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Warmth and Want

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Heisenberg was frustrated, to say the least. Ethan Winters seemed hell bent on being the thickest, most moronic man alive. Sidelining the kid when she was the best chance either of them had of defeating Miranda, and spitting in the face of Heisenberg’s generous offer to join forces. At this rate, the idiot wasn’t going to be alive for much longer.

It would be easy, really, to kick the man down the open shaft just behind his chair. Leave him to be mulched by Sturm or any of his other creations in the factory below. God, it would be easy, and satisfying too. But that’s exactly what Miranda would want him to do.

Ethan had fought and clawed his way through the other three lords. Each one convinced he’d fall at their hands. Now all of them were crystalized figurines probably already collecting dust on one of The Dukes’ shelves. And Heisenberg knew that had been Miranda’s plan all along, else she would’ve stepped in before Ethan blasted the enormous vampiric bitch full of holes. But she hadn’t, she had Rose now, no need for the rest of her “children”, and Winters had made a convenient exterminator.

Heisenberg also knew that Miranda had wanted him to be the first to die. She’d smelled dissent brewing in his factory and she’d handed him Ethan like the gift of a live grenade, trusting the man to destroy Heisenberg before moving on to the more loyal of the lords.

He’d be damned before he gave Miranda what she wanted, he’d done that for enough lifetimes already, but fuck if Ethan wasn’t making it hard.

‘My daughter is not a weapon’ this, ‘I don’t give a damn about your personal issues’ that. Christ, Heisenberg wanted to squash the man like a bug. But if he could just get the idiot to listen, killing Miranda would be all the more satisfying for having used her own toys against her.

Heisenberg gritted his teeth and did his best to swallow the growl he wanted to level at Winters. Ethan, for his part, was clenching his fists atop his thighs tight enough to turn what knuckles he had left a pale white. The man looked like he’d been chewed up and spat out a dozen times in the last day, he probably had been. His face was a mask of anger and determination, eyes hard and glaring and mouth a tight line.

Here was a man, Heisenberg thought, who had been through enough that nothing scared him anymore. Pain could do that, Heisenberg knew from experience. Threatening more of the same hell Ethan had already been through meant nothing to him, it was familiar. He’d gotten practiced at suffering, he was good at it now.

There was no way for Heisenberg to hurt Ethan that would give him even a shred of power over the man. If he wanted to win, and god did he want to win, he’d need to use a different tool. Something…gentler.

“Fine,” Heisenberg said simply. Ethan blinked.


“Fine, we won’t use the kid.” Heisenberg turned his back to Ethan, pretending to reorganize the plans on his desk, listening intently for the man’s reaction. “I think you’re insane for throwing away our best shot, but then again, you’d have to be to survive as long as you have.” He looked over his shoulder at Ethan, “it seems to have worked for you this far.”

Karl watched as Winters’ face twitched with confusion. Anyone other than him would’ve missed the faint tremor in the man’s three-fingered hand. The body could go and go so long as the mind saw no chance for rest. All Heisenberg had to do was provide the tiniest glimmer of respite and wait for Ethan to collapse into his good graces. From there, well, anything was possible.

“And Rose?” Ethan asked, the question catching audibly in his throat. Heisenberg couldn’t help but grin at the man’s rapidly crumbling resolve.

“Don’t worry papa, you’ll get her back in one piece.” He chuckled softly at his own joke. Ethan’s face twisted and hardened again, eyes flashing angrily.

“Why the fuck should I trust you?” he spat.

Heisenberg considered. Trusting him was a horrible choice really, but the choice he needed Ethan to make.

With a firm magnetic tug, Karl yanked the man’s chair forward and slammed the grate at his back shut, muffling Sturm’s mechanical roaring. Ethan flinched and guarded his face, but all Heisenberg did was lean forward and lightly place a hand on Winters’ shoulder.

Christ, the man was cold. His coat was soaked through with water and blood and god knows what else. It was a wonder he hadn’t frozen to death. Ethan shivered under the warmth of Heisenberg’s palm, lowering his arms, as if he was also just realizing how chilled he was.

Karl met Ethan’s eyes, pushing down his anger and his hunger. He would have to work oh so carefully to defuse this bomb. But once he did, Ethan would be his weapon to use. And the kid too if he played his cards right.

“The only thing I care about,” he began gently, but with weight, “is killing that bitch Miranda. Doesn’t matter how it’s done, so long as I get to be there to see the look on her face just before I cave it in.” His fingers itched for his hammer, but he settled for digging his nails into his knee as he crouched just low enough to have to look up into Ethan’s face.

“You want your daughter back, I want back at Mother Miranda,” he continued. “Can’t have one without the other.” Carefully, carefully, Heisenberg lowered to one knee and leaned close enough that he could see goosebumps rise on Ethan’s skin where his breath warmed it.

“You don’t have to trust me, Ethan Winters. You just have to let me give you what you want,” Heisenberg smiled, “and you’ll do the same for me.”

He removed his hand from Ethan’s shoulder and held it between them to shake. Then, he waited, listening to Winters’ pounding heart and tense breath. It didn’t take long.

“Alright,” Ethan said, and shook Karl’s hand. Heisenberg’s face split in a grin, triumph and anticipation bubbling in his chest.

“Good choice.” Heisenberg stood abruptly, sliding his glasses back on, and turned to the other side of the room. He rifled through a bin, not pretending this time.

“What are you doing?” Ethan asked.

“You’re not in any shape to fight anyone right now, gotta fix you up before we go after the bitch herself.” He turned around with a roll of bandages and bottle of first aid med. “We’ll start with the hand.”

“Which one?” Ethan asked with an exhausted laugh. Heisenberg felt the barest flash of pity as he took note of the clean slice through the man’s right sleeve. Alcina and her damned manicure.

“Your left,” he clarified, and Ethan lifted the hand in question. Heisenberg could see the exhaustion of everything the man had endured finally creeping into his face and resting heavy on his shoulders. His guard was lowering enough for Karl to find his was in.

Ethan reached for the medical supplies with his working (however the hell that was possible) hand, but Karl pulled them out of reach.

“I can do it myself,” Winters insisted.

“But you don’t have to, that’s the beauty of partnership Ethan. Now be a good boy and give me your hand.”

Ethan…blushed. And oh wasn’t that delicious. Heisenberg smirked as the man did as commanded and placed his bloody left hand in Karl’s waiting palm.

He unwound the stained bandage. Heisenberg wasn’t much good at easing pain, didn’t have any practice in it, and certainly hadn’t received as much from anyone else in a very long time. The bodies he worked with were always dead when he got them, and even then he made them scream. Nonetheless, he was careful about dousing Ethan’s wounds with first aid med, and equally careful in wrapping them in clean gauze. He was surprised at how healed they were already.

Before he could think on it too much, he felt a shudder run through Ethan’s body and realized he’d been gently holding the man’s hand. Suppressing yet another smirk, he started rubbing warmth into Ethan’s remaining fingers. The man sucked in a short breath and his jaw snapped shut.

All things become more malleable when subjected to heat, it was a truth Heisenberg knew well, and Ethan Winters was no different. It was almost too easy.

Ethan’s sleeve had rode up during the process of changing his bandage, and Heisenberg caught sight of the old scar below his wrist. A jagged line encircling his forearm with thin perforations on either side, like the holes for stitches, or staples.

Absentmindedly, Karl’s fingers drifted to the scar, wanting to feel the raised edge where the other hand had clearly been severed. Before he could touch it, Ethan grabbed Heisenberg’s wrist and wrenched it away from the old wound.

Karl had a quip ready at the tip of his tongue but it dried up when he met Ethan’s eyes. The man wasn’t angry, his face looked more open than Heisenberg had ever seen it, and the hunger there was written plain as day.

Ethan lunged forward and crashed their lips together, knocking Heisenberg onto his ass in the process. Karl barely noticed the cold of the floor with Ethan’s freezing fingers winding into his hair and Ethan’s chilled lips yielding beautifully under his own. God the man really was frozen to the bone, though he wasn’t going to stay that way for long.

Heisenberg wrapped his arms around Winters and pulled them flush together. He was rewarded by a soft gasp that gave him the room he needed to lick into Ethan’s mouth. The man let out a low moan, muffled by Karl’s tongue, and opened for the older man to push deeper.

With a growl, Heisenberg lifted Ethan from under his arms and deposited him back in the chair. He pulled away just enough to bite at Winters’ lower lip before sitting back on his heels. Ethan’s eyes were pupil-darkened but clear, and his lips were spit-slick and flushed.

“What is it you want, Ethan Winters?” Heisenberg asked, genuinely intrigued.

Ethan breathed heavily and stared for a moment before pulling both of them to their feet and driving Karl back until he hit the table. The strength there surprised Heisenberg.

“I want something other than pain,” Ethan breathed, leaning close. “I want to feel good, I want to make you feel good.”

Heisenberg was stunned for only a moment before he felt hunger settle in his gut and heat prickle along his nerves.

“Then make me feel good,” he said. A challenge, and Ethan almost smiled at it.

Winters dropped to his knees in the next second and deftly undid Karl’s belt. He didn’t bother to remove it all the way as he opened Heisenberg’s pants and pulled out his cock.

The older man chuckled at the brief surprise on Ethan’s face, he knew he was big, and hardening fast. His dick was long and flushed, curving up toward his stomach where his curling hair was visible under the hem of his shirt. Winters only paused for a second though before bracing his hands on Heisenberg’s hips and swallowing it down.

Karl sucked in a breath through his teeth and tilted his head back as he felt Ethan’s mouth, much much warmer than the man’s outsides, wrap around his cock and take almost half of it in one go.

“Fuck,” he hissed and his hand flew to the back of Ethan’s head and tangled in his hair. Not pulling, not yet, just holding as Winters pulled back and circled his tongue around the head before bobbing back down.

It had been ages since anyone had touched him like this, and Heisenberg’s breaths quickly turned ragged as Ethan picked up the pace. Hollowing his cheeks and pulling the lord deeper into the wet heat of his mouth.

Karl felt his canines grow unnaturally sharp and long in his mouth. They flashed white as he grinned down at Ethan, who moaned around Heisenberg’s cock at the sight.

“Good,” Karl breathed, carding his fingers through Winters’ hair. He raised his free hand to his mouth and pulled his glove off with his teeth, tossing it to the side before doing the same with the other hand. “Such a good boy Ethan.”

Ethan whimpered and reached up under Heisenberg’s shirt, now lukewarm fingers pushing through the hair at his navel to knead the fat and muscle of his belly.

“I know you can take all of me, come on, you want me deeper I know you do,” Heisenberg crooned. He felt Ethan’s jaw grow lax, an invitation, and who was he to refuse. He braced the back of the man’s head and starting thrusting.

Heisenberg pushed in slowly at first, letting Ethan adjust to the intrusion, and dragged himself out equally slowly. He relished the pressure of Winters’ tongue, pliant on the bottom of his shaft.

He set a torturously steady pace, pushing deeper with each thrust until he felt himself seat fully in Ethan’s throat. Claws pushed out from Heisenberg’s fingers and he scraped them lightly along nape of Winters’ neck. The man shuddered and on the next thrust Karl didn’t pull out, holding Ethan’s head flush against his pelvis.

The man grabbed hold of Heisenberg’s waistband, tensing up as the lord cut off his airway. Karl held fast and continued to drag his claws across the bag of Ethan’s neck.

“Relax, you can take it, just relax,” Heisenberg coaxed, biting his own lip as Winters’ throat fluttered around him, pulling him unintentionally deeper.

Ethan fidgeted a moment longer, blinking away the tears that had sprung to his eyes, before he went entirely slack. All the tension Karl had seen in him, even that from before they’d begun their current activities, melted away. Ethan’s shoulders dropped and his fingers unfurled, now beautifully, perfectly loose. Heisenberg’s breath caught at the sight; Winters’ so gorgeously at his mercy, so content to be so. It felt incredible, he needed more.

Heisenberg pulled out quickly, already a touch unsteady, trailing Ethan’s spit as he did, and the man gasped for breath. His head fell to rest against Karl’s hip as he panted, hot breath ghosting against the hair at the base of the older man’s dick.

“Beautiful,” Heisenberg said, catching Winters’ hooded eyes as he continued to drag his clawed fingers across the man’s scalp.

Ethan sat up on his knees and returned his mouth to Heisenberg’s cock, letting the lord thrust firmly into his throat and relaxing obediently every time Karl paused while fully seated inside him. The pleasure started to build and Heisenberg had to force himself to stop moving, holding steady in the heat of Ethan’s mouth while he extended a hand in the air and pulled his metal bedframe through the halls.

It crashed through the door a moment later and Heisenberg pulled Ethan off his cock, yanking him to his feet to meet in a messy kiss. He could taste himself on Winters’ tongue, faintly salty and metallic. Ethan pressed closer and Karl shoved his thigh between the man’s legs, pressing against the erection straining in Ethan’s jeans.

Heisenberg could still feel the cold, dampness clinging to the man’s clothes, especially as Ethan began faintly rutting against his thigh between kisses.

He licked a stripe up Ethan’s neck, feeling his pulse against his lips as he nibbled at the juncture of his jaw. Winters’ breath stuttered and Heisenberg pulled the man’s coat off of his shoulders, tossing it thoughtlessly to the side before shoving his hands under the rest of Ethan’s layers.

Fucking hell, the man’s skin was still cold underneath his shirts. Heisenberg’s palms were practically burning against the clammy flesh and Ethan arched into the touch. Karl’s hands roved across Winters’ chilled body as he reached around and pressed the man closer. Ethan continued to rut against Heisenberg’s thigh, encouraged by the lord’s push and pull to chase the friction and the heat there. All the while he panted heavily into Karl’s neck, burying his face there as he bit and kissed and murmured pleas against the skin.

Every word raised goosebumps in its wake, and pleasure chased its way down Heisenberg’s spine to coil and tangle tightly in his gut. He felt his breath stutter as Ethan pulled him closer and pulled him apart.

Heisenberg yanked his arms from under Ethan’s clothes to place a firm hand on the back of the man’s neck, claws indenting the skin. Winters leaned into the touch, meeting Karl’s gaze with piercing blue eyes. Heisenberg swallowed at the intensity of Ethan’s focus as it burned right through his dark lenses and deeper into him than anyone had been in a long time.

“Clothes, off,” he ordered with a shove, putting some distance between them. Ethan barely blinked as he stepped back and lowered himself onto the bed, tongue darting out to wet his lips as he began peeling off his remaining layers.

Heisenberg turned away, doing his best to ignore the sounds of heavy breath and rustling fabric behind him. He was in control here, Ethan would wait as he slowly divested himself of his coat, hat, and belts. Hanging his necklaces as he manipulated the metal buckles of his boots open and stepped out of them. The glasses were the last to go, and Karl could feel Winters’ stare burning into his shoulder blades as he set the lenses on the table.

Karl turned back around and the sight that greeted him had him clenching his jaw hard enough to ache. Ethan was lying, completely naked and spread out on the bed, with one knee up and two fingers already buried deep inside his ass as he prepared himself.

Heisenberg sucked in a slow breath, his cock twitching against his stomach as he took in the details. Winters’ fingers were slick with newly applied first aid med and he was pumping them in and out of himself as he used his other hand to stroke his dick. He stared up at Heisenberg heatedly, almost challenging.

Karl swallowed once and steadied himself. None of that would do. The first aid med was no adequate substitute for lube, and the roughness of Ethan’s bandages couldn’t feel good against his achingly hard member.

The lord strode over purposefully, kneeled between Winters’ legs and took hold of the man’s wrists.

“Now now Ethan, what did I say about partnership?” he crooned, hoping the thickness of his voice didn’t betray how wrecked he was beginning to feel. He positioned Ethan’s hands beside his shoulders and pressed them into the mattress. Winters chuckled breathlessly and Heisenberg watched the man’s abdomen shift. His skin was littered with colorful bruises and raw wounds, like a canvas of mottled purples and livid reds. Heisenberg frowned at the injuries, recognizing the thin line where he himself had impaled the man less than a day earlier.

It was already closed and turning pink at the edges of the scab. Far more healed than it had any right to be. Karl had taken note of the man’s resilience, it was certainly more than that of any human he’d ever seen. But this, this was something more.

“Aren’t you supposed to be doing something?” Ethan teased, pulling Heisenberg from his thoughts. Karl glared down into Winters’ smug face for a moment before he felt the faint shivers running through the man. Still fucking cold, all the horror of his recent days still clinging to him.

Gently, Karl released one of Ethan’s wrists to extend a hand and magnetically pull a tin of lube into his palm.

“Relax papa, I’ve got you,” he whispered and smirked faintly to himself at the blush that bloomed across Winters’ neck and chest. Then, he lowered himself flush on top of the man, feeling every inch of his freezing skin through the fabric of his shirt. Ethan sucked in a breath and immediately plastered himself to Heisenberg, shoving his free arm up the lord’s shirt and wrapping one leg around the back of his thigh. He pressed his face into Karl’s collarbone, desperately sapping up the older man’s heat.

“That’s it,” Heisenberg breathed into Winters’ hair as he opened the tin of lube and dipped two calloused fingers into the unscented salve. “Open up for me.”

He reached down and pressed the digits into Ethan’s already slick hole. Winters breathed in and pushed down onto Heisenberg’s hand, the muscles tightening around the fingers even as they pressed deeper.

Ethan had already done most of the work readying himself, wouldn’t need much more, but Karl wanted him to ask for what came next. Wanted him to beg.

Winters’ kept riding Heisenberg’s fingers, building up a friction between them that seemed to finally warm him to a less corpse-like temperature. When Karl pushed back to meet Ethan, the man spasmed faintly as the digits brushed his prostate.

The younger man dropped back onto the mattress and attacked the buttons on Heisenberg’s shirt, pulling them open with an eager singlemindedness. Karl started to lean away from the prying touch but Ethan caught him by the back of the neck with frightening speed, holding him close.

“I want to feel you,” Winters said, “all of you.”

Heisenberg’s mouth went dry and he could only stare as Ethan kept working at his buttons with one damaged hand.

“Please,” the man breathed, “I need you in me. Now.”

Karl growled and yanked his shirt off the rest of the way. The hand Ethan had held on the back of his neck slid down his scarred chest, burying his fingers in the thick gray hair before roving to knead the fat on his hips. Heisenberg quickly slathered his cock in lube, stroking it firmly a few times while kneeling above Winters.

The man was breathing unsteadily, watching Karl as if he was the last light before a storm descended. Ethan was desperate, and fuck if Heisenberg wasn’t as well. He might finally have his ticket out of the fucked up family he was kidnapped into, this time tomorrow he might be free. He could have the man spread out beneath him, open and wanting, and that was just the beginning.

Heisenberg stifled something akin to a whimper of need in his chest and lowered himself back over Ethan. He lined himself up and pressed into the man in one smooth motion. Winters’ gasp at the first intrusion turned into a moan that he poured into Karl’s mouth by pulling the lord down for a slick, open-mouthed kiss.

Ethan was tight around Heisenberg’s dick, but took his length beautifully until their hips were flush, like he was made for him. Karl tried to steady himself there, enveloped in Ethan’s gorgeous heat, but the man rolled his hips, causing Heisenberg to slip out of the kiss with a low groan.

“Fuck me, please, make me feel good,” Winters begged, punctuating the request by cupping Karl’s jaw with an agonizing gentleness.

Heisenberg felt his control snap, Ethan felt too good to resist. He lunged forward, pinning Winters down with his full weight and sinking his teeth into the juncture of the man’s neck and shoulder.

“Fuck!” Ethan keened, throwing his head back to better make room for Heisenberg’s mouth. The lord began thrusting in earnest, slamming his hips against Ethan’s hard enough to rock the entire bedframe. He tasted the copper of blood against his tongue and pulled Winters tighter to himself, the man’s body yielding to him as he fucked into the pulsing heat of Ethan’s ass.

Ethan, for his part, wrapped his legs around Heisenberg’s hips, trying to pull the lord deeper. He tangled his fingers in Karl’s hair, his mouth agape as desperate, panting whines fell from it in time with each thrust.

“Yes, yes, don’t stop,” he muttered again and again and Heisenberg could practically feel the ecstatic smile on the man’s face.

Karl released Ethan’s neck, licking up the small drops of blood beading in the indents his canines left behind. Winters moaned and Heisenberg reached down to grab a handful of his ass and pull it up into a more intense angle.

Ethan let out a shout as Karl’s cock struck his prostate, his hand flying back to grab the metal bars of the headboard and brace himself. Heisenberg snapped his hips forward again and again, and Ethan pushed down to meet them, eyes shut against the building pleasure of Karl fucking into him hard.

Heisenberg wrapped a hand around the side of Winters’ neck, just over the bite mark, and began unconsciously caressing the man’s jaw. Ethan’s eyes flew open. There was no fear there, or displeasure, only a heat and intensity that caused Heisenberg’s hips to stutter as a sudden wave of pleasure rolled through him, building in his gut and his dick.

Ethan suddenly pushed up with astonishing strength to straddle Karl’s lap, never once breaking their rhythm as he took over raising his hips and driving himself down onto the lord’s cock.

“You feel so good,” Winters muttered against Heisenberg’s lips. “So deep in me, so big. Do I make you feel good?”

“Fuck,” Karl rasped, grasping onto Ethan’s shoulders for dear life as the man ground down onto him, muscles tensing around his shaft. “You feel amazing, you’re so tight, so good for me.” He pressed his face into Winters’ chest, every once and a while grazing the skin there with his teeth.

Ethan didn’t let him stay there, cupping his jaw on both sides and lifting his face until their gaze met.

“Tell me what you want,” Winters demanded, something burning in his eyes that left Karl unable to stifle the whimper that slipped from his mouth. “Tell me what you want, let me give it to you.”

Heisenberg stared for a moment, feeling Ethan roll his hips at a steady pace, giving him just enough room to consider his answer. A familiar fury rose up in him, not at Ethan, but at the life he’d been forced into, where nothing was his, not even himself.

“I want what’s mine,” he growled, claws digging into the back of Ethan’s shoulders. A look of determination crossed Winters’ face, and Heisenberg swallowed hard knowing that look was for him.

“Then take it,” Ethan commanded, and Karl was more than happy to oblige.

He planted his feet and dug one hand into Winters’ hip hard enough to bruise. Then he drove his hips upward, pounding into Ethan from below. The man threw his head back and practically howled, clinging to Karl as he took every inch of the lord’s cock slammed deep into him again and again.

“Fuck yes, make me yours. I want it, I want it,” Ethan pleaded in Heisenberg’s ear. Karl could feel pleasure building in his gut, he was getting close to the edge and Winters’ was hell bent on seeing him over it.

“I want you to cum inside me, fill me up. Please.”

Heisenberg nearly choked at the request, but managed a strangled acquiescence. His thrusts grew erratic as he felt his climax approaching. Ethan continued to mutter filthily in his ear, begging to be filled, to be claimed. Karl only lasted a moment longer before he buried himself to the hilt in Winters’ ass, pressed his face into the man’s neck, and came. His cock pulsed as he filled Ethan with load after load of white hot cum, breathing heavily and twitching as the man took every last bit of it.

Heisenberg leaned back, blinking stars out of his eyes but not pulling out. Ethan’s cock was still hard and leaking precum all over his navel. The man was slick with sweat and practically radiating heat, free of the cold at last.

Karl wrapped a hand around his dick and started pumping him. Ethan gasped and tensed around the lord’s cock still inside him. It was too much, Heisenberg was overstimulated, but at the same time he wanted to stay exactly where he was.

He watched, now clear-minded enough to do so, as Winters moaned breathily under his ministrations, eyelids fluttering and fingers digging into Karl’s neck and shoulder.

“I’m close, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he breathed, doing his best not to move on Heisenberg’s oversensitive dick.

Then, Karl watched, enraptured, as Ethan came. The man froze, rigid and leaned back, hands holding desperately onto the lord, soundless but for a few stuttering breaths as he shot sticky ropes of cum all over himself and Heisenberg.

But more beautiful even than that was a sight that had Karl’s eyes blown wide and his cock twitching in Ethan’s fluttering hole. The wounds peppering Winters’ chest healed in time with his pleasure, bruises fading and deep gouges sealing up until they were nothing but pink scrapes, nearly scars already. The bite Karl had left on his neck healed almost entirely in an instant, leaving only the faintest impression.

Ethan seemed completely oblivious to it as he slumped forward with his forehead touching Heisenberg’s. The lord stared at his slack, blissed-out face in wonder. When Winters opened his eyes, he smiled tiredly. Heisenberg grinned and kissed him, fiercely, triumphantly. It seemed to surprise Ethan a little, as if he was bracing for the tables to turn for the worse, clueless that the opposite had just happened. That Karl knew now that he didn’t need the kid, he had the perfect weapon, the perfect partner right in front of him.

The lord pulled back and cupped Winters’ face, a feeling of resolve brewing in his chest. Ethan cocked an eyebrow at the undoubtedly manic look in Heisenberg’s eyes.

“What are you thinking?” he asked breathlessly.

“I think, Ethan Winters, that you have just given me everything I want.” Ethan blinked in confusion, though a pleasant confusion. Heisenberg wetted his lips and wrapped his arms possessively around the man, pulling him close. “And I can’t wait to do the same for you.”