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i wanna spend every day i have with you.

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Steven doesn’t know how he got himself into this. Which is basically what he’s been telling himself everyday since his arrival in Los Santos. But this situation in particular, Steven has no idea what he did to deserve this. 

It’s a hot, humid day in the city. So humid, in fact, Steven is looking forward to one of the impending Tsunami just on the off chance that it cools the city down. Despite the heat, he finds it hard to get out of his warm bed. Because getting out of his bed means getting out of the strong comforting embrace of his long term partner, Grognak the Destroyer, Attorney at Law.  

Sometimes it feels like fate. A chance meeting at Burgershot. But then, Steven remembers, she sought him out. Again and again she looked for him, even when he turned and ran and hid and screamed, she followed after him. And somehow, like a moth drawn to a light, he always found his way back to her. Always, always.

Some days are easier than others, certainly. There are some days where, because of her Amnosia, she wakes up completely unaware of who Steven is or where she is or anything. Usually, it seems to be in an oddly comedic way, but she always remembers, somehow. 

Reluctantly, he pulls himself out of Grognak’s sleeping embrace. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone other than Grognak herself, but he loves being the little spoon. There’s something so safe and secure about her arms at night. It’s warm and safe and feels like home and he thinks he loves her. No, he knows. Steven knows he loves Grognak, despite how ill-advised it may seem at times.

Steven shuffles to their shitty, small apartment kitchen and turns on their coffee pot. He squints at the coffee pot for a few seconds and watches it begin to brew slowly. Mentally he runs through a checklist: drive to Burgershot, buy ingredients, work at the Burgershot, get to the pier, run Bandage Time with Dale, rinse and repeat. In theory, his life shouldn’t be exciting. He glances over toward his shared bedroom. In theory, but never in practice.

There’s some tell-tale sounds of Grognak waking. Like crashing, bumping, sounds of a struggle that would concern Steven much more if he didn’t know the source. He quickly grabs the half-filled coffee pot and pours himself a cup. Quickly he mixed in milk and sugar and tried to down it quickly before his partner came around the corner. 

Strong arms wrap around his midsection and a cheek rests against his temples. When Grognak rumbles low in her chest, Steven can feel it against his back. “Good morning, Steven,” She says as she presses a chaste kiss to the side of Steven’s head.

“Good morning Grognak,” He sighs and melts a little into her. 

“Grognak the Destroyer, Attorney at Law,” Grognak corrects him. “Uh, Steven,” She starts, her voice taking on a questioning lilt as she pulls away from him. 

Steven turns around, his eyebrows knitting together as he watches her. Steven doesn’t know how she does it, but somehow she always puts on her glasses, headphones, and heels before doing anything else everyday. “Yes?” He asks.

Grognak smiles at him a little, “I was wondering if there was a survey I could do.” She brushes past him to make a cup of coffee. It’s usually a toss up whether she drinks it black or if she loads it down with cream and sugar. “I am the only person in the world that loves surveys!”

Steven sighs as he watches her take sips of coffee and periodically wrinkle her nose. “Of course, Grognak. If you find me at Burgershot later, you can take a survey.”

Grognak frowns, “But we’re both here right now?”

“I don’t want to give you a Burgershot survey before I’ve even left our home.”

Grognak nods after a few seconds, but Steven can see her pouting. To try to improve her mood he says, “You look very handsome this morning, Grognak.” It’s true, of course. Steven has always found it to be true. Her nose, deep brow bone (sans eyebrows, of course), and jaw that could cut diamonds; Steven finds her to be breathtaking in every aspect. 

It works like a charm. The ends of her lips turn upward and she preens under his praise. She begins to needle him in the side, a sign that she's hungry and that she wants Steven to cook for her. “You know, Steven. I’ve broken the hearts of many men in my day,” She comments casually while Steven is trying his hardest to not get any eggshell in the scrambled eggs he is making for them.

“I remember,” Steven comments, almost bitter. Winning Grognak’s heart, having them as Steven’s partner: it wasn't exactly an easy achievement. Betraying his friends, being kidnapped, nearly dying, so many trips to Pillbox, thousands of dollars out of his bank account, it all just scratches the surface of everything he’s done for the nonbinary person by his side. He still feels bad for Troy.

Grognak hums idly as she watches Steven cook for the both of them. “Yeah. My first husband, the paramedic.” A pause, then a sniffle, ‘My son. I miss him.”

“What? You have a son?”

“I have a son?”


“I have amnosia, Steven, I don’t remember!”

Steven moves that to the box of ‘Things He Will Never Understand About Grognak the Destroyer, Attorney at Law’. He’s put most things he learns about her in there, and he just has to accept and live with these things. It was difficult at first, but now it’s just a typical part of his life. Steven has learned to take it all with a grain of salt.

There are a few unquantifiable Grognak truths, and they go as follows: She is nonbinary, she has memory problems, where she ventures, chaos will always eventually follow, and Steven is one hundred percent in love with her. As long as he knows these things, he figures that nothing else is really all that important in the long run. As cheesy as that sounds, and boy does it sound cheesy.

Steven watches as Grognak goes about her daily routine. He’s so lucky, and he’s so in love. After he’s done assuring Grognak that they do indeed have a real door in their apartment, she leans down and gives him a kiss on the cheek. “Bye, Steven. I love you. Have a good day at Burgershot!”

Steven thinks he will, if Grognak is going to be there later smiling at him. 

“Oh, and before I forget! Happy birthday!”

… Nevermind.