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The near paradoxical draw of order to chaos.

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The world was a swirling chaos. Phooey Duck was never more himself than now. While over these years he had resented his own name, he was filled with everything he'd lost. He was standing on the street corner with a phone, returning some calls from his family. He told them that he needed a ride to Duckburg. Life was like a hurricane and he couldn't be happier to escape his self built prison. Once he thought he needed to be the least like discord but forgotten who he was.

Now he could dream.

The car rolled up to apartment building, he got inside. He never looked back. Adventure was returning to his life. The world was colorful again life the winter turned to spring.

The yellow triplet took a deep breath. Whoever was driving was calling everyone to tell them the shift. His family cared and he was beginning to remember that family was the greatest adventure. All the unknowns he feared faced him, all the unpredictable chances crashed into him, finally the world was joyful again. The Lightning laughed as he wondered why he was ever afraid when this was his nature. The driver was saying something but he couldn't hear it, he hugged whoever it was.

All this time he thought he was unlovable because he had never found romantic love. That wasn't true at all. He didn’t need romantic love to be loveable. His family loved him! Maybe he would find romantic love but right now he had platonic love.




The moral of the story is no matter what, never return to your abusers.


You are stronger without them.


You didn't deserve it.


Even if you blame yourself and you still love them, they are dead and should stay dead.


The End.