property.

That's one messed up sink. She mused to herself.

The sound of thunder was heard once again before the creaking of the back door opening. Instinctively, Nora spanned her arms out to hold Derek and Casey behind her protectively as she screamed in terror. Derek was screaming in fear while Casey shown the flashlight at the figure that emerged from the back door.

As the figure crossed the threshold and slowly made its way into the kitchen, Casey remained calm as the figure wasn't something that was repelled against iron or salt. Neither demon nor ghost. Casey kind of wished that she had her pistol on her to have it as some sort of warning if it turned out to be just a human playing a prank, that would surely scare the crap out of the intruder. Unfortunately my pistol is in my safe! All Casey could do was remain calm as she had the flashlight trace the intruder's movements.

Nora was still screaming as the intruder made it's way through their makeshift laundry room and once he rounded the corner, it was then that Derek's screams died down as he took in the intruder's appearance as well as his stepsister's lack of screams. Why the hell isn't she scared?

With full view of their intruder, Casey had an inkling on who the prankster was as he wore a blue jumpsuit that mechanics usually wear, a black welding mask while holding a plunger in one hand and a wrench in the other. Slowly, he stopped in front of the kitchen island before he slowly maneuvered his plunger upward to lift the welding mask revealing the intruder's face to be none other than George Venturi with a darkened expression.

"Someone call a plumber?" He deadpanned before Derek broke out into a fit of laughs, Nora gasping for air after screaming for so long, and Casey who rolled her eyes before taking a seat at the kitchen island just when the lights turned back on. George then started laughing at his own prank as Derek walked up to pat his father on the back.

"Nice, Dad. I was almost scared myself." Derek stated his approval for his father's prank which got Casey to scoff at the word 'almost'. Derek continued as if he hadn't heard her. "The plunger was a nice touch." Derek joked as he tried to get the plunger stuck to his father's face but George fought back, not wanting it anywhere near his face.

"Oh, I knew you'd be impressed." George beamed at his son's approval which got Casey to raise an eyebrow at both Venturis. Reversed roles, anyone?

"George, how could you?" Nora finally spoke after getting her breathing back under control.

"Well I already had the overalls." George joked, causing Derek to laugh a little more.

"And the water in the sink?"

Casey looked between her aunt and her pseudo-stepfather/uncle.

George pointed the plunger at the object in question. "That wasn't me, we really need to get that fixed." George explained, causing Derek to nod his head in agreement.

Casey could see her aunt's hand was still over her heart while her other hand was gripping the counter for dear life but George didn't seem to notice as he continued. "C'mon Nora, I just wanted to show you that being scared can be fun."

"Well I didn't have fun!" Nora bit back harshly as Casey wanted to comment on the situation but she held her tongue and waited. Don't think Aunt Nora would cut it as an active hunter.

"I did." George innocently stated.

Derek smirked at his dad. "Me too." Both Venturis started to chuckle again, causing the hunter to roll her eyes at their antics.

Nora huffed. "Derek, go to your room."

Derek shrugged as he left the kitchen.

Nora turned her attention to her husband. "And George, go back to your tax seminar!" Nora marched towards George before she started leading him to the back door.

"Oh c'mon." George protested but his wife wasn't listening as she continued to push him out the door.

"Go on, get lost." Nora stated as she gave a final shove at George, causing him to leave. Nora quickly locked the back door before having her fingers rub her temples in aggravation as she headed to the kitchen.

Casey saw her aunt's stress. "You okay?"

Nora sighed as she moved to stand on the opposite side of Casey at the kitchen island. "I'll be fine."

Casey could tell that her aunt was just trying to calm down some more. "I told you the house was secured and protected." Casey blurted out in hopes that it would relax her aunt a bit more.

Nora snapped up to look at her niece. "And why didn't you warn me?"

Casey smirked and Nora could see an ounce of amusement in her niece's eyes. "Wasn't my lack of reaction just now not warning enough for you?" Casey quipped before sitting up straighter in her stool. "Besides, I couldn't just blurt it out with Derek there." The hunter reasoned in her defense.

Nora nodded in agreement. "I guess…" Nora looked back at her niece and she saw no sign of distress or any evidence that Casey just went through the little prank that Nora had experienced moments ago, "…I guess you really don't get scared that easily." The older woman mused aloud, causing the teenager to chuckle.

"Nope, I go by facts and if I have to improvise, I go by instinct." Casey immediately stated before keeping a close eye on her father's sister. "Be glad I wasn't packing." Casey teased, causing Nora's eyes to widen at the thought.


The hunter laughed at the reaction. "What? I'm just saying."


Derek was in his bedroom, sitting on his bed and about to get ready for bed when Casey poked her head inside his room.

"Quite a night, huh?" She greeted and Derek had to resist the urge to jump. Sometimes she just popped up out of nowhere on Derek and it always caught him off guard, but he made sure no one knew that.

"I guess." He nonchalantly stated as he looked in his stepsister's direction.

Casey gave a small smile as she leaned against his door frame. "Don't tell me you weren't just a little scared tonight." She quipped.

Derek smirked. "Casey, just accept it. Unlike you, I don't get scared."

Casey tilted her head to the side before showing a smirk of her own. "You're lying and you still haven't scared me yet."

Derek practically heard the challenge in her statement, which caused him to grin. "Give it time and I'll find your weakness."

Casey playfully shrugged. "That's a lot of time you're gonna waste, Der. Might as well give up now." She ended off before pushing off his door frame and leaving.

"Never, Space Case!" He shouted so that he would have the last word in.

Derek stood from his bed and started taking off his watch and as his back was turned from his bed, a small movement was seen under the covers before it rose as it started making 'boo' type noises. Derek turned around and playfully gasped as he took in the size of the being under his blankets.

"There's a monster in my bed. I better get it before it gets me!" Derek voiced aloud before he lunged at the being, tickling it as he uncovered his little sister, Marti, who was laughing like crazy.

"I'm home!" Marti finally declared between her giggles, causing Derek to smile.

"You certainly are." The tickle fit never ended but he positioned her so that she was right side up and facing him, her hair covering her face as she looked at him.

"I scared you, right?"

Derek put on a mock terrified expression that he knew would satisfy his sister. "Oh, I was terrified." Derek declared before he started to tickle his sister once again.

Both Venturis were too caught up in their tickle fight to notice the youngest Winchester silently watching from the door, with a smile on her face that both showed happiness and sadness; happy to see Derek so loving with his little sister yet sad for the fact it reminded her of those carefree moments she once shared with her brothers, Sam and Dean.