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Master of lies and deception

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Wanda turned around in her chair by the sound of a door opening behind her. She had ended up sitting with a book by the fireplace tonight. And with it being almost three in the morning she was not expecting anyone to be up and awake. Still, she was not surprised when she saw a familiar redhead look around the corner.
Natasha was wearing a loose top that was way too big on her, almost falling off her shoulders, parried with some pyjama pants. Wanda would never get over the sight of the world's most feared woman in plaid pants and a messy bun on top of her head. It wasn't a usual sight; in fact, it was quite rare seeing her so laid back. Even when they had movie nights and stuff with the team Natasha always seemed to be more on edge than the rest of them for some reason.
“I thought you said you were going to bed early today?” Natasha said casually leaning up against the wall. She smiled at her softly before blowing some loose hair away from her face.
“Guess I changed my mind?” Wanda replied carefully. She made it sound more like a question than a statement, but she could already feel her head drift. The redheads present had that effect on her.
It was something about her smile. And her kind but awake eyes. Her beautiful light green eyes. They had this small brown ring right around the pupil making this stunning, mesmerizing, contrast in her iris.
“Did you hear what I said Wanda?” Natasha asked louder looking at her with a firm look making Wanda shake her head trying to snap out of her daydream.
“Sorry… I- what?” Wanda stuttered looking at Natasha’s face which melted into a small smirk raising her right eyebrow slightly.
“I said I'm going out on a mission tomorrow. And I wanted to tell you, so you didn’t just find me gone tomorrow.” Natasha said as she sat down on the armrest on the other side of the couch Wanda was on.
“Oh,” Wanda whispered. She didn’t know why but she almost felt disappointed. Which was stupid because this was their job. This was Natasha's job. This was what she was doing.
“Yeah. That means Steve will train with you instead of me. But I'm sure that’s fine with you, right?” Natasha said looking at her seriously. She could feel Natasha read her now. She could feel her analyse her. And if she wasn't careful now Natasha would know how not okay Wanda really was with this.
It wasn't that she didn’t trust the guys, because of course, she did, but part of her still felt like they didn’t trust her. She knew it wasn't true. But she had done some bad things. And while out of everyone Natasha should have been the angriest one with her, she still felt safer around Natasha than both Tony, Bruce, and Steve
Natasha had told her straight out at the beginning that she didn’t trust her powers. If she were to work with her Wanda had to accept the deal where she never used her powers around the redhead if Natasha didn’t order it. In a way, agreeing to that deal had felt very scary and almost unfair to Wanda. It meant that Natasha stripped her down from all her known defences from the start while Natasha herself could keep all her strengths. Sure, she didn’t have magical powers like her, but still, that was the one thing Wanda felt she had and the one thing she really felt she had going for her.
But at the end of the day, she was happy she had agreed to it. It had made them closer, forcing Wanda to have to vocally tell Natasha every time if anything was out of her comfort zone. And in return, Natasha always listened.
Natasha was a great listener. She could listen to you talk for hours and she never made you feel bad for ranting. She also never made you feel dumb for feeling, well, feelings. She always took Wanda's small outburst of frustration or annoyance steadily, not giving in nor making her feel bad about them either. She was kind and so wise. Wanda knew she had had a dark awful past, but she had never got to see any side of that reflect in Natasha's behaviour which had to be incredibly hard. She never seems to let anything drag her down. Or at least Wanda had never seen anything drag Natasha down. Unlike herself who always got dragged down with whatever happened around her.
Natasha was what Wanda wished she was. She was everything Wanda looked for in a human. She was everything Wanda imagined the perfect person would ever be.
Natasha was perfect.
“How long are you going to be gone?” Wanda turned to Natasha and looked her in the eyes trying to seem somewhat confident even though her whole inside was screaming. As if that would change Natasha's mind. As if she, her, the nothing she was, would stop Natasha from going on this mission.
“I'm not sure to be completely honest with you,” Natasha replied clearly seeing the concerned face Wanda immediately gave her. She didn’t like that sound of that. She really didn’t.
“It's not a hard mission, but we don't know exactly what to expect, that’s all,” Natasha added with a soft tone smiling at her clearly trying to comfort her.
Right, as if that was helping at all.
“Why isn't anyone coming with you? I mean if you don't even know what to expect, isn't it safer to have somebody with you instead of going alone?” Wanda really tried not to sound too worried, she seriously did, but she was worried. She knew Natasha was a great agent and spy and all that, but some backup couldn’t hurt, right? 
“Well, I'm not the type who likes too much backup. Besides, I don't think it will end up with any physical fights or anything. And I rather want to be alone then, just in case, at least then I know all if you will be safe right?” Natasha smiled at her before falling down on the couch waving at Wanda to move her feet to make space.
“But let's talk about something else. Like are you reading a fun book or anything?” Wanda looked at Natasha who moved closer over to her before throwing a blanket over both of them.
“Ehhh not really,” Wanda replied before she handed Natasha the book. Natasha accepted it with a small nod and Wanda watched as Natasha started to skim through the first chapter. Her eyes were moving fast over the page and she started flipping through the pages in an incredible phase. It was way faster than Wanda could read. It didn’t surprise her that Natasha was a fast reader. She knew she was. But it was something about watching her eyes scan over it almost mechanically before flipping the page. Natasha had a small frown on her face as she always did when she concentrated on something, and Wanda thought it was incredibly cute how her nose moved ever so slightly once in a while.
“This doesn’t seem like a great book,” Natasha said after a short while before handing Wanda the book back. Wanda frowned when she realized that Natasha had already gotten to chapter four. And she didn’t know what was worse, that Natasha had now passed her in this ridiculous short amount of time, or that she had been staring at the redhead the entire time while she did so.
“It's mostly to keep me busy,” Wanda admitted giving her a small grimace not bothering to mention that being busy also meant avoiding sleeping.
She watched as Natasha tilted her head and looked at her for a second before nodding slowly.
“You sure you don't want to watch a movie or something instead? Can keep you busy and will probably be more entertaining than that piece of trash,” Natasha said making Wanda let out a small laugh.
“I paid for said trash you know.” She countered hitting Natasha softly with the bookmark as Natasha laughed back.
“Piff, I can give you an infinite amount of books, all better than that one.” Wanda laughed at Natasha's comment and watched as Natasha stood up before offering her a hand.
“Come on. We can go to my room. Somewhat more private than a common room and has a tv.” Wanda looked at her for a second before accepting the hand letting Natasha drag her up from the couch.
“maybe some hot chocolate to go with it too?” Natasha asked not waiting for an answer as she walked over to the kitchen area leaving Wanda behind to admire her for a second before following after.
Wanda had actually never been in Natasha's room, she realized. She had been to Steve’s room a few times and peaked into the other rooms on different occasions, but she had never been to Natasha's for some reason. And while she didn't know what to expect she had a feeling it would be very neat and organized.
Even with the expectation of it being very nice, she couldn’t help herself as she let out a small gasp as Natasha let her in. 

The room was, to nobody surprise, just by Steve's. The two of them of course, got a bigger room, being designed more like a suite with a bathroom in it and not just a simple bedroom. It made sense since they were the leaders and all. Wanda's own room was very simple and barely had anything in it at the moment, but she didn’t really mind.
Natasha's room on the other hand was in fact exactly how you would picture the house’s master bedroom. Even if it actually seemed to be smaller than Wanda's room the way it was dressed and put together gave it a whole other story. It was a beautiful wooden room, and while Wanda hadn’t pictured Natasha as a woodlike person it did actually suit her a lot. Almost the whole room was dressed in dark wood panels. Even the roof was a dark brown. The edges of the roof were lit up somehow. Wanda was just guessing was a wood panel thing, covered the roof and some lights underneath illuminating the edges and patterns in the room giving off a soft yellow colour.
The only part that wasn't a dark brown was the one wall with the long window on it, the opposing wall from the door. The wall was a soft beige which Wanda thought was nice, but really it wasn't a part of the room you would look at very often. Most of the wall that wasn't the window was completely covered by the big grey curtains on either side of the window. The window itself was the entire length of the wall with black frames and it was only like 12 inches of the wall above it. With a window of that size, it had to give off the most incredible natural light.
Above Natasha's bed, the only big piece of furniture in the room was a big modern lamp framing the main piece of the room which was very clearly the bed and backboard. The bed was a light grey piece with a small bench in front and a large headboard behind. On either side was a gold nightstand paired with a hanging light above. Both nightstands were one of those fancy ones with two parts, one taller than the other one and you can move both individually. The one on the left, closest to the window had a small alarm clock as well as a small notebook on it. The nightstand on the right had a glass vase with roses in it and Wanda couldn’t help but wonder if those were real or not.
Behind the bed seemed to be another half wall in front of the wall. The half-wall was just wide enough to have space for two succulents. And like the roof, both the half wall and the bottom of the bed was lit up in the same soft yellow making the whole space literally glow.
Wanda noticed while the bed was a beautiful piece, unlike a lot of other people, especially people with beautiful master bedrooms like this, Natasha kept the whole bed completely stripped from unnecessary… anything… really. It had one cover on the bed with a blanket very neatly folded and placed on the bench. So still in reach but not in the way. On top were two pillows. Nothing more and nothing less. 
“so, what do you wanna watch?” Natasha asked as she moved over to the left side of the bed while balancing a tray of two cups of steaming hot chocolate.
“I don't mind whatever,” Wanda replied softly, still looking around the room as she followed Natasha into bed.
Natasha covered them both with the duvet and while she fluffed her pillow Wanda noticed, this room actually didn’t have a TV at all.
“Well, I don't want to watch something serious. Something more light-hearted. A musical maybe?” Natasha continued as she moved around in the bed.
“umm yeah, sure?” Wanda turned around to the woman and almost fell backwards as she ended up a few inches away from Natasha's face staring straight into her face.
Natasha's eyes were shining happily as the corner of her mouth formed a small smirk, and Wanda couldn’t help herself as she swallowed hard feeling her cheeks turn a familiar red.
“you're staring” Natasha whispered, and Wanda noticed how Natasha's eyes trailed down on her lips before moving back up.
Holy fuck.
“Let's find a movie, shall we?” Natasha said finally turning away from her before pressing a small almost unnoticeable button on the upper corner of the headboard and Wanda couldn’t help her gasp as she watched a tv rise from the floor and the light dim softly. Besides her, she could feel Natasha laugh softly at her reaction before leaning on her shoulder as they slowly started to scroll through Netflix.