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“Let’s go upstairs, I’ll show ye your room.” I was too fascinated to reply, so I just nodded and followed him.

My room was the first of three of the large hallway, his room the last. After showing me where the bathrooms, kitchen and everything useful were, we went outside to get our stuff and brought it inside.

It was mid-afternoon and I was curious because he told me his friends would be expecting him, but no one other than me and him was there.

“Jamie, should you be expecting your friends?”

“Och aye, but they’ll arrive later. I wanted ye to get comfortable a wee bit before.” I swore I could’ve seen his ears going a darker shade of pink, but paid not much attention to it. It was really sweet of him to let me have some time to acquaint with the house.

He helped me with all my stuff, until it was all up in my room; it was time for me to take a shower, I wanted to look presentable and make a good impression on his friends; after all, I would stay there for a while.


After showering I was going back when I caught the light coming from Jamie’s room; I didn’t want to spy on him, but every fiber of my being decided otherwise. I stepped forward to his door, careful not to make any sound, and the vision before me was simply spellbinding.

He had his kilt on, representing what I thought were the Fraser’s clan colours, and just a white shirt on; there was something about seeing him dressed like a true highlander that just took my breath away. I almost took another step forward but I stopped myself, what was I going to do? Gosh I needed to start thinking straight.


I went back into my room, that warm feeling all over me once again. Of course I knew why I felt like that, I just couldn’t possibly enter his room half naked and demanding; we had just arrived and my things were still unpacked, I had to live with this man for a while. What had gotten into me?

Get a grip Beauchamp.


I put on a simple white embellished dress, I didn’t want to look overly-formal nor the opposite; I genuinely wanted to make a good impression. When I entered the living room I was once again met with the beautiful sight of Jamie in a kilt.

“Hi.” I was suddenly shy; out of all the things I felt for him, his beauty had a disarming effect on me. He swiftly turned around upon hearing my voice, he was looking at what I thought was an antique dagger.

“Hi sassenach.” For a moment I felt his gaze almost burning into me, I was delighted at the fact that I decided not to dress with just leggings and a shirt.

“What is that? A dagger?” I couldn’t come up with nothing better to break the tension building up between us, I got closer to him so I could take a look.

“Aye it is, it’s a dirk. It’s a traditional symbolic and ceremonial weapon of the Scottish Highlands, been in my family for many generations.”

It was certainly beautiful, simply carved on the wooden handle and very well preserved.

“Makes me think of my Da. I was just a bairn when he and my Ma died, but one of the few memories I have is him telling me this was going to be mine one day.”

He looked so proud, his eyes glistening from the memories that were probably playing through his mind.

“May I?”

“Of course.”

It was quite heavy, I expected it to be lighter.

“Tomorrow I want to take ye sightseeing, there’s many bonnie things to see around here. If ye want.”

“Jamie that would be lovely! I would gladly go with you!”

His face lit up, I truly wanted to get to know my surroundings; in truth, I had rarely visited the country.

Giving him the dirk back our hands touched for just a heartbeat, but it felt like hours. He lightly gasped with a shy smile, so subtle I almost didn’t catch it; our eyes locked for a moment and we got closer.

And closer.

Our lips a breath away from each other, I decided to close that gap.

This kiss was gentle, tender, loving. We parted just so our foreheads were still touching, my hands were on his chest and he put his over mine. Everything felt so right, so… peaceful. I felt peaceful.

Not wanting to pull away I didn’t say anything, I just continued to cherish what we had in that moment.

“I would love to stay here with ye in my arms sassenach, but we willna be alone for much longer.”

I snuzzled in the space between his neck and his shoulder. “Just a few more seconds.”

We swayed a little, almost like we could hear the melody of our hearts. We were like an old couple, who stayed together for many years, just enjoying the little moments.

I loved him, so much.