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Katsuki should honestly just go on leave at this point, considering how much time he spends ‘encouraging’ his mate back to go back to their apartment and fucking chill out instead of actually working.


Katsuki tried to get him to stop jumping off the walls, but apparently it’s a bunny thing. Or just a Deku who got ‘zoomies’ level excited when his mate came home from work. He was used to it at this point, shutting the door to the genkan and bracing for the impact of a flying, furiously horny Omega tearing at his clothes and rubbing his chin wherever he could reach. With Izuku at home and off work, he had little else to do aside from his nerdy analysis and, oh yeah — driving himself into a hormonal craze.


It took a whole fleet of begging eyes and reminders that other heroes can, in fact, handle things while he’s away to get him to begrudgingly sign off on his leave. Katsuki (and their agency, their Obgyn, and their friends) had all pleaded with Deku to just fucking please go on his damn maternity leave already — okay the cursing was Katsuki, but the thought remained the same.


Katsuki ate him out for an hour the first night of his leave as a reward. He usually does it anyway — Deku tastes fucking amazing — but calling it a reward means he got to hear his bunny whine for things he wouldn’t normally be bold enough for. Doggy-style while biting his long, green-furred ears? Didn’t mind that one bit.


In any case, his mate is a determined little shit and boredom breeds chaos when it comes to one Izuku Midoriya (legally it’s Bakugou-Midoriya but Katsuki only says that when he’s truly pissed). 


Today, Katsuki was handling a mass of paperwork after a few, packed days of captures and minor incidents. While he meant to finish up early and get back to his bunny in a timely manner, things took a decidedly distracting turn. Deku wouldn’t stop texting him about how he was bored and then, a little later, how horny he was. And then there was a series of pictures of him in Katsuki’s shirt… So yeah, Katsuki got absolutely nothing done — unless you count jacking off in his office ‘work’.


You try staying calm with a video of a pregnant bunny riding a knot toy and licking milk from his hand. Fucking impossible. 


Kacchan, I want your mouth on me so bad. Whines and gasps, legs spread wide apart to show him the lush, swollen cunt his mate couldn’t seem to stop touching, soaking Katsuki’s shirt with his milk before he tugged it up to show Katsuki his growing chest. 


Yeah. Didn’t last very long before he locked his door and knotted his fist. 


When Katsuki got home, his mate met him with a sheepish little smile, tail twitching nervously through the back of his maternity shorts. Katsuki picked Deku up like a particularly rotund football and took him to their room, doing his best to not wreck his bunny in his eagerness to show the nerd what his little ‘performance’ had earned him. 


Izuku was sore and half-asleep by the time Katsuki felt his mate had been properly reprimanded for his antics. The bunny earned some points back by letting Katsuki suck on his tits while they were tied, purring and scratching at Katsuki’s scalp as he tested out his mate’s supply. 


For such a small bunny, he was a big producer. Deku had already dropped off a huge cooler of milk for a local clinic the other week. And before he’d finally gone on leave, he’d even nursed a pup on his patrol while its dam was being carefully extricated from her totalled vehicle. The fussy little thing struggled and wailed until Izuku plucked it from the paramedic’s grip, unzipped his suit, and stuffed his nipple into its mouth, cringing as it gnawed at him before settling down to feed. Katsuki was proud of his mate for caring for others so selflessly — but he kind of wanted to murder whoever leaked those photos of his mate’s tits dripping milk in his hero costume. 


Katsuki got Deku suitably tucked into their nest, purring and letting out contented honks. Katsuki knew his tail was wagging at the sight, but he’d given up trying to hide his responses to his mate. Fucken whipped at this point. 


“Kacchan,” Deku mumbled, purrs pausing as he wriggled a hand free of their bedding, waving it at Katsuki.


Katsuki huffed and rolled his fingers against the gland on his throat, reaching beneath the blankets to rub it onto the bunny’s neck. It was always a bit funny seeing his mate go a little cross-eyed and blissful at being marked. “I’m comin’ back. Just wanna shower.” Izuku nodded, eyes half-closed as Katsuki stretched and padded toward the washroom. 


Katsuki rinsed the tub and set it to fill, dipping into the kitchen and rustling through the fridge for some of the special pregnancy-safe snacks he’d stashed there. Deku’s nose wriggled as Katsuki stomped back toward their bed, ears standing straight when Katsuki left a little bowl between his chest and his belly. 


“I knew Kacchan's nesting too,” Deku mumbled, munching on the little dessert. 


“Tch. I’m providing, stupid Deku. There’s a difference,” he groused, ignoring the heat in his face and the hard wag of his tail. Deku hummed, giving Katsuki a cheeky smile. Katsuki growled, but left his mate in the nest without arguing further. 


It was a rare moment when Deku was actually willing to stay still and relax. Almost eight months gone and he was still as energetic as ever. Carrying kits would make most Omegas eager to relax, but Deku had always been weird so it didn’t really surprise Katsuki that his bunny was more hyper with his little passengers on board. They’d both decided not to see in advance exactly what their babies were. For all Katsuki knew, one of his kits might be a pup, or a mix between the two of them. Bunnies and wolves didn’t normally breed, but they were enthusiastic.


Katsuki scrubbed himself head to toe, careful to comb through his tail before rinsing off and stepping into the tub with a sigh. He was excited about their kits, but sometimes it was nice to just lay down and do nothing. 


Barely five minutes later, ‘nothing’ was interrupted when Katsuki heard the door creak open. His mate’s paws made little taps and clicks on the tile as he crept closer. Katsuki yelped when a soft hand wrapped around him beneath the water, eyes snapping open. Deku’s green eyes were wide and dark, his face flushed and his ears held high. 


So much for relaxing. Katsuki hissed, growing hard with Deku’s practiced strokes. It didn’t take much for him to be ‘ready’ these days, since Deku smelled so appetizing.


“Kacchannnn,” Deku murmured, leaning closer to push his cheek into Katsuki’s throat.


Katsuki glanced past the edge of the tub, growling at the pronounced curve of his mate’s stomach. He sniffed the air and bared his teeth in a grin; Deku’s thighs were trembling, pressed together but doing little to hide what he wanted. Deku whined, stroking Katsuki harder beneath the water. 


“Wet, aren’t ya? Needy little bunny,” he rasped, stretching an arm over the rim of the tub. Izuku’s answer was a high whine as Katsuki slid his hand between his bunny’s thighs, pushing through slick folds and down to his swollen hole. “Been fucking yourself, Deku?” He let a hint of scolding enter his voice, admiring the embarrassed wriggle in his mate’s body.


Deku made a noncommittal noise, gripping Katsuki’s cock and stroking his thumb across the broad head. His hips jerked as Katsuki pushed two fingers into him. “Need— nnmggf... need you, really— ahh… please,” he whined, legs trembling around Katsuki’s forearm.


Katsuki rumbled at the tight heat wrapping around his fingers, leaning forward to push his face into his bunny’s throat. Katsuki’s mating marks stood out against his freckled skin, gleaming faintly beneath a sheen of sweat. Deku purred, tipping his head to give Katsuki room to lick the curve of his throat as he rolled his hips into his mate's hand. Katsuki had barely slid his fingers free before Deku scrambled up over the edge of the tub, just barely managing to avoid sending a scarred knee directly into Katsuki's groin. 


"Watch it," he grumbled half-heartedly, holding the sides of Deku’s waist. He was distracted, eyes fixed on the pink-flushed, dripping sex hovering over his lap. Deku reached into the water to pull Katsuki against him. "Needy," he repeated, fangs catching on his lip.


Deku whined and huffed, eyes narrowing — then sank all at once onto Katsuki's cock. Katsuki hissed, claws scraping over Deku’s wide hips, pushing up and deeper into his mate's body. He was almost tighter now that he was pregnant and Katsuki relished the grip around him.


Izuku jerked his hips up and back down immediately, warm water splashing around them with his enthusiastic movements. "Fucken… horny little bunny… fuck," Katsuki panted, leaning his head against the cool tile behind him.


Izuku let out a little purr, trailing a hand up Katsuki's chest to flick over one of his nipples. His own chest was beading with milk, rolling down to drip into the bathwater. What a waste, he thought, leaning forward to lick a nipple into his mouth, cock throbbing at the sweet warmth bursting on his tongue. Deku’s hands curled in his hair, pulling him off his treat after barely a minute of suckling.


Katsuki growled and dug his claws lightly into his mate’s hips. Deku whined and nibbled on the line of his jaw, soft green ears brushing against Katsuki's cheek. Katsuki smirked and turned his head, catching one in his mouth and gently gnawing on it. Deku jumped in his lap, tightening around him before moaning and sagging into his grip, rubbing his cheek hard into Katsuki's throat. When they first started fucking, any sign of fangs was met with struggles and nervous chitters. Now, a few years into being mated and after multiple heats and ruts together, Deku melted when Katsuki put his teeth on his bunny's body.


Deku ran his hands up Katsuki's chest to curl over his shoulders, making no move to take his ear back from his Alpha. Katsuki rumbled and stroked Deku’s sides with his thumbs, planting his feet in the tub to roll his hips up faster. Deku’s belly pushed into his abs, warm, firm and soft all at once. Katsuki purred at the sweet scent of his pregnant mate. His pups (or kits). 


Deku shivered and stiffened against him, heat blooming around Katsuki's cock. Fuck, his bunny got so warm when he came. Katsuki rumbled and nosed at Deku’s cheek, waiting until his bunny tipped his head and gave a soft, inviting whine. He gripped Deku’s hips, growling as his mate swallowed his knot. Izuku was hot and tight, tighter than he had a right to be, with how often he bent over for a knot.


Deku shivered and writhed in his grip, instinctively struggling at being tied. It didn't matter that they were mated, that Deku accepted him despite being a predator — his prey instincts were strong and always showed themselves when Katsuki's knot locked them together. Katsuki pulled Deku closer, wrapping his hands around his bunny and leaning back against the tiles. Deku settled on top of him, a quiet purr echoing in the bathroom a few moments later. Satisfied and relaxed in the heat of the bath and his mate's grip, his Omega fell asleep.


Katsuki ran his claws through Deku’s hair, pleased at the mixed scents wafting from his skin. There was no doubt Deku was mated, cared for and devoutly protected (and very well-fucked). Deku’s scent had become alluringly sweet and soft with the growing kits in his belly, the sweetness amplified whenever his chest began to drip. Katsuki eyes his mate’s small breasts, still oozing trails of milk. Maybe he could convince Deku to hold off pumping tonight and let him have another drink.


Katsuki twitched and jerked his head down to stare at his mate, tucked beneath his chin. That was definitely movement. He shifted his grip on his mate so he could press a hand to his stomach, impatient and eager for another shift. There, that was a kick, a strong one. Guess it was kits after all, with a kick like that. Katsuki purred, pulling Deku closer and grinning at the soft shifts from his mate's belly against him. 


Deku was gonna be pissed that they started moving again while he was asleep. They knew there were at least two from the ultrasounds they'd seen so far, but their kits were stubborn and refused to move, so their doctor had admitted there could be more hiding behind their siblings. Katsuki privately hoped it was just two to start; Deku was enough of a handful. Not that he wouldn't love and care for as many kits as his mate gave him, but he was definitely nervous about being a sire to multiple offspring all at once. 


He grumbled as he realized they were going to have to phone their parents after they got out of the bath. Both his parents and Deku’s mom were on bump-watch or whatever. Katsuki had rolled his eyes for the first few months, but had quickly gotten on board once Deku put him in charge of taking the weekly update pictures on their balcony for their friends and family. It probably helped that Deku looked damn edible in Katsuki's clothes in the morning, especially once his stomach started to swell and his scent began to change.


If he jerked off to his mate's pregnancy progress pictures, that's his business.


It was a bit of a struggle draining the bath with Deku fucking latched onto him, but Katsuki managed it, ignoring his mate's drowsy, grumbling complaints as he shuffled over to the shower chair. The knot released while Katsuki was drying Deku’s hair, smirking at the Omega’s flushed face and clamped-together thighs.


Deku tossed his head, sending one long ear into Katsuki's face with a twhap. Katsuki glared at his bunny as he went to get a washcloth to clean them both up. Normally he would've play-fought his mate for shit like that, but seeing as Deku was getting so big… Katsuki would just do something else to get back at his mate. Like edge him the next time he got relentlessly horny from pregnancy hormones. That would be good. 


Katsuki hid his smirk as he knelt between Deku’s legs to wipe away leftover slick and cum. Deku patted Katsuki's head distractedly, holding the hair dryer and delicately finger-combing through the gold fur on his ears. 


Katsuki grinned as Deku’s belly twitched in front of him, snickering at his mate's shocked scent. "Kacchan, they MOVED!!"


"Mmm. I saw," he growled, rubbing his face into Deku’s belly. Mine, he thought, pleased and possessive. The kits pressed back against his cheek and he let out a purr. He whipped back at the quiet click from above, glaring as Deku tapped at his phone, pretending he hadn't just taken a photo. 


Looks like that edging session just got bumped up in his schedule. 


Deku rambled about the ‘bump-watch’ while Katsuki got comfy between his legs, pulling a towel under his knees as padding. His mate had no idea what kind of service he was about to receive. Katsuki was hungry, after all. Licking his fangs, Katsuki reached up and plucked the phone from his bunny’s grip, grinning at the nervous look Deku gave him. 


“Uh, Kacchan? I promise I won’t show it—” 


“Deku,” Katsuki rumbled, stroking his hands up the backs of his mate’s thighs before sliding them onto his shoulders. “Hold onto the counter, and do not let go.” He watched the Command sink into his mate, scarred fingers gripping the counter tight behind him. Izuku’s nose wrinkled, confusion evident on his face. 


“Hold onto the— KACCHAN!”  Katsuki wrapped his hands around Deku’s hips to keep him in place, huffing a laugh against the slick-soaked skin at the useless flail of bunny feet in the air behind him. 


He hadn’t sucked his mate’s clit in a while. Better fix that. Katsuki settled down to his task, ignoring the rising cries above him. It was comfortable between his mate’s legs; soft skin pressed against his head as Deku’s powerful legs flexed, iron hard beneath a generous layer of delectable fluff. 


As soon as Deku started quaking, Katsuki let the clit rest on his tongue, holding the twitching glans in his mouth until the orgasm faded without cresting. When Deku’s little rabbit heart began to slow, Katsuki started suckling again, working the bud of flesh exactly how he did when he drank from his mate. With the heady taste of needy Omega on his tongue, Katsuki lost himself in the pattern of suck and release, bringing his mate closer to the edge each time. It didn’t matter how far he took Izuku into the pleasure, Katsuki could smell the orgasm rising, feel the strain of his muscles, and know exactly when to hold perfectly still until the climax was out of reach again.


Izuku whined constantly above him, sobs breaking through the gasps and moans Katsuki licked out of him. The seat and legs of the shower chair, Katsuki’s face, hands, and his chest — all of it was soaked in slick. It was dripping onto the tiles below them along with the milk now freely flowing from Deku’s chest. It was past the time he usually pumped, and his body had decided now was the perfect time to let the flow happen on its own. 


Another orgasm came roaring up and Katsuki leaned back, spreading his mate’s pussy with his hands. He left the clit, swollen and throbbing, on his tongue, so Deku could see the thick length of it pulsing between his Alpha’s fangs. When he looked at his mate, the bunny launched into a long, rambling series of desperate appeals.


“Please Kacchan, please, please I need to cum, I need you to let me cum, please,” Deku wailed, hands digging into the counter. There were cracks in the surface, proving how close the bunny was to losing control. But Deku was a good boy — he never disobeyed Katsuki’s Commands. Katsuki rarely used them outside of sex, where they both drew pleasure from toying with the power of their dynamics.


Katsuki slurped and sucked the clit between his lips, pulling back with a lewd ‘pop’. Deku squealed, feet thumping against Katsuki’s back. “Kacchan? Kacchan, please — let me cum? Just once, just one orgasm, please baby, please, I’m going insane—” Deku babbled. His knuckles were white on the counter as he readjusted his grip. 


Katsuki gave him a long, considering look before dragging his eyes back down to the soaked, twitching cunt mere centimetres from his mouth. Deku’s eyes were nearly black when Katsuki glanced at him again, his beautiful face wrenched into an ugly, tortured grimace from the denied pleasure. Katsuki smiled at him, kneading his mate’s ass gently in his hands. “No.


Please, Kacchan,” Izuku begged. The scent of despair was so miserable that Katsuki took pity on him and began to lick between his lower lips, nudging them apart to give him more room.


Izuku wanted to feel pleasure. Katsuki would be sure to give it to him.


Ohhhh, god, yes! Yes, Kacchan,” he whimpered, rocking his hips forward to grind his pussy against Katsuki’s lips. “Baby please, your mouth feels so good, just let me— just keep sucking, good Alpha, good, please, I’m almost there—” 


Katsuki pulled back as Izuku seized against his mouth, a feral, possessive grin lighting his face as his mate squealed and growled at another failed orgasm. “That’s nine, Izu-ku,” Katsuki murmured, breath puffing against his mate’s trembling, puffy pussy. It was almost as swollen as it got during his heat, labia dripping with slick, hole clenching around nothing. Fucking gorgeous. “If you can make it to twelve, I’ll let you cum.”


Izuku’s eyes bugged out, the counter making a dangerous, deep crack beneath his hands. “I can’t! I need to cum, I need you to—” 




Izuku’s plush mouth spread wide in surprise. “What?! No, Kacchan, you just said—”


Fourteen.” Katsuki’s cock throbbed between his legs, dripping and hard. His knot ached. He wasn’t sure he could make it to fourteen at this rate. 


Izuku’s chest heaved, legs trembling as he cried. Katsuki let him, waiting until his mate was sniffling softly to squeeze the thighs in his grip. When Deku finally met his eyes again, Katsuki jerked his chin at Deku’s sex. “It’s only five more, Deku. You can do it. Five more, and I’ll let you cum as hard and as much as you want.” 


Katsuki let his hips move in slow circles, squeezing the muscles in his ass and thighs to distract himself from the insistent ache in his knot. He kept his knees apart so it wasn’t touching anything, jutting uselessly into the humid air. It was as much torture to him as it was to his mate — he didn’t get to cum until Deku did. At this point, Deku was just dragging it out for both of them. All he needed to do was submit and they would both get to cum — eventually. 


“Kacchan Alpha. Please, just once,” Izuku begged, green eyes big and tempting. His bitten mouth spread in a wobbly smile, doing his best to plead his case. 


Katsuki gave him a soft, indulgent smile and kissed his clit, licking it back into his mouth before answering with the flesh already twitching on his tongue. “Fifteen.” 


Deku wailed through another four denials before begging again, only going quiet once Katsuki let him know he was now up to twenty one. The bathroom counter shattered in his Omega’s grip, but Izuku didn’t move his hands, obedient even when his mate was tormenting him. Izuku was allowing Katsuki to torment him, and that was what made this so satisfying. Katsuki was in control. He decided when, if ever, Izuku got to cum. 


Deku couldn’t stop shaking around eighteen. By the time Katsuki was pulling off at twenty he was gasping for air, eyes rolled back as his body convulsed. His baby bump was soaked with milk; Katsuki could taste it dripping into his pussy, mixing with his slick. He was full from the slick and milk in his stomach — like he’d had two protein shakes, one after the other. He was sated everywhere but his cock; they were both so close now.


“Last one baby,” Katsuki said finally, lifting one hand from his mate to wrap around his knot. It was only fair. If Deku wasn’t allowed to cum, neither was Katsuki. They were both dripping and unsated, trembling and needy. Katsuki wasn’t sure he’d be able to get his knot in his mate before he came. 


Deku’s only reply was a hoarse sob, legs opening a little wider when Katsuki leaned back in. He’d learned that words earned him another denial, and was determined to stay quiet. They’d played a similar game back when they first started fucking, but that was simple play, not the drawn out torment Katsuki was giving his mate now. That game was over in minutes — this punishment had gone on for more than an hour. 


Katsuki licked and sucked and nipped at the swollen, throbbing clit in his mouth. It was twice its usual size, heavy and solid on his tongue. Deku had a big clit normally, but right now it was like a cute little cock, trembling and desperate for the orgasm Katsuki had been denying it. 


When Deku began to cum, Katsuki licked him into the first spasm before pulling away, holding his mouth close enough to catch the spurt from his cunt. He was limp after so long in denial, easy to pull from the chair and the mess of the destroyed counter to guide onto his cock. His mate screamed when Katsuki sank into him, cumming harder as he stroked in and out twice before his knot locked, spreading wide in an instant. 


Izuku soaked them both, squirting and arching back until Katsuki had to hold him to keep him from collapsing onto the tile. He leaned forward and latched onto his mate’s chest, grinding his knot in with deep, needy growls. It felt so good to cum, so much better with Deku cumming around him, again and again, unable to stop the spasms from wracking his body.


“C-can’t stop, can’t st— oohhhhh , Kacchan— Kacchan! Cumming, I’m cumming,” Izuku cried, sobbing in relief. 


Katsuki counted another three sets of spasms before Deku blacked out. His own vision was swimming dangerously, dark lines zipping across his eyes. Katsuki slid slowly onto his back, making sure Deku was comfortably situated on top before letting his eyes close, surrendering to the torturous, wonderful sensation of relief. 



- - -



Deku glowered at Katsuki as he wrapped the ice-pack in a damp washcloth and handed it to him, unable to hide the scent of pride at having thoroughly wrecked his mate. Deku hissed, cringing as he carefully laid the cold weight between his legs. Katsuki watched as he got it situated before flicking off the overhead light and sitting down beside him on the bed, trailing his claws up his bunny's leg.


“Oh no,” Deku growled dangerously, green sparks lacing over his arms. His long ears flattened against his head, green fur bristling. “You are on a loooong time out.”


“Uh huh,” Katsuki replied, leaning in to kiss his mate’s neck. He dodged the swipe of claws and relaxed on his side of the nest, dimming the lamp on the bedside table. He gave it maybe six hours before Deku was climbing on him for a fuck.  He was honestly impressed with his little bunny’s stamina — but Katsuki was pretty sure if he made any remarks about the Incident, he’d be sleeping on the balcony instead of the far edge of their bed. 


The Omega let out a muffled yowl as he rearranged the compress, cringing at the swollen state of his groin. Katsuki pressed his lips together to stifle a laugh as he glanced at his phone. Probably best to wait until his mate looked a little less like he was considering smothering Katsuki before asking if he needed any help. 


Izuku hissed and spread his legs with a growl, adjusting the ice pack again. Katsuki’s eyes were half-shut, but he didn’t miss the glance his mate gave him, or the slow, experimental stroke of a finger over that sore, swollen clit.


Looks like ‘relief’ might be needed sooner rather than later. 

- - -