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Reduced to a Thing that Wants

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Lan Wangji thinks, this is not the way anyone expected her teenage rebellion would manifest, but as she looks at Wen Ruohan's newest (and youngest, for that matter) wife from across the room, she calmly comes to the realisation that she is going to fuck that spoilt creature four ways to Sunday. 


Wei Ying is clothed in silk, red all over and all Lan Wangji can think is, Thank God I got over the repression stage before I met her, because her brain is rolling in constant upheavals right now, that two years ago she would have mistaken for anger, and annoyance and now knows is unhinged lust (though there is also a rising possessive part of her that has no business making itself known, so she squashes it with the force of a true Lan), Indeed caught in her mid teens, between an identity crisis and a confused but raging libido, this would have been a right tragedy, but caught at the tail end of nineteen, all she can think of is sinking her teeth in the pale flesh of that divine creature and making her cry. 


Wen Ruohan has a hand splayed out against her waist, and wow, Lan Wangji thinks, crossing her legs firmly, that is the tiniest thrice damned waist she's ever spotted in her life, indeed, irresistible to not touch, but Wen Ruohan? Her mouth draws up in a grimace, what can he offer that she can't anyway? 

She's younger, richer and also, this she thinks with a mixture of dark amusement and unshakeable confidence— 

I have the bigger cock and I fuck better


And to top it all off, she's sure that this creature, Wei Ying, is meant for her, Wangji is a woman that is simultaneously very easy and hard to please. In the consideration of short term lovers, she looks for nothing else but intelligent eyes and perky tits. Which Wei Ying possesses in spades because her early investigations revealed two higher education degrees at 24, so even as she pretends to tither and giggle like an airhead in the crook of her husband's hold, Lan Wangji easily spots the glint of genius. 


But for something more, she's never quite been forced to consider. Until now that is, which only provides proof to the little voice in her head that says Wei Ying is hers. Hers. Lan Wangji's. If she's to be anyone's trophy, Wangji is the only one deserving. 


It's time enough that she makes it known. 

“Let me fuck you,” She demands, gold eyes searing. 


“W-What,” Wei Ying gasps, eyes wide, “Jiejie, what—who,” 


There is a hindbrain part of her that is extremely pleased that despite being quite clear that Wangji is  younger than her, Wei Ying has referred to her deferentially. She's never allowed anyone to call her that, and now she thinks that was an extremely good decision on her part because it sparks such a white hot bolt of lust through her, that the word itself becomes indecent somehow. 


“Let me,” She says again, pleased and rumbling, voice dipping into a growl, as she presses Wei Ying against the wall, “fuck you.” 


“I'm, I'm married,” Wei Ying says breathlessly, eyes wide, pupils dilated.


Lan Wangji stares. 


Wei Ying stares and stares back, squirming, gasping, “I'm— I'm straight!” 


She raises a single eyebrow and then firmly and deliberately grounds her thigh between Wei Ying's legs, and like a puppet cut from it's ropes, the older woman immediately collapses into her arms, crying in shock. 


The white of her trousers is stained wet. 


“Refuse me before I take you anyway,” 


Wei Ying is shaking,  “You can't," She whines, and Wangji rather likes the sound of that, I can , she thinks meanly, I can do whatever I wish with you , “You can't just take me! I'll, ah,” She mewls, as Wangji tightens her hold on the waist, enough to bruise,  “My husband—


“Inconsequential.” She declares, because it is, and will be. “Make your excuses and meet me in the second room to the right, third floor.” 


When the door opens, Wangji is still in the dressing room to the side, but Wei Ying enters with all the subtlety of a charging bull, 


“I am just here to tell you that you can't just command,” Her tone is indignant and petulant, “Me into having sex with you which I will not by the way, I'm only here to refuse you because I'm married and, and stra—hnghhh.” 


Wei Ying's rant cuts off midway with a loud whimper as Wangji steps into the room, strap on fixed into her harness, the sleeves of her white button up shirt rolled up to her forearms and tie loose on her throat. 


“Do continue,” Wangji says, mirth gathering in the slant of her lips, cock jutting out.  Wei Ying's eyes are fixed on it with a hazy look in them, she walks towards Wangji with the a dazed air, 


“I,” She wets her lips, “might not be as straight as I thought,” She says, nodding as she catalogues the information into her brain, like it's nothing big at all, just a slight shift in paradigm. 


Lan Wangji smiles. 


“I want to suck it,” Wei Ying insists with the confidence of a baby deer stumbling into a new world and learning to run within minutes of the arrival. 


“No.” Wangji refuses, fondly.  


“What!” Wei Ying exclaims,“You! you! bullied me into this and now you're backing ou—


“I will let you,” Lan Wangji grasps her chin with one large hand and says slowly, “If you beg nicely.” 


Wei Ying swallows. “Can I—May I suck your cock er-jiejie?” 


“Good girl,” Lan Wangji praises, brushing her thumb against Wei Ying's plump lip and watches as Wei Ying turns a delightful shade of red, “You may.” 


Wei Ying sinks to her knees gracefully. 


Afterwards, when there are tears in the corners of Wei Ying's eyes,  she carries her to the bed for further reckoning, and for her part Wei Ying discovers that Wangji—


“Abs! Actual abs! They're so firm...” Her voice goes dreamy, and Lan Wangji reminds herself to never miss a gym day again, 


And then it's Lan Wangji's turn to choke as Wei Ying easily bends her legs over Wangji's shoulders even as she leans down to kiss her, 


“I,” Wei Ying says smugly, “do Yoga.” 


Lan Wangji is laid flat by the desperate and unnatural urge to consume her. So she does. She steals into Wei Ying's mouth and plunders it with no regard. 


She reaches down and cups her hand across one perky tit and squeezes. 


Wei Ying, torn apart by the severity and suddenness of the attack, curls closer and closer into Wangji's embrace, as if that will prevent her from the onslaught. 


“Slo—slow dowaaa...”


Wei Ying arches back as Lan Wangji closes her mouth over her nipple. 


“Don't leave aaa mark..” Wei Ying cries. 


Waspishly, Lan Wangji bites down. 


Wei Ying mewls, clutching Wangji's head, “Be nice, jiejie!” She begs. 


Lan Wangji detaches and primly informs. “I am nice, everywhere except in bed.” 


Wei Ying blinks and then giggles, 

“You're kinda cute huh,” She rubs Wangji's head. 


Alright, Wangji thinks, meanly, you will regret that. Cute is not a word used anywhere in the periphery of Lan Wangji. 


She drags her fingers over Wei Ying's folds and wets them with her slick, and then pushes two fingers in, but it's much tighter than she expected. Either she's not doing a good enough job or—


She raises an eyebrow. Wei Ying squirms and avoids her eyes, Wangji stays still. 


“Well,” Wei Ying mumbles, “It wasn't really much fun, with him, so we've only done it, like thrice maybe—I avoid him as much as I can.” 


He's touched her, all the omnious, grisly, evil parts of her roar, how dare he touch her—how! How dare he— husband, Wangji realises, of course he's her—her husband, of course he's touched Wei Ying and that makes it no easier to swallow. Her insides twist in an ugly, angry mess so she throws Wei Ying's legs over her shoulders again and commands, in a dark, low tone. 


“Call me that.” 


“W-what?” Wei Ying asks confused,




Her lips curve into a pretty little O, surprise and hesitation shining clearly on her face.  


Wangji leans down and bites her inner thigh, “Say it, call me that, please.” She implores now. She needs this. Everything inside her needs to hear it. Eyes brimming with something Wangji can't put a term to quite yet, Wei Ying gently whispers the word Lan Wangji wants to hear. 


“Husband,” She says, “Be, good to me,” 


And oh, the way, it makes Wangji drip wet. 


She lowers her face into Wei Ying's glistening heat, parts her with her fingers and eats her out like she's starved. 


Wei Ying's legs quiver with the force of her orgasm under a minute, moans climbing up in volume until she jerks the slightest bit, body twisting, trying to get away from Wangji's grip,


“I'm, I'm gonna—come,” She pleads. 


Wangji rolls her eyes, that is the point, she thinks, and flicks her tongue right at her clit. 


Wei Ying shudders and falls apart for her beautifully. 


She thrusts her fingers in again and finds it much easier for them to slip in, 


“Oh, oh, gods,” Wei Ying says curling away, “Give me one second, I just—


Lan Wangji doesn't really want to but stops anyway, she's pretty sure Wei Ying likes to protest and then have her protests be bowled over like nothing, but to make sure is her responsibility,


“Should I?” She questions, patiently.  


Wei Ying looks at her dazedly, looks down at the strap on, blushes bright red, “N-no...” She whispers. 


Wangji smirks and curls her fingers up, across the slight ridge, pressing firmly as she drags them in and out, 


“There, right there, it feels so good, Husband, please..don't stop..!” Wei Ying sobs, 


Lan Wangji inhales sharply, and presses on, Wei Ying goes along with her directions so pliantly, riding Wangji's fingers, her hands  are curl up into the bedspread, twisting it haphazardly as she starts to near another orgasm, but Wangji drags her fingers out,


Wei Ying wails, brokenly, “Put them back, put them back!” 


“I have something better, Wei Ying,” Wangji croons, rubbing the wet fingers across Wei Ying's thigh and pressing the tip of the strap on across her entrance, 


“Oh god,” Wei Ying bites her lip, and raises herself up on her elbows to look down at it.  “Will that even fit?” She asks, eyes half joking, half worried. 


Lan Wangji opens the bottle of lube, and coats her cock with it, 

“If,” She says, “it hurts more than you like at any point, stop me immediately,” Her tone is serious and Wei Ying nods, big doe eyes turning hungry, the longer Wangji caresses the cock with her fist. 


“You must,” She warns again. 


Wei Ying curls upwards and steals a quick kiss and mumbles, “I got it, I got it, jiejie, please fuck me now.”


Well, then. Wangji presses in slowly but without stopping, thumb rubbing at Wei Ying's clit in soft circles, 


“You're doing so well for me,” She praises, because Wei Ying is, she opens so gorgeously for Wangji, eyes dripping tears, mouth open in a long exhale, and then, when she's fully in, she stays still until Wei Ying curls her hands around Wangji's shoulders and nibbles at her neck, and asks her to, move .


The rhythm Wangji sets is slow and intense in a way that's entirely new for her as well, because it's much too intimate, much too precious, she's never felt the need to be so slow and torturous before now and she's sure, it only feels right because of Wei Ying under her. 


The edge of the harness brushes against her own clit in miniscule movements, and then Wei Ying presses a hand against it, and the drag increases, and Wangji finds herself so close to cumming, so fast that she starts thrusting erratically into Wei Ying's cunt, thumb jerking across her clit, losing herself, everything turns into a wild simmering heat, and Wangji isn't sure who comes first, only that when she whites out in pleasure, and Wei Ying follows closely with a loud whimper.

Clean up finds her reluctant, she gives herself five minutes to bask in the afterglow, Wei Ying curled up against her arm, and then when tries to get up, Wei Ying pushes her back into bed, 


“Stay,” She admonishes gently. “You spoiled me rotten, let me take care of you too,” 


She removes Wangji's harness with delicate fingers and then brings a warm washcloth for them both, Wangji, indignantly realises that she is already more than halfway in love. 


Wei Ying retakes her place into Wangji's arms again, goes quiet and soft, humming with pleasure when Wangji brushes her hair.  


“What are you thinking?” Lan Wangji asks, overcome with a strange and gentle fondness. 


“Quantum communication satellite specs,” Wei Ying says, sleepily. 


Wangji raises an eyebrow, more endeared and amused than ever.


Wei Ying blinks open her eyes in panic, realising what she's blurted, “Uh I mean,” 


“I've read your dissertation for both your degrees, the PhD in biophysics and the M.A in Literature.” Wangji gently reveals, watching Wei Ying's panic blow into shock. 


They sit with that for a moment. 


“I've been preyed upon, haven't I?” Wei Ying says, bewildered, realisation hitting her. “You're a whole stalker.” 


Wangji shrugs, and then thinks, in with a penny, in with a pound and retrieves her bracelet from the night stand, it's solid platinum, crested with the Gusu Lan symbol, since her ceremonial ribbon is locked away, this is the next best thing and clasps it around Wei Ying's wrist. 


“W-what is this?” 


“You said ‘don't mark’, didn't say don't claim,” Wangji says indolently. 


Wei Ying squeaks, “I am so confused but also like weirdly turned on right now." 


Lan Wangji hides a smile. 




“Where were you last night!” Nie Huaisang gripes, “You left me all alone with the three stooges!! I am incredibly betrayed, hurt and mal—


“I have to accelerate my plan to usurp the firm from Father and Uncle,” Wangji interrupts, opening her Civil Law textbook, “So don't disturb my studies.” 


“What, why? Didn't you say you'd give it another three years?” Nie Huaisang questions, mildly confused, sipping on his bubble tea. 


“Well, I have a wife to steal and an empire to destroy,” Wangji informs him, her tone sounding ethical and sensible while lacking both those attributes completely. 


Nie Huaisang chokes, coughs and thumps his chest. 


“Why,” he says, in a strangled, hoarse voice, “Are you like this!!” 


Then after a minute, “I guess, I'll help, the Wens stress brother out too...”