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tragic, school's a fucking bitch

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-- welcome to applebee’s, do you savor stability? -- 


catboy real not fake : asking for a friend,,hahaha since sapnap went to bed,,,does anyone want to take an 3am trip to 7/11 or CVS 


creeper aw man : ant i thought u went to sleep two hrs ago

catboy real not fake : couldn’t sleep pain

creeper aw man : fair 


what the fuck is up kyle : i can come pick u up ant 


catboy real not fake : alright, but don’t pull up lights blazing though, family’s asleep rn 


what the fuck is up kyle : i can pull up a few blocks down? 


catboy real not fake : sure 



-- dm’s between @has cake :flushed: & @catboy real not fake --

catboy real not fake : i couldn’t sleep again tonight pain 


has cake :flushed: : D:,  do u want me to continue staying on call w/u at night? 


catboy real not fake : nah i don’t think it's anything rly, just my mind getting worked up over things 


has cake :flushed: : :( u sure? i’d be happy to stay over if it’d help

catboy real not fake : mmmm, i might crash at ur house tonight if that’s okay, red?

has cake :flushed: : that’s fine w/me !! just meet outside the science wing after school !!


catboy real not fake : tysm <333 love u cutie 


has cake :flushed: : mwah, love u too cutie 




-- welcome to applebee’s, do you savor stability? -- 


what u know abt rolling- : guys did we have hw today

*kermit tea drinking meme* : yes 


what u know abt rolling- : it was just the problems and comp q packets right? 


studied the blade : yes

what u know abt rolling- : cool cool 


do you know the muffin man : any muffins need a ride today? i’ve got time to spare 


so light it up up up- : i do

do you know the muffin man : :D alright anyone else?

too cool 2 swag : could u get me from the grocery on 12th?

do you know the muffin man : can do ! 




-- time to commit crimes ! with moral support -- 


diamonds my beloveds : can’t come to school today

catboy real not fake : why?

diamonds my beloveds : outta town rn on a surprise trip

do you know the muffin man : safe travels muffinhead ! 


creepers aw man : btw anyone know where sam nook is?

i am a gummy bear : is he not in the robotics room?

creepers aw man : nah just checked, he’s not there

lemon boy and me- : think tommy took him for the building competition

creepers aw man : ah alright i needed to do some repairs

what the fuck is up kyle : are we still up for ppsat in a bit?

has cake :flushed: : punz it’s friday

catboy real not fake : red there’s not such thing as the conception of time

has cake :flushed: : i only lose track of time w/u by my side

catboy real not fake : ajsdkasjdk mwah love u

i am a gummy bear : i mean at least he reminded me to get boomer’s info to add him into the gc 


do you know the muffin man : boomer from jackson high? 


roses are red : the one with the frog brand? 


what the fuck is up kyle : yeah that’s the  one

do you know the muffin man : o.o he was nice! 



-- none pizza with left beef -- 


ender boy : i am savoring the magical gender euphoria i have today 


ender boy : *attached an image*

:purple_heart: : YOOOO gender euphoria my beloved 


ender boy : true tru !!!


chaos child :P : >:( give me ur gender ranboo

ender boy : no <3



chaos child :P : hand the gender over >:(((

:purple_heart: : hands u the ghost pokemon instead

ender boy : SJDKFSDKJF?SD?SD?? 


chaos child :P : fine i’ll take the pokemon instead >:(( doesn’t mean i don’t want ur gender anymore 




--welcome to applebees, do you savor satablity?--


3-D glasses enjoyer : someone called the math teacher an ass today in class then proceeded to draw a donkey on the board anyways how’s everyone's day been? 


violent guitar strumming : i want to meet the person who did that ngl 


3-D glasses enjoyer : @too swag 2 cool wanna explain 


too swag 2 cool : in my defense the guy is an asshole 


dadza incarnate : he is i agree 


too swag 2 cool : see even phil agrees ! 


3-D glasses enjoyer : where did you get the practice to even draw that detailed of an donkey 


too swag 2 cool : a magician never reveals their secrets :sunglasses_emoji:


baking the stress away replying to @3-D glasses enjoyer : i asked the cute girl from chem out today !! :D we’re going to the bakery on friday after school !!! 


too cool 2 swag : YOOOO !!!! CONGRATS  


too swag 2 cool : massive poggers in the chat for niki nihachu !!!! 


violent guitar stringing : :DD !!!!




-- therapy is expensive ngl -- 


ender boy : sometimes ppl scream and im like wow. even though this is not directed at me im about to start tearing up. like damn are all of my senses going haywire, and oh damn are those footsteps coming towards me.


:purple_heart: : mood 


:purple_heart: : like ik this isn’t directed at me but my heart is going to pound out of my chest anyways at the slight hint of anger. oop there’s the door slam time for the anxiety to get s t o n k s  


what does the fox say : :handshake: i hear screaming and mentally start bunkering down and preparing. 


bee boy : >:(( i have a weapon and im not afraid to use it on ur parents 


ender boy : as much as i appreciate that tubbo jskdjfskd i also don’t want u to go to jail u know what i mean 


bee boy : i will climb through ur window just to hug u ranboo


ender boy : pls do



--welcome to applebee's, do you savor stability? --


light it up up up- : caffeine withdrawal my abhorred


sleeping beauty (real) :  u good? 


light it up up up- : i almost fell over from dizziness today 


do you know the muffin man : D: that’s not good sapnap 


light it up up up- : the things i do to fix my sleep schedule smh smh 


catboy real not fake : says the person who was willing to play valo w/me til 2am skdkdjfks 


light it up up up- : one time thing 


catboy real not fake : pensive


baking the stress away : wait is anyone in gsc 


*kermit tea drinking meme* : i am, why? 


baking the stress away : the school dance thing, is it real? 


*kermit tea drinking meme* : oh that !!! yeah it’s real


baking the stress away : pepePOGGERS 


too cool 2 swag : wait what have i missed