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じゃあね See ya~

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After long preparations, and many many tearful messages from his former classmates about his unexpected retirement (or, ‘graduation’) announcement, today was the day, the day of the Graduation Live.

It was a beautiful run of how the current Fine had grown, singing their first songs that only existed to make sure a certain group could reign supreme in Yumenosaki to the songs they later wrote to enjoy themselves and love who they were together, as a unit or even, a family.

Remembering all of the times the unit had spent close together, the DDD, the Tanabata festival, Eichi Sundays, and the list goes on.


Every single practice and performance had finally caught up to him, and it dawned on him that this would be the last. Occasionally while performing, Eichi felt his eyes tear up, yet he continued to perform and use every ounce of his energy to make this as memorable as every moment he had spent with Fine as the large crowd cheered them on.

Finally, as the last song came to a close, Eichi’s head turned to his unit mates, all three displaying a large grin.

Eichi’s body felt heavy, he felt like he couldn’t speak. It wasn’t exhaustion that had caught up to him, it was his emotions that finally caught up. After a long and grueling few seconds, he finally gathered the strength to speak. “Tori, Yuzuru, and my beloved Wataru.” His voice cracked at saying their names, tears beginning to pour from his eyes as he proclaimed himself to them.

“Thank you, thank you so much. I love you all so much. This unit was supposed to only be a tool yet you three brought life to Fine. You three taught me the joy of being an idol, and to that I can only thank you millions of times. I was never supposed to deserve people like you to accept me and yet-”

Wataru placed a finger over Eichi’s mouth.

“Don’t start crying now! The main attraction is about to start, the final farewell!”


As Wataru turned Eichi to the curtain behind them, facing away from the stage, he witnessed it rise.


Once it rose, there was an emotional sight to witness. The entirety of Yumenosaki standing in their unit clothes, smiling. People he had grown close to, people who hated him for what he had done, all standing together to wish him well.

“What is-”


“Don’t ask questions now, Eichi-senpai! It’s time to sing a sparkly song and wish you a happy farewell!” Subaru proclaimed.

As the music started, the tears leaking out of Eichi’s eyes only grew.


The spring is a farewell season
Everybody leaves on a trip
The pale pink petals
Of the cherry blossoms congratulate us
Continuously our relationships were pleasant
Time is a treasure chest of memories
Don't be sad
We're just climbing the stairway to adulthood

See ya. Wave your hand softly.
See ya. See ya.
Don't cry.
Ah when we turn around
Our friends will always be there

The spring is a port of goodbyes
Each one is setting sail
The wind of the sunbeams in the sky
Overflow us with the new season
It was very painful to not stay the same
Though it would be good if time stops
But while we smile
Let's open the door before our eyes

See ya. Wave your hand softly.
See ya. See ya.
Don't cry.
Ah when we turn around
Our friends will always be there

See ya. Wave your hand softly.
See ya. See ya.
Don't cry.
Ah when we turn around
Our friends will always be there

When april comes, sadness
Will be a twinkling memory

Eichi’s breath hitched, why were they here? Why were they all smiling and wishing him farewell? He didn’t deserve this, he was the least likely to deserve something like this.
Wataru’s voice saved him from drowning in his own thoughts,
“No matter what’s happened in the past, you’ve done a lot for Yumenosaki. Right now, we’re all setting aside our differences and wishing you a farewell because you deserve it, Eichi. You believe you deserve to go through hell for what you’ve done but that is far from the truth. This is what you deserve. “ Pausing for a second, Wataru grabbed Eichi’s hands and twirled him around. “Now, there’s no time for tears now! Let’s enjoy this moment! Amazing!”
Eichi looked at Wataru and smiled, using his sleeve to dry his tears, he looked at the group in front of him. “Wataru is right…Thank you. I know I’ve done a lot to hurt you all in different ways, and I don’t think I can ever do anything that’ll make up for the damage I’ve done, but seeing you all here to wish me a farewell, no matter what I’ve done, means the entire world to me. Thank you, all of you, thank you for being here.”

“Eichi-senpai!!” Subaru exclaimed before running to him and hugging him tightly, many people joining in to make a group hug.

“You’ll have a sparkling future!”
“Please remember to take breaks and relax, I’m wishing you a nice ‘graduation’, Kaichou.”
“Please visit whenever you’d like, Onii-chan...Ehehe..”
“Eichan-senpai, have lots of fun, fun!”
“Waah! I’ll miss seeing you perform, Eichi-kun!”
“Remember to sleep well, Ecchan~”

“Oh Mika-chan, I think I’m going to cry, this is making me so sad!”
“N-no! Don’t cry, you’ll ruin yer makeup!”
“Don’t forget about me, you blockhead emperor!”

“See, Eichi? They all love you.” Wataru had finally proved to him something he denied for so long.

He was loved.