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"God, baby..."

The man is humpung against Yuuji like a dog in heat, panting in his face and smearing spit against the side of his neck. Yuuji moans all the while, in the way he knows drives men insane when they're between his legs.

"Yeah, fuck yea- you like that?"

This one's particularly excitable. They're not even naked yet. The way he's getting a little too into it this early on tells Yuuji hes not had a go in a good, long while. Yuuji can feel the length of his erection against his inner thigh, can hear the erratic heartbeat loud like a drum.

When Yuuji hears the pop of a button and a zip, he tightens the grip of his thighs around the man's hips. His hands rise up around shuddering shoulders, cross at the wrist behind a sweaty head. He's secured their prey.

"You pig." Sukuna growls, shutting the bedroom door behind him. Right on time. "Haven't you learned not to touch what doesn't belong to you? Naughty."

The man above Yuuji startles and tries to pull away. The thick smell of panic and fear makes Yuuji salivate. A familiar ache resonates in his fangs as they extend, poking at his bottom lip. 

"Please!" the man cries, recognising Sukuna immediately. Sukuna is, after all, infamous within the criminal underworld for his voracious appetite. Scarcely anyone ever crossed his path and lived. Especially not someone who's touched Yuuji.

"Ryoumen-sama, I beg you!" the man continues, "Mercy!"

Yuuji tugs him closer and hears him whimper in pain under Yuuji's true, superhuman strength. He turns to look at Yuuji and screams when he sees bared fangs and glowing amber eyes. The erection against his thigh grows soft. 

Sukuna comes up from behind, braced over them on the bed, and tugs the man's hair backwards to bare his throat. Yuuji immediately presses his mouth against it. He closes his eyes and savours the sensations: the smell of terror, the thrumming pulse against his lips, the blood pumping beneath thin skin. It's all right there, ripe for the taking. Yuuji scrapes the sharp tip of a fang along the man's jugular, hears him whine desperately, and drops a feather-light kiss to it. Sukuna chuckles above them.

"Now, now, darling- don't play with our food."

Yuuji licks up the man's throat, nibbling the edge of his jaw. "You're a messy eater. Let me enjoy this."

A scowl scrunches Sukuna's features. "I've indulged your fun for long enough. Greedy brat."

Sukuna sinks his weight down on them both, the man between them wheezes and cries pathetically. His sobbing taking a backseat to the intense, heated eyecontact between Yuuji and his Sire. Sukuna pulls the man's head to the side and lookes at Yuuji with hooded, carmine eyes. Yuuji supresses a shiver. Sukuna still looks at him like he wants to devour him. "Go ahead, sweetheart." 

Yuuji opens his mouth wide and bites down on the man's throat. He presses his teeth in, applying steady pressure until the skin gives under his teeth. The muscles, tendons, and arteries pop and squelch as Yuuji's fangs sink in deep. Hot blood explodes in his mouth and he takes big gulps, drinking it all down without reserve. 

By now, he's familiar enough with how much Sukuna likes to watch Yuuji feed, so he decides to entertain him a little more and lets some blood escape to dribble down his chin. A hissed intake of breath, and then Sukuna's there, lapping up Yuuji's mess like a starving man. Completely shameless in his enjoyment. His Sire sucks Yuuji's long-stagnant pulse point. It makes him moan, letting more blood spill onto him.

The man is silent now, but his arteries continue to squirt hot, living blood all over Yuuji's chest. Sukuna tilts the man's head to the other side and tears a big, ragged chunk out of the man's neck. He pulls away the raw flesh like a tiger, the skin stretches and snaps like elastic and Yuuji simply watches as Sukuna rises to look at him again. His eyes are vibrant with hunger, feral with desire. The red matches the sticky, red liquid around his mouth. He's in his element.

Yuuji shoves the man's dead weight to the side to grab the sides of Sukuna's face and press their mouths together in a coppery, slippery kiss. Something nudges at Yuuji's lips and, assuming it's Sukuna's tongue, he opens up to welcome it. He tenses, however, when he realises that Sukuna has fed him a piece of flesh. 

"Eat up, baby." Sukuna purrs.

And Yuuji moans, wanton and desperate. "Fuck, Sukuna," he gasps, chewing on the jiggly, raw meat before letting it slide down his throat. 

His Sire kisses him again, desperately. It's as if he wants to crawl into Yuuji so he can tear him apart from the inside. Yuuji murmurs a chorus of 'yes, yes, yes's between each clash of their teeth. Sukuna tastes like fresh blood and life and death and it's so fucking delicious it makes Yuuji wish his heart still beat so he could give it to Sukuna all over again. 

They lick each other clean and fuck on bedsheets bloodied by the cold body beside them. "And you call me a messy eater," Sukuna says when they're done. 

Yuuji whacks his shoulder. "That was your fault."