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late night proposals & early morning promises

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Beca [11:33 p.m.]: clhoeee

Beca [11:33 p.m.]: I just saw this girl in a that same white dress you have

Beca [11:33 p.m.]: you know the one that’s like cute and short adn lacy

Beca [11:33 p.m.]: and i got sad bc you’re not here 😢

Beca [11:33 p.m.]: are you still at work?

Chloe [11:35 p.m.]: hi drunkie 😘

Chloe [11:35 p.m.]: It’s almost midnight, so no, I’m not still at work lol. I managed to get out of there around 8

Chloe [11:35 p.m.]: and I do know that dress. But I didn’t know you liked it so much. I’ll have to remember that 😉

Beca [11:35 p.m.]: I pretty much love all of your dresses 👀👀👀

Beca [11:35 p.m.]: and glad you didn’t have to work as late as you thought. but u shouldve met us out!!

Beca [11:35 p.m.]: you know everyone likes you more than me. they’re all whining about my “””wifey”””” not being here

Chloe [11:36 p.m.]: lmao

Chloe [11:36 p.m.]: I wish I was there! But by the time I cooked dinner, ate, and showered it was 9:30 and I was too sleepy 

Beca [11:36 p.m.]: ok i forgive yuo

Beca [11:36 p.m.]: what’d you make for din?

Chloe [11:36 p.m.]: your fav -- baked mac and cheese

Chloe [11:36 p.m.]:  there’s a bowl for you in the fridge, ready to microwave when you get in

Beca [11:37 p.m.]: 🎉🎉🎉😄🤤🤤😋😋😋😋

Beca [11:37 p.m.]: chlooooo

Beca [11:37 p.m.]: ugh i love you sm

Beca [11:37 p.m.]: like so so much

Beca [11:37 p.m.]: ilke

Beca [11:37 p.m.]: i wanna marry you

Chloe [11:38 p.m.]: hahah 😊😂

Chloe [11:38 p.m.]: I love you too becs

Chloe [11:38 p.m.]: but it might be a little soon for a proposal

Chloe [11:38 p.m.]: We’ve only been together for two months

Chloe [11:38 p.m.]: and you’re drunk

Beca [11:40 p.m.]: pffffffft doesnt matter

Beca [11:40 p.m.]: im gonna marry u chleo beale

Beca [11:40 p.m.]: gonna marry you so hrd

Chloe [11:41 p.m.]: hahaha babyyy

Chloe [11:41 p.m.]: you’re too much

Chloe [11:41 p.m.]: only you would turn marriage into an act of aggression 

Beca [11:41 p.m.]: 😡😡😡

Beca [11:41 p.m.]: laugh all you want

Beca [11:41 p.m.]: but one day you’ll see

Beca [11:41 p.m.]: youll. See.

Beca [11:41 p.m.]: oh i’m gonna share an Uber with Alicia see you sooooonnnn

Chloe [11:42 p.m.]: YAY!!!

Chloe [11:42 p.m.]: share your trip so I can have your mac & cheese ready when you get home!


Beca groans as she rolls over in bed. Her head is killing her and her mouth feels dry as sandpaper.

She winces as she props herself up on her elbows and surveys the room. The bed is empty, save for Bandit, who is curled up by her feet and snoring softly. There’s a glass of ice water and two Advils sitting on her bedside table, and she sits up properly to take the pills before draining the glass.

Last night was… What was last night?

She closes her eyes as she leans back against the headboard, trying to piece the evening together. Happy hour with her coworkers… those stupid flaming shots that Caleb always makes them take… Ubering home with Alicia… eating her weight in macaroni… 

There’s something else she should remember, and she can feel it, nagging and elusive on the tip of her tongue. But before it comes to her she hears keys in the front door. Bandit practically trips over himself as he leaps off the bed and sprints out of the room to greet his favorite parent.

Beca gets it, though. If her head wasn’t throbbing so much she’d be running out to see Chloe, too.

Luckily Chloe comes straight back to their room, and it’s the most welcome sight Beca has ever seen.

Because she’s carrying two large iced cold brews from Beca’s favorite coffee shop.

“Dude, oh my god,” Beca says as Chloe hands her one of the coffees. “You are a literal angel.”

Part of Beca wants to go on and on about how much she appreciates her, but she has to attend to her more pressing need of getting caffeine into her body. She takes several sips of iced coffee as Chloe climbs back into bed, cuddling up next to Beca. It takes Bandit a couple of running starts, but eventually he makes it onto the bed, too.

“How are you feeling?”

Chloe gently cards her fingers through Beca’s hair before tucking a few strands behind her ear. Her hand comes to a rest on Beca’s shoulder, and she rubs her thumb soothingly along her neck and collarbone. Beca holds her coffee in her lap and closes her eyes, enjoying the sensation.

“Mmm,” she hums. “Much better now.”

“Do you remember last night?” Chloe asks, and Beca hears the smile in her voice.

“I was just trying to work that out.” Beca’s head lolls against the headboard as Chloe’s hand skates along her shoulder, massaging just the right spots. “I remember drinking too much and missing you and the Uber ride and eating way too much mac and cheese. Although, that midnight snack probably saved me from an even worse hangover.”

Beca smiles to herself as she remembers stumbling through the front door last night to find Chloe sitting at the kitchen table in her pajamas, waiting for her with a piping hot bowl of macaroni. 

To others -- to Chloe, even -- it might seem like a small gesture. But waiting up for her, cooking her favorite meal, leaving water and painkillers out for her, bringing her iced coffee in bed -- all of those little acts make Beca feel so valued, cared for, and loved .

That’s when she remembers the other thing that happened last night.

“What are you smiling about?” Chloe asks, scratching lightly at the nape of Beca’s neck.

Beca opens her eyes and turns toward her, heart fluttering in her chest.

“I meant it, you know,” she says quietly. “What I said last night. Or, what I texted, I guess.”

Chloe looks at her, brow furrowing for a few seconds before her features smooth in understanding. She runs her hand down Beca’s arm and closes her fingers loosely around her wrist.

“Becs…” she whispers, smiling softly.  

“I mean, not right now,” Beca clarifies. “You were right -- we’ve only technically been together for two months. People would think we’re crazy. Especially your dad. God, I don’t even want to think about the look on his face…”

Chloe giggles and presses her lips to Beca’s shoulder. 

“Besides,” Beca continues. “I want to wait until I make more money. So you can get your dream wedding.”

Chloe exhales sharply, and Beca understands. They’ve been on the subject for a minute or so, but this is the first time she’s uttered a marriage-specific word, and something about saying it outloud makes everything feel more real. 

“Beca,” Chloe whispers, kissing her shoulder again through the fabric of her t-shirt. She releases Beca’s wrist and laces their fingers together.

Beca places her iced coffee on her bedside table. She wipes her free hand on the sheets before cradling Chloe’s cheek. Beca knows her fingers are cold, but Chloe leans into her touch, looking at her with glossy eyes.

“I’m just-- I’m putting you on notice, Beale.” Beca smiles at her, swallowing around the lump in her throat. “It might not be for a little while, but it’s coming. Just you wait.”

Chloe glances up at the ceiling, blinking rapidly, and Beca’s wondering if she said too much too soon when Chloe kisses her. Beca feels her bottom lip trembling against her mouth, and when she pulls away both of their faces are wet with Chloe’s tears. (Okay, some of Beca’s tears, too.)

“Oh, I’ll wait,” Chloe says, sniffling. “I’ll wait so hard.”