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Junkyard Days

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Sometimes Lovey-Dove’s human stops to stare at the hanging coat. The first times he did she didn’t understand why. It is a piece of clothing no different-seeming from any other that humans wore.

Sometimes he shakes his head and moves on silently. Sometimes the silence is followed with a muttered ‘daft fool.’

As time passes she learns the coat belonged to another human. She understands; one is missing from the flock and her human wants him returned. The flock has to be together. She coos reassuringly the next time it happens. Of course he’ll see the missing one returned.



Things have a habit of scattering across the office. Maybe sometimes it’s her fault, but sometimes Lovey-Dove can’t say how the knit hat got on the cabinet either. Her human scowls up at it; it’s time to do a round of the junkyard and it’s cold outside. She flutters up, catches the hat in her beak and returns it to the human, earning a rare smile.

The fire is warm, but she can’t leave the man to wander the junkyard alone. Besides the hat’s perfectly suitable for two, so she takes her perch on his head, and they’re ready to go.



The microscope remains a puzzle to her. She eventually learned the name from the man and it does absolutely nothing to clear this mystery. All she knows is that it makes her human frown a lot and he won’t let her get too close ever since she pecked at it. She was only trying to see what it was. Sometimes humans, even this one, are so very puzzling.

Still, as strange as it is, it seems to matter a lot to his work with the rocks, so she remains nearby while he works and passes the time with a nap.



The kettle’s whistle, while shrill, is a sound she always likes. It means a soft time just for them. He sits at the desk and the papers are set aside. The lines that regularly crease his forehead smooth as he pours tea into a mug. He always has a tasty snack for her and so they sit together, he in his chair and she on the desk.

She leans into the hand stroking her feathers gently; he always knows how to do it just so. For now there are no worries over strange rocks or for their missing flock member.



Only the lamp and stove fire are lit. They should have gone home, but it was a long and hard day. Her human is slumped over the desk and the fire crackles beside them. It’s comfortable enough, Lovey-Dove thinks. This office has always felt more like home anyway.

It appears they’ll be here all night regardless. The old man has nodded off and maybe that’s for the best. She’s tired too. She pecks the lamp button to turn it off and nestles against him. Tomorrow will be another day and they’ll take that together too just as they always do.