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Vampire Hunt

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“Move,” Pansy hissed.

“You move,” Hermione growled back, shaking her head more of her hair loose from the messy braid. “Can you smell that?”

The blonde girl scowled. “You mean your breath? Yah you could use some toothpaste.”

“Like you are any better?” The Golden Girl was ready to throw something. Being on the run with the boys had not been near this bad. 

The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures was a sad little department rarely visited now that the reporters were no longer as interested in the life of the brains of the Golden Trio. It didn’t take long for people to realize how boring Hermione actually was. Ron, on the other hand, was simply sensational with his on-again-off-again drama with Lavender Brown. The alpha sold more papers than even Quibbler interviews with Harry Potter. 

Unfortunately being in a department that hadn't seen a turnover or promotion amongst its employees in a decade means that Pansy and Hermione were the newbies going on two years now. They were still getting the hard assignments. It was what brought them to the home of British Vampire Coalition. Unfortunately their home or cave was a great distance from the nearest muggles and the department didn’t have a portkey to this particular location yet. 

“Are you sure we are going the right way?” Pansy asked. She had mud on her face, something the Gryffindor could not have imagined before seeing it. The Slytherin had been a premadonna in her school days. She had learned during the first year to deal with a little bit of dirt and sweat. Just because she was okay with the outdoors didn’t mean she had anything in common with her field partner.

“Like you, Parkinson. I have never been here before. I have no idea how much further, if we are going the right way, or if we will be back by five on Friday for your little date.”

They didn’t have a map. They were given simple instructions delivered by an owl. They knew their trainstop and had a compass. They didn’t know how long they were going to have to walk. They just knew they had to walk due North until either they came to the caves or were found by one of the vampires at night. They stayed awake in shifts, just in case the creatures were not as friendlies as their creepy less-than-informative note.

“I meant the compass, idiot.”

“Why don’t you just hold on to it if you are going to keep asking?”

“You know how to use it. I don’t use muggle things.”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “Muggle things? It's a compass Parkinson. We can’t use magic for everything.”

“A Point Me spell works just fine,” Pansy hissed back. “And yes we can. Magic is what holds our whole world together.”

“Until we can’t use it,” Hermione snapped. Her patience with the blonde was wearing thin. She’d be speaking with the Department Head when she got back and asking for a change of partners, otherwise the next mission they were assigned, well- it wouldn’t be her fault if only one of them made it back. “Then you’re left with my stupid Muggle compass. Which you can’t even read!”

Pansy huffed, crossing her arms and following the bushy haired brunette sulkily. She ran into Hermione’s back when she stopped suddenly. “What in the blazes, Granger?”

“Stop talking,” Hermione’s voice was quiet. She slowly reached into her robes, fingering her wand as Pansy slowly looked around them. “The smell is only getting stronger, and I think we’re being watched.”

“There’s no one here.” Pansy muttered back, reaching into her robe to grip her own wand. She never should have taken this stupid assignment. Granger being her partner was the least of her worries right now, at least she was competent. The bigger question was would they make it back alive?

“Harry met a vampire years ago.” Pansy rolled her eyes at the Gryfinndor, tightening her grip on her wand as she scanned their surroundings. “He said they’re very good at not being seen when they don’t want to be.”

“Did the Chosen One happen to give you any tips for fighting them? Or finding them when dropping this bit of knowledge?”

Hermione rolled her eyes at the blonde’s sarcastic tone. “Yes, distract them with a blonde. They target them first.”

“Funny, you know-”

“Hush!” Hermione hissed. “Did you hear that?”

The junior employees scanned the area. Heads turning like novelty bobbleheads George had introduced to his joke shop. The McGonagall ones sold very well to students, especially with their spelled catch phrase, “10 points from Slytherin.” The Headmistress had hexed the poor boy. Molly would be lucky to get any kids out of him. 

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“It came from over there.” Hermione pointed at the bushes. 

The two waited, silence growing between them as their wands pointed at the supposed sound. The quiet rustling of leaves in the breeze and the soft sounds of birds fluttering was the only thing that met their ears. 

“I think you're losing it, Granger,” Pansy whispered. “First with your crazy theories last night and then I wake up with you practically cuddling me.”

Could they have left England? It was hotter here than the rest of the country, the girls were sure of it. The previous night Hermione had speculated of a temporal portal or shield charm that maintains a separate biosphere. Pansy had ignored her. 

Then they had gone to bed with everything just like normal. Then they had found that Tucker had not restocked the Department’s tent with anything. They were missing toothpaste, blankets, and half their rations. 

In the small space there wasn’t enough room for their sleeping. Hermione promised herself she was going to get a new tent when she got back. Sharing just one was ridiculous. Parkinson could continue to use the company issued one. She would get one for herself. Never again would she feel the need to cuddle for warmth.

A thought had occurred to the bushy haired witch when she was huddled close to her mortal enemy. There was something nice about being close to the alpha. The warm body close to hers, even the way the other woman snored softly. The omega in her had practically purred, something Hermione had not experienced in quite some time. 

 “I swear it...Pansy...could that smell...could it be…” A thought had occurred to Hermione that morning that she hadn’t wanted to say. 

“Get out with it Granger.”

“Are you in rut?”

Pansy blushed, her scowl deepening. “Tucker did not refill the medicine cabinet either.”

“Oh, um, ok.”

The silence resumed. 

“Do- do you need anything?” 

“Like what Granger?” The blonde huffed out, annoyed at the personal question. 

“I don’t know!” Hermione squeaked, flushing as she realized she’d never been in this situation. Far, far away from anyone or anything that could help them, and without any form of supressants. Even on the run with Ron and Harry they’d managed to always have something. 

“Relax Granger. I’m not going to eat you.”

“I know that-” the bushy haired Gryffindor muttered before being cut off by Pansy. 

“I’ll just leave you to the vampires.”

Hermione glared at the smirking blonde before resuming her search of the clearing. “Very funny.”

The two witches continued to move in the direction the compass said was ‘north’. The woods had gotten thicker now, making each step a challenge in the undergrowth. Pansy graciously allowed the other woman to forge ahead, clearing the path for her. Sweat drenched Hermione’s clothes. There was an itch at the back of her neck that wouldn’t go away and a tightness in her lower abdomen that was the direct result of the alpha’s pheromones. Not that she would say anything and give the Slytherin woman any sort of satisfaction. 

Being affected by an alpha’s pheromones meant you had to have some inclination towards them to begin with. She felt disgusted with herself. Pansy had tormented her since their first year. Her mother had always suggested it was like a boy pulling a little girl’s pigtail when he liked her, but Hermione was convinced it was simply because the blonde was an entitled git. 

“What was that?” Pansy asked, trepidation clouding her voice.

“What?” Hermione had been lost in her thoughts. Being affected by the alpha was doing things to her mind. Dirty thoughts of what they could be doing in the tent on her back had been playing like a film reel through her mind. 

“Over there!” Pansy was off running after whatever she saw. 

“Wait for me!” The muggleborn woman cried after her, undergrowth tearing at her boots as she struggled to chase her mission partner. 

“Ah!” Pansy let out a cry as she tripped, attempting to catch herself as she tumbled to the ground. 

“Pans--oh!” Hermione stumbled, her feet catching over the same uneven patch of ground the Slytherin had tripped on only moments before. 

The blonde let out a muffled grunt as Hermione landed on top of her, their faces only inches apart. Her hands automatically reached out to brace herself and Hermione. “Okay there Granger?”

Hermione flushed as she realized their position. She was completely on top of Pansy, pinning the blonde to the ground with her weight. She made to push herself up, but stopped when she realized her hand was grabbing the Slytherin’s breast. 

“Oh,” she stammered, carefully removing her hand and trying to slide off of the blonde. Pansy groaned as Hermione's leg pressed up between hers, and she stilled immediately. “I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?”

“No,” the Slytherin woman moaned. “Not at all.”

Hermione pulled back more, her body flushed. The pheromones in the air were more concentrated this close to the alpha. “I...we...let’s set up the tent.”

Preparing their meal, Hermione had kept herself distracted while Pansy cleaned up. The blonde was clear that she needed something more than scourgify. Having the blonde so close, magically hot water trailing down naked flesh was distracting the muggleborn. Her lack of concentration had already cost her a bag and boiled frozen peas. She did not want to burn the rest of their flash frozen mea, but the pheromones were surrounding her like a choking force.

“Why do I smell fire?”

Hermione’s heart lept in her chest. When had the water turned off? Pansy was standing there in only a towel, a small square of fabric that barely covered her naughty bits. 


“Granger, my eyes are up here.”

Hermione blushed as she turned back to their dinner, trying desperately not to think about the gorgeous blonde alpha mere feet away from her. 

The Slytherin was gorgeous, she could admit to that much. But it still didn’t excuse her attitude.

“Something’s burning Granger.” 

The brunette turned back to the food, staring in dismay at the burnt pan in front of her. “Bloody hell,” she swore.

“Weasley really did rub off on you, didn’t he?” Pansy smirked, coming up behind the Gryffindor. “In more ways than one.”

Hermione rolled her eyes and vanished the mess with a flick of her wand. 

“Oooh, magic.” Pansy teased. “What happened to muggle methods?”

“Muggle methods wouldn’t be enough to get rid of that mess,” Hermione groaned. Cooking was definitely not her forte. “Do you have anything in mind for dinner?” She tried hard not to follow the errant drop of water sliding down Pansy’s neck. As it disappeared down the neck of her shirt, Hermione was brought back to reality by the blonde clearing her throat.

“Did Tucker leave us anything good?” Pansy moved around the room to stand closer to the omega. Her smell was stronger than it had been before the shower. 

Hermione’s thighs clenched. She needed a shower of her own and a scourgify spell on her panties. She was wet, her omega anatomy responding to the call of the alpha. “Not really. Just more frozen foods with a stasis spell.”

“Then perhaps we should,” Pansy looked up smirking, “take advantage of those candy bars I know you have hidden away.”

Her muggleborn brain snapped out of the fog the alpha pheromones were creating.  “What candy bars?”

Pansy made a dash across the room. Hermione was on her heels. She was not about to let the Slytherin girl, no matter how delicious she smelled, get into her secret stash. The candy was her one vice she allowed herself out in the field. She wasn’t like the Slytherin girl who had tried to bring a house elf to carry her things and prepare her meal. After a screaming match the duo had compromised with a few personal items each of which the muggleborn was forced to carry along with the tent. 

“Those are mine!”

Suddenly they were struggling for the chocolate. Pansy’s flimsy towel gave way, her naked flesh pressed into Hermione. 

Hermione gasped as the alphas heated skin pressed against her own as she reached for the chocolate. Pansy let out a shriek of triumph as her fingers wrapped around the candy and she pulled it from Hermione's lax grip.

“It’s no fun if you don’t fight for it.” 

“Um.. Pansy..” Hermione blushed as she trailed her gaze down the blonde's body. 

“Oh!” The Slytherin looked down at her naked body, the towel on the floor. She let her eyes drift back up to meet Hermione’s gaze. “Enjoying yourself Granger?” 

Hermione chewed on her bottom lip as she tried to focus on the blonde in front of her. Pansy was gorgeous and the pheromones coming off her were addicting.

Lips met. Hermione’s hands found purchase on the blonde’s breasts, kneading the hot flesh there. Pansy seemed just as affected, her nipples pressed into the other woman’s palms. Her moans were as loud as the omegas. 

“I’ve been wanting this for so long,” the alpha hissed, her own hands under Hermione’s shirt. “My alpha has been going crazy.”

“How long?” Hermione keened. Her own omega purring internally. One of pansy’s hands had started to work the fly of her pants, struggling to pull them over her hips. 

“Since our fourth year. Every time those french idiots talked to you I wanted to strangle them or you or both.”

“Fleur is gorgeous,” Hermione teased, her hands slid down to trace the curve of Pansy’s waist. “And very married. Although if I had known that…” Her breath teasingly washed over the blondes ear, and she let out a growl in response. 

“Careful there, Hermione,” Pansy groaned her hands working furiously at her pants. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.” 

“Shut up,” Hermione shoved the alpha backwards, her hands working to undo her pants. She shoved them down her legs and started working at her shirt. “Either help or be quiet.” 

There was a rustle of fabrics and soft moans filled the air. It took no time for Hermione to reach the same state of undress as the other woman. The alpha’s cock was already achingly hard, precum leaking from the tip panting the omega’s thigh. 

“I need you,” the omega moaned. The alpha’s rut was affecting her just as much. “Please, Pansy.”

“Look how the mighty have fallen. Begging me your betters eh, Hermione?”

The muggleborn rolled her eyes and took her revenge by rolling her hips. The alpha groaned the pressure that caused to her cock was delicious. She needed to mount this omega. She had dreamed of this for so long. 

“Bed,” Hermione panted, already guiding the blonde backwards to their makeshift bedroom. 

Pansy grunted as the back of her legs made contact with the edge of the bed, and she pulled Hermione on top of her as she fell back. “Protection,” she muttered, fumbling for her wand. “We need protection.” 

Hermione nodded, climbing off of Pansy and grabbing her wand out of her jeans pocket. She cast the necessary spells before slapping it on the side table and straddling the alpha again. “Where were we?” 

The alpha immediately flipped them. This took Hermione by surprise. Apparently Pansy had gained the necessary coordination and strength working for the department. Before she was regarded as a delicate princess. 

“Are you ready?” Her cock pressed between the omega’s thighs. 

Before the blonde could plunge her cock into the other girl, Hermione hips had already come up sinking herself on the alpha’s length. 

“Yesssss,” she hissed, enjoying the feeling of being full. It had been so long since she had let an alpha rut her, and now every fiber of her being needed it. Her hips moved on their own accord encouraging Pansy’s to do the same. 

The noise of wet flesh slapped into flesh filled their small tent along with heavy pants and the occasional ‘merlin, yes’. The alpha and omega were completely lost in their erotic dance. 

“Merlin, Pansy,” Hermione breathed. She rocked her hips up as the blonde’s cock pressed into her sensitive front wall. “Right there.” 

The blonde rocked her hips harder, dipping her head down to suck a perky nipple into her mouth. She licked and rigged at the tight bud, eliciting soft moans from the omega underneath her. “Fuck, ‘Mione.” 

Hermione's fingers tangled in Pansy’s hair, tugging on it and guiding her over to her other nipple. “Yes! Pansy!”

“Are you close?” Pansy kissed up Hermione's shoulder, sucking softly on her sensitive neck. 

The Gryffindor let out a whine, her nails digging into Pansy’s back. “Yes….uh….so-”

With a guttural cry, Hermione came squeezing the alpha’s cock who in turn could not hold back her own orgasm. 

“Hermione!” Pansy grunted, pumping her hips, wanting to bury every drop of her come inside the other girl. 

Outside in the night, the envoy they were supposed to meet sat near the tent. He could not have shown up in the light. His kind did not do well then. Unfortunately, he couldn't interrupt his guests . He would just have to wait, though it did not sound like they would be ‘finished’ for long.