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Dinner with the Blacks

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James together with Remus, Lily and Ted Tonks were sitting on the couch in the Tonks living room. They were all nursing their own cup of either tea or coffee in various stages of emptiness, while the Blacks were talking about who knows what in their own little corner and little Dora regularly switching between the two groups.

"Blacks, huh?" Ted Tonks spoke up, interrupting the previous silence that had settled over the group and looking over to where said Blacks were currently having what seemed like an engaging conversation.

James looked a little confused, not quite catching up yet with the conversation, while Remus and Lily just looked at each other, shrugging.

"What can I say, there's just something about them that draws you in and once you get close won't let you go anymore," Lily said, answering Ted's question.

"And they're all hot as hell," James pointed out and therefore added to Lily's statement.

"Truer words have never been spoken," Remus agreed.

Meanwhile with the Blacks

“Think they’re talking about us?” Andromeda asked, looking at where the others were sitting on the couch.

“They definitely are,” Regulus said, taking a sip of his tea. “Remus has that look in his eyes he always has when talking about Sirius”.

“How would you know that?” Sirius asked.

“Oh please Siri, I only had to watch you two make heart eyes at each other across the Gryffindor table for six years,” Regulus deadpanned. Sirius just pouted at his brother.

“I can second that,” Narcissa added.

“It’s not like any of you were better than me,” Sirius shot back.

“Bold of you to assume I would do something as unrefined as making heart eyes at someone,” Narcissa replied, sticking her nose in the air, though you could tell she was just faking.

“Not that I don’t love teasing Siri as well, but I believe we have a wedding to plan and a dress to buy. Don’t you think so too Cissy?” Andromeda interrupted her quarreling cousins and sister.

“Right you are Andy,” Narcissa said, getting up from where she was previously sitting, moving towards the stairs together with her older sister and younger cousin. Turning back around at the foot of the stairs she asked,” are you coming Siri or not?”.

Said young man sent one last look towards where little Dora and their partners were sitting and chatting, before turning and following the others up the stairs. He may be a man, but he was a Balck. He wouldn’t be a Black if he didn’t enjoy drama and a wedding was just the right occasion for drama, especially a Black wedding. A wedding between two people he very much adored, just not as much as his baby brother and James.

When it was time for dinner and everyone was taking a seat at the big dining table, the present Black were all wearing the typical Black smirk. Afterall, they had a very productive and definitely chaotic day full of planning behind them.

“I know that smirk and I know it means nothing good, because usually it means you have something planned,” Remus frowned as he eyed Sirius, who was sitting opposite him, critically.

“Nothing to worry about Moony, everythings fine. Isn’t this right Reggie?”

“Definitely, nothing to worry about,” Regulus confirmed, sharing a look with his partners in crime.

“I still don’t trust you”

Yup, Lily was definitely in for a shock tonight.