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Fake It till You Make It

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“Calli, can I ask you for a big favor?”


The rapper hummed and tilted her head towards her front door where none other than Takanashi Kiara, world acclaimed singer, just let herself into the apartment with no warning like she lived there. “That depends, what is it?”


“Okay, so,” Kiara started, walking over to sit on the arm of the couch Calli was settled on, “you know how people are going nuts thinking Ame is cheating on Gura with me?”


“Yeah, it’s dumb. Gura’s on fucking tour, of course Ame’s going to hang out with other people,” Calli answered, ignoring the singer’s hand idly playing with the strands of her hair.


“I know right? Well, anyway. It’s getting press regardless and my manager and Ame’s manager get together and tell us what was going on and neither of us really want to deal with the drama. Then Jenma and I talk privately and-“


Calli sighed, knowing that Kiara was rambling herself into a tangent again. “Kusotori, focus. What was the favor?”


The singer blinked, probably trying to reel in the rest of her train of thought before she completely forgot what she was here for. “Oh, right. Calli, I need you to date me.”


“No,” The answer was immediate, a reflex honed by years of the singer asking her to date her. Calli has forgotten how many times she’s had to deny Kiara’s teasing. With how often it’s brought up as a joke, saying “no” was automatic.


Kiara whined and made to stumbled off her seat, getting on her knees and leaning her arms on the rapper’s lap. “Wait, let me explain!”


“Kiara-“ Calli sighed.


“It’s either I get you to date me for a little bit or someone from upper management is going to pair me up with one of the members from that one boy band and you know exactly how just-not-into-them I am,” the singer pleaded, “I don’t want another assigned partner.”


The rapper sighed again, letting her head fall back against the top of the backrest to stare at her ceiling, trying to decide what the best course of action would be in this instance. She still remembers how much Kiara hated having to date a random celebrity someone thought would be a good idea for her to date. She always seemed so exhausted and irritated by the ordeal, but she just couldn’t get out of it no matter how much of a fuss she started. 


On a more selfish point of view, Calli didn’t like not being able to spend as much time as they could together. The rapper hardly even saw her for half the year Kiara was fake-dating someone and Calli wasn’t shy to admit she missed her. It would suck if that happened again so close to their vacation together in a few months.


She picked up her head up to look at Kiara. “Did you at least ask my manager about this?”


“I had Jenma do it because I didn’t have her number,” Kiara dropped her head down to Calli’s knees, “she says it’s okay if you agree with it.”


“And what made you think I’d agree?”


The singer tilted her head cutely, “Because you love me and I can’t fake-date Ina again?”


Calli snickered, remembering how that quickly turned into quite the spectacle. No one really believed they were actually dating, but everyone just rolled with it. The fan content that came out of it was surely interesting. She wasn’t even sure where the tentacles came from and how the fans made it wholesome (that wasn't to say there was a lack of the other kind).


“Alright, fine,” Kiara’s eyes lit up but just before she could cheer, Calli held up a hand to pause her for a moment, “only because we’re homies and you don’t want to fake-date another random celebrity.”


As soon as the hand went down, Kiara jumped up to pull Calli into a hug, the rapper’s face pressed snugly into her generous chest. “This is okay,” Calli thinks, waiting for the singer to calm down. “Thank you so much! I promise I’ll make it up to you one day!”


“You’re lucky I don’t have any big plans soon,” Calli says, muffled.


After a few more moments of cheering, Kiara pulled away just enough so she was still sat firmly on Calli’s lap. She pulled out her phone and started typing. “I’ll let Jenma know!”


The rapper watched her for a moment, both hands on the singer’s waist in case she fell over. Her chest felt warm and full, looking at her. It was a pleasant sensation that sang in her blood and made her melt inside. It felt like home.


Kiara flashed her another award winning smile before hopping off her lap and heading to the kitchen chanting “hydration check”. Calli chuckled to herself, enjoying the domesticity of watching the singer prance around and rummage through the cupboards. Something about her just lit up any room she walked into.


Okay, so maybe she lied. It wasn’t hard for her to imagine dating Kiara, Calli just hated it when the singer would bring it up as a joke. Her affections weren’t spectacles and she refused to let Kiara, or anyone else for that matter, commodify her feelings for her. Just for this instance though, she’ll let it slip. Besides, if things go well, whose to say it had to stay fake?