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How to Make (or almost break) a Marriage

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“Wen Qing!” Wei Wuxian called out excitedly when he saw her. 

“Wei Wuxian.”

He sat still as Wen Qing sent a tendril of her energy to check his newly formed, nascent golden core. 

“It’s stronger,” Wen Qing observed. “You two are doing good.”

“Wen Qing!”

“What are you so shy about? You have a healthy golden core inside you now. It’s a miracle, Wei Wuxian. Cherish it. Treat it the best way you can.”

They both knew she wasn’t talking about the golden core at all. 

“Watch me, I will be flying on my sword in a year. Want to bet?”

“No thank you. With the speed with which it’s strengthening, it may not even take a whole year.”

Lan Wangji squeezed Wei Wuxian’s hand in response as if to remind him how it’s gotten so better so fast. 

As if he could forget. 

Wei Wuxian pinched him on the side. 

“Does he have to take any more medication?” Lan Wangji asked. 

“Just the regular core strengthening ones. Make sure he doesn’t catch any sickness. Right now, it’s very vulnerable. If it has to fight off an infection, it may affect its development.”

“Wen Qing, you are gonna make him lock me up in a room and throw away the key! He hardly lets me get off the bed as it is.” 

“Is it that bad?” Lan Wangji asked innocently. Wei Wuxian glared at him. 

“Wei Wuxian. This is serious.”

“Yes, I know. Take medicines. Train, but don’t overdo it. Eat good food. Sleep on time. Anything I missed?”

“Shut up every once in a while,” Wen Qing snarked. 

“Haha. Funny, Wen Qing.”

“Young Master Wei, I’m glad to see that you’re alright.” Wen Ning said from where he was standing near the wall, as if willing himself to fade into it. 

“Aiyah, Wen Ning. Not you too.”

“You deserve to be happy,” Wen Ning said earnestly, in that openly honest way only Wen Ning could.

“So do you.”

“We will be alright. A-Jie says we can settle in the old Healer’s valley and start teaching healing arts again.”

That was the other big news. Lan Xichen had pulled through. He had managed to persuade Nie Mingjue, and with Jiang Wanyin’s support, they had managed to clear the name of Wen Qing’s branch of Qishan Wen clan. Since they were but healers and elders, they will be allowed to live freely without fear of retribution. Sect Leader Jin hadn’t been happy. But the sect heir Jin Zixuan had announced his support for Wen Qing and her family in public. Since Jin Zixuan was much more favored by the Jins than the actual sect leader, Jin Guangshan had no choice but to relent. Even the bastard Jin Guangyao had supported his half-brother and sworn brothers instead of his father. With three of the four sects against him and two of his own brats, what else could he do?

So the Wens were free. Being supported by such powerful families, automatically garnered them the support of the smaller sects as well. They would be able to live unbothered by the cultivation world. Wen Qing had decided she wanted nothing to do with the Cultivation World, instead choosing to focus on medicine. 

They were only a few. But they would survive. All that remained of the once proud sect who overpowered the sun. This time, they won’t be shooting for the sun, but working to heal those on the ground. That was a much nobler pursuit indeed. 

Jin Zixuan married Jiang Yanli not long after the Wens left Cloud Recesses. Wei Wuxian had bitched and moaned throughout the whole ceremony. Even at night, he hadn’t shut up, making Lan Wangji resort to other means to keep him occupied. Wei Wuxian enjoyed it thoroughly. 

It was a full moon when Wei Wuxian took Suibian again. It was an exhilarating feeling, to fly on his own after so long. He couldn’t keep it up for more than a few hours, but it was still more than he ever thought possible. Now that he had his golden core once more, he knew he would be able to cultivate it back to his original strength. Maybe even stronger with Lan Wangji’s help. 

Lan Zhan. 

He had followed close behind Wei Wuxain, ready to catch him if he fell, make him rest at the slightest hint of tiredness. Someone to have his back. With Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian knew he could fall and still be safe. Lan Wangji would catch him. Always. Lan Zhan was the best!

 After, Wei Wuxian sat with Lan Wangji under the moonlight, gazing at his profile instead of the moon, remembering every single thing he had seen when they became one and how much Lan Wangji loved him even though he seldom used flowery speech to express himself. It was okay, it was enough. Lan Wangji had also seen the whole of him too. Even the darkest parts and still he hadn’t let go, just like he promised. Wei Wuxian would never stop being amazed at Lan Wangji’s steadfast love and devotion for him. 

He had loved him for so long. And to think he had almost destroyed it out of foolishness… Wei Wuxian wanted to smack himself. However, since he was someone who didn’t want to linger on the past mistakes, Wei Wuxian had chosen to linger on some of the much more, let’s just say “adventurous” thoughts he had seen in Lan Wangji’s mind. He loved those even if they got him bedridden for the next few days. 

It was worth it. 

Life was worth it. 

With a contented sigh, Wei Wuxian snuggled up to the man he married unwillingly, but couldn’t live without anymore. 

“Lan Zhan.”

“Wei Ying.”

“We are okay.”

“Yes, we are.”