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Nails start a journey...

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“Thank you, Didi, for helping me move” As Lan Wangji moves the last of the boxes into Nie Mingjue & Lan Xichen’s new home. Lan Xichen hugs his brother in gratitude.

“Of course, dada I know this has been tough on you.” He reassures, “Even so, Wangji it’s really late and it’s a school night, I don’t want you to fall asleep during class "  


“It'll be right he'll manage, and if he can’t, I’m sure he can stand not paying attention for one day.” Nie Mingjue says as he puts down a gigantic box by the bathroom doorway and walks over, clapping Lan Wangji on the back. Lan Xichen still looks apprehensive.


“I’ll be fine, dada, I promise.” he gives one last pat on his brother’s back and breaks away from the hug to move boxes. 


“Okay, if you say so”



Maybe Lan Wangji Should have left earlier when Lan Xichen I told him he could go home. Now he's having trouble staying awake during his lectures, but he managed. He thought he could last the entire day with music club, the last activity of the day before he went home, but now he's nodding off. He tried to stay awake but eventually; he succumbed to sleep, head in arms. 

When he awoke, He looks at his surroundings, and then he looks down at his hands and notices that his nails are now flamingo pink. He stares for 10 more seconds when he hears a voice call out to him,”


“Lan Zhan you finally woke up!” Wei Wuxian’s voice booms a few tables away “It's so strange seeing you fall asleep during school hours, are you finally starting your rebellious phase, a little late, huh? We’re in our 20s now.” He chuckles.


“I help my brother and his partner move into their new home last night.” he goes back to stare at his nails. “You did this?” 


“Do you like them? Mian Mian left her nail polish in the clubroom and I was bored.” Wei Wuxian’s tone is contemplative, “You know the bottle said it's quick-drying by, I didn’t expect it to dry that fast! I didn’t do too bad of a job applying it if I say so myself, one of my best work.” Wei Wuxian’s smile is bright, and Lan Wangji continues to stare at him as he prattles on. Wei Wuxian’s gaze switches between his nails and his face and his smile slowly shrinks, taking on a more sheepish expression.


“I’m sorry Lan Zhan, are you mad at me?” Lan Wangji shakes his head.


“You’re not?” his voice incredulous. 


“Nm, surprised they don’t look terrible—'‘ “Wow, rude” “—How would I remove this?” Lan Wangji wiggles his fingers towards Wei Wuxian.


“You use acetone, you should come over to my house my shije had nail polish remover in her room.” 






Lan Wangji feels giddy, he’s had a crush on Wei Wuxian ever since the first year of high school, and now he is coming over to his house.


Once they arrive at the Jiang residence, Wei Wuxian calls out to see if anyone is home.


“It seems that no one is home yet,” he leads Lan Wangji into his room “Wait here I’m going to shije’s room to get her nail polish remover” he darts out of the room.


While he’s gone, Lan Wangji looks around the room. The bed is but the thing that stands out the most is the paintings that all over the walls; they seem to be made by the same artist if the signature is anything to go by and they of various things landscapes, flowers, and animals but the painting that stands out to Lan Wangji the most is the one over the bed, there are three people an adult woman riding a donkey with a child and a man leading the donkey, only the child has a clear face.


When Wei Wuxian comes back, he has a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton pads, and tea.


“The paintings are beautiful Wei Ying.” Lan Wangji says conversationally “Where did you get these”


“Thanks, Lan Zhan! Do you like them, I made these myself you know?” he states proudly.


“They are very detailed, I especially like the one over the bed.” When he turns to look at Wei Wuxian, he’s surprised to see that his face looks wistful, with a small sad smile.


“Okay, let’s remove this polish” he gestures for Lan Wangji to sit down and hands him the tea. He takes the hand that’s not holding the tea and removes the nail polish.


“You have such pretty nails, Lan Zhan. Can I paint other colors on them?” 

“Mn” sipping his tea, Lan Wangji doesn’t oppose his nails being painted, to his own surprise. Though he suspects if he comes home with them on, his uncle will throw a fit, so he will have Wei Wuxian take them off later.





Wei Ying paints his nails in a variety of colors, from reds and blues to black and white. Once he's finished removing nail polish, Lan Zhan receives a text from Lan Xichen, worriedly asking where he is. He checks the time he realizes it’s past 9 p.m. and panics, he belatedly realizes he hasn't texted his brother or his uncle that he would go over to someone’s house and not head straight home as he usually does.


“Wei Ying, I have to go.” Lan Wangji announces slightly panicking.


“Huh?” he checks his phone for the time “Oh yeah, it’s way past your bedtime Lan Zhan, Ill walk you out.'' They both get up and head towards the front door. The door opens, revealing Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng right behind her.


“Oh, hello.” Yanli asks “A-xian I didn’t know you had a friend over.” She smiles kindly at Lan Zhan. She and Jiang Cheng walk into the house.


“How did you get Lan Wangji to come over? Are you blackmailing him?” Jiang Cheng asks incredulously.


“Rude Chengcheng! I’ll have you know that I’m very charming and he willingly came here” Wei Wuxian gasps, hand to his heart in mock offense.


“Tch, who’s your Chengcheng?” Jiang Cheng asks as he walks up the stairs to go to his room.


Yanli shakes her head fondly and makes her way towards the kitchen. “Lan Wangji, would you like to stay for dinner?”


“I cannot I must get home, but thank you for your offer.” He bows slightly towards her and makes his way out the door.


Wei Wuxian follows him out, to see him off. “Goodbye Lan Zhan, thank you for indulging me tonight.”


“Wasn’t indulging, I enjoyed spending time with you.” He says sincerely.

"Lan Zhan, you shouldn’t say things like that so earnestly it’s bad for my heart!” Wei Ying says playfully hitting Lan Zhan on the arm.


“My apologies, I’ll warn you next time,” He says serenely, there’s a teasing glint in his eyes


“You better! Now go home and get some sleep, don’t think I haven’t noticed you haven’t been sleeping well lately,” Wei Ying scolds and Lan Wangji walks off. Lan Zhan's ears go red when he hears him and walks toward his car to head off.



Once Lan Wangji arrives at his dorm, he texts his brother and calls his uncle, reassuring them he was fine and that he just went over to a friend's house to hang out. Lan Xichen was skeptical that it was just a friend, despite Wangji's attempts of telling him otherwise. Lan Qiren lectured Lan Wangji about how he shouldn’t be up so late, especially on a school night.