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hope in the blue

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Ocean blue.

More often than not, Asami would hear others describe Korra's eyes as ocean blue.

She saw where the overlap lay, she supposed. The ocean, with its alluring beauty, its temper that changes with the tides, its free flowing. People chose to see this reflected in her eyes.

But the ocean could be bleak and deadly. It reminds one of the burden of man, for the ocean will never be free of blood, of destruction, of all that gives humankind its sinful reputation.

Here, looking into indescribable blue eyes, bright and gleaming, she sees it more clearly. The ocean has seen blood. The ocean has seen destruction. The ocean has seen man at its worst. And yet, through it all, the ocean still continues to sway with its tide. It continues to flow freely. It chooses to see the good in man, in people such as Asami. She sees this in Korra's eyes now, as Korra seems to study every detail of Asami's soft, elegant features, the sun's steady descent into the horizon painting them softly in a serene, pinkish glow.

Asami stares and Korra stares back. Asami gazes into the ocean and in the ocean, she finds hope.