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Teyvat Stories

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“I met Miss Lumine first, so obviously, I’m the one who should court her.”

“Hmph. Lumine is much too honourable to accept the hand of someone like you. She’d be more open to me courting her.”

“Both of you are wrong! Little lady and I have amazing chemistry, and I’m the strongest person here. I’m the most suited for her!”

Kaeya, Diluc, and Childe each drew their weapons, their glares becoming even more intense by the second. The three-way standoff looked like it would come to a bloody end, a trial by combat to see who had the right to court Lumine.

Said woman remained on the sideline with a twitching eye and a hand on her temple. A bead of sweat fell from the side of Lumine’s head as she sighed.

“Could they not simply settle this with a contract?”

Lumine looked to her side where Zhongli stood with his arms crossed. His eyes were closed in thought, and the stone dumbbell he often carried floated around him.

“Eh,” Lumine shrugged, “boys will be boys.”

“Boys… I suppose in your eyes, they really are but young boys.” Zhongli chuckled. 

Lumine couldn’t help but giggle. She and her brother were closer to the archon’s age than any of the three fighting over her. Still, it was sorta endearing, like how puppies would fight for their owner’s attention.  

“Uh, Lumine? Shouldn’t you stop them?” 

Aether’s face was scrunched up, probably because he couldn’t decide if he should be angry that three men were chasing after her, awkward that she basically had a mini-harem, or worried that said harem were one wrong move away from cutting each other’s throats out.

Lumine hummed “I think I’ll let them stew for a bit more before I confess.”

Her brother smirked wryly. “That’s cruel, sis.”

“They’re adults. They can handle it.”

Zhongli regarded her with an eyebrow raised. “Your companions aren’t aware of your sexual orientation?”


“Nope.” she patted her brother’s back as she answered, popping the ‘p’.

“My, that certainly is cruel of you, toying with their heartstrings like that.”

“Hey, I gave them plenty of hints that I wasn’t interested. It’s their fault for not seeing it.”

Aether smacked his chest and coughed. “Actually sis, I was wondering. Who do you like anyway?”

A dreamy expression overcame Lumine. “Well… she’s friendly and outgoing. She’s really passionate and caring. She was also the first person I met.” 

“Lumine! Hey, sorry I’m late! Paimon was hungry so I got her some Fishermen’s Toast!”

Lumine practically glowed.

Zhongli and Aether shared a look. Those poor boys never stood a chance, did they?

In an alternate world where some things changed, Zhongli and Lumine shared a look. Those poor girls never stood a chance, did they?