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[Ku-chan, are you free tonight?]

[I ran into Fuwa-san at the company today, and he’s been telling me all about how lately he’s learning new ways to make cocktails and all sorts of different alcoholic drinks.]

[He was really excited about the topic, haha.]

[But then Fuwa-san invited me and a few of the others to hang out at Belmond-san’s bar, and he wants to show us all what he’s learned so far. So, it’s more like he’s going to be using all of us as guinea pigs, hahaha.]

[Fuwa-san said that he knew how to make a bunch of sweet drinks too, so he told me to invite you.]

[Let me know, and come over if you’re free.]

[I haven’t seen you in a while, Ku-chan. It’ll be nice to have you there with everyone, don’t you think?]

The vampire stared down at his phone screen, wiping his hair, still damp from being freshly showered. “Really, Kanae?” He muttered under his breath, feeling slightly irritated at how last minute this was. 

It may have been true that he didn’t exactly have any plans for the rest of his evening, but not having any plans meant not thinking about leaving the house, either. Internally, Kuzuha was a little torn between going or just staying in.

Kanae already knew that if Kuzuha were to go out to something like this, the vampire would need quite some time to prepare, mentally and physically for all the interactions and entertainment with others; it wasn’t like he could just suddenly go to a social gathering at the drop of a hat.

From the sound of it, it also seemed like there would be a ton of alcohol at this event, and unlike his partner, he wasn’t accustomed to drinking a whole bunch, either. 

Well, he supposed if he really didn’t want to go, he didn’t need to. 

Placing his phone back on the counter face down, Kuzuha turned to put the towel back on its rack to dry. The request was too all of a sudden, and the idea of being a homebody was more tempting than spending a night under the influence with a bunch of rowdy vtubers.

I still have some PR items and work related stuff to do… oh, and there’s that new episode out for that series I’m watching… then afterwards maybe I can stream a bit…

Turns out maybe he was going to be somewhat occupied tonight after all.

Continuing to search his head for any other means he could use to justify staying home, Kuzuha once more faced his mirror and tousled his hair, pausing after the action. 

Hesitantly, his eyes fell back down onto his phone.

...Kanae’s right though, He couldn’t help but think. We’ve both been so busy lately that our schedules are out of whack. We hardly talk to each other face to face as much as we used to… 

He rubbed his eyes. ...And after thinking about all the things I might need to do if I stay home, I’m suddenly contemplating even doing that at this point.

Realizing it, a heavy sigh escaped him. 

Overall, he was still incredibly reluctant to leave, but Kanae would be there at least. And he knew Fuwa would accommodate him and understand if Kuzuha ever needed a break from all the excitement.


With slight unwillingness, Kuzuha picked up his phone and opened the Line app again. 

“I can go.” He answered lightly, contradicting the furrowed brow and frown currently on his features. 

“Belmond-san’s bar, right? I’ll meet you guys there.”

[Ah, really? That’s wonderful!]

The response was instantaneous, and Kuzuha’s frown immediately turned to a small chuckle. He imagined that his companion had probably been checking his phone every minute or so, eager for a favorable response.

[Yes, it’s at Belmond-san’s bar; the Bar Deras. He was kind enough to lend it to us for the evening. Do you need the address? It can be hard to miss.]

“No, it’s okay. I know where it is. It’s the really fancy one, on the border of xx prefecture, isn’t it? I haven’t been to Bar Deras in a while.” 

[Me neither, so I’m excited to go with everyone!]

Another small sigh escaped the vampire’s lips as he left his bathroom, turning off the lights and figuring out what he should wear for this unplanned outing, and his phone buzzed again. 

Looking back at the screen, the notification popped up.

[I’m glad you can go.] 

[I can’t wait to see you again, Ku-chan.]

Kuzuha felt a slight warmth in his chest. The feelings were obviously mirrored; Kanae was the whole reason he ended up agreeing to this, after all. 

How annoying that his companion barely had to lift a finger to get Kuzuha to change his mind.

Instead of a mutual answer sharing the same sentiments however, the vampire only shrugged. 

“Stop calling me that.”

“I’ll see you later.”



It was actually quite pleasant when he had arrived, considering.

He had made sure to take his time getting there, and as soon as he had opened the entrance and made his way to the counter where all the action was, he was immediately greeted by the others in their enthusiastic and buzzed states. 

Kanae, of course, was the first to stand and welcome the vampire among the others. 

“Kuzuha, you made it!” He announced as he approached, reaching out to brush the other’s arm once he was close enough. Kuzuha didn’t miss how happy his companion looked, and in response, he smiled and leaned a bit into the touch. 

“Hey, Kanae.” He answered, and to the rest present, Kuzuha waved, counting the faces he knew in his head.

There’s Fuwa-san, Akina-san, Mayu-san…  

Unsurprising, knowing how that trio was a given combination at times, much like he and his partner was. 

Belmond-san; probably here to make sure Fuwacchi doesn’t accidentally waste any alcohol. And that looks like Ange-san, Toko-san, and Rindou-san, among some others.

In any case, he had thankfully interacted with everyone here, at least. There may have been a few attending that he wasn’t as close with, but with this crowd and Kanae’s presence, Kuzuha knew he wouldn’t have to worry about being a little awkward or too loud amongst them.

“We’ve started a game already, but we’re almost done with the first round. You can join the next one.” Kanae explained under the conversational atmosphere.

Placing a warm hand on the other’s back, he led Kuzuha towards the commotion. “I saved you a spot.” He quietly mentioned, and the vampire was guided to sit down, comfortably stationed next to his partner. 

“Great, I knew Kanakana would pull through for us getting you here, Kuzuha!” The host began, and it wasn’t long before he showcased a lineup of colorful looking beverages, encouraging their new guest to begin trying them. 

“Here, I’ve made these! They’re all sweet drinks, so you’re sure to like them!” Fuwa excitedly explained, “What do you think? Just with the presentation itself, they’re nice, right?”

Each one had a pleasantly flavorful appearance, with ice and assorted fruit included in the majority.

Looking at how nicely they were prepared, Kuzuha incredulously asked, “Really? You made all of these without Belmond-san’s help?”

“Nope, no help from the pros. This is all me.” Fuwa smiled, receiving an acknowledging chuckle and nod from the brown haired barkeeper.

“Wow… yeah you’re right, these all look amazing. You did a great job.” The vampire agreed with an admiring tone.

Momentarily, he felt Kanae rub his shoulder in support and then turn back to the others as they continued their game, laughter and chatter accompanied by the sound of ice clinking around in glass.

“Um… this might be a dumb question…” Kuzuha continued, looking back up at the host, “But how much alcohol is in them?”

“A fair bit, but these are only some to start you off. The rest will be measured going forward.” Fuwa answered, “Besides, we’ve got to catch you up somehow, right? Being the only sober one in a group of tipsy friends is boring, wouldn’t you say?”

Pushing one of the drinks forward with a charm that only someone experienced in his field could have, the host continued, “Some of these have more alcohol content than the others, but I’ll leave it to you to choose which one you want first. Kind of like a fun little roulette.”

There was a bit of hesitancy. Kuzuha’s wasn’t really planning to get to the level of inebriation the others were in. He only wanted perhaps one light drink; maybe even without the alcohol all together if it were possible.


“...Kuzuha, you’ll be fine.” Kanae suddenly said, catching the vampire’s attention. He had probably caught the reluctance on the other’s face. 

Once again, he felt his companion place a hand against his back in a warm form of encouragement. “We’re here to enjoy time with everyone. I’ll take care of you if you get drunk.” He chuckled.

“I won’t get drunk.” Kuzuha replied, shooting him an annoyed glance. It wasn’t like he didn’t know his limitations.

“Then in that case, choose a drink that Fuwacchi-san graciously prepared for you, and cheers with me.” 

With his gentle smile masking a hint of mischievousness, Kanae brought up his own cocktail already half empty, expectantly waiting for Kuzuha to respond.

The vampire held back a sigh. His friend really seemed to be enjoying himself, and it didn’t look like he were going to let him off easily, now that he were here with him.

Turning back to the drinks available, Kuzuha decided to take a simpler looking one, secretly hoping that it was diluted more so than the rest.

He could see Fuwa pick up his own drink with a smile, and he and Kanae raised their glasses to meet the vampire. “Cheers!” They called, and Kuzuha responded in kind, a satisfying “clink” given as they bumped their cups. 

Carefully, the vampire began to take a modest sip, and he immediately felt the bottom of his glass get tipped upwards by his companion, forcing him to instead swallow a surprised and heavy mouthful. 

The drink, true to what Fuwa had promised, was incredibly sweet, with the underlying flavor of bitter alcohol accompanying it. It didn’t burn as it went down, contrary to what Kuzuha normally felt whenever he drank, and it left a pleasant aftertaste on his tongue. 

Pulling the glass away from his lips, Kuzuha glared at his partner, and Kanae just laughed, lifting his own beverage as if he were attempting to hide behind it. 

“Oh, sure, hahaha, very funny.” Kuzuha mimicked him, unamused. “If you had tipped my drink up any further, everything would’ve spilled on me, you idiot.” 

The response was only another smile, and the vampire now noticed a slight red tint on Kanae’s features. It was unknown whether it was him genuinely blushing, or a result from his alcohol consumption, but for a second, Kuzuha was nearly caught off guard by how alluring he had appeared.

The sound of Fuwa giving a gratified sigh after downing his glass caught their attention.

“So, what do you think?” He asked brightly, as if he hadn’t just finished an entire cocktail in one breath. “Was it sweet enough for you? Did you like it?” 

“It’s really good, Fuwa-san.” Kuzuha answered, returning the smile. “No, it’s better than ‘good.’ I can barely taste the alcohol in it; it’s like I’m drinking sweetened, chilled coffee.” 

Showing that he meant it, Kuzuha once again took another sip, and this time, he pushed Kanae’s hand away the moment he saw the other lift it playfully, most likely to repeat what he had done before.

“Wow, thank you!” The host replied, bashfully putting away his used glass and taking out a new one. “Well, now that you’ve loosened up a little, I’ll get the next lineup ready. Let’s have a great time tonight with everyone!”

Kuzuha’s eyes widened a bit. “Oh, uh…” 

Before he could properly protest, he felt his companion reach out to him again. This time, the warmed hand comfortably rested atop the vampire’s knee, below the counter and out of sight. 

Questioningly, and a bit startled by the somewhat bold action between the two of them, Kuzuha faced the other.

“Belmond-san, can you make sure that the drinks you and Fuwa-san give Kuzuha don’t have too much alcohol in them for the rest of the evening, please?” He asked. 

“Huh? Yeah, sure of course! We don’t want him tapping out too soon.” Fuwa gave a thumbs up and a laugh towards the request, and Belmond kindly agreed.

Back to his partner, Kanae gently rubbed Kuzuha’s leg for reassurance, and Kuzuha felt himself blush. 

“Just try a few more. Fuwacchi-san was really excited to share what he’s learned with all of us.” Kanae explained. “And it’s no rush. Drink slowly if you need to. The night is still young, as they say.”

“Mmm…” At the other’s gentle coaxing, Kuzuha looked back at his glass, and he sighed. “...Ah, what the hell. Screw it.” Lifting the cup to his lips again, he drank the rest, savoring the sweetness. 

His plans had already been changed once, and he was already at a bar, one drink in. Like Kanae were suggesting, he might as well make the most of how things had turned out, and just enjoy the time with his companion and the others while he were here.

From the corner of his eyes, he could see Kanae’s expression become amused, and he too, downed the rest of his drink, copying the vampire. 

“You guys done with your game yet?” Kuzuha asked once he had finished and all that remained was the ice.

“Just about.” Placing his own empty glass down, and with a light squeeze on Kuzuha’s knee, Kanae turned to the rest of the group again. “Everyone, Kuzuha will be playing with us in the next round!” 

Their chattering stopped for a moment, replaced with enthusiastic agreements inviting the vampire to join, and Fuwa placed another cocktail in front of Kuzuha, topped off with what looked like blueberries accompanying the ice.

“Cheers!” The host called again, and Kuzuha, having accepted his new fate for the evening, took his glass and lifted it with the others. 

This drink also was incredibly sweet, he noted, tasting something like sugar milk. There was still the flavor of alcohol included, but Kuzuha ignored it, situating his mindset towards their board game as everyone started another round.

Soon, thanks to the liquor, the atmosphere became pleasant and comfortable, with all who were present laughing, talking, and joking with each other as they played round after round, eventually moving on to more of the games that were provided.

Before Kuzuha himself knew it, he had lost count of how many drinks he had taken, and how many games were won and lost among their group amidst the bursts of laughter and shouting from time to time.

At this point, he was at least aware that he had tried all of Fuwa’s creations, and he had now moved on to making requests for the drinks he preferred. 

This is nice. He recalled thinking at one point, feeling Kanae rest against his shoulder and once again smile towards everyone, brushing the vampire’s arm in a friendly manner for the hundredth time.

For Kuzuha, he didn’t mind Kanae acting this familiar with him in front of the others. 

As long as it didn’t go too far, he figured that the way his companion behaved wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary when it came to the duo being close friends who just hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Halfway leaning onto his partner, Kanae took another sip from his cocktail, his defined adam’s apple moving with the motion, and Kuzuha caught himself staring at it, almost entranced at how attractive the other’s neck looked under the haze of their alcoholic state.

Quickly, however, he turned away, enthusiastically interacting with the party to mask his actions, and after taking his turn on the board and moving his piece accordingly, Kuzuha picked up his own glass, taking a long swig from it.

“Hey, idiot, that’s my drink you’ve got there.” His companion teased in his low drawl, and with mild surprise, Kuzuha pulled the beverage he currently held away from his mouth, staring at it. 

“Oh… that’s why it’s so gross tasting.” 

“You moron, you drank so much. That has a lot of alcohol in it.” Kanae only continued, chuckling and taking it away, brushing their fingers together. “I thought you weren’t going to drink a lot tonight, dummy…” Being the touchy one he was, he smiled again and began to lean forward, closing the distance between them.

Kuzuha, even in his tipsy condition, recognized the look in his partner’s eyes and knew what would come next if he didn’t do something. 

And despite how much he missed the presence of his companion and wanted nothing more than to properly embrace him, he still knew when to step back, especially if others were around. 

Carefully, the vampire pulled away, allowing Kanae to catch himself in his actions, and he didn’t miss the confused expression on the other’s face before realization crossed it.

No words were exchanged, other than a cautious glance, and Kanae, after looking down for a moment, also moved to sit back in his regular position, off of the vampire.

Internally, Kuzuha wanted to address it, or at least subtly reach out to his partner to silently tell him that he didn’t do anything wrong; but what had just occurred was a bit dangerous. 

They both had almost forgotten where they were for a moment, and the outcome of their behavior, if they weren’t careful, would be something difficult to recover from.

Briefly, Kuzuha scanned the crowd as Kanae took another sip from his glass. It thankfully didn’t seem like anyone had noticed their awkward interaction.

“No! Mayuyu-san how could you!” Akina suddenly yelled, watching as his piece got knocked to the side, replaced with Mayuzumi’s.

“Part of the game.” The hacker only replied, amusement evident on his face.

“Ah, so cruel! I was so close to winning!” 

Akina, with his face a notable shade of pink that announced he were a good number of drinks in, dramatically threw his head back and turned to hug the closest one next to him in his impassioned fit. The closest person just so happened to be sitting next to Kuzuha.

Surprised, Kanae chuckled as Akina wrapped his arms around him, pretending to cry and inciting more teasing and loud laughter from the others. The vampire however, about to take a drink from his correct glass this time, paused, his expression unknowingly narrowing at the sight.

“Hey, hey, Mayuyu-san is right,” Kanae played along, “Luck is just part of the game, Akina-kun.” Fondly returning the hug, Kanae continued, “Although I have to say, your luck kind of sucks right now, huh?”

With a pout that quickly turned into a smile, Akina only tightened his grip on the brunette, affectionately nuzzling his face into the other’s neck, causing an irritable feeling to rise from seemingly out of nowhere for Kuzuha.

I at least have self control. The vampire heatedly thought to himself, staring back down at his drink. 

How lucky the other was, able to do things like this with his companion and no care in the world. Then again, it wasn’t like there was anything there between those two as far as he knew, other than close platonic friendship. Maybe that’s what made it so easy to just reach out whenever they wanted to towards each other. 

Kuzuha withheld a sigh, feeling his heartbeat pick up, and he blamed it as a result of the caffeine in this specific cocktail of his.

…Still… just what the hell does that brat think he’s doing?

“Aww, cuuuute.” Toko called, distracting him. The cerberus’s ears were folded, and she herself was blushing, holding onto a small shot full of sake.

Ange, who was leaning on her and inebriated, encouraged loudly, “Give us a kiss while you two are at it, why don’t you!” This was followed by even more rowdy laughter and teasing, along with Kanae giving a modest wave of his hand.

“Ange-san…” Rindou quietly chortled, caringly placing herself onto the redhead’s shoulder, careful not to accidentally poke her with her horns.

Not hiding the promiscuous and interested glint in her eyes as she glanced at Kanae’s silver haired partner, the purple haired demon continued, “Be careful… you might make someone jealous, fufufu…”

Kuzuha, hearing her quiet announcement even though the others were being incredibly loud, suddenly realized he may have made himself more obvious than he had thought. 

Quickly feeling like he needed to get away before he did something stupid, he once again downed the rest of his drink and placed a firm hand onto Kanae’s knee, catching his companion’s attention. 

“I need some air.” He announced, deftly sliding the hand against the other’s leg, an action that was hopefully too quick and subtle for anyone to properly catch. “Take over my spot in the game for me, Kanae.” 


Before anyone could ask, Kuzuha attempted to stand, only to quickly catch himself as he fell onto his knee, dazed and uncoordinated by the amount of liquor running through his veins at the moment.


Just how many drinks did he consume? Along with half of Kanae’s alcohol filled cocktail, too… 

Trying to mask his humiliation the best he could as he sought to stand again, the vampire could hear Belmond ask from behind the counter, “Hey, are you alright there?”

Kuzuha dazedly waved his hand in response, letting him and everyone else know that he were fine and didn’t need any help.

“Kuzuha,” Having pulled away from Akina and the others, Kanae was suddenly at his side, his breath ghosting over the vampire’s ear, causing him to blush. “Hey, you’ve seriously done it and drank way too much this time, huh?” He chuckled, gently rubbing the other’s back.

“Mm.” Kuzuha only replied, trying to concentrate and recover from standing too quickly. 

“Here, it looks like it’s time to sober up for you.” Carefully, Kuzuha felt himself get lifted onto his feet, and Belmond handed him a bottle of water. “There are some beds in the back room. Why don’t you go reset there for a moment?”

“Wow, even a place for the customers to recover.” Fuwa called, his eyes wide. “Bar Deras has everything, huh? It sure is accommodating to its clients!” 

“Well, it’s not the bar only available in people’s dreams otherwise, is it?” Belmond proudly replied, a smile on his features, “And I really prefer my customers being safe over returning home late at night with the chances of getting hurt under the influence.”

He gave a hearty tap on Kuzuha’s shoulder, encouraging the young vampire to get going. “There’s more water in there if you need some.”

“Thanks…” Kuzuha answered, and he felt his arm get swung over his companion’s shoulders, helping him stay upright. 

“I’m going with him.” Kanae announced to the group. “He should be back to normal in an hour, knowing Kuzuha. Don’t wait to start the other games without us, we’ll be right back.” 

“Nae, you don’t have to.” Kuzuha mumbled, and Kanae shook his head with a light laugh.

“I said I’d take care of you if you got drunk, didn’t I? Come on, it’s just a little further.” Caringly, he slid a hand around the vampire’s thin waist and dragged him along, away from the chatter that had resumed behind them.

Entering the back room together, they were brought to a dim space with what looked like four beds and some mid height privacy screens provided in between, hiding the furnishing from the entrance. 

Each also had their own small bedside table, with what looked like a bucket, paper towels, and more bottled waters available. 

“My, Fuwacchi was right, Belmond-san really knows to take care of his customers.” Kanae began, sounding impressed as the door behind them closed. “He truly is a very kind barkeeper…”


At the sudden call of his name and an abrupt shift from the other, Kanae’s eyes widened as his back was pushed against the wall, and the water bottle Kuzuha held dropped to the ground. 

Immediately, he tensed up with the fight or flight response apparent, before melting into the kiss that the vampire imposed on him.

“Mnh…” Quickly beginning to succumb, Kanae parted his lips, embracing his partner tightly as Kuzuha forced his tongue inside, dragging it across the bitterness still lingering on the other’s gums.

With no words, Kuzuha pulled away for a second, only to fiercely come back, his nails digging into the fabric of his companion’s clothes. “Kanae…” He moaned, sliding his heated body against the other’s and reveling in the shiver he received in response. 

“My… and here, I thought, you were drunk…” Kanae breathlessly began between their kisses, sounding amused.

“Mmn…” He then continued, “The door’s right there, you know…? We should… behind one of the privacy screens, at least…”

Kuzuha however, could barely comprehend what he was saying. The scent of his companion and alcohol was heavy, and the vampire, lost to his instincts and anticipation of finally being alone with his partner, was having a hard time holding back. 

“Ah…!” With a quiet gasp, Kanae felt the other slide a thigh between his legs, gently grinding against his hardening length, and a hand snaked its way into his shirt, lifting it up and caressing a nipple. “K-Ku…” 

The gasping was turning into quiet whines and moans, and Kuzuha, still in his tipsy state, pushed his weight against the other, sandwiching him between his body and the wall. 

“You’re such a Goddamn tease…” He huffed, and he caught a smirk appearing on Kanae’s features. “Leaning on me, touching me at every second… even trying to go for it in front of the others… admit it, you were asking for this, weren’t you?”

As if he were challenged, Kanae, the heavy blush and mischievousness once again apparent, lifted his leg to hook around the vampire’s waist, pushing himself against his partner as he was held up. “Maybe… afterwards, if I could’ve taken you home…” He answered.

Pressing their lips together again and whimpering as his nipple was squeezed between the other’s fingers, Kanae continued, “You getting plastered and jealous wasn’t part of the plan, though…” 

“I wasn’t jealous.” Once again Kanae was pressed back into the wall, and this time, Kuzuha aimed for his neck, sucking and running his tongue over it, giving the other no chance to confront his obvious lie.

Kanae threw his head back, and now Kuzuha brought his other hand up, making sure both nipples were being played with, causing the other’s breath to become sporadic, his grinding becoming less evenly paced. “K-Kuzu…” He tried to say, “B-Bed…”

“We might stain the sheets if we do that…” The other responded, pulling away, and lifting the end of Kanae’s shirt to the other’s lips. “…Try to keep your voice down.” 

Kanae stared back at him, his expression reflecting the entranced stare of the vampire. 

Kuzuha, even with his half mast eyes, appeared so determined, his cheeks stained a gorgeous shade of red from all the drinking. It looked like he wanted to be the one leading this time, and Kanae smiled, his excitement and attraction of his partner growing at how confident the other seemed.

“...An hour, okay?” He gently reminded his companion of their time limit, and he did what was silently requested of the vampire, biting down on the fabric and holding the shirt up in place so that his chest and stomach could remain exposed.

“It’s enough time.” Was the response, and Kuzuha began to press kisses against his companion’s red collarbone as the other shivered, his voice now muffled by his blouse. 

Carefully, Kuzuha trailed his tongue against the presented bust, soft lips tracing over the hot body and closing around a sensitive nipple, making sure to suck it and gently hold his partner in place, to keep him from retreating.

“Mmn…” Kanae flinched, his eyes closing as he held onto the vampire, encouraging him to continue. “Ku...zu…”

After a moment, Kuzuha then moved across his chest, doing the same to the other one, slowly flicking it with his tongue before encasing it into his mouth, his hands now beginning to explore Kanae’s form, yearningly wishing that his palms alone could leave marks on it, so that the whole world knew that Kanae was his and no one else’s. 

As if unsure of what sensation to feel, Kanae twitched, moaning and whimpering into the fabric as Kuzuha nursed both of his nipples and pressed his fingers into his hips, spine, and ribs.

From there, Kuzuha then slid his tongue down, placing several kisses against Kanae’s stomach and running the damp appendage over the other’s belly button, finally pausing at the rim of his partner’s jeans and looking up at him with crimson, lustful eyes.

The image of his companion from this position, looking down at him in a messy state, trembling and holding his shirt up between his lips was nearly enough to send Kuzuha over the edge. 

I’m not going to last if I keep this up… The vampire briefly thought, feeling how painfully hard he had become, just as hard as the bulge now apparent in Kanae’s pants.

Suddenly, the loud sound of excited shouting erupted from the bar, startling them both out of their passionate moment and reminding them that there were still others here who could definitely catch them.

Quickly, the shirt was dropped from Kanae’s mouth, and Kuzuha, while struggling a bit, immediately got off his knees and straightened himself at the commotion, reaching over to hold the door in place in case someone were entering as Kanae situated himself. 

Ignoring the pounding in his head from how abruptly he had moved, Kuzuha, wide eyed and anxious, stared at the entrance as a moment passed with the two of them ready to explain themselves if someone did come in. But it didn’t seem like anyone was going to. 

The shouting may have just been a result of a move someone did in whatever game they were now playing. 

Still holding the door shut, he released a heavy sigh, and Kanae chucked softly, moving next to him and gently pressing his lips against the vampire’s warm cheek while his hands wrapped themselves around the other’s waist.

Cautiously, Kuzuha faced his partner. “...Are we… really going to do this here?” He quietly asked.

“You were so bold before, and now you’ve become shy?” Kanae only teased, and Kuzuha felt him slide his thumb into the vampire’s waistband, against his hip bone. 

With a light exhale and his expression becoming timid, Kanae continued, “...I’m sorry but… I don’t think I can wait till we get home… if I leave the room in this state, I might do something we’ll regret in front of the others…”

“What a way to put it.” Kuzuha answered, returning a smirk. “You ever hear of self control?”

“That’s unfair to call out when you were the one who made my chest as sensitive as it is right now, you know?”

Denying any more banter, Kanae brought their lips together, a soft sound accompanying it, and it didn’t even take a second for Kuzuha to wilt at the action.

Pulling away, they both stared at each other, sharing the same blush and aroused gaze, and now, even Kuzuha knew that there was no way to recover from his feelings at this point, either.

“...Come on.” His companion breathed, lightly tugging him off of the entrance and towards one of the beds behind the privacy screens.

Kuzuha, completely smitten, held tightly onto his partner’s hand and obliged.



Kanae was first to take a seat with Kuzuha following, sitting next to him. With the screen now shielding them from the entryway, they at least didn’t have to worry about getting immediately caught from their position.

With his typical warm smile, Kanae brought a hand up to Kuzuha’s face, almost like to reassure and comfort the vampire, and Kuzuha shyly responded, turning and placing a kiss against the palm.

Gesturing for Kuzuha to then come closer, to which Kuzuha did, he blushed as Kanae reached down, beginning to undo their jeans. 

This was not the first time they had done something like this together, and yet whenever it came to these activities with his partner, somehow, Kuzuha always had a moment where he felt embarrassed and suddenly inexperienced.

“…We need to apologize to Belmond-san…” The vampire quietly muttered, starting to feel ashamed as he felt himself slowly become exposed.

“If worse comes to worse, we can say you puked and that the sheets need to be changed.” His companion answered, laughing at the uncomfortable expression that overcame Kuzuha’s face. “Don’t worry… let’s be quick and try to keep the mess to a minimum, okay?” 

The vampire could only silently agree.

Carefully after a moment, their lower layers were slipped off, and Kuzuha met eyes with his partner, leaning forward and capturing his lips again, earning a small sound.

Pushing him a little, Kuzuha then firmly placed his palm against Kanae’s stomach, over the fabric of his shirt, and slid it down towards the other’s length, now receiving a low moan as he gently began to stroke him.

The kiss became deeper, with Kuzuha having his free hand take hold of the back of Kanae's head to pull him close, and finally to breathe, the vampire pulled away, pressing kisses onto the other’s jaw and neck. 

Kanae, gasping lightly, gripped the other’s shoulder to hold himself up, and he too reached for his partner’s erection, encasing the hard appendage into his palm, and hearing a suppressed growl emit from the vampire.

“…You seem bigger this time…” Kanae teasingly stated, allowing himself to be caringly pushed down onto the sheets and pillow. “Have you not done anything to yourself as of late?”

“Oh, shut up…” Kuzuha pulled away, giving a modest blush. “Listen, there are already a bunch of things on my schedule, alright? I’m too tired at the end of the day to do anything else.”

Kanae only laughed at how embarrassed he appeared after such a small statement. “That’s fine… we should be able to finish here soon and return to the others, if that’s the case.” 

Using his hand, Kanae continued his movement, delighting in how his vampire immediately surrendered, allowing his hips to answer, and trying to push deeply into his palm. 

“Nnh… God…” Kuzuha breathed, burying himself into Kanae’s hair and the pillow as he tried to control himself, desperately wishing that he or the other could move faster.

“So sensitive and wet already…” Kanae quietly began, sounding enthralled, and he suddenly tensed a bit, feeling Kuzuha’s fingers slick with both their precum, already beginning to nudge at his entrance below. 

With a quiet moan that sent electricity through the vampire, Kanae silently invited Kuzuha to continue, spreading himself a bit more, and pushing his hips upwards into his companion.

“Kanae…” Kuzuha began, something low and warning about his voice, but the brunette paid it no mind, stroking his partner harder, and bringing their lips together in a hungry embrace. 

The fingers were then pushed in, and Kanae allowed his back to arch up, whimpers spilling out as Kuzuha attempted to find his spot. “Ha—” He finally gasped, pulling away from the kiss, a deep blush accompanying his desirous expression, “Th-There… Kuzu…”

“Here?” Kuzuha, knowing what he was doing, nudged Kanae’s prostate in question, and melted at the expression of pleasure that overcame his companion’s face.

Kanae’s strokes on Kuzuha had stopped, and now he gripped the vampire’s shirt and the sheets, gasping under the other’s form. Kuzuha, watching how his companion moved his hips against his fingers, longingly trying to pleasure himself against them, was at his limit. 

Pulling the fingers out and immediately placing himself at his companion’s entrance, Kuzuha did everything he could to not just shove himself inside and finish without any care for his partner.

Trembling and breathless, he carefully began to slide in, his anticipation for this moment at its peak, and resting both hands on either side of his partner’s head, Kuzuha stared down at Kanae, taking in the look of desperation and the red blush that covered the other’s face all the way down to the ends of his neck.

“Kanae…” The vampire moaned, having buried himself to the hilt. “Are you… okay…?”

Kanae, in a bit of a daze, nodded. “Y-Yeah…” With his irises fogged, he brought his arms over his head, resting in a pose that caused Kuzuha to feel like his partner looked completely defenseless and at his mercy. 

“…Move… please?” Kanae then whimpered, and Kuzuha dug his arms under the other’s waist, granting them both what they wanted. 

Slow at first, but he couldn’t hold back for more than two solid thrusts. Quickly, he pushed himself down against Kanae’s hips, beginning to chase his climax as it slipped again and again from his grip. 

Gasping in time with his partner, Kuzuha could feel his nails dig deep into Kanae’s soft skin, and a sticky, lewd sound began to resonate from below, standing out against the creaking of their bed.

“Ku…” Kanae moaned, barely able to breathe at how good it felt. Feeling him shift a little, Kuzuha sparsely noticed that his companion had wrapped his legs around him, urging him to finish inside.

“Kanae…” He desperately whispered, feeling his end near. “Kanae… Kanae…!” 


Before Kuzuha could do anything else, the muffled noise of footsteps approaching caught their ears, and the unmistakable sound of the door to the room opening could be heard.

The two of them instinctually froze, and Kuzuha immediately fell flat against the other, hoping that whoever entered didn’t hear them, or see his form above their mid-height privacy screen.

Ah… are you serious? He angrily thought, his feelings of passion completely replaced by panic.

The footsteps thankfully didn’t approach the beds. Instead, they passed by on the other side of their screen, accompanied with some quiet muttering about where to go, and the duo could see a light get turned on somewhere, only to disappear behind another door that quietly closed itself. It was probably a bathroom.

At the very least, it didn’t look like they had gotten noticed, and Kuzuha allowed his heartbeat and nerves to start calming down. 

“Ah… that sounded like Akina-kun…” He heard Kanae whisper before it became silent again, with nothing but the other’s breathing ghosting over the vampire’s ear. 

Kanae sounded minorly inconvenienced, but that scare had made Kuzuha feel like his head had finally cleared enough from his hormones and the liquor, and logic suddenly began to pour back into his mind.

God… what the hell are we even doing right now? He couldn’t help but think.

How bold the two of them were, doing something like this in a public area, where people they knew and worked with were in proximity. It was incredibly rude, if not downright disrespectful; and this exact moment had shown him what a miracle it was that they seriously weren’t already caught. 

It was best to stop here and finish off individually; the bathroom that just made itself known to them would be more than enough a place to do that. 

Deciding that it would be for the best, Kuzuha carefully began to slide himself out, and in response, the legs still wrapped around his waist pulled him back.


He could’ve rolled his eyes. Of course, his partner, per usual, had different plans. 

Kanae’s breath became ticklish for a moment, and Kuzuha felt the other embrace him, firmly holding him in place as the brunette began to place kisses onto his neck. 

“You showered before coming here, didn’t you…?” Kanae longingly murmured, “…Your scent is so nice…”

Before he could protest, the vampire shivered, suddenly feeling the other run his warm tongue over his neck, up towards the cartilage of his ear, licking it.

“Ka…” He began, and he muffled himself as his companion started to move for them, using his legs, still wrapped around Kuzuha’s slim waist, to slide against the other. “Mn— wait…” Kuzuha gasped as Kanae continued to kiss his ear. “We c-can’t…” 

Kuzuha, pushing his face into the pillow to suppress his groans, felt his nails once again dig into his partner’s hips in silent protest. With how sensitive he was and how close he felt, the vampire could hardly contain himself even with this much being done.

Any more, and he knew he would unwillingly finish at this rate. 

“Ngh…” One of the vampire’s hands released itself from his companion and burrowed into sheets, a vice-like grip that he knew could harm his partner almost tearing into the linen. Involuntarily, he moved his hips, answering to Kanae’s actions. “N-Nae…” He gasped.

“Are you coming?” Kanae whispered, once more running his tongue against Kuzuha’s ear. “Akina-kun sounds like he’s almost done…” 

Kuzuha flinched as his ear was suddenly bitten down on. “Nn…!”

“If you’re so jealous… then why don’t you show him what you’re doing to me right now, Ku-chan…?” Kanae coaxed, and Kuzuha growled, rolling his hips against his partner, eliciting a moan. 

“…K-Ku-chan…” Kanae managed to continue, his grip on his companion tightening, “Y-You already know… the only one who can do things like this with me…” He gasped, and this time, Kanae’s lips teasingly brushed themselves onto the cartilage as both their breaths became shallow. “…It’s you only… it’s Kuzuha… only…”

He could barely concentrate properly, and yet the vampire felt himself swell at the comprehension of those words. “N-Nae…” He longingly moaned, grabbing a hold of his partner’s palm and squeezing his hand. “K-Kanae… Kanae…!”

Just as the muted sound of water running from a sink in the bathroom began, Kuzuha felt himself cum, an intense wave of pleasure clouding his mind and enveloping his whole body. Weakly, he trembled, doing everything to keep his voice from growing louder as he finished inside his companion, uncontrolled whimpers and moans spilling out from his lips.

As soon as the last of it was out, Kuzuha, breathless, gripped his companion’s shirt with a trembling hand, and buried himself into the other’s neck, inhaling his scent as he recovered. Faintly, he heard the bathroom’s door open, but he was too overwhelmed to care about it. 


The vampire’s eyes widened, and he tried to questioningly look at his companion, but his head was gently held down, and he could feel Kanae sit up to peer over the privacy screen.

“Oh, Kanae-san!” A voice that was clearly Akina’s replied, and he quickly hushed himself when Kanae smiled and placed a finger to his lips, requesting to keep quiet.

“Is Kuzuha-san doing okay?” Akina then softly continued. 

“Yes, he’s doing fine, but he’s still feeling a little sick.” Kanae answered, “Do you mind letting everyone know it’ll just be a little longer? I think he’s going to wake up soon.” 

“Ah, yeah! No problem!” The bubbly response was apparent. “Sorry, I must’ve been a little loud there… it’s just that everyone decided to take a bathroom break and this one was the only free one at the moment.” 

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Kanae chuckled. 

“Then, I’ll let everyone know. I’ll make sure they don’t use this bathroom unless they really need to, too, so that Kuzuha-san can rest up with no disturbances.”

“Oh, Akina-kun, there’s no need to go that far…”

“No, it’s really no problem! Don’t worry, Kanae-san, leave it to me!” 

There was a light laugh and a word of gladdened thanks from the brunette, and the door back to the bar was opened and closed, with Akina disappearing behind it. 

A short beat of silence came, and Kanae sighed. “Well… it looks like that’s taken care of…”

He suddenly felt Kuzuha push himself up, the vampire’s expression shrouded in humiliation and ready to reprimand him.

“You idiot, are you out of your—?” 

Immediately Kanae took his face and pressed their lips together, silencing his companion and snaking his tongue inside, against his gums and fangs. Pulling away slowly after successfully keeping the other from shouting, he then whined, “…Ku-chan… I didn’t finish like you yet…”

Kuzuha blinked, staring up at his partner with bewildered orbs as he felt the other gently take a hold of his palm and wrap it around his length that was evidently still hard. 

Kanae stared back down at him, his eyes half mast and blush having returned. “I want to feel good, too… can you… finish me off…?”

The vampire’s face instantly turned red, understanding what that implied, and modestly, he averted his gaze, pouting a bit.

At his mild reluctance, a caring and playful smile overcame Kanae’s features, and he leaned down, putting their foreheads together. “Akina-kun is nice enough to be a gatekeeper and give us all the privacy in the world for a couple more minutes… so… pleaaase…?” He whined.

Kuzuha huffed. 

“Tch. Fine… fine.” Unable to deny his partner, Kuzuha once more moved, giving Kanae another kiss that the other lovingly responded in kind to, and then carefully, he began to get up, off of his companion and the bed.



Kneeling on the ground on top of their jeans so as not to scuff his knees, Kuzuha shyly gazed at his partner’s erection, now stationed directly in front of his face.

Momentarily, he felt Kanae brush the top of his crown through his hair, moving the palm and fingers down, against his cheekbone and jaw; a gentle way of encouraging the other to continue. 

Kuzuha gave a soft exhale, delicately grabbing the base and looking up at his companion. 

“…You know, most people would be horrified with just the idea of putting their dick in a vampire’s mouth.” He snarkily remarked. 

“Really? I must be very brave then, hm?” Kanae answered, softly smiling down at him. 

Sure… or maybe you’re just very stupid. Kuzuha inwardly thought, returning an unamused glance.

“Don’t give me that look… I trust you Ku-chan.” The other then replied, stroking his hair dearly between his fingers. “It’s not like it’s our first time, and I’ve been fine up to now, right? Has something changed? Should I be concerned…?”

Nothing had changed of course, and it was true that it wasn’t their first time either, but…  

Still feeling a little embarrassed, Kuzuha blushed. “Just… quit calling me ‘Ku-chan’ already…” He muttered under his breath, and hesitantly, he parted his lips and leaned forward. 

Cautious at first, Kuzuha closed his eyes, and his warm tongue gently ran itself against the underside, then up and over the tip, taking in the familiar taste of his partner, and he timidly gazed up, seeing if there was any reaction.

Other than a slight red tint dusting his features and more tender strokes against the vampire’s hair, Kanae seemed unchanged.


Focusing again on the appendage in front of him, Kuzuha then slid his lips around the top and enveloped his partner’s length till it filled the entirety of his mouth. Soon, he felt the tip nudge the back of his throat, and he did his best not to gag. Once again, Kuzuha slid his tongue underneath, firmly pressing it against the slick roof of his mouth.

At this action, the hand on Kuzuha’s head trailed down, brushing over the vampire’s red ears, and tangling itself into his locks. Gently, Kuzuha pulled himself up, his saliva trailing down his partner’s length.

Sucking a bit at the top, he moved back down, shoving Kanae further in, and he swallowed, his throat enclosing around the tip, and Kanae softly moaned, the grasp on the vampire’s hair tightening. 

“G-Good…” He heard the other gasp, and Kuzuha wished he could look up again, just to see what expression was on his companion now. 

With more assurance, the vampire began to move, breathing heavily against his partner as he continued to nurse him, running his tongue over the hot member, and taking the other in as far as he could go down to the back of his throat every time.

“Ng—” At one point, his gag reflex was unavoidably triggered, encasing his partner in the folds of his windpipe, and while Kuzuha winced, involuntary tears flooding his vision at the sensation, he refused to stop.

Kanae, his Kanae, was so hard in this moment, and the grip on his hair from his companion as he continued to suck him off was becoming painful. Yet the more the vampire felt wrangled, the more Kuzuha wanted nothing more than to gorge himself and achieve having his companion finish in his mouth.

His partner’s scent and taste were intoxicating; a flavor that the vampire had realized he craved more so than he did with those sweetened cocktails, and Kuzuha, now becoming sloppy with his movements, finally pulled his mouth away, dragging his tongue against the stiff appendage and looking up at his partner with charmed, tear-filled eyes.

Kanae, breathless, stared back down, the same, loving expression mirrored as he gazed at his infatuated vampire.

How close are you…? Kuzuha dazedly wanted to ask, his hot breath pushing against his lover as he kissed Kanae’s length, sucking on the sides with a moan when his hair was once again tugged at.

Placing the tip back in his mouth and about to bury his companion into his throat once more, Kuzuha suddenly tensed, feeling Kanae’s foot rub over his sensitive cock, making the vampire fully aware that he was once again helplessly hard and aroused. 

“…Coming once really isn’t enough for you anymore, huh?” Kanae whispered, his voice low.

Kuzuha, feeling ashamed, only gazed up at his companion, his mouth still full with the other’s length, and he flinched, feeling the ball of Kanae’s foot teasingly slide itself against his hard shaft. 

“Ah… well, it can’t be helped.” Gently, Kuzuha felt Kanae's hands take either side of his jaw, and he was carefully guided to release his companion. “Come here…” Kanae murmured, his tender smile having returned.

Obeying the other, Kuzuha began to climb back onto the bed again, giving some reluctance when Kanae tried to kiss him, because really, who would want to kiss someone after a blowjob, but Kanae didn’t allow him to pull away for too long, passionately bringing their lips together and pushing Kuzuha’s mouth open with his tongue. 

“Mm…” Breathlessly, Kuzuha moaned as Kanae held him close, stroking his cock, still sensitive from his climax earlier, and once the other pulled away, the vampire winced, blushing. “G-Gross…” He managed to say, earning an amused and challenged scoff from his partner. 

Kanae, with no other words, only shook his head with a smirk and moved forward to kiss him again. 

Contrary to Kuzuha’s statement, there was no resistance this time, and the vampire wrapped his arms around his companion, whimpering as his member came into contact with Kanae’s, and heatedly, his partner began to jerk them both off. 

Moaning a little, Kuzuha reached down too, helping him, and he pulled away from the kiss, locking eyes with the brunette and gasping as they pumped each other. 

“Kanae…” He whispered, an adored and feeble look in his eyes, and surprise overcame his features as he was suddenly pushed into the sheets. Swiftly, his partner lifted his legs, and Kanae positioned himself at the vampire’s entrance, just as Kuzuha had done so earlier with him. 

“…I’m at my limit.” Kanae earnestly replied to his companion’s cautious gaze, a hunger filled look in his irises, and without preparing his vampire, he began to push himself in, earning a pained gasp and suppressed moan. 


“It’s alright…” Kanae reassured him, distracting his lover with his voice once again becoming delicate, and a small kiss. “It won’t hurt long… you’ve lubed me up enough for this, Kuzuha…see?” 

As if to confirm it, Kanae gripped the other’s waist and easily slid the rest of himself inside, spreading the vampire even more with his hips as he did so, and Kuzuha’s eyes shot open as his prostate was rammed. 

“Aah—h!” Unprepared for the sudden rush of pleasure, Kuzuha threw his head back, exposing his neck, and Kanae smiled, immediately taking what was presented, and biting down onto the soft flesh. 

Melting into his partner as Kuzuha covered his mouth with the back of his arm to suppress his moans, Kanae persistently moved, leaving mark after mark over the vampire’s exposed body, resisting his inner urge to just rip the other’s shirt off. How he wished he could hear Kuzuha at full volume, losing his mind in this very moment because of what Kanae was doing to him. 

Perhaps if they were able to go for a few more rounds in his house after this, he’d be able to thoroughly enjoy it, without any inhibitions.

“Un—” Kanae finally pulled away from him, putting their foreheads together again, and closing his eyes as he kneaded the other into the mattress. “C-Coming…” He breathlessly gasped. “K-Kuzuha… I-I’m…” 

In response to the incomplete sentences, he felt the vampire place a hand between their abdomens, finding his shaft and once again incoherently stroking it, desperately wanting to finish with his partner this time. 

“Kanae…” Kuzuha called again, his voice completely hoarse. “T-Together…” 

“Yeah…” With his body beginning to tense up, and his mind beginning to blank, Kanae clenched his teeth and pushed himself inside as deep as he could go. “K-Kuzu…!” Unable to restrain himself, Kanae did the best he could to stifle his sounds, feeling himself cum at last, immersed inside of his partner. 

Kuzuha, hearing the other finish, shut his eyes and pulled his companion close, also willing himself to let go, his mouth falling open with soundless moans, and his body giving in, accepting everything Kanae gave him as he rode his own orgasm out.

“Ngh… nn…” 

Finally, after a few more thrusts, and several quiet whimpers, Kanae expelled the last of what he had, and tried to catch his breath, collapsing onto the vampire. Kuzuha, breathing heavily as he felt Kanae relax against him, stretched his legs against the fabric, lazing into the bed in exhaustion.

A moment passed with the two of them regaining themselves, and eventually, after their several minutes of silence, Kuzuha, staring up at the dark ceiling, was the first to quietly speak.

“…I think… we still made a mess on the sheets…” He windedly began, a hint of guilt accompanying it.

“You puked on them, and we’ll ask Belmond-san where his washer is, so that we can clean it up before we leave.” Was the muffled response from his partner, whose face was still tiredly buried in the pillow. 

Kuzuha felt himself smile, and lightly, he laughed. 

At the sound of his chuckling, Kanae lifted his head up, resting his chin on the vampire’s shoulder, and he mirrored his partner’s grin.

“…Hey…” The brunette tenderly began, starting to stroke his fingers through the other’s hair, “Let’s just… get out of here and go back to my place after we set the laundry.” He requested, and at the other’s contemplating silence, he enticingly added, “…I’ll make you gyudon…”

There was another smirk from the vampire, and he sighed. “Sure… but I’m not doing round two when we’re there. I’m tired, Kanae.” 

“Well, I didn’t say anything about that…” Kanae pouted a bit, but still, he seemed glad that the vampire hadn’t denied coming over. 

Most likely that meant Kuzuha would spend the night and breakfast at his place too, and happily, Kanae wrapped his arms around the other, delighted when Kuzuha responded, embracing him back, and endearingly rubbing their noses together with a warm smile.

“…We should get going before it becomes suspicious or you accidentally fall asleep.” He then quietly stated.

“Then, I’ll leave first.” Kanae answered and sat up, unwillingly pulling away from him and reaching for the provided paper towels to swab themselves off. “Wait here for me, and start removing the sheets… is that okay?” 

Grabbing a hold of their pants and handing the other his jeans, Kanae once again smiled at his companion, and Kuzuha only nodded, taking his clothes and preparing himself to begin cleaning. 

Standing up, he still felt a little uncoordinated, but he figured that with some water and fresh air, he would be back to normal and lucid soon.



After following through with their plan, Kanae privately explained to Belmond about Kuzuha’s condition, and the older barkeeper was more than kind and accommodating, agreeing to keep the incident of Kuzuha’s sickness between the three of them, and even dismissing the vampire’s apology with an understanding smile. 

This wasn’t the first time an incident like this had happened with his clients, it seemed, and he simply stated that it sometimes came with the job.

Still, that didn’t keep Kanae or Kuzuha from doing the laundry and changing the sheets themselves, and they still insisted that they would be happy to help Belmond out at his bar, if he ever needed them for one evening as a repayment for such hospitality.

The rest of their friends were sad to see them go so soon, but Kanae did his part, solidly guarding his vampire, and stating that he was the one who wanted to get going so that they could finish more work at his place in relation to ChroNoiR activities.

It wasn’t long before the two of them left Bar Deras, waving at the others as they departed, and they walked closely together, side by side in comfortable silence for a good, long while.

The summer evening was warm, filled with the sound of insects as the duo followed the path towards Kanae’s home, and eventually they reached the residential streets, which were empty this late into the night. 

At one point, Kuzuha mumbled something, and Kanae turned his gaze at his companion, wondering if it might have been his imagination. 

“…What was that?” He asked, leaning towards him a bit, and he suddenly caught an embarrassed expression and blush on the vampire’s features, visible under the streetlamps.

“…I’m… not doing anything like that ever again with you in a public area, you hear me?” Kuzuha muttered, this time a bit louder, and he shyly averted his gaze, looking elsewhere.

Kanae blinked, his eyes wide, and he chuckled. “…I suppose we both really were lucky that no one seemed to catch wind of us…” He quietly began, “…Although, Rindou-san seemed pretty suspicious after we announced we were deciding to leave…”

He laughed again, seeing the vampire visibly cringe at whatever it may have implied, and Kanae reached over, entwining their hands. Kuzuha, despite seeming annoyed, didn’t refuse.

“Next time don’t get drunk and jump me like that, hm?” The brunette playfully teased, nudging his companion’s shoulder, and Kuzuha released a sigh. 

“Seriously… it didn’t seem like I was drinking that much.” He wearily explained. “The drinks Fuwacchi made tasted nothing like alcohol.”

Kanae just laughed again, squeezing the other’s palm. “I guess that’s probably what makes them so dangerous… when a drink is that sweet, it’s hard to keep track of just how much liquor you’re actually ingesting. Then the next thing you know, it all hits you like a train.”

Kuzuha, at Kanae’s explanation, only gave a modest shrug. “Yeah… I guess so…” Carefully, he mimicked his companion, leaning onto him and balancing their weight as they continued to walk ahead. “…That coffee based drink that Fuwa-san made was pretty good though.” 

“Oh… the one I could drink, too?” Kanae replied, glancing at him. “What was it… Kahlúa, right?”

“Yeah, but mine had milk mixed in.” Kuzuha smiled, “I think that was the one that did it…  I’m pretty sure I had a ton of those, and all my nerves were going crazy with the caffeine at one point.” 

“Wow, you idiot… we really should have paid more attention.” Kanae ended up snickering, “I’m starting to feel that what happened between us was inevitable at this rate…” 

Kuzuha only joined his partner and laughed along with him.

Nevertheless, this evening had worked out pretty well, considering all the areas where it could’ve gone horribly wrong, and for this moment alone, walking home with Kanae against his side in the warm night, Kuzuha felt content, and overall happy that this was how it ended up.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten that you still owe me gyudon.” He reminded the other in jest, and Kanae nodded, an affectionate smile on his features as he held onto his companion. 

“I know… you left some milk at my place too, for the next time you’d visit.” He noted, “This time though, it’s not Kalhúa. It’s strawberry.” 

“Hmph. Good.” Kuzuha chuckled, “I’m pretty sure I’ve had enough alcohol for the rest of this summer. And I’ll take strawberry milk over it any day of the week. Let’s hurry and get home, Kanae.”

Hand in hand with no space between them, the duo endearingly continued forward together, quietly disappearing into the tepid night.