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The following days were as hectic as ever during office hours and relaxing after work. Andy would deliver the book long after the twins had gone to bed. Miranda would make her corrections while Andy rested at her feet, recharging after a long day of work. Occasionally Miranda would ask about whether she had eaten breakfast and Andy would proudly answer, That Yes, she was successfully following the rules.

It was about a week later when Andy found herself sitting down with Nigel in his office, eating lunch, and chatting away about the newest office gossip.

“..and you wouldn’t believe it, she then actually got up and-,” Nigel went on, that mischievous glint in his eyes as he continued the story of the newest scandal in the fashion department. Andy smiled whole-heartedly as she took another bite of her salad, attentively listening to her friend’s words. Due to the hectic nature of their work, they didn’t often get the chance to enjoy lunch together and she quickly realized she had missed sitting down with Nigel.

When the story finally ended with a chuckled “And that’s why there was not a single pink item in the last run-through”, the conversation continued to flow naturally, updates about their personal life given, while Andy narrowly avoided questions about her dating life. Nigel was too observant, and she was a bad liar after all.

She left lunch in a happy mood, walking back to her desk just to see Kathryn walk out of Mirandas office with a look of relief on her face.
Andy threw a questioning glance at her colleague while she sat down behind her own desk.

“The Chanel pieces almost arrived late,” Kathryn explained.

Oh no. The pieces arriving late would’ve ruined the entire plan for Mirandas schedule today, that would be catastrophic.

Panic must’ve shown on Andy’s face, because her colleague quickly continued:
“No worries! The woman in charge of the delivery house pushed the priority for us and they arrived 5 minutes ago. I just gave them to Miranda.” She grinned proudly and no one could blame her, to get the deliveries faster that originally planned was a notoriously difficult task.
Andy smiled back at her colleague and raised her eyebrows questioningly, “How did you get them to do that?”
“Easy, I recognized the woman from Pride last year! Sam and I met her and her wife when volunteering at one of the stands and-“


And there goes the small talk.

Andy quickly got up from her seat and grabbed her notebook on the way into Mirandas office, while Kathryn returned her attention to her e-mails.

When she came to a halt in front of the editor’s desk, said woman was still looking down on the pieces on her desk. Without raising her head, she started right away, “Get me Nigel, he needs to have a look at these. I want his opinion, tell him to bring the current drafts for the next issue to compare the colors. Also, let Alexander know that I will join his little luncheon next year.”
Andy scribbled her notes dutifully as Miranda took a deep breath through her nose and leaned back in her chair, eyes still on the items on her desk. The editor seemed lost in thought and her assistant allowed herself to take in the other woman’s appearance. While deep in thought, she still looked highly alert, shining eyes and furrowed brows behind a silver lock that had fallen into her face. Miranda’s right hand fiddled absent-mindedly with her necklace, the movement catching Andy’s attention.

And that started her downfall.

Because now she couldn’t tear her eyes away.

Elegant fingers moved slowly around the pendant and as fingertips slid over the silver chain holding it, Andy remembered how it had felt to have those same fingertips in her hair. She felt her face heat up and gripped the notebook with a little more force trying to shake herself out of this stupor, but to no avail. With a dry mouth and a spinning head, she watched as Mirandas fingers twirled the pendant between them, the silver reflecting the light as it moved.

There was always such grace in the way Miranda moved, such intent and elegance.

Look away.

Her hands looked so soft, all flawless skin and manicured nails.

Look away.

Mirandas ring finger followed the thin silver chain, starting from the pendant, going up to her neck and-

Look away.

-back down to the pendant. Miranda took the tear-shaped pendant in between her thumb and her index finger, slightly twirling the object.

Please, please, pull yourself together and just move your-

A chuckle broke her out of her thoughts.

Startled, she looked up to see Miranda staring at her directly, a smirk on her lips. A smirk that felt very dangerous.

“You seem distracted, are my instructions no longer interesting enough for you?”

Someone listening in could easily mistake Mirandas comment for a reprimand, but Andy looked into blue eyes full of mischievousness and easily recognized the slightly teasing tone.
Still mortified at having been caught staring and unable to shake off the stupor completely, the young assistant just stood there in silence while her blush deepened.

When Miranda rose from her seat, Andy opened her mouth to finally say something, but struggled to find the words. Should she apologize? Should she pretend it didn’t happen? Had she missed any instructions?

Oh god, how distracted was I??

Meanwhile the editor in front of her leaned over the desk and pressed two fingers under Andy’s chin, pushing her mouth closed.
Another smirk, a beat of silence and a nonchalant “That’s all.”

Andy returned to her desk with burning ears and heat gathering in her lap.
By the time she finally called Nigel to Mirandas office, she still hadn’t stopped squirming in her seat.

That evening when Andy entered the Townhouse with the Book and dry cleaning in her arms, she felt a shudder run through her. She had been able to pull herself together for the rest of the day after that incident, but know, being so close to Miranda and most importantly alone again, she couldn’t stop her body’s reaction.
After placing the dry-cleaning in the closet, she quickly turned around and walked her way to the study in which Miranda was already seated, as always.
She stepped in, locked the door behind her and then turned around, finally meeting her superior’s gaze. Already wondering what she could possibly do for Miranda to touch her again, even if just to run her hand through her hair.
An expectant eyebrow was raised, and she shook herself out of it, quickly walking to stand in front of the other woman, before sinking to her kneels and holding out the Book with both hands.

Half expecting this evening to continue like the past few, the assistant lowered her gaze to the floor, getting ready for comfortable silence. Maybe Miranda would make her get on her hands and knees again. Or perhaps she would be asked if she had eaten breakfast. Maybe they would just relax in silence. Could be whatever.

Well. She certainly wasn’t expecting Mirandas next words.

“Do you touch yourself?”


As the brunette raised her head to look at Miranda, she was met with amused blue eyes looking down on her, The Book still open in her lap.

“You heard me. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

Andy licked her lips, swallowed nervously, and answered, “Ah yes, sometimes.”

She cringed at the way her voice had practically become a squeak on the last word. She wasn’t prepared for this conversation, and she most certainly had not expected it.

The eyes of the woman in front of her narrowed slightly as the next words were spoken, “How often?”

Oh god.

“Uhm, every once in a while,” Andy answered, the words sounding more like a question than an answer.

And Miranda seemed to notice that too, lips pursing unsatisfied. Now that was enough to finally slap Andy out of her confusion and shyness. She would not disappoint Miranda.
Squaring her shoulders, Andy spoke again.

“About once or twice a week, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how stressful everything is.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard to admit,” Miranda continued, the smirk having returned to her face now.

“You see, I believe that sexuality is a wonderful thing. But sometimes it controls us, rather than we it. Some of us more than others.”

The blush returned to Andy’s face as she realized that Miranda was referring to her staring this afternoon. Shame at having been caught returned. With an amused tone, the editor went on.

“And we can’t have that, can we?”

Andy went to silently shake her head but quickly remembered her rules and spoke instead.

“No, Miranda.”

“Exactly. Do you know why?” The editor closed the Book and placed it on the table beside her, before she leaned forward and placed her fingers underneath Andy’s chin, making the younger woman look at her.
“Because I can’t be distracted at work?”

A chuckle left the older woman.

“That too. But more importantly, this is about control. You cannot be controlled by your lust, because the only thing in this world to have this kind of power over you,-”

The fingers on her skin moved and suddenly Miranda was grabbing her chin with more force, making it impossible to look elsewhere.

“-will be me.

All amusement had escaped Mirandas eyes, as they looked onto Andy’s, stern, serious and dark.

“Yes, Miranda,” was the breathless reply that Andy managed. And she knew it was honest, too. She truly did want Miranda to have all the power over her. It made her feel safe and free and she didn’t want to imagine a world where she didn’t get to experience this anymore.

They held their silent eye contact for a long moment, blue eyes searching brown ones, looking to see if the message had sunk in. Once she seemed satisfied, Miranda let go of Andy’s chin and leaned back in her chair.

“Very well. From now on you will cease to touch yourself at all. We ought to teach you some self-restraint. Should you feel the need to find release any way, you will not do so without my permission. You may call me and explain yourself and I will make a decision based on that.”
The message was delivered in a calm and decisive tone, while Andy’s thoughts ran hammock insider her head.

Call her. Call her??

Mortified at the idea of calling Miranda to ask permission to masturbate, Andy internally vowed to simply not touch herself for the next few weeks.

I don’t have the biggest sex drive anyway. How hard can it be?

“Have I made myself clear?”

The tone was low and dangerous, waiting for the admittance of failure.

Thank god, I’m not that distracted.

“Yes, absolutely,” she answered with as much confidence as she could.
At that, Miranda got up from her seat to stand in front of her assistant.
“This is for your own good, you understand that don’t you?” The smug tone of Mirandas words wasn’t lost to Andy but she didn’t care. More rules, meant more of the other womans influence on her life and she loved it.

“Yes, Miranda”

“And what do you say to those that help you become better,” Miranda asked and held out her right hand in front of Andy’s face, the ring she was wearing reflecting the soft light of the den.
She looked every bit like an aristocrat.

Shyly Andy raised her hands to take the offered hand into hers, not gripping, but merely holding in place with her fingers as she threw one last look at Mirandas face, searching for any kind of rejection, but found none.
At the almost reassuring look in Mirandas eyes, Andy smiled with wide eyes and whispered “Thank you” before closing her eyes and pressing her lips onto Mirandas knuckles. She let her lips linger for a long moment, indulging, relishing in this moment, in the way the skin felt under her lips, the warmth.

With a heavy heart because of the moment being so short, she started to lean back and release Mirandas hand, but was stopped by the editors words.


There was no wavering in the voice, no question, no indecisiveness. It was a command. Clear and sure.

Andy didn’t even open her eyes and took a shuddering breath as she leaned back forward and pressed another kiss onto soft knuckles. When the flesh under her lips moved, she almost drew back, but forced herself to stay still instead as Miranda had not said anything. Even without opening her eyes, she realized the hand moved up and out of her grip, but instead of being removed completely, it came to a stop again, the first knuckle of an index finger now under her lips. Again, she pressed a kiss on Mirandas skin, trying her best not to tremble.

She couldn’t tell why exactly, but once again, she felt as if she were on fire. Slowly letting her hands sink back into her lap, the young woman sighed against warm skin. She opened her eyes just in time to see Miranda move her other hand to place it on the top of the brunette’s head before sinking into her long hair. A gentle tug at the back of her head and Andy raised her head, following the silent command as she leaned back and met the editors’ eyes. A content look met her as another tug followed and pulled her head back further, now almost looking at the ceiling.

“You will be good for me and follow this rule just as well as you have been following the other ones.”

The young woman’s eyes drooped, and Miranda placed the fingertips of her index and middle finger on her assistant’s lips. Again, Andy kissed what she was offered, and her mouth fell open to let out a relaxed sigh against her superior’s skin.

“You will be good.”

Mirandas words reached her ears and she felt as if in a trance, nothing mattered anymore, pure bliss had reduced her to ..
To what? She couldn’t tell. She couldn’t even think clearly.

Everything was Miranda.
Miranda was everything.

The fingertips on her mouth moved again, pressing down on her bottom lip, prompting Andy to open her mouth just the slightest bit. Just enough for ..

Miranda slowly pressed her fingers past trembling lips.

Oh god.

Arousal shot through like a shock and heat gathered in her lap for the second time this day.
The fingers came to a stop halfway into Andys mouth, and she didn’t dare to move, but couldn’t control her breathing as it go heavier, her senses overwhelmed.

“You enjoy being good, don’t you, Andrea.”

Unable to answer verbally, Andy could do nothing but let out a whimper against the older woman’s fingers. At that, her tongue accidentally brushed against warm skin and she all but fainted. The room felt hot, her clothing felt too tight, her hands gripped onto the material of her skirt and to her horror Andy caught herself rocking her hips with the tiniest movement, unable to stop herself.

“It’s alright, I shall forgive you for not answering properly this time,” Miranda almost cooed in a sarcastic tone, making no move to remove her fingers from Andy’s mouth or her other hand from the assistant’s hair.
Said assistant was still trying to still her body, but as her mind was lost to the passion eating at her, she didn’t stand a chance. And she couldn’t find it in herself to fight it either. She wanted this. She loved this. She felt so small, at Her mercy. Andy had never felt so safe and lost at the same time. It was glorious.

“You enjoy being a good girl.”

”a good girl.”

This time Andy didn’t even attempt to hide the moan and her hands gripped harder at her skirt. Without even realizing, she had closed her lips around Mirandas fingers. She refocused her eyes and tried to meet Mirandas’, the other woman fixated on her assistant’s mouth before she raised her eyes to look at Andy directly.

Miranda raised an eyebrow, licked her lips, and made sure to look Andy directly in the eye as she spoke again.

“Good girl.”

And just like that, the kneeling woman almost shattered. Breathing in through her nose, she felt her muscles clench and she could tell that just the slightest touch or wrong movement would have her tumbling over the final edge and reach her peak right here, right in front of this woman.

Just as slowly as they had entered, those fingers now left her mouth, leaving Andy to try and catch her breath while Miranda released her hair too.

I almost- oh god, I almost came from that. How is that even possible.

Completely shocked at the severity of her reaction Andy looked around in disbelief, her mind working overtime as it attempted to make sense of the situation while still in a haze. That chaos stopped when Miranda brushed through her hair and then sat back down in her armchair, from where she signaled for Andy to sit by her legs again.

As she crawled towards Miranda, she calmed her breathing but still felt out of it. As soon as she sat right next to Mirandas feet, a hand returned to her head and went through her hair, brushing aside strands, gently stroking her cheek, and ultimately coming to a rest on her neck. Miranda slightly pressed onto Andy’s neck, making her lean forward and finally resting her head on the editors thigh.
Breathing in and out deeply, the young woman finally calmed down, feeling grounded by the hand on her neck.


“Hmmm,” came a murmured reply as she raised her head and looked at the older woman. She was surprised to find something akin to worry in the other woman’s eyes.

“Are you alright?”


“Yes, Miranda, I am. Are you..alright?”

The other woman took a breath before answering in a low tone. “I was worried for a moment, but that’s better now.”

Surprised at the editor’s vulnerability and determined to show how much she cared; Andy didn’t let it go. She thought back to when she had first informed herself about these things.

“How about I get you a cup of tea,” she asked, purposely not asking what she could do, but instead offering something. She figured it wouldn’t help to put more responsibility to make decisions onto Miranda when said woman needed to relax.
A small smile graced Mirandas lips. “Acceptable.”

Andy got up and left to prepare a cup of tea in the kitchen before returning to the Study, locking the door behind her. She returned to kneeling by Mirandas side before she offered the cup to her.
And just like that they both relaxed into companiable silence. Miranda seemed much more comfortable now and resumed to editing the Book that she had put back in her lap while Andy was gone with one hand, as the other was placed back on Andys neck, her thumb stroking her skin.
It felt so unbelievably warm and tender, that Andy almost fell asleep with her head leaned against Mirandas thigh as she murmured another “Thank you”.

After some time, they made eye contact and when both were sure enough that the other had found her feet again, the evening came to a peaceful end.

On her way home, Andy let the events pass through her mind.
“Good girl.”
Biting her lip she cursed herself at her own naivety for thinking she could simply not touch herself.

I’m screwed.