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How to Pass the Time in Tartarus

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“Repeat that,” the Tartarus guard snapped, hearing a quiet sound uttered from All For One’s lips through the speaker system.




“Repeat that, or I’ll just pull up the audio file and figure out what you said myself.” The guard waited a moment and turned to his companion, shrugging. “Pull up his file.”


Another moment passed while the second guard found his file and clicked on their current time, dragging the cursor back a minute or so. 


On the file, All For One was silent but for the soft sound of his breath hitting the oxygen mask he wore. The guards didn’t know why they still caught him breathing through his own mouth sometimes when he had an oxygen tube in his neck for that purpose exactly. Maybe the twisted fuck just liked being in pain. They wouldn’t put it past him.


“There,” the first guard caught the sound again on the audio file. “Take it back a few seconds.” The second guard obliged and the two listened intently to the audio as it played back.




One word was all that was uttered.


“Midoriya?” the guard turned the microphone back on and spoke to All For One through the comms. “As in Izuku Midoriya? What do you want with him? Why did you say his name?”


All For One, once again, didn’t answer.


Suddenly, a beeping snagged the guards’ attention. All For One’s heart rate had spiked and the guns in the room had activated, all turning on him.


“Midoriya…” they heard All For One utter under his breath again.


“Stand down!” the guards shouted firmly through the comms. “I repeat, stand down! We will shoot!”


“Hey, lieutenant,” the second guard said, who was looking over All For One’s brain chemical count chart, “I’m not so sure he’s thinking about his quirk.”


“What? What the hell’s he doing then?” The guns still stood at attention as Midoriya’s name was once again muttered from the cell.


“Midoriya… god…”


“He’s got dangerously high levels of uh… of oxytocin being released from his hypothalamus right now,” the second guard said, his face turning red.


“What? Oxytocin?” the second guard snapped, his stomach lurching as he grabbed the other guard’s monitor with the stats on it and turned it to himself so he could get a better look at it. His eyes scanned the numbers and he turned his head to look at All For One in his cell.


“Oh, mother of god…” he groaned, eyes falling on All For One’s jerking catheter chord leading into the front of his straight jacket. “Is he really doing what I think he’s doing?”


The other guard nodded, and the first guard fell into his seat, sighing and turning the guns off.


“Mi… Midoriya…” All For One’s voice wafted through the speaker system. His panting grew heavy enough that they could hear that, too. His mask fogged up and his mouth fell open. Not allowed to take their eyes off of him, they kept their gazes trained on his rolling hips and his bobbing adam’s apple.


The bulge at the front of his white suit had grown larger, and the catheter was now bobbing steadily, All For One’s pace slowly increasing its speed.


“Fuck… fuck, Izuku…”


“God, I can’t watch this,” the first guard barked.


“You know the rules. Unless you’re checking his stats, you have to keep your eyes on him.”


“Fuck!” All For One’s voice grew loud and strained and he wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was masturbating anymore. Because he couldn’t reach down and stroke himself, he settled for thrusting his hips against the rough fabric covering his crotch.


“I’m gonna be sick—” the first guard said and lurched for the trash bin in the corner of the room. His companion kept his own eyes on the villain as the other vomited loudly.


“Just like that, Izuku… just like that…”


“Shut up, already!” the first guard yelled through the intercom as bile dripped from his mouth.


“Stroke my cock just like that, Izuku… fuck…”


“Please refrain from speaking like that,” the second guard added in. “It’s vile.”


“Do you hear them right now, Izuku?” All For One laughed and sped his pace up, breath hitching in his throat. “FUCK! Jerk me off, Midoriya! Mmmm… fuck!” 


All For One was now moaning, open-mouthed as what remained of his facial features tensed in pleasure.


The first guard threw up again.


“Just like that, just like that— fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuckFUCK, Midoriya… All Might would be— NNGH!— so disappointed in you right now— ff… fuck!”


“Refrain from speaking or I’ll have someone come in there and fit a mouthpiece over you so you can’t speak at all!”


“Oh, I’m so close, Midoriya… Izuku, keep doing that… keep fucking stroking my cock like that… fuck— I— I’M—”


“Oh, my god,” the second guard rested his head in his hands, still keeping his eyes trained on All For One as the catheter tube suddenly became opaque. The clear plastic was flooded with milky white semen, and the sex pouring into the urine bag turned the yellow liquid a murky cream color. “Oh my god.”


“I’m quitting,” the first guard muttered from the floor.