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It was a normal day for liu qingge, he woke up early morning, took a bath and got ready for the regular morning drills with his disciples. After which, he would personally train them, which was in reality, just him beating them all down.

As he put on his clothes, liu qingge thought about how weird these past three months had been for him. And it all started with one man's sudden unexpected change in character...his shixiong shen qingqiu.

After he was saved by Shen Qingqiu, from a Qi deviation in the LingXi caves, he came to know that this change in his shixiong's character happened after he went through a qi deviation induced fever.

Liu qingge wondered, 'Can a person's character really change so much due to a qi deviation? It was as if Shen Qingqiu became a different person...gone was the hateful man who would be full ofspite towards anyone else, in place of him, there was a man, who was so kind and gentle, he would help others without even being asked for help, who would love his disciples and do anything for them.'

'But it was a better that there were no shouting matches or fighting between the two of them. Liu Qingge was able to see another side of this beautiful and elegant man, a side with was clumsy and untidy, but still very kind and gentle...'

If 4 months ago anyone told him, that he would be close enough to Shen qingqiu to call each other friends, or that he would use the words, kind and gentle to describe him. He would think they were possessed by a demon and would punch them in their face.

Liu qingge thought to himself, 'Yes, it was a good change, and the past few months were really great for me, but something unfavourable also took place.'

As liu qingge looked down at his chest, he saw a beautiful red flower that had suddenly appeared on his chest a month ago, the bright red was a striking contrast to his pale white skin, which never got tanned no matter how much time he spent practicing under the sun.

Don't get him wrong, anyone would be ecstatic to get a soulmark, he would have be as well! When he was a child, he was always excited about the prospect of getting a soulmark and a soulmate to spend his life with, and when his sister got, not just one but two, soulmarks he was really happy for her.

But as he grew older, but never received a soulmark he grew over it. He knew there were also people in this world who never got to their soulmark their whole life. Maybe he was just one of them?

There were many who got soulmates late in their lives, sometimes you could even walk past your soulmate without even knowing who they were. Because you would receive a soulmark, only when the time was correct. No one knew when that was, one of the greatest mysteries, he supposed.

Sometimes some people wouldn't get a soulmark their whole lives, in case they never had one to begin with or they had already died...liu qingge used to pray it was the former one....

But now that liu qingge finally had a soulmate mark, he couldn't find in himself to feel happy about it...he only felt guilt.

It is said that once you have a soulmate mark, you don't have to search for your soulmate, you will naturally find them. Liu qingge wanted to meet his too, not because he really wanted to know who they were, but because he wanted to apologize...for the fact that he had already fallen for someone.

Liu qingge knew that, Shen QingQiu could never love someone like him. But he knew he couldn't fall for someone other than Shen QingQiu.

Liu qingge was not an idiot, he knew that the feelings he had for his shixiong were not pure in any form, he knew he was in love with this elegant but messy shixiong of his. Who had no idea of personal space, and would stick to liu qingge's side like glue, while they were having tea, after their monthly qi transfer, due to without a cure poison. ( Not that liu qingge hated it...)

Mu Qingfang said that at this rate it would take Shen qingqiu more that 2 years to recover, and liu qingge was very happy to assist Shen qingqiu.

After liu qingge was finished with the morning practise with his disciples, he departed to qingjing peak, where his shixiong had invited him, just to have tea and have a conversation. Not for the monthly qi transfer, as they were already done for this month. Liu qingge knew he was not a good conversation partner, most of the time he didn't even know what to talk abou. But since it was Shen Qingqiu inviting could he even refuse!?

As he flew towards qingjing peak on his sword, chengluan, he thought about how much he had also changed his habits due to that shixiong of his. Before he used to be away from his BaiZhan peak most of the time, he would take long missions, due to which he would be away for weeks, sometimes even months.

But these past few months, he found himself not being able to stay away from his sect for long periods of time. And he knew that it was only so he could spend more time with Shen QingQiu.

He finally reached qingjing peak, and his shixiong's disciples welcomed him in and told that their shizun was waiting for him at his bamboo house. As liu qingge walked towards the bamboo house, he saw Shen QingQiu's newest disciple, the one Shen qingqiu saved in the demon attack, glare at him, like he had personally offended him. Liu qingge didn't know why, but it seemed like that disciple had a personal grudge against him, and would always glare at him.

Ignoring him, liu qingge directly opened the door to Shen QingQiu's bamboo house, he had been allowed to come in without knocking, after the third time he had nearly broken down the door while knocking...

The main room which had Shen QingQiu's bed in it was empty, usually his shixiong would be on the bed laying down and reading a book while waiting for him. But today it was weirdly silent and empty, so liu qingge went further inside the bamboo house, he then finally heard a few faint splashes of water, coming from behind the folding screens in one of the rooms.

As liu qingge walked closer and looked behind the folding screen, he saw that it was Shen qingqiu, sitting inside a bathtub, only the person's beautiful and smooth looking hair was visible, but no doubt it was his shixiong......taking a bath.....Shen Qingqiu was taking a bath! Liu qingge suddenly realized how inappropriate it was for him to walk in on his shixiong like this! He felt his cheeks become warmer and warmer, but before he could let out a shout of apology and run away, to hide himself, never to be seen again, he saw Shen qingqiu slowly turn back to look at him, the ink black, cascading waterfall of hair parted, and liu qingge saw a small red flower on the right part of his  shixiong's back.

The vibrant red shade of the flower, was unmistakable on Shen QingQiu's beautiful pale back. It was the very same flower liu qingge had on his chest!! Liu qingge was frozen stiff.

Shen QingQiu's POV

From a young age, shen yuan had not been interested in soulmates, he felt like it was a little stupid, the fact that your soulmate had already been decided for you, like what if they were not a good person at all!? What if you both hated each other!? But as more and more people around him found their soulmates, he could not help but feel a little jealous...

As he grew older, his sickness worsened, and his parents had almost as if forgotten that he existed...but thankfully he still had his elder brothers and his little meimei, so he was never lonely.

As he spent his last few moments in his hospital bed, all alone, he was happy he did not have a soulmate, as he would have had to leave them behind. But in his last moments as he cursed the shitty book, which he last read, which had been written by an even shittier author. There was a small part of his mind where he wished that he had a soulmate as well...

Now after being reincarnated as Shen Qingqiu, he spent two whole days freaking out on the inside, yet on the outside he still kept up his persona of the cool and elegant peak lord of qingjing peak. (He thought he was rocking it!)


f there was one thing Shen yuan was thankful for transmigration into Shen QingQiu, it had to be the fact that shen QingQiu had no soulmark either. Shen yuan would feel very guilt if he ended up replacing someone's soulmate...but thankfully that was not the case, as it was quite widely stated on the book.

It was written in PIDW that whenever original Shen QingQiu would see someone with a soulmate, he would become extremely jealous. For most, it was just another plot point written by the shitty author, to make original Shen Qingqiu look even more scummy. But it was the one thing Shen yuan felt was similar between him and Shen QingQiu.

Don't get him wrong! Except for this one thing, there was nothing similar between the two of them. And when yuan would rather kill himself, then assault his female disciples! He was truly nothing like that perverted lecher of a teacher! This was the only thing for which Shen yuan patties the Original Shen Qingqiu.

But all of that came to an end, when not even a few months after he transmigrated into Shen Qingqiu, demons had invaded into the sect, and he got poisoned with without a cure. But the silver lining in all of this was the fact that on the day he got poisoned, as he was taking his daily evening bath, he saw the reflection of his soulmark on the surface of the water in the bath!

For a few moments he couldn't believe it! He, Shen Yuan had a soulmate mark! And it was his own, because Shen yuan knew that a soulmate is related to the soul, not the body the soul was in. So that also meant, that the reason why Shen yuan never got a soulmate mark in his previous world was due yo the fact that his soulmate was from a different world!! Even then Shen Yuan was estatic! He couldn't wait to meet his soulmate.

Shen yuan thought, 'Wait a second...since this mark appeared after the demon invasion, did that mean....that his soulmate could be one of those demons!?', shen yuan was a pretty open minded person, 'Wait, dosen't that mean, I just lost my chance to meet them!? No no, that must not be true, even if they are a demon, I will surely meet them! Even if it takes me a lot of time, i finally got a soulmate, i won't let them get away so easily!'

(Now don't ask him why he knew the fact that he didn't have any soulmate mark on his back before the demon invasion...he wouldn't be able to answer it....)

Today Shen Yuan had invited his shidi, liu qingge, for tea, it was really nice to talk to him! Although his responses were always short and curt, he always paid attention to what Shen Yuan was saying.

Shen Yuan though, 'This type of conversation partner is very good to have, one who actually pays attention to you, and does not ignore you. And if his I like to invite his to my place, because of his pleasing face, we'll never know~'.
( Seriously though it'snot his fault that, the man was so pretty!)

But since it was still pretty early, Shen yuan decided to take a bath first, as his shidi would probably arrive in the afternoon~ But as he was relaxing in his wooden bath, (Thank god airplane bro wrote that bathtubs existed in ancient china.) Shen yuan realized how wrong he was, when he heard a small gap from behind him, which turned out to be liu shidi...with a suspicious red flush on his face. But as Shen Yuan turned around to face him, he saw the flustered expression on his shidi's face, turn into a shocked one...but the blush did not retreat from his face.

Shen Yuan inwardly thought, 'Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!! WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO NOW!!?? THE LIU QINGGE SAW ME NAKED! OH MY GOD, THIS IS SO EMBARASSING!! Wait a sec...why the fuck do I feel embarrassed, like some young maiden who just got peeled at...if anyone it should be liu shidi who should be ashamed of himself! Wait wtf am I saying, I am not some pretty young maiden! (And to top it all off, it was me who told liu shidi to come inside my house without knocking...T-T ) But anyway I am a straight man! And there's nothing wrong with being seen naked by another man!'.

Shen yuan just starred at liu qingge for a few moments,'Yeah...there's nothing wrong with being seen naked by another man, even if the other man is someone asbeautiful as liu shidi...and is looking at you with a delicate blush on his cheeks, like a shy young maiden........Ok fine! Who the hell was I trying to fool, aybe I am a little bent! I mean who wouldn't be!? Have you ever seen liu qingge!?'.

But outwardly Shen Yuan had a very calm face, he forcefully supressed the rising blush on his face, and spoke, "I apologize for letting you see me in this state, shidi. If you would, please wait for a few moments in my room, I shall get myself presentable soon." ('Nailed it!', shen yuan thought to himself.)

And he saw liu qingge who was frozen stiff, break out of his stupor and just silently walked out of that room. Shen Yuan thought to himself, as he got out of the wooden tub, dried himself up and started putting on his clothes which had about 7 layers in all... , 'That was a little weird...I thought that liu shidi would just stutter out an apology and run away from here, as he usually did...but maybe this just shocked him a bit too much...? Oh shit...I hope he dosen't stop talking to me for this...I should go and apologize again, just to be sure.'

On the other side of the bamboo house, Liu Qingge was sitting on his shixiong's bed, as there was only one chair in that room, and he was still thinking about what he just saw. He still couldn't believe his eyes...but he also somehow felt very lucky...because his soulmate was the one who he was in love with!

Then Shen Qingqiu walked into the room, with his signature green and white, peak lord robes. And before, Shen Qingqiu could say something, liu qingge stood up from the bed and said, "Shen Qingqiu,  I have something to show you."

Shen Qingqiu tilted his head in confusion, "Hmm? What is it shidi?"

Liu Qingge forced himself not to think about how cute his shixiong looked doing that action and instead focused on loosening his belt in order to strip his upper body bare.

Shen Qingqiu, a so called straight male who just came to terms with the fact that he may be bent, stuttered out, "W-wait shidi wh-what are you doing! You should not just stop in someone else's house without a word even if you are close to them! It will give them ideas.....", he found himself trailing off while looking at the wide expanse of his shidi's shoulders...with his smooth white skin of his chest on display.

Shen Qingqiu, a lost cause of a so called straight man thought, 'Wow...his biceps look so good, I wanna touch them...', shen yuan thought of how beautiful this shidi of his looked, with his upper body bare and his face turned away as he if were shy or nervous(?) but why would he be...

Liu Qingge seriously looked gorgeous like that, with his upper robes hanging off of his body, and his chest flushed. As Shen yuan was focused on looking at how far that blush travelled from his chest, (Don't judge him, he is also a man) he finally saw it, a small red flower, located right between liu qingge's chest, between his adams apple and his pectoral muscles.

And Shen yuan would forever deny the fact that, it took him a moment to realize that, the small flower, was exactly the same as the flower he had on his back! Shen QingQiu's eyes widened and he asked, "That flower! Liu shidi?"

Liu Qingge fixed his robes once again befor replying, (Shen yuan ignored the small voice in his head that said that it was a waste...) liu qingge nodded once, "You have seen correctly Shen Qingqiu,  it appears that we are soulmates."

Shen yuan had only 'wtf wtf wtf' going through his mind right now, he was shocked at this relevation ok!? 'And how the hell was this shy shidi of mine, be able to say that with a straight face!?'

But as he was Shen Shen Qingqiu, the persona of calmness and elegance, he calmed himself down a little, but couldn't help stuttering out, "A-are you saying the truth...? Really? You are really my soulmate??"

Liu Qingge replied, "That is the truth, I even showed you the proof, we really are soulmates. This mark on my chest appeared on the day the demons attacked the sect."

Shen Qingqiu thought to himself, 'That day when the demon invasion took place...that's the very day J also received my soulmark! Which means this is true, Liu Qingge really is my soulmate!', shen yuan was now so happy that he couldn't even describe it! His soulmate was the strong and beautiful wargod of BaiZhan peak!

'But...will he even accept me...? What if he doesn't want to be my soulmate! What do I do then!?', Shen yuan broke out of his thoughts when he heard Liu Qingge calling for him.

Liu Qingge was looking at him with concern in his eyes, "Shen Qingqiu! Shen Qingqiu! I have been calling your name and you weren't responding! Are you alright? Is it without a cure again!?"

Shen yuan spared a second to think about how kind liu qingge had always been to him...'Thinking about it now...liu shidi was the first person I could call a friend after coming here...maybe this is the reason why, I don't hate the fact that he is my soulmate...rather than that I am actually quite happy with it!'.

Shen Qingqiu, who was now finally certain about the fact that he was bent, mustered up his and asked his shidi, "That mark....may I touch it...?". Seeing his shidi nod stiffly at him, shen yuan walked closer and closer towards liu qingge, till he was standing right in front of his shidi.

As Liu Qingge's belt was already loosened from before, all Shen yuan had to do was part his shidi's upper roses a little to be able to see the mark, which looked beautiful in contrast to his shidi's pale white skin. And when Shen yuan raised a hand to caress the mark, he felt amused to see Liu Qingge's blush travel down to his chest and go even further...

But thankfully Shen yuan stopped himself, before his thoughts went deeper into the topic. And finally took back his hand, and Liu Qingge thanked the gods, now that Shen QingQiu's HAND was finally not touching him, and he could relax.

And when Liu Qingge once again started to fix his robes, shen yuan felt a little disappointed, but he didn't let it show on his face, instead with all the courage that an introverted millenial could summon, reached out and captured his shidi's hands, who was still not done fixing his robes.

Shen Qingqiu held his shidi's hands tightly, mustered up all of courage and asked, "Liu shidi! Would you be willing to have me as your lover?"

Liu Qingge's eyes widened in shock for a moment, but in the end averted his his eyes and gave a reply, "Only if Shixiong would have me...."

Shen QingQiu's eyes brightened, liu Qingge would later swear that he saw them sparkling!, and Shen yuan replied, "Of course! I would love to have such a beauty as my lover~", and he gave a smirk that was just like any other ruffian, who harassed beauties, on the streets. Although Liu Qingge would disagree, saying that his smirk made Shen Qingqiu look even more handsome and beautiful then he already was. (Well...we can say nothing about it, because love does make people blind...)

Currently Shen yuan's confidence levels had reached the heavens with how happy and excited he was, and when he saw his shidi blushing even more brightly with his words, he wanted to tease him more. (Like a street ruffian-)

So that is exactly what he did, shen yuan, who had always wanted to try something like this, pushed his shidi on the bed and climbed over him. Shen yuan stopped with shock when he saw what his shidi looked like, Liu Qingge seriously looked gorgeous like this, with his loosened robes that seemed like they were falling off his shoulders, with his messing ink black hair spread over Shen QingQiu's own white bedsheets, and the beautiful blush on his face, that made people want to bully him. (Of course no one could ever bully his shidi, he wasn't the wargod for nothing)

Liu Qingge shouted, "Sh-shen Qingqiu! Just what do you think you are doing!!"

But looking at his face, shen yuan was easily able to tell that liu qingge was also effected by the atmosphere, if his blush that refused to go back down was telling anything.

Shen Qingqiu, while looking at this beauty under him felt that, if he didn't do anything now, he wouldn't be called a man! So he ladies on top of his shidi and gave him a kiss right on his lips, although Shen yuan never got to practise with anyone before, he still had knew what to do from the large amount of books he read, while on the other hand Liu Qingge had zero experience, and was clumsily trying to copy Shen yuan.

As Shen Yuan, now Shen Qingqiu smiled into the kiss, he knew that his future in this new world wouldn't be as bleak as he had once thought it would be. Because now, Shen Qingqiu was not alone, he had a soulmate, with whom he could spend the rest of his life with.