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Money Problems

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Money Problems

Her brow furrowed in worry, Tish was sitting on her bed in her bedroom, thinking about the worries she was currently having. One of them was money.

The bills she had to pay (water, electricity), the groceries she would have to buy sometimes — those all took money. Money that she would earn from her part-time job at the Burger Boy (even though she disliked her job mostly because of her shady co-worker Bud Turner). She knew that she had to pay for everything, since it never crossed her mother’s mind to give her and her eight-year-old brother Matt lunch money. Some of the time, Tish wondered what it would’ve been if her mother had been like the other kids’ mothers when it came to money instead of Tish usually having to pay for everything herself. Would things be different? Would they be OK? She wasn’t sure, though.

Then Tish’s mind turned to something else that took money — namely, the property tax. But where was she going to get two hundred dollars in time for her to pay the property tax, thus never having to lose the home she and Matt grew up in?

Decisions, decisions.

The decisions about money sure were tough to make sometimes, while others were very easy. Tish knew that for sure. Plus, she knew that being a grown-up was very hard as well sometimes. Other times, it looked so easy.

What am I going to do?