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Teyvat Stories

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Morax was surprised to hear from Guizhong that Cloud Retainer had requested his assistance. Expecting a battle, the God of War sharpened his polearm before heading out to Aocang mountain. When he arrived, he did in fact find a battle waiting for him. However, it wasn’t the sort of battle he was expecting.

Cloud Retainer stood before him in her human form - a rare occurrence. Standing behind and clutching her right leg was a figure so small, so incredibly inconspicuous, that were it not for the tell-tale horns of a qilin, Morax would never have realised it was there.

“My Lord,” greeted Cloud Retainer with a bow, “This one thanks you for your swift arrival, and apologises for the trouble caused.”

A quick scan of the vicinity confirmed that there were no enemies. Morax hesitantly sheathed his polearm. “It is no problem my friend. Tell me, how might I assist you?” 

“This one has a task that needs to be completed. However, one cannot abandon the youngling one has taken into one’s care.” 

Saying thus, Cloud Retainer turned around such that the figure hiding behind her leg was revealed. A young qilin with blue hair and round, lilac eyes gasped in shock at losing her cover. With a gentle smile, Cloud retainer nudged the qilin forward.

“Come Ganyu, my Lord will not harm you.”

Evidently, the young qilin - Ganyu was it? - thought otherwise. Her hands were clasped together before her face and her eyes were clenched shut. 

Recalling the lessons Guizhong had imparted onto him, Morax slowly knelt down such that he was at eye level with the qilin. “Good afternoon young one. I am Morax.”

Ganyu cracked one eye open to peek through her fingers. Doing his next impression of Guizhong’s friendly smile, Morax slowly reached one hand out.

The young qilin looked down at his hands. They were worn and weary from countless battles. And yet, in them she could sense a certain kindness. It was not one that belonged to the adepti before her, but rather one that was instilled into him by another.

Still afraid, yet trusting the words of Cloud Retainer, the young Ganyu carefully placed her hand in the glowing ones of Morax. His hands felt very warm, exuding a strength that promised safety to those he cared for, and harm to any who would raise their weapon against those he cared for.

Morax raised an eyebrow. Most young ones would run from him in fear even with Guizhong’s teachings. Perhaps Ganyu was an exception, due to being a qilin rather than a human child. The next step Guizhong taught him was to gently wrap his hand around the child’s. Morax was intrigued by how… small the child’s hands really were. They barely fit in his palms.

“My lord, one is hesitant to trouble you with what should be one’s responsibility.” Cloud Retainer’s voice brought both of them out of their thoughts. “Were one’s task less urgent, one wouldn’t dare to intrude on my Lord’s precious time.”

Morax hummed. “As I said dear friend, it is no trouble. However, would it not have been wise to request for Guizhong instead? She would be much more suited to taking care of a young one than I.”

“My Lord, one was told by Guizhong that she would be occupied with her own tasks for a period of time. One believes she is in the midst of constructing something, and does not wish to disturb her.”

Morax nodded in understanding. Yes, Guizhong had been disappearing lately, saying that she had to go do something and that he didn’t have to go with her.

“Very well. I shall honour this contract and ensure the young one is taken care of.”

Cloud Retainer bowed once more and gave her thanks. Then, she transformed into her preferred form, before flying off with a great flap of her mighty wings.

Left to his own devices, Morax regarded the young Qilin with a raised eyebrow. Ganyu was still hesitant to look him in the eye, but she wasn’t trying to run from him or hide her face anymore, so perhaps he made some progress.

Then, to his surprise, the child approached him willingly.

“M-my lord…?”

“Just Morax will do, young one.”

“C-can you… touch my horns?”

Morax blinked. Amber eyes stared into round, lilac ones that looked at him with such expectancy that the very thought of denying her request felt like breaking a contract that was set in stone.

“Of course, young one.”

That day, Cloud Retainer returned to find both Morax and Ganyu asleep. Morax had crossed his legs together to form a sort of bed for the young qilin. His hand rested atop Ganyu’s head. Even in her sleep, Ganyu nuzzled her head into the God’s hand.

Cloud Retainer chuckled. She reminded herself to inform Guizhong of her plan’s success when she next visited.

Much later, Morax would find that his experience taking care of Ganyu would come into play once more. However, the Yaksha’s tale was one for another time.