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Waverly unwrapped her hands from deliciously soft red curls to reach into her bag to retrieve her keys. The brief pause gave her time to catch her breath and try to prevent herself from turning into a puddle of arousal before they'd even gotten inside. The taller woman whom she'd been hopelessly pining over for months was standing outside her apartment with her hands around Waverly's waist, gently circling her thumbs over her hips. It was driving Waverly crazy. She stifled a moan as she slipped the key into the lock and turned, it was only then she realised her hands were shaking.

In a swift, and all too smooth movement, Nicole had switched their positions and pushed the door closed, pinning Waverly to the door with her hands on either side of her face. "Do you have any idea how long I've wanted this? God, Waverly you are so beautiful." Nicole's voice was lower than she had ever heard it, the unmistakable gravel of lust tinting her otherwise honey smooth voice. She moved one hand across to caress Waverly's cheek, slowly moving down to trace the plump shape of the burnett's kiss swollen lips. Waverly's breath hitched in her throat as she sharply inhaled at the movement of strong slender fingers tracing across her lips.

In a move completely controlled by the desire she felt low in her belly, Waverly swiped her tongue across the thumb tracing her lips and sucked it into her mouth. She ran her tongue across the pad of Nicole's thumb before releasing it with a pop, staring into deep, almost black lust filled eyes. "Since you've waited so long, I better make it worth your wait." Waverly whispered as she moved forward and claimed the redheads lips once again. They moved together as if this was a dance they had practiced for years. Lips moved together in an attempt to consume and possess, tongues swiping along lips, begging for access to the others. Waverly was soaked already, she could feel the lace of her thong gliding across her swollen clit, teasing at a pressure she desperately needed. She squeezed her thighs together to get some relief from the palpable throbbing between her legs.

The smaller woman grabbed at the others waist, trying to find some purchase on the belt that kept her from the promise of soft, smooth and warm skin that it hid locked underneath. She couldn't wait to feel Nicole against her, on her, inside her.

Fuck, she was getting desperate.

Waverly pushed the redhead back from the hold she had on her belt and spun their positions once again. With firm pressure she pushed on the redheads shoulders, forcing her to lean back in to the front door. Stepping back, she was bathed in the moonlight making it's way though the large floor to ceiling windows. She felt so empowered knowing that Nicole could see her every move, and by the rapid rising and falling of the redheads chest, she liked what she was seeing.

Waverly slowly undid the buttons on her blouse, teasing the older woman with what lay underneath. She slipped the sheer blouse, that she had painstakingly picked out tonight prior to their date, off of her shoulders and let it pool on the floor at her feet. From across the room she could see Nicole slowly lean foward from the door causing her face to be illuminated by the pale moonlight. She had a predatory look in her eyes that Waverly had never seen there before, and it only spurred her on further. She reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and let the straps slip from over her shoulders. As her bra hit the floor, she heard Nicole intake a sharp breath from across the room. She ran her hands up her own sides, raising gooseflesh in their path, before taking each of her already hard nipples between thumb and forefinger, pinching them roughly before pulling slightly outwards. The action elicited a deep moan from her own throat and only served to intensify the throbbing between her legs.

It happened in a flash and before Waverly could comprehend what was going on, Nicole's soft lips were claiming her own once again and she was pulled up and in to strong arms with her legs being wrapped around the redheads waist. She felt lightheaded from the sheer power and control she felt from Nicole's strong arms and broad shoulders that were carrying her through her own apartment towards her bedroom. She found her fingers lacing through red locks once again and she thought to herself she would never tire of the feeling. Twisting the hair through her fingers and pulling slightly in a show of possession, she wanted this woman desperately, and wanted to be had by this woman so very much.

There was something so carnal about the fact that they had barely spoken to each other since entering her apartment, driven purely by the lust and desire they felt, propelling them both forward to chasing mutual satisfaction.

As they entered her bedroom, Nicole kept strong arms around Waverly, hands stroking her ass over her jeans. She couldn't wait for the older woman to rip them off and claim her. She practically salivated at the thought. Nicole threw her down and made a move for the younger woman's belt, body leaning over her just inches away as she did. Waverly took the opportunity to undo the buttons on the shirt that had been teasing her all night. It was one of the things Waverly found so attractive about the woman above her, the way her clothes always seemed to fit her perfectly and accentuated both her feminine curves and masculine strength. Everything about the redhead was so undeniably sexy, from her clothes to the cocky smirk she was wearing on that beautiful face as she continued to undress the brunette.

She leaned down and took the younger woman's ear lobe between her teeth, biting down hard before soothing it with a lap of her tongue and whispering "I can't wait to taste you Waverly Earp, you're going to be so fucking delicious" before continuing to kiss and lick her way down her neck. Waverly squirmed at the thought, the words shooting directly to her clit and making her desperate to feel the redheads tongue between her legs to relieve the pounding ache she felt.

Nicole made her way down her chest, stopping to take one of her hardened nipples into her hot mouth before sucking on it. Waverly couldn't help the moans that were falling from her lips between pleas for more and desperate, breathless pants of her soon to be lovers name. She was well and truly under the spell of this unbelievable woman above her.

She felt deft fingers hook into the belt loops on her jeans and a slight hesitation to continue pulling. Waverly opened her eyes to see warm russet gazing back at her, god this woman was sexy. Even as far gone as Waverly was, and how desperately she was begging Nicole to undress her and take her right there, the older woman was still seeking consent every step of the way. Waverly thought her heart would burst from the emotions that were coursing through her, but all she managed to say was a choked "please" as she felt herself fall deeper in to those russet eyes.

Nicole peeled her jeans from her legs so slowly, never breaking the eye contact as she stripped the remaining layers of fabric from the petite brunette under her. She took one of her legs in her hands, slowly kissing every inch of skin from her ankle to the tops of her thighs, just below where Waverly really needed her mouth, while stroking the inside of her thigh on the opposite leg. Waverly was so far gone that all she could do was writhe under the redheads touch and arch her body in to her touch and movements.

Suddenly the contact stopped, as Nicole stood as the foot of the bed, undoing the belt wrapped around her own waist. Waverly pulled herself up, settling between the redheads legs, looking up in to those eyes that still hadn't moved from hers. "Let me." The smaller woman deftly unclasped the belt, sending shivers through the older woman above her. She slipped the snug jeans down over her hips and watched as Nicole stepped out of them. She was a sight to behold, shirt still hanging open, teasing at revealing the full breasts underneath, nuzzled in the soft material of her bra. Panties that accentuated the curve of her feminine hips and ass. As she took in the sight before her, Waverly felt another rush of arousal paint her own underwear, she could smell the desperation in the air and she was sure Nicole could too. It only served to turn her on ever further.

Waverly leaned back on her elbows as Nicole finally slipped the shirt from her shoulders and reached back to remove her bra. Waverly's mouth went dry at the sudden realisation that she was about to see all of Nicole, every delicious curve that had teased her and tortured her for months. Eyes still connected, both women reached for their own panties, slipping them down toned legs, finally revealing every intimate inch of their bodies. There was a pause as they each admired the woman before them, neither sure how they had gotten so lucky.

Eyes snapped back as the fiercely predatory look returned to Nicole's russet eyes, turning them to an almost charcoal once again. She stepped forward, resting between Waverly's open legs, before lowering herself over her. Her assault on Waverly's skin by her lips, tongue and teeth continued as she explored newly exposed areas of tanned skin.

"Please Nicole, I need you." Waverly whispered, she was too far gone to be self conscious about how badly she needed the redheads touch and how desperate she sounded. She needed her to take everything she was willing to give.

"I'm right here, baby. What do you need?" She whispered to sweat covered skin as she continued to find all of Waverly's sensitive spots. The warm breath that passed her lips and tingled Waverly's overly sensitive skin sending gooseflesh over her body and a fresh wave of arousal between her legs. She was surely soaked, that much Waverly was certain. Waverly reached down between her own legs, slipping two fingers through soaked and swollen folds, collecting her own arousal before reaching back up and offering them to the redheads waiting mouth. She took her fingers willingly, licking and sucking the arousal from them, moaning deeply as she did. Removing her fingers and replacing them with her mouth, she slipped her tongue in to her lovers mouth, tasting herself on the other woman's lips and tongue. Pulling back, she grabbed red locks once more, turning her head to expose her pale neck as she licked her way from collar bone to the patch of skin just behind Nicole's jaw. "I need you to fuck me until I'm begging you to make me come."

The last band of Nicole's restraint was torn. Taking the smaller woman's hands from her hair, she clasped both hands in one of her own, holding them gently above Waverly’s head. Not enough to actually restrain her, but just enough to hint at the dominance they both had been teasing with. Using her knees as leverage, Nicole spread the younger woman's legs further apart, revealing her glistening pink folds that were begging to be touched. Not breaking the intense eye contact, Nicole used her remaining hand to trace shapes over Waverly's taught muscles, making her way lower to the patch of neatly trimmed hair above her centre. The time for teasing touches was over, they could suspend each other in pleasure for hours later, but right now, Nicole needed to feel her contracting in pleasure around her fingers, needed to hear that sweet melodic voice turn hoarse as she screamed her name.

The redhead slipped fingers through soaked, swollen folds and rested them gently, teasingly at her opening, looking in to those stunning hazel eyes she was giving her one last moment of complete consent. She loved to know they both wanted this as much as the other, and was discovering that she loved hearing the brunette beg for her release. Waverly unhooked her hands from Nicole's hold and wrapped her arms around strong shoulders, nodding her consent with one last stifled "please".

Nicole pushed two fingers deep inside her, warm and wet. It felt like heaven to finally feel Waverly Earp around her fingers and to watch as her eyes rolled to the back of her head in pleasure. Nicole kept her pace steady and deep at first, testing what the brunette responded to. She was so enthralled in the responsiveness of her lover, it gave her even more purpose so deliver an earth shattering orgasm to satisfy the woman beneath her. Nicole would stop at nothing to give this woman every ounce of pleasure she desired. With every thrust, Nicole was hitting that spot deep within Waverly that made her legs shake as she bottomed out within her. Spasms of pleasure in the drivers seat of her nerve endings, controlling the movement of her limbs, clawing at her lovers back as she fucked her senseless in to her own mattress.

As Waverly's breath began to quicken, Nicole increased the speed of her thrusts using her hips to drive her fingers deeper as she brought her closer to the edge. Waverly was panting, mumbling nonsensical words as her pleasure took over her body, working in tandem with Nicole's thrusts to drive herself over the precipice. Nicole used her free hand to first pinch Waverly's nipples roughly, rolling them between her fingers to extract more of those delectable moans that were tumbling from the younger woman's lips. She continued her path south as the pad of her thumb found the swollen bundle of nerves that was glistening with the arousal that she had caused. The thought only made her more desperate to bring the woman under her to her release. She circled her clit, slowly at first, building the pressure as she continued to fuck her at a delicious pace. She could feel Waverly's walls begin to constrict her fingers as she ramped up the pressure on her clit, her fingers now curving slightly as she pulled out, massaging the ridges inside her front wall.

Waverly was past the point of being coherent, all she knew was the unbelievable sensation of Nicole sliding in and out of her, hitting that spot every time, as she brought her higher and higher with every swipe of her thumb. The pressure building was almost too much, she could feel it in every inch of her body and she knew she wouldn't last much longer. Her throat was raw from panting and moaning words of encouragement like yes, please and more.

Nicole was above her, watching everything she was doing to her, which only served to push Waverly closer to her release. Nicole reached down, taking a nipple between her teeth and tugged it slightly, eliciting practically a squeal of pleasure from Waverly. She felt her walls tighten around her fingers further as she continued to fuck the woman below her and swipe at her clit with ever growing pressure. Leaning down once more, she kissed the brunette, a kiss that was downright filthy, all tongues and open mouths. Pulling back slightly, she whispered to her "look at me when you come for me, baby".

She felt it before she heard it. Waverly's walls clamped down on her fingers, a fresh flood of arousal pooling in her hand as she screamed her release, eyes opening to stare up admiringly at the woman above her. Nicole felt so connected to Waverly in that moment and she knew she was hopelessly in love with the woman underneath her. Nicole continued to fuck her lover, slower now, helping her ride out the high of her orgasm as she continued to constrict and spasm around her fingers.

She slowed her pace completely, moving to remove her fingers as she settled between the brunettes legs, leaning her weight on her free arm. The smaller woman grabbed her wrist that was still between her legs "No, stay inside, please. Just for a second." Nicole groaned at the sensuality of the situation. Waverly Earp, post orgasm, begging Nicole to stay inside her. God, this woman was going to be the death of her.

"You are incredible, Nicole. I knew this would be amazing but oh my god." She moaned out the last part, dragging the words out longer to emphasise her point. Nicole couldn't help the cocky smirk that was back on her face.

"That was nothing, beautiful." Despite the protests, Nicole reluctantly removed her fingers from inside her and made her way down her body, settling between her legs, inches from her swollen core. Looking up and meeting hazel eyes directly, she licked her lips before saying "I told you, I can't fucking wait to taste you."