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A Hero’s end

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“That's not enough.”

Audrey took her scarf and shot it at Miriam, grabbing her sword she struck down the Dream King

Everything flashed white.


Kiwi was laying on the floor, processing what just happened, adjusting to the new monochrome world that was in front of them. It took them a second to realize what was going on, they looked at Miriam, who seemed as shocked as they were, then they looked in front of them. A pit lied there, supposedly where the Dream King was, Audrey was nowhere to be found.

Kiwi stood up, Miriam looked at them and flew back a little, giving them space to breathe.

“Kiwi?” Miriam asked after floating backwards.

Kiwi turned to look at Miriam, the witch looked like she just saw a ghost, Kiwi probably looked the same.

“Are you… ok?” Miriam asked, she tapped her fingers on her broom anxiously.

Kiwi paused for a moment “y- yeah I'm fine. How about you?”

“I'm fine but that doesn't matter, is this,, the end?” Miriam said, while looking to the side and back to Kiwi.

“I- I think so, but…” Kiwi paused as they looked behind Miriam.

The bell from the castle stood there, one of the only things that was still standing in this Endscape, that's where they needed to go, Kiwi didn't know how they knew, but they knew they had to ring that bell.

Kiwi didn't know how long they were staring at the bell until Miriam looked behind herself in confusion, wondering what they could be looking at in this void.

“That's where we need to go.” Kiwi said, looking at Miriam, they were much more serious now.

“Alright, lead the way Kiwi” Miriam said, looking back at Kiwi and moving out of the way, letting them go in front of her.

Kiwi walked in front of Miriam, trying to be fast but stay at a walking pace, everything was monochrome and the only sounds they could actually hear were just the two of them speaking, they couldn't even hear their own footsteps. The two were almost there when.

“Still trying, huh?”

A familiar voice said.

Audrey, with her sword by her side, walked down the steps, she was blocking the way.

“Audrey!” Kiwi gasped, kind of happy she was ok, but annoyed that she was there.

“Stop trying, just give up, the world's ending and you can't stop it.” Audrey growled, her immediate anger shocked Kiwi.

“Audrey, I can stop this, if you'd just move out of the way and let us pass.” Kiwi tried to reason with her.

The two were in a semi fight, Miriam groaned in annoyance, Kiwi kept trying to convince her to move but Audrey wouldn't budge.

“I'm not moving, you're not the hero, you can't change this universe's fate.” Audrey said, hitting the tip of her sword on the ground.

“Yes I know I'm not the hero, you've said that a million times, i get it, but i can change this if you would just move” Kiwi said now getting slightly angry at Audrey.

“Audrey, if you don't move I'm going to resort to forcefully removing you.” Miriam said, butting in to their argument and sounding agitated.

“So it's a fight, huh?” Audrey smiled and took her sword and raised it up.

“No we aren't fighting!!!!!” Kiwi cried, trying to stop the two.

Miriam and Audrey were in a stare fight, Audrey with her sword in the air, somehow charging lightning. Miriam’s hand was practically covered in magic.

“Kiwi, it's either die here or fight.” Miriam said, not taking her eyes off Audrey.

Kiwi looked at Miriam, they looked uneasy, they obviously didn't want to fight but the world was at stake.

Kiwi sighed. “Alright, if we really have too. But I'm not fighting.”

“That's fine, just work on protecting me, alright?” Miriam said, glancing at Kiwi with a smile.

Audrey's sword was fully charged on lightning, she took it and shot it straight at the witch, she used a spell to stop the bolt from hitting her.

Audrey was distracted trying to charge her sword again when Miriam shot a spell at Audrey.

She got hit backwards, brushing against the hard floor, without a second to lose Audrey dug her sword into the ground to stop her from sliding and picked herself up. She shot another bolt at the witch, this time weaker but enough to stun Miriam for a little bit.

Audrey took the time that Miriam was stunned to fully charge her sword again, Miriam shook it off not realizing that she was going to get hit more.

Audrey took her sword and shot more lightning at Miriam, Kiwi sang a note that made the lightning steer away from Miriam just in time. Audrey was surprised at how they could move lightning with just singing. Miriam realized what just happened and casted another spell at Audrey, but this time Audrey dodged in time. Audrey growled as she started charging her sword more and dodging the rest of what Miriam sent at her.

Audrey took her charged up sword and struck the ground, making the ground shoot up lightning from under the bard and witch. Kiwi got flung backwards onto their back they didn't expect an attack from below, Miriam floated upwards to dodge the attack.

“You good?” called Miriam from above and shooting a spell at Audrey.

“Yeah. I'm fine” Kiwi called back while getting back up, their back was just sore from the impact.

Running back to the fight, Audrey was just about to shoot another bolt at Miriam, Kiwi quickly sang a note to shoot it the opposite direction and right at Audrey. Audrey quickly moved out of the way when she saw where her attack was going.

“Hey! Watch where you're singing, you almost hit me with my own attack!” Audrey yelled angrily.

“Wouldn't that be good?” Miriam shouted back with a smile.

Audrey shot another bolt at Miriam out of annoyance, she dodged the weak attack with ease.

This is just going to keep on going forever, we really need to get up there now. Kiwi looked at the bell and back at Audrey with worry.

“Audrey, do you really want this to happen?” Kiwi yelled, trying to talk her out of this again.

“Do you really want the world to end? Think about everything that's going to disappear. Your friends, your adventures.”

Kiwi paused for a moment. “Your family...”

Audrey stopped and stared at Kiwi, Kiwi stared back, giving her a look that just said “yeah”.

Audrey looked down at the pure black floor.

“I have no family.” Audrey said, in a whisper but loud enough so Kiwi could hear it, Audrey looked up at the bard with anger.

Audrey tightened her grip on her sword and pointed it towards Kiwi. Sending a bolt of lightning towards the bard.

Kiwi was too shocked by what they heard, they weren't able to sing fast enough to stop the lightning.


Miriam slammed into the bard moving them out of the way and taking the hit.

“Miriam!” Kiwi yelled as they fell onto the floor.

The witch collapsed off of her broom and onto the floor.

Kiwi quickly got up and moved closer to Miriam. They crouched down onto the floor next to Miriam, they didn't know what to do.

“Miriam! Are you ok?” the bard asked with worry.

Miriam was lying face flat on the floor, oh Eya is she dead?.

Miriam shuffled a bit, “Mnhhhbvh,,, yeah, I'm fine, you keep dealing with Audrey, mm just gonna stay here for a bit...” Miriam mumbled.

“Are you sure??” Kiwi was just concerned that she was more hurt then she seemed.

Miriam picked up her head and gave a weak smile and a thumbs up, she put her head back down on the floor, she just needed to rest for a moment.

Kiwi smiled a little and stood up, looking at Audrey who looked angry, her sword was still out and she was breathing like she lost her breath.

“Audrey I-” Kiwi walked forward a bit.

“Shut it” Audrey interrupted Kiwi. She put down her sword at her side and turned away from the bard.

Audrey stayed side turned to Kiwi, she obviously didn't like mention of her family, or anything to do with them loving her. Kiwi really didn't mean to upset her, they didn't know and now Audrey was angry because of them.

“Audrey, look I'm sorry its jus-” Kiwi tried to speak.

“I said to SHUT IT!” Audrey yelled, digging her sword into the pitch black ground and turning back to Kiwi.

Kiwi went completely silent and put their hands up in front of them in a “calm down” way.

“You two are ruining EVERYTHING, first this and now you mention my parents?” Audrey ranted at the bard.

Kiwi stayed silent, trying not to anger her any more.

“My whole life no one’s noticed me. My WHOLE life no one’s expected ANYTHING from me.” Audrey yelled, she sounded like she was going to start crying.

“Ever since Eya chose me to be the hero, I actually felt like I could do something important. Like I was useful to this world.” Audrey stopped yelling and went to a normal talking voice.

“And I was right! People accepted me! People noticed me! I was finally important!” Audrey was starting to cry and her voice was breaking up.

The two of them both stood there in silence until Kiwi spoke up.

“Audrey look, I didn't know that happened to you, I'm so sorry.” Audrey looked away from Kiwi in guilt.

“But I promise, if you let us get to that bell, we can be your friends” Kiwi said, trying to make this right.

Audrey was silent, she was obviously thinking. Kiwi looked back at Miriam, she was sitting and watching what was going on, probably surprised by it all.

Audrey looked at Kiwi and took a breath, “Why would you want to be my friend?” asked Audrey, her arms slumped down in guilt.

“Everyone deserves a second chance,” said Kiwi. “Even you.”

Audrey stood there in defeat, there was really nothing she could do.

Suddenly, the world started to shake, the ground split apart and everything moved, is this the end? Despite everything shaking and collapsing, everything was still silent. Kiwi fell onto the silent shaking ground as the world split in front of them. Kiwi looked at Audrey, who was flailing around trying to keep on her two feet, she ended up digging her sword into the ground to try to hold onto it.

Audrey thought she was safe until the world split right beneath her feet, apparently digging her sword into the ground was a bad idea. Audrey closed her eyes as she was about to fall, this is the end. Suddenly someone grabbed her hand, she opened her eyes to see Kiwi holding onto her, she didn't fall.

“Audrey, just hold on! I got you.” Kiwi said, struggling to actually hold onto her.

Audrey took a breath, she looked at the struggling bard and everything that was happening around them.

“Go to the bell,,, I don't care anymore.” Audrey let go of Kiwi’s hand and fell into the abyss.

“NO!” Kiwi yelled, their arm reached out to try to grab Audrey but they missed. Their eyes glossed over in tears. They were too distracted with what just happened to realize that the ground was collapsing even more.

The ground they were on was about to suffer the same fate when Miriam Grabbed Kiwi’s shirt and pulled them up.

“Let's go before we fall in too.” Miriam said, trying to direct the sad bard to the stairs.

Kiwi couldn't speak but they responded with a nod, tears were still falling down their face but they kept moving, trying to wipe them while they climbed the stairs.

The two reached the bell,

“Well Kiwi, do your thing.” Miriam said, moving next to them.

Kiwi readied their voice, taking a few breaths, they sang as loud as they could and moved the bell.





It seemed like a thousand things happened at once, Kiwi played beats where they got the Overseers songs and everyone in the whole world started singing, everyone came along just to help Kiwi save the world. Everything was in perfect harmony.

Miriam and Kiwi did it, they saved the world.

Suddenly they were in a new place, it seemed to be the spirit world, stars were falling from above and everything was bright, Eyala was here too, hovering in front of the two. Miriam was behind Kiwi looking around and adjusting to the area around her, after staying in a black and white world for that long it must feel weird to reappear in this.

“oh my gosh” the floating figure said, seeming surprised.

“I am so so so so so so so SO PROUD of you two!” Eyala said, she was obviously excited about the world not being ended.

“WE DID IT!!!” Kiwi cheered “right???”

Kiwi turned to Eyala “Did we do it?”

Eyala just responded with a smile and a nod.

“I thought it was over! We never got the last piece of the Earthsong” Kiwi said, more calmer then they were before.

“I thought so too, but in the end it didn't matter! when you reached out with your voice, the whole world answered back. And.. Eya heard you!” Eyala flew around in the air. Miriam turned to Kiwi and Eyala.

“She saw you all workin together just for a moment, and it was just enough to harmonize with her new song!” Eyala continued her speech

“What you sang wasn't the Earthsong, it was something special! that only you could’ve done. and even after infinite infinities of universes beginning and ending and beginning again.” Eyala made little hand motions to describe everything as she floated around Kiwi and Miriam.

“I’ve never seen anythin like it, that's why I'm so proud of you two!” Eyala stopped back in front of Kiwi, continuing her rambling. “Nobody ever tried like you did. it wasn't even supposed to be possible, but you two MADE it possible. You changed the rules forever, you gave hope to everything that exists!”

“And that's just so special!” Eyala exclaimed, finishing her speech.

Kiwi got another jolt of excitement and turned around to Miriam, they had the biggest smile on their face, and Miriam smiled back.

Kiwi hugged Miriam without thinking, Miriam really wasn't surprised about it seeing how excited the bard was. It seemed Kiwi was going to start crying tears of joy just because of how happy they were.

After their little celebration of saving the world, Kiwi calmed down. Eyala was still here waiting for the two to tell her when they wanted to leave, when something landed on Kiwi, it was a scarf, Audreys scarf, the whole scarf looked shredded from the whole bottom being ripped to the little tears along the edges. Kiwi realized that Audrey was the only one not here.

“Wait..” Kiwi’s expression quickly went from happy and excited to concerned and upset, they looked at Miriam, while holding the scarf.

“Where's Audrey?”, Kiwi held up the scarf a bit to show Miriam.

Miriam could obviously see how upset the bard looked, she really didn't want to say that Audrey was “dead” or anything like that but it seemed she really was dead. how could she survive that anyways?

“I uh..” Miriam paused, looking for an excuse “I'm not sure, maybe she got sent to another part of the earth?” Miriam tried her best to not let Kiwi know she was thinking Audrey was dead, but it obviously wasn't working as she saw the bard grow more upset and look at the floor.

“Miriam, do you really think she's... gone?” Kiwi looked back at Miriam.

Miriam really didn't want to admit it but where else could Audrey be?

“Kiwi I'm sure she's ok, probably. look we should get going we can worry about Audrey later.” Miriam looked at Eyala, who was waiting patiently. She nodded in understanding that they were gonna leave.

“o- ok” Kiwi tried to seem more happy then they were but they were failing.

After Eyala sent them out of the spirit world they went to go see all of their friends from all over the world, Kiwi quickly cheered up as they saw everyone. After their visits and eating dinner at Miriam’s grandma's house Miriam took them home.

“Alright, here we are” Miriam said as she flew down to their little house outside of Langtree. Miriam and Kiwi both got off of the broom.

“You sure your not gonna be too mopey while knowing Audrey, the person who tried to kill both of us, may or may not be dead” Miriam said while grabbing her broom.

“Hey! So what if she tried to kill us I can still be worried about her” Kiwi said, a little annoyed at Miriam but not angry.

“Alright, what are you going to do with her scarf?” Miriam pointed at the torn scarf still in Kiwi’s hand.

Kiwi remembered that they still had it and held it up, “I'm not really sure but I guess I'll keep it?” Kiwi was still focused on looking at it.

“Ok you do that, I'm gonna head home it's late and I'm exhausted'' Miriam yawned after saying that.

Kiwi then gave Miriam another hug, it's gonna be weird to not have to wake up early to get back on an adventure, and even more weird without Miriam being here.

“Thanks for being my friend, Miriam” Kiwi hugged Miriam tighter

“Thanks also,” Miriam mumbled.

Kiwi let go of Miriam and the witch hopped onto her broom, saying their goodbyes Miriam flew off into the night sky, Kiwi sighed and walked into their house, putting Audrey’s scarf on the table and they turned on the lights to their house.

They were glad to finally be home but it felt lonely, they missed Miriam's company even if she complained most of the time. They grabbed a pair of pajamas and got changed, throwing their clothing into the washing machine. They went over to their bed and stood over it, looking out the window to the star filled sky.

“Audrey, if you are out there, I hope you're ok” Kiwi spoke to themself as they sat onto their bed, they turned off the lamp next to their bed. They put their head down onto their pillow and closed their eyes falling into a deep sleep shortly after.




Shuffling came from a bush way over near Mt. Ichor.


“mnghh HUH?” A figure shot up, breathing heavily and shaking.

It was Audrey, she had survived and was on the outskirts of Mt. Ichor, laying on the cold and soft ground. She blinked, adjusting to the new bright star filled sky. Her body ached of new wounds, she couldn’t open her left eye and her right leg was gone, she had cuts that stung against the cold wind. After processing everything she looked around wondering where she was.

“W-what?? I'm alive?” Her voice was shaky and full of confusion.

Then she realized that she was breathing, that she was alive. The bard had done it, they had saved the world, they somehow pushed through everything Audrey had done and saved it. Audrey felt like she failed, like she couldn't even end the world right, she had lost and she had to accept it.

Audrey got up, or at least tried to, with how much her body hurt and only one leg all she could do was sit there. She looked to her side to try to find something to pick herself up with, she spotted a stick that was long enough to help herself up. Shuffling herself over too she grabbed the stick and stabbed it into the ground and tried to pull herself up. Suddenly a jolt of pain shot through Audrey's body making her yelp in pain and collapse onto the ground.

Audrey grumbled as she grabbed the stick again, pulling herself up more slowly, finally being able to stand. She looked around, no houses in sight, just her luck. She wobbled over to a tree and sat down.

Grunting as she sat, making sure she didn't sit on anything. Audrey looked at her missing leg, she curled up her pant leg to see how bad it looked, but when she was expecting blood all she saw was what looked to be straight out of the Endscape. The half of her leg that was still here was pitch black and smooth on the end, it didn't hurt to touch but it still hurt. She tied her pant leg into a knot so it didn’t drag across the ground or get caught anywhere.. She also realized she didn't have her iconic scarf around her neck, her neck felt naked against the cold breeze without it.

“I Guess this will have to do until I can find somewhere to stay.” Audrey mumbled to herself its gonna be hard to sleep like this, but Audrey was exhausted to the point she’d sleep standing upwards.

She sat up against the rough tree and closed her eyes, listening to the quiet song of crickets playing throughout the area, Audrey fell into a deep sleep shortly after.