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better than sex (impossible)

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“God, that might be better than sex,” Maya groans, letting her head fall back as she appreciates the explosion of flavour in her mouth.

“Oh?” Carina, dumbfounded, huffs and raises an eyebrow. “That sounds like a challenge.”


Carina walks into the fire station, lunch in hand, making her way through the trucks and engine. The front desk’s phone is screaming duty and she manages to lunge out of the way just as Andy rushes to get it.

“Hey, Carina, sorry, it’s just so busy– uh, they’re all out on a call–”

Carina gives an apologetic smile and waves as Andy grabs the phone and speaks into it whilst hardly taking a breath. Turning, she makes her way into the open and empty Captain’s Office, setting the lunch on the table at the entry and looking around. She was in here a week ago with the rapid COVID-19 tests; Maya asking her to move in whilst trying not to ramble. It’s a memory she’s fond of, and the warmth that radiates in her core is a firm reminder that she loves Maya.

Eyes sweeping over the room, she catches a contradiction: the Olympic gold medal that sits, so proudly framed, on the shelf. Now this. This, she’s not too fond of. It reminds her of their last argument; of light shedding on the abuse that Maya had endured and of the infidelity that followed. It sends a cold tremor down her spine, and Carina takes a seat in the captain’s chair, chewing her lip. She knows that they will have to talk – a lot – and that the road ahead of them will not be easy, but she wants to believe that they can get through it. Better together.

“Gibson! After restocking the engines, I want that mess of a scene’s report on my desk ASAP!”

Stopping dead in her tracks, face going from a deep frown to a smile in a blink, Maya looks at her girlfriend sitting at her desk, in her chair.

“Hey! What’re you doing here? Have you been waiting long?” she asks, a big, toothy grin emerging.

Her previous thoughts being pushed to the back the moment she sees Maya and her initial intentions soaring again, Carina smiles, raising an eyebrow. “Close the door.”

Eyes squinting in the slightest and cocking her head, Maya silently obliges before turning back to Carina. “Is everything okay? Are you okay?”

“And the blinds.”

Confusion now replaced by a playful frown as the realisation hits, Maya walks around the room, closing the blinds, biting her lip. She slowly walks to the desk that Carina is occupying, standing in front of it. It’s quiet between them, but Maya’s mind is racing loud enough that Carina can almost hear it. Brown eyes meet blue and Carina stands, making her way to stand behind her girlfriend, hands snaking around Maya’s torso, placing a soft kiss to her neck, just as Maya had done to her earlier that morning.

Maya hums, letting her head fall back, just like this morning, but this time, not quite from the exploding taste sensation that the gourmet French toast had brought. “So. What’s up?”

“I was just thinking,” Carina starts, smiling to herself. “You challenged me.”

“I challenged you. Huh. How exactly did I do that?” Maya asks playing coy, enjoying the Italian accent in her ear.

“You said that the breakfast this morning might have been better than sex,” Carina replies in a low tone, dragging her lips from Maya’s exposed neck to just under her jawline. She sees the goosebumps that appear on Maya’s arms and smirks.

“Did I? Maybe it was,” Maya teases in mock-surprise, leaning further back into Carina.

“Oh, was it now? How rude.”

“You might just have to-, uh, to remind-” Maya tries, but her cheekiness is cut off as her own vocal cords deceive her. A soft gasp escapes as Carina’s hand, previously resting innocently by her hips, travels upward and grazes her chest.

“Try again,” Carina husks, placing a wet kiss on her neck.

Maya clears her throat, feeling a rush of heat. Occasionally, Carina would use the quiet yet steely tone, and hand in hand with it came the teasing and the dominance.

“Is this okay?” A soft voice. A change of tone. Asking permission.

“Mhm, yes, god, yes,” Maya mumbles, her voice thick; sentence drowning out toward the end.

“Good, bella, good. Now, what you were saying?” Carina palms at her chest, smirking as she feels Maya responding even under the layers of clothing. “What must I remind you about?”

Carina’s lonesome hand resting on Maya’s hip starts to burrow its way to her bare torso, snapping two of the snap-buttons of her uniform. Maya straightens her head, bringing Carina’s teasing mouth with her and presses her ass firmly against Carina’s front and rolls her hips in the slightest. She is determined not to seem too easy, but simultaneously knows what is to come (not her).

“Ah ah,” Carina tsks, her hand abandoning the third button and instead flying up to wrap around Maya’s neck. Before her brain can register it, Maya hears herself slip a moan, her eyes rolling back as Carina grunts, “You know better than to try that, bella.”

Heat intensifies in tenfold for Maya as she feels Carina’s hand on her throat. The grip is loose, but the tension in her lower abdomen tightens. Reminding herself that her team – her subordinates – are just outside her very non-soundproof office, she bites the corner of her lip. The bravado that was present just mere seconds ago replaced by heat and anticipation, she grips the back of Carina’s head and turns just her face, closing the distance between them and throwing her lips on Carina’s. She feels Carina momentarily stunned, this clearly not being part of her agenda to make Maya squirm.

It’s the opposite of a sweet, chaste kiss; it’s hard and fast, her fingers gripping Carina’s loose hair. The way Maya kisses her – little gasps here, a swallowed moan there – is evident of her desperation, and it makes the need to draw more out of her soar through Carina once more. She slips her tongue into Maya’s mouth and the sensation only pours fuel onto the already burning fire in the pit of Maya’s belly.

Carina firmly pulls Maya away from the kiss, hand on her neck, leaving Maya chasing after her lips. A low chuckle leaves her when she sees Maya’s pupils, dark and blown, staring at her heavily.

“You challenged me, and for the sake of…” Carina pauses, “conflict resolution, I think it’s best that I show you my skills that don’t involve French toast, no? Cosa pensi, bambina? ” Carina finishes as she intertwines her fingers with Maya’s and guides her hands onto the desk, planting them and trailing her hands up Maya’s arms, her fingers leaving a trail of electricity running through Maya’s body.

A deep crimson fills Maya’s cheeks and she’s somewhat thankful that she’s facing the desk. Carina doesn’t understand exactly to what extent the rapid fire of Italian still does to her.

Taking a deep breath to try clear the fuzziness of her head, Maya replies, “Conflict resolution. Who said that breakfast being better than sex was a conflict of interest?”


“How so?”

Carina doesn’t reply. Instead, she gives Maya’s breasts a firm squeeze before spinning her by her hips and pinning her to the desk, sitting her onto it. She unsnaps the rest of Maya’s buttons and helps herself to a face full of cleavage, leaving wet kisses here and there. Maya brackets Carina’s hips and desperately wiggles her own in a futile attempt for some friction. Her mood had gone from playful to extremely turned on in the blink of a second. “Please, Carina?”

Carina laughs in a low tone, teasing and confident. “You think it’s going to be that simple?” She easily pulls down Maya’s low-cut sports bra and rubs her face against the flushed skin, tongue darting out and tasting a thin layer of sweat.

Maya inhales sharply as Carina finally takes the already-stiff, aching nipple into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it, adding the perfect amount of teeth. The bubbling arousal in her stomach skyrockets to intolerable levels and she throws her head back, clenching a fistful of Carina’s hair.

“Carina, god, you’re so good at that,” she mumbles, trying to keep her vocals in check.

“Am I?” Carina asks against her chest in a smug tone. Her lips start their descent, leaving a map of kisses in their path.

Carina kneels on the floor, her natural height plus her stilettos being rather disadvantageous in their current positions. She takes a moment to simply drag her eyes across Maya’s body, appreciating the muscular frame, but also all the places where her girlfriend is full and soft. Maya watches her eyes trail all over; feels the heat radiating from just the way Carina is looking at her. She’s always had a thing for being appreciated, but with Carina, it’s different.

Perhaps it is because Carina has her sitting on her own desk – the very desk that is a public space. Taxpayers’ contributions, to be specific. Perhaps it is the thrill of her unlocked office door that let her fantasies of getting caught run wild. Or maybe, just maybe, it is Carina.

“Touch me, please,” Maya chokes out, desire overpowering logic. From day one, Carina had always been able to turn her brain into a pile of mush; her stone-cold captain composure into a blabbering, bumbling mess.

La mia ragazza disperata,” Carina teases. “My desperate girl.”

“Carina,” Maya whines, digging her heels into Carina’s back.

Carina tsks and gives Maya a grin, her hands slowly travelling up the blonde’s outer thighs, hips, up to her waist. She pauses for a second, watching her girlfriend’s reaction and imprinting this loose and relaxed, but desperate version of Maya into her brain.

Maya’s breath hitches as she feels Carina’s hands resume their path, one going around her to rest on her backside and the other, moving lower. She lets out a dirty moan when Carina’s palm firmly pushes against her centre.

“Not so loud, bambina,” Carina teases. “You don’t want your entire team to learn that their captain is currently dishevelled, do you?”

Maya whimpers. She knows that Carina knows exactly what the thought of being seen in public does to her exhibitionist side.

Carina hooks her fingers into the band of Maya’s pants and Maya lifts her entire body, balancing and supporting herself on her arms to let Carina slip them off. Carina momentarily wavers in her quest as she stares at the muscles in her girlfriend’s arms. There was a lot about Maya that she was initially attracted to, but those arms? Goddamn, she could stare at them all day.

The pants pool around her ankles and Maya kicks them off. With them, go the literal and figurative restrictions. She spreads her legs wider and Carina smirks when she sees the distinct patch of wetness that the colour of Maya’s underwear does little to hide. Her nose tickling from the arousal of her girlfriend, Carina hooks her arms around Maya’s thighs and places wet kisses on the inner flesh, each one inching closer to her eventual destination but never quite reaching it.

Carina,” Maya whines, but all she gets in response is a low chuckle.

“So impatient, bella,” she says, giving Maya her signature teasing frown, the one she only uses in bed when she knows that what she is doing is getting to Maya. Mumbling into her thigh, Carina nips at the sensitive flesh, “Panties to the side.”

Maya’s face burns as she complies, her girlfriend’s accent pouring gasoline onto the fire that was her arousal. She’s just about to tell Carina that her accent plus phrases like that should be illegal, but all that comes out of her is, “Fuck,” as Carina takes one of her outer folds into her mouth and sucks, before slowly releasing it.

“Mm, you always taste… così buono. So good,” Carina tells her as she makes devastatingly precise eye contact. Maya feels herself clench hard around nothing.

Desperate for more, she leans back, supporting herself with her arms and futilely attempts to lift her hips, just a little, so Carina can help her.

No, no, no. Patience is a virulence, bambina,” Carina growls, locking her arms in place. Maya is strong and she knows that she could easily break out of the lock, but there is a bigger part of her that enjoys this. The burn of the humiliation from being so desperate. Allowing Carina to take charge and have it her way. Do her, her way.

If Maya wasn’t so turned on, she would have laughed at, yet another English idiom gone wrong. Her few brain cells that are still somewhat functioning (miraculously) file it away for later.

She feels Carina’s warm mouth on her again and her hips involuntarily buck, just a little. Maya bites down on her lip, hard, and if she tastes blood, she doesn’t notice it.

“So. Breakfast was better than this, hm?” Carina mumbles, her voice muffled by her current activities. The vibrations from her voice go directly to Maya’s core.

“Mhm. Well. Maybe,” Maya manages to gasp out, and she’s surprised at her own bravado. She loves it when Carina gets like this, and she equally enjoys the opportunities it brings for her – she can draw more out of her super-hot Italian girlfriend as well as explore her own… rather chatty side.

“Hm,” Carina hums, slowly pulling back from tasting festivities. “You still think so?”

“Change my mind, Dr. DeLuca,” Maya replies coyly, doing her best to steady her shaky voice and slightly cocks her head to the side to give Carina her best innocent smile.

Her composure does a one eighty when Carina, at those words, grabs her knees and roughly pulls them apart even further.

Vuoi che cambi idea? Oh, lo farò, bambina,” Carina mutters, and Maya thinks she’s just come a little.

Coherent sense evaporates from Maya the moment Carina takes her clit into her mouth and- god, that wonderful tongue. The blonde knows that she has been successful in her attempt to draw out her girlfriend’s competitive complex. Maya’s hands tangle themselves in Carina’s wavy locks and she closes her fist.

Fuck,” she draws out, Carina showcasing her goddess-given talent. Maya has always been vocal in bed, but Carina makes her sing like a goddamn bird in the spring.

“Do you think your team know how foul-mouthed you are?” Carina teases lightly. Maya replies with a huff and pulls Carina’s head back close to her centre.

As Carina’s tongue continuously builds her arousal in crescendo, so does Maya, with her vocals. She lets out a frustrated sigh when she feels Carina pull away.

“Why!” Maya whines. She’s tempted to continue things by herself, letting her hands leave her girlfriend’s tangled locks and travelling towards herself.

“Don’t even think about it,” Carina snarls, standing up and grabbing Maya’s hands, placing them on her waist. She shimmies the final piece of fabric off of Maya, leaving her bare and exposed.

“Well you won’t give it to me,” Maya mutters, dragging out the last syllable like a child who is refused candy.

“You’re just too loud, bambina,” Carina husks, inches away from her face. Maya shudders as she sees her own wetness on Carina’s face. A little on her chin. A lot on her lips. 

Eyes on her lips, Maya slowly leans forward, as if asking Carina permission for a kiss. Carina closes the gap between them and swallows the moan that leaves Maya when she tastes herself on Carina’s tongue.

“Do you taste yourself, bambina?” she teases. “So good, hm?”

Maya feels herself burn at these words. There was something about the way Carina encouraged her – praised her – when Maya kissed her after Carina had visited down south. She feels herself desperate for contact.

“Please, Carina?” she asks in a small voice, her eyes still trained on Carina’s lips. Those oh-so-kissable lips.

“How bad do you want it?” Carina husks, tongue darting out to lick her lips. She can see that Maya’s gaze is fixed upon her.

“I think you know,” Maya whines.

“Cheeky,” Carina retorts. “Tell me.”

“I want you to-” she tries but is cut off at the sensation of Carina’s fingers hovering close to her entrance.


“Fuck me,” Maya finally pants, not a single other thought occupying her brain.

“Good girl.” Carina slowly pushes a single digit into her.

Maya can take more – much more – than this, but the combined effects of the intense foreplay, teasing and the circumstances which they are under make her see a whole new world. Carina starts a steady rhythm, one that Maya thinks is painfully slow.

“Ugh,” she groans, pulling Carina close into her in an attempt to steady herself so she could rock her hips.

Ti senti così stretto,” Carina mumbles into her neck, teeth biting the sensitive, exposed skin.

Maya bites her lip, hard, as an alternative to letting her vocals take over. She knows the translation of that one by heart. You feel so tight. Carina speaks quite a bit of her mothertongue in bed, and it never fails to rile Maya up even more.

She feels the overwhelming urge that she needs more.

“Please,” Maya whispers, her nails digging into her palms that are clenching Carina’s blouse.

For the first time since walking through the door, Carina complies without a teasing remark. Maya feels herself stretch at the sudden addition and it’s maddening. It’s a crime that she can’t let her moans run wild.

Carina is grunting into her neck, whispers of Italian here and there, alternating between hard bites and the soft tracing of her tongue that follows to soothe. Maya knows that she’s leaving marks, and usually they try to avoid that due to the nature of their occupations, but frankly, Maya doesn’t care right now. The only thing she can fixate on is how good Carina feels inside of her, and how the pinch of pain from Carina’s mouth on her neck is causing her impending orgasm to approach faster.

“Please,” Maya says again, grinding her hips into Carina’s fingers as much as she could from her current position.

“Another? So greedy,” comes Carina’s reply, and Maya feels a hot flash. Whether it’s from the humiliation of those words or the incredible stretch she feels as Carina complies, she isn’t sure.

“Fuck, Carina, fuck,” Maya pants, the pressure bubbling within her feeling like it’s about to make her burst. “I’m so close, I’m so close.”

Carina slows her pace at once. “No. Not yet,” she says simply, her voice an octave lower than it usually is.

Maya feels herself clench hard around Carina’s fingers. “God, I– okay. Okay,” she whimpers, her back arching as she tries to offer more of herself. “I- can wait, I can wait for you –”

As Carina builds up her rhythm again, Maya fights the sensation in her belly that is bubbling over. It takes every ounce of willpower and determination to concentrate on not coming. Not yet.

“Ngh,” she groans. She can feel her pulse hammering in her chest, her neck, her temple, everywhere.

“You’re so good, bambina, so good. Listening so well, doing as I asked,” Carina praises, knowing full-well that phrases like that make Maya feel things.

“Carina,” Maya repeats over and over again. She feels incredible. So full, so close, so goddamn high.

Moments pass with the only sound in the room coming from the two of them trying to silently huff, silently moan.

“Okay,” Carina finally says.

“O-okay?” Maya asks, as if refusing to believe, as if it was too good to be true.

Sborra per me.”

Finally, finally, Maya thinks as she allows herself to stop fighting the urge.

She’s so close, so close to her climax she thinks she can almost feel it, when there’s a loud beeping noise overhead.

The fucking alarm has gone off.

Carina momentarily stops her motions, and Maya is beyond her frustration threshold.

“No, no, no, please, no,” she groans desperately, praying to whatever greater being was willing to listen whilst she was spread out indecently like this.

Aid Car 19, unresponsive patient at 3284 Hamilton Street.”

“It’s not me, it’s not me, it’s not me,” Maya chants, pleading Carina to continue.

She grunts as she feels Carina slip back in. “God, baby, I’m so fucking full.”

“Mhm, just like you like it, no?” Carina’s free hand travels to Maya’s breast and rolls a nipple in between her index and middle fingers.

“I – I’m gonna –”

“Show, don’t tell,” Carina husks. There’s that devastatingly precise eye contact again.

Maya feels her orgasm approaching a second time. Her body is starting to respond, preparing itself for the euphoria that is about to follow, when a knock on the office door startles her.

Carina doesn’t stop a second time. Instead, she curls her fingers at just the right angle.


Carina’s hand clamps over Maya’s mouth, muffling the moan that was sure to have surfaced.

“I have the incident report that you asked for?”

A small voice in the back of Maya’s head, the tiny piece of sensibility still left within her screams internally that the door is unlocked, and that Jack could walk in at any moment. That tiny piece of sensibility is squashed as something seems to spark within Carina who starts to fuck her with a newfound sense of passion.

“Carina,” Maya pants, her words severely muffled. “The door. Not locked.”

“Well. If he comes in, maybe he will realise that I’m the only one that can take you like this.”

At these words, Maya feels herself flutter madly against Carina’s fingers. Tension building by the second, Maya feels the deep pressure within her lower belly intensify, her moans lazily muffled by Carina’s hand.

“Come for me, bambina,” Carina demands as she locks her eyes with lust-filled blues, her dominance surging at the thought of the person standing outside the office.

There’s something about the way Carina looks into her eyes. After all, they said that eyes were the window to the soul. The combination of this, the hand on her mouth and the ecstasy that Carina is making her feel, pushes Maya over the edge. She feels herself clench around Carina’s busy fingers and her entire body tenses up before… sweet, sweet release. Her body shakes violently as the frustration from all the teasing finally leaves, instead replaced by a feeling that is indescribable. She desperately tries to keep her eyes on Carina’s, but she loses that fight as they roll back.

When Maya comes around again, she realises that she is completely slumped into Carina who is holding her up.

Bambina,” Carina says gently. Maya grunts in response. “Are you okay? How do you feel?”

“So damn good,” she manages, her voice coming out scratchy and hoarse. Against her chest, she feels Carina laugh.

Maya groans a little as Carina pulls out of her slowly, gently.

“So,” she starts, smirking as she brings her fingers up and traces Maya’s lower lip.

Wordless, Maya locks eyes with Carina as she darts her tongue out and lets it travel up Carina’s glistening finger.

Carina’s pupils visibly dilate. “Mm, no, no, no,” she sighs, shaking herself out of it. “If you keep doing that, you and I are probably not going to get back to work today.”

“I’m okay with that,” Maya says cheekily and slowly takes Carina’s slender middle finger into her mouth.

There is a repeated knock at the office door. “Captain?”

Porca miseria,” Carina mumbles as she extracts herself from Maya’s space. She walks over to the door and opens it, just a smidge, and raises her eyebrow at the intruder.

“Here’s the –” Jack trails off. “Oh… sorry, I didn’t realise that… the Captain was busy,” he awkwardly says, not knowing how to talk to her.

“She says thank you.” Carina gives him a sarcastic smile, snatches the file from his grasp and shuts the door.

Behind her, she hears Maya groan. “I’m sorry!”

Carina makes her way back to her still-very-exposed girlfriend and slots herself between Maya’s legs, giving her a slow kiss whilst setting the file on the desk behind Maya.

“So. Back to the root of this whole thing,” Carina says, pulling away.

Maya rolls her eyes. “Okay, okay, you win. But that French toast is a close second to sex.”

“Better,” Carina grins, giving her another kiss. “Now up we get.”

With Carina’s help, Maya stands, her knees still weak from the experience that her earthly body had just gone through. She turns away and tries to make herself decent again, hastily throwing on her clothes. She feels Carina’s arms snake around her body once more and Maya lets out a happy sigh.

They stay like that for a while in the comfortable silence, both relishing in the closeness that they crave after intense foreplay.

“Patience is a virtue,” Maya says suddenly.

“What?” Carina’s face scrunches in a confused expression.

Maya turns around in Carina’s arms and places her hands on either side of Carina’s face.

“You said patience is a virulence.” She can’t help the laugh that escapes her. “Patience is a virtue, not a virulence.”

“Ah, si,” Carina says, finally understanding the tangent that Maya was on. “Idioms are weird.”

“I agree.”

They eat the lunch that Carina brought and make small talk and dinner plans, and it isn’t until Carina is paged by the hospital that they part.

Sex is definitely better than breakfast, Maya thinks to herself as she watches her girlfriend leave her office.