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Neither seen, nor heard
Alone in a crowded room
I’m invisible?

Sadness looms over
I seem to care for nothing
I am still so tired…

With friends, but ignored
My “mood swings”, they can’t handle
Please don’t pull away!

Alone with my thoughts
Uncertainty fills me up
Is it me, or them?

Please, reassure me!
Someone tell me I’m not wrong!
Am I too damaged?

This is depression
The isolation, and fear
That something is wrong

The sadness, and pain
God, will I be whole again?
I cannot answer

But I know I have
People who care about me
That makes a difference

I made this haiku
To show you what it feels like
To have depression

Please do not make light
Of what so many go through
Day to day, alone

Be a friend to us
Even when we have no strength
To be a friend back

In order to help
All you must do is listen
And all will be well