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First Year OT5 Poly hcs AKA Fluff Bundle

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ok so

idk why but just yes.

  • We’ll start off with ships and then how they all converge in the order: Adeuce - Deupel - Jackpel - Seback - Asebe and then they all just cross over ngl
  • Oh my god this is literally just Dumbass #1 x Dumbass #2 x Small shy rebel x Shouty tsundere #1 x Shouty tsundere #2

Actually first off just. Adeuce

  • One brain cell two boys many crimes
  • They’re in the same class so we all know it’s gonna happen eventually
  • Ace’s constant teasing turns into him wanting Deuce’s attention 
  • Deuce keeps nudging him to look at the teacher. from nudges to punches to an affectionate turning his head by caressing his cheek
  • They stay up late into the night doing homework together and getting physically intimate
  • As in Ace will literally just lay on top of Deuce’s lap and they’re chill with it bc they’re bros
  • Just bros yes but sometimes Ace looks at Deuce and wonders what he’d be like to kiss 
  • JUST BROS YEP MHM Deuce also secretly really likes it whenever Ace leans on him or just tiredly drapes himself over his shoulders. Deuce has absolutely no problem carrying him back to the dorm and even shows off by swinging him around sometimes
  • Ace has Many problems with this, one being that this is much too shoujo manga and he doesn’t like being the heroine in it why is HE the one being carried bridal style
  • Many blushes all the slowburn and everyone else is fed up with it. 
  • They don’t actually confess to each other until the poly starts and everyone else is like Guys Literally Just Say That You Like Each Other
  • They get dared into it on a game night and literally cannot look each other in the eye but quietly admit to it in like “fine… you aren’t the worst person to be with.” “you… look nicer than I normally say you do with your heart” “oh so do i have yours?” “Yes.” 
  • Ace.exe cannot respond but when he does it’s like “...dumbass. you have mine too.”


  • They!! Are!! Adorable!! They love cool things, they love magic wheels, they went on an entire beach date? 
  • One time they’re in the garage or wherever the HELL THEY KEEP THOSE MOTORCYCLES LIKE WHAT?? 
  • Anyway Epel’s wheel is broken and Deuce is all like a mechanic aesthetic and rolls up his sleeves, takes off his blazer, starts fixing it.
  • He’s so focused that he doesn’t notice Epel staring at him starry eyed, finding him super super cool. 
  • He also doesn’t notice that some motor oil gets onto his cheek until Epel wipes it off 
  • Deuce finds Epel cute at first and graceful but as he gets to know him that soon turns to cool and awesome. He’s Always encouraging and cheering for Epel and he Means it
  • It gives Epel a beloved boost and after every magift game, Deuce runs over from his own club to see if Epel’s team won, often wrapping him in a massive hug afterwards
  • Ruggie teases them both and they blush
  • Deuce is dense and doesn’t realise anything and Epel doesn’t know feelings but after telling Rook about his amazing day with deuce it’s kinda obvious
  • Epel is confident when he realises and he is determined to be the cool one here so
  • He asks deuce to meet him behind the school in a very school girl love letter way
  • But when Deuce arrives he actually corners him in a kabedon and with a blushing face literally shouts at him “I GOTTA GODDAMN CRUSH ON YA” and half glares at him
  • Yeah Deuce found that hot and accepted sfoihg


  • Right so THESE two are in the same class and it’s full of Epel Looking Respectfully at Jack at first because Jack’s the type of guy he wants to be
  • Sports class is a doozy and though he tries his hardest, Epel gets a bit dysmorphic looking at how easily Jack aces it all
  • However the wolf is always encouraging him, especially seeing his earnest fire, he lifts him up emotionally and always howls his cheers super loud for him
  • On the day that flying lessons occur though, it’s Jack’s turn to be amazed
  • He watches as Epel soars through the sky with the biggest smile on his face and he is in AWE
  • One day after Epel does a particularly spectacular performance, he calls out to him with a wide grin, blushing a bit. He actually sheds his tsundere words for once
  • “You were awesome!! No wonder you’re on the magift club, you’re as amazing as Leona-senpai. I love watching you!”
  • Epel appreciates the compliment with a light blush and laughs back “Th-Thanks, I love you too.”
  • Wait what? The slip up has both of them blushing to hell and back but this time Jack pipes up first and initiates the confession. 
  • “As… as friends or as lovers?”
  • His ears and tail are severely betraying his emotions right now so Epel takes in a deep breath and walks up to him but then gets stuck bc jack’s too tall to kiss. So Jack does it for him.


  • I have seen this ship actually written very little but honestly I think it’d be cute
  • Both shouty man rule enforcers who look up to their dorm leaders
  • Ace deuce epel and jack are always together for game nights in ramshackle and such but sometimes Sebek joins in too, often because he’s running away from lilia’s cooking
  • Jack and Sebek bicker like an old married couple during these times
  • They get into shouting matches all of the time but secretly, that’s because Sebek’s  delighted to find someone who can match up to his volume
  • There comes a day when the fae accidentally steps on Jack’s tail and hurts him a lot. Nearly dies because of the wolf’s rage but whatever he’s too proud to say sorry at first
  • But then he realises how much it actually hurt him and decides to take responsibility. 
  • He invites Jack to his room and gives him a dog bone necklace and a cactus as compensation as well actually saying sorry after like, ten tries.
  • Jack notices the portrait and asks about it. Incoming dorm leader gush night where he stays overnight and they spend ages just talking about their idols and what they’re gonna do in the future to be like them
  • Ok so neither of these two tsunderes would actually confess tbh Ace just teases them about dating one game night and they're just like. That. Wouldn’t be so bad and look away blushing but yeah now they’re boyfriends


  • Ok I should note but Sebek never ever confesses for any of these
  • This does not change. Anyway they aren’t in the same class but Sebek knows Ace
  • And so he’ll  check Ace’s class after lessons sometimes to make sure he isn’t doing anything bad or pranking the class. This is how he sees Ace most of the time. And very often. Because he normally IS doing such things and Deuce runs away each time
  • So Ace ends up dealing with Sebek shouting his ear off about rules and such
  • There’s a rare day when Sebek enters quietly and watches him first. Ace at this moment is scribbling obscene yet silly doodles onto his textbook but he’s struggling with maths
  • Sebek smirks, not entirely sure why the light seems to make the other look so pretty but he doesn’t really care to question it or anything
  • He walks over behind Ace and is like “Hmph. Having trouble, human?”
  • Ace is so done with this and just yaps back but then Sebek leans over him and points out a mistake in his working out, leading him through how to calculate it correctly
  • Why is he blushing, why is this faerie helping him with his homework, why can’t he just laugh this off normally?? Ace is very confused and flustered. Sebek is just Maths.
  • Ace teases him afterwards but this time it actually has an effect and Sebek turns red, quickly hiding his face afterwards. This is way too cute for Ace to handle. 
  • They both run away. 
  • Another day, Sebek finds the basketball club by chance
  • And basically Ace is there doing his best, covered in sweat, u know the drill
  • And Sebek gets the biggest urge to act as a cheerleader for him and he does and he is LOUD and Ace nearly falls to the floor in surprise but it warms his heart so much
  • And basically the moments when Sebek IS quiet are just him being preciously in love and trying to figure out why his face feels so hot. Is there no ventilation in the gym?
  • Confession? H A H
  • ok ok so Sebek complains to ace why he’s so suave and cool at times and basically complains about all the things he’s in love with him for and Ace is like
  • “Dude it sounds like you’re in love with me” “WHAT? WHAT SORT OF INSINUATION-”
  • “...” Ace looks away, red in the face, “Well if you’re not then it doesn’t matter what i was gonna say next.” “What do you mean? TELL ME!” “Nothing alright! If you don’t like me then what’s the point of me liking you?” “You like me?” “Fuck” 
  • Ace runs only for sebek to grab him and hesitantly be like “no i like you too”

The rest. I’m not gonna do each pair fully BUT I’ll give you a tidbit of each pair

  • Ace and Jack is like Asebe except There’s a lot more headpats and ace teasing him by flicking his ear and then jack accidentally melts into the touch
  • Ace and Epel is Ace mock flirting mock teasing with epel only for the boy to do it back SEAMLESSLY, man has some lines after being with rook, and ace finds that hot
  • Deuce and Jack is club shenanigans and they both set up a training routine with each other, seeing each other every morning for a run and talking together in the early hours
  • Deuce and Sebek is hw help and learning about Deuce’s aspirations. He invites Deuce to his dorm bc knights are similar and they geek out over the law and rules together
  • Epel and Sebek is Epel needing help reaching for things and then getting angy over Sebek’s height. So! They look into potions on it together and accidentally grow close



The confession/realisation

  • He’s fallen in love with all of his crushes and now this is all he’ll ever talk about, he has pictures of all of them posted up next to his malleus portrait in his room and lilia hears it
  • “Fufufu~ Young and quite in love I see...” Sebek is confused. Tbh, he has two boyfriends who also have boyfriends with boyfriends and he adores all of them so who is lilia talking about? All of them actually. 
  • Sebek realises that thinking about even one of them warms his heart to a full
  • So the next game night when they’re all together he suddenly shouts
  • “I MUST… I MUST NO LONGER STAY WITH ANY OF YOU. I’m sincerely sorry but I cannot let anyone take the place of the Young Master in my heart and all of you are so dangerously close to doing so. IT IS YOUR FAULT THAT I WAVER AND THUS-”
  • “Dude what the fuck?” Ace is so confused and Epel just sighs, smirks, and starts to gather them all up because he has been TALKING to rook and vil endlessly about his feelings man he is Confident he is Certain he knows what he’s doing
  • No he does not but shhh. At the very least he knows enough to be like
  • “Sebek. We know ya like us. Just stay man.” and like a puppy, he sits down promptly
  • Big discussion time, they all confess, half of them were already boyfriends anyway so who cares ngl. They get Adeuce to finally admit they like each other and are boyfriends.
  • The end :)
  • While I absolutely COULD write about how they learn and grow with each other nah i’m skipping to fun bits bc they were all in poly relationships anyway this is just extended

Stargazing Event: Bfs Congratulate Deuce Edition

  • Deuce works so goddamn hard in his performance.
  • They’re literally all in sports clubs so they’re super used to coming to one of them’s big performances and being the biggest cheerleaders ever esp with Sebek on the team
  • But this is Different, Deuce is horrible at dancing and spend so So much time on getting better and on how to improve because there’s so much weight on his shoulders for this
  • and they all realise this so the second the stars have all rained down and it’s all over they all rush towards him to see if he was okay, after watching him perform
  • Jack is the first to actually get there bc he’s better at  running but Sebek is the first to shout WELL DONE DEUCE!!!! and then literally topples the man in a hug
  • He nuzzles into his neck and beams down at him and everything. “You did an amazing job!! The tradition was upheld perfectly and your dance was magnificent!!!”
  • Jack’s next, kinda awkwardly after Sebek, but still next as he scratches his ear and smiles at him, proudly, and he pats Deuce’s head.
  • “You did really great. Good job.” He neglects to add the fact that he was inspired by watching him dance but his wagging tail and blushing face tells enough
  • Epel and Ace catch up last, Ace already panting with the effort and really whiny about it. Epel is really tired too but the second he sees Deuce he ignores it all
  • “DEUCE YA WER’ SO COOL!!!” Epel is GUSHING all about how awesome his dance was and how well he did in it, his eyes sparkling in the starlight. 
  • Sebek’s let go now so Epel hugs him too, a bit easier on his tired body because he’s smaller but he’s very tightly squeezing him and excitedly vibrating
  • Ace is very very whiny and needs comfort so he drapes himself over Deuce’s shoulders after Epel lets go, complaining about the entire trek here, he blushes at deuce’s smile tho
  • As Deuce gives him a comforting head pat, he says in a softer whisper. “Hey. You were awesome out there dude. As beautiful as a shooting star yourself.” Everyone hears it tho
  • Deuce is literally so overwhelmed with love he starts crying bc he loves them all so much and he goes back to his dorm up in Jack and Sebek’s arms that night, laughing
  • Trey watches over as a proud father while all this happens but he cowers at the thought of having to shoo away the three boyfriends that shouldn’t be at the dorm. Oh well.
  • Riddle can do that bit :)

Halloween After Party

  • These guys are dorks and after halloween ended, they got together to have a small party for a job well done and also because they wanted to be together for another day
  • Excuses excuses because they also decided to all come in their halloween costume
  • Deuce and Epel were excited to do so, Jack was EXTREMELY excited to do so, Sebek was OVERLY EXCITED to dress the same way Malleus did and only Ace was against it
  • So he was majorly outvoted and whined the entire time but it actually scored him a cute moment where Deuce had to help him put on the costume and had him blushing for so long, mayhaps also possibly staring at his boyfriend’s body as he changed into the costume. Hey, he can’t be a pervert when they’re already dating!
  • Deuce is overeager as ever and the first one to arrive, happily entering and starting to put up all the halloween decor, which is less than normal since some was still leftover
  • Ace is dragged along with him and just sits on the couch eating sweets because he didn’t want to arrive so early but his dear second half of a brain cell forced him to. 
  • Jack and Sebek arrive almost simultaneously, both not wanting to be late. It is literally not even the time scheduled for the party and they’re here
  • Ace instantly teases Sebek for his costume, since his hair is completely hidden within it, and laughs as his face goes red. Sebek retaliates by refusing to cuddle Ace anymore.
  • Deuce and Jack laugh as Ace whines and apologises, bargaining with him. Epel is late.
  • The scheduled time arrives and five minutes pass and he’s Still late. They’re a bit confused but then all the lights go off and only Jack and Sebek can see.
  • The fae’s eyes glow in the dark a bit but dimly. Even then they’re both confused.
  • Fluttering wings brush past each of their arms and they jump and yelp in surprise until a sweet voice whispers seductively into their ears. “You’re mine now, sweethearts.”
  • Something sweeps away and the lights flicker on to reveal Epel in his vampire outfit and smiling at all of them innocently. Shyly, he wrings his hands behind his back. 
  • “Did I get y’all?” Yes you did Epel, they’re all a blushing wreck now. Well done.


  • A mixture of three things that i found very funny and am certain would happen


  • Jack and Sebek are much much too tall for either of the other three to comfortably kiss as a surprise bc they have to lean down a bit for them to do it
  • This frustrates Epel the most but the other two want revenge too. So on game night they dare the other two to stand still facing the wall for five minutes. They comply confusedly
  • What happens is Adeuce lets Epel climb onto both of their shoulders like they’re a throne and then he kisses both Sebek and Jack on the cheek shouting “SURPRISE! :D”
  • The frenzy of blushing afterwards is absolutely worth the trouble so it happens a lot


  • Sebek is surprisingly the biggest cuddle bear they’ve all ever seen in their LIFETIME and will hug them each as a greeting with the brightest beam ever
  • During activities, he often invites one of them to sit on his lap as they play, especially if someone is tired, and will drape over them and hug them like a teddy
  • The best way to cheer him up is when they all get together and hug him at once like the dorks they are. He gets flustered but smiles instantly and tries to hug them back at once
  • This fails as he cannot handle the bodies of four other boys so they fall in a laughing pile


  • Jack gets flustered instantly and will wag his tail like crazy and hide his face if he is ever called a Good Boy for the work he’s done by someone he likes or admires
  • Epel found out about this because Vil did it once and Jack got so flustered. As an experiment, Epel called him a good boy in class, whispering, and it worked
  • Obviously he told them all and then all the boyfriends would tease Jack endlessly because of it and call him that whenever they got the chance, Especially Ace
  • Jack is constantly dying but he can’t control how happy he feels because they Mean it


  • Ace is very very whiny and complaining, he hates doing work and he hates feeling tired but that happens Much too Much and it is Unfair.
  • He likes to wind down a bit by spending time with his bfs and getting an abundance of TLC from them, though he never really asks and more of just silently lies there
  • Deuce is the most used to this and doesn’t bat an eye, just head pats him. Ace’s the one who accepts Sebek’s teddy offer the most and lies down on people’s laps a lot
  • Everyone finds him super adorable luckily and whoever has him, takes care of him


  • Deuce needs a habit too so! Deuce will stick out his tongue whenever he has to concentrate too hard, a little blep like a kitten. This occurs much too often, poor dumbass
  • Everyone else finds this utterly adorable, Ace will tease him for it, Jack will pat his head, Sebek stares adoringly but Epel just bleps back with a giggling grin. Deuce just blushes.
  • One day, Sebek finds it so cute he decides to kiss it, pushing it back into his mouth. The others instantly pick up on the trend and it’s hilariously adorable. Deuce constantly dies.
  • Now, Deuce will often blep his tongue even if he isn’t concentrating and stare at a bf… 

Oh right.

Yuu is absolutely dead tired of all the snogging that goes on in the Ramshackle dorm so they got kicked out at some point and had to build their own tree house to be gay in and do their game nights for a long while.