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Of Takeout and Old Movies

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“I want to thank everyone again for coming tonight to help us raise money for the Widows’ and Children’s Fund. As always, your generosity is greatly appreciated.” To raucous applause, the Commissioner walked off the stage, ending yet another fairly successful night of fundraising that necessitated sprinkling the audience with plenty of New York’s finest for the donors to meet. Their only job was to mingle and to make the donors feel comfortable enough to reach deep into their pockets.

Checking the time on her watch, Olivia was glad she’d decided to let Noah have a sleepover with Amanda and her girls. All she wanted when she got home was to change out of her fancy but uncomfortable dress and relax on the couch with some takeout. She knew it was for a good cause, but these dog and pony shows were always so draining. Taking a sip of what was left of her wine, she scanned the room, as she’d found herself doing off and on all night, lingering an extra moment when her eyes caught on a blue pair across the room. She’d known he’d also been asked to attend, so she hadn’t been surprised to see him the first time her gaze had wandered the room and caught him staring back at her, but now that the night had wound to a close, she wondered if he’d be interested in winding down with her like old times. Before she even finished making the conscious decision to go over to him, she found herself over halfway across the room toward him. She watched as his eyes widened briefly as she strode across the room, and she felt a surprising amount of satisfaction as he quickly extracted himself from the conversation going on around him to meet her part way.

“Captain,” he greeted, that stupid smirk curling his lips, “fancy meeting you here. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’d been purposely avoiding me all night.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you know better Detective.” She let her lips curl slightly, a smirk of her own forming. “I’m sorry Elliot. Garland found out you were also requested to attend, so he lectured me about how tonight I needed to mingle with the donors, not my former partner. I was going to argue about it with him, because I hate attending these things and I knew you’d make it more entertaining, but then I realized if I just went along with it for one night it’d be easier.” Her eyes crinkled at the corner as she smiled more fully as he reached to take her now empty glass away to place it on the tray near them, his fingers lightly grazing hers as he did.

“I know Liv. I could tell how frustrated you were all night, but I figured you had a reason for staying away, especially after you told me in May that people were telling you to keep your distance, and you turned around and ensured a veritable army in blue showed up when we had to take Wheatley to the feds without anyone being able to trace anything back to you.” He shot her that shit-eating grin, the same as he did anytime he mentioned her own version of ‘fuck you’ that she’d given the brass.

Eyes warm, mirth dancing merrily in the seemingly endless depths, Olivia made sure her face showed nothing but innocence, tinged even with a bit of confusion. “I told you before El, I didn’t do anything except show up, same as everyone else. You know I’m not tech savvy to have managed to leak that to social without leaving a trace. But enough about that; I was heading over to see if you felt like coming back to mine and relaxing with some takeout and an old movie. I don’t know about you, but these things always leave me more stressed than before attending. Noah’s at a sleepover with Rollins’ girls, and I really don’t want to go home to an empty house.”

“Chinese and a classic movie? I’m in. Ready to go?” At her nod, they turned as one, his hand a gentle pressure at the small of her back, and walked out the door.

As the credits began to roll, Elliot glanced down at the top of his former partner’s head where it rested against his shoulder. He allowed himself a soft smile as he thought about their night.

They’d called the Chinese in on their way to her place, knowing that it would arrive shortly after they did that way. She’d gone to change, but came back still in her gorgeous dress with a pile of clothes clutched in her hands, offering it to him with a slight flush on her cheeks. He’d realized it was embarrassment a moment later after he looked at the clothes and found a pair of sweatpants and an old shirt that he recognized as his. His confusion must have shown, because she’d gone on to explain that cleaning out his desk and locker had been left to her, and she’d never had the heart to get rid of any of his stuff. After they’d each gone to change, he’d realized that her embarrassment had likely been due more to the fact that she’d clearly been wearing them in the intervening years than to the fact that she’d kept all his belongings. Their food had arrived not long after they’d both changed, and they’d sat down to eat and watch their movie. After she’d finished eating, he’d been pleasantly surprised to find her leaning her head against his shoulder as they watched the movie, the weight getting slightly heavier as she eventually dozed off.

Coming back to the present, he gently brushed her hair from in front of her eyes, trailing his fingers down from behind her ear to her shoulder where he gently shook her. “Liv. Time to wake up. The movie’s done.” Her unintelligent mumble made him smile. “Olivia. Come on, it’s time for Captain’s to head to bed.

“Mmm, El. What’s wrong?” She blinked, bleary eyes slowly focusing on him.

“There we go.” His smile spread. “Nothing’s wrong. The movie just ended, and I figured you didn’t want to sleep out here all night.”

“Hmm…Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. But I have to say, it was a lot comfier this time.” The impish smile she shot him as she slowly sat up sent heat through his veins. “Thanks for coming over El. I had a good time.” They both stood, gathering their dishes and tidying the living room.

Gathering his clothes from earlier in the night, he headed toward the door and his shoes beside it. “I guess I’ll see you later. I had a good time tonight too Liv.” He bent down to give her a hug, something they’d both become more used to doing in the several months since they’d talked at Fin’s non-wedding. As he started to pull back, he turned his head slightly to place a gentle kiss on her cheek, something that had become a more recent, but not unwelcome change. He froze for a moment though as his lips met skin that was softer than expected, realizing she must have turned her head with the same idea, causing their lips to meet instead. As he slowly pulled back, he searched her face for any idea of her feelings, worried that their accidental lip lock would upset her.

As Elliot slowly pulled back, she could see him worriedly searching her face. She knew he was likely worried she would panic, but all she felt was surprise. ‘Well,’ she thought as she placed her fingers gently against her lips, feeling warmth spreading from that initial touch, ‘maybe not just surprise.’

“Liv, I’m sorry. I meant to just kiss your cheek. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

She placed the hand that had been against her lips on the back of his neck, the other against his cheek. “El, it’s okay. You didn’t make me uncomfortable. I liked it. And I think we both know we’ve been heading this way for awhile. But maybe we should do it again, make sure it wasn’t a fluke.” She leaned forward, rising onto her toes and using her hand on the back of his neck to pull him toward her. She saw the worry on his face melt into surprise just as her lips touched his, her eyes slipping closed as she turned her head slightly to the side for a better angle. She worried for a moment as he remained unresponsive, but then she felt his mouth open and his tongue running against the seam of her lips, and she relaxed as she granted entrance.

Elliot’s eyes slipped shut as he deepened the kiss, one arm slipping around her waist and the other gently cupping the back of her head under her hair. As he felt her tongue slide into his mouth, tangling with his own tongue, he let out a moan and pulled her closer. He lost track of time as they lazily kissed, tongues tangling, lips sliding, hands gripping and roaming slightly as the room grew warm. Knowing they needed to decide where this was going before they got carried away, he slowly pulled back, another groan escaping as her teeth caught his bottom lip and pulled it slightly as she lowered herself flat to the ground.

“That was…That was amazing Liv. Even better than I’d imagined. And in the last few months, I have to say, I’ve imagined a lot. But we don’t have to do anything more than this. Whatever you want.” He watched her search his face. He wasn’t sure what she found, but whatever it was, she seemed to come to a decision.

“You’re right, it was amazing. Better than I imagined too. I know you’d never push me into anything El. But you don’t have to worry about that. I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve been heading here for a long time. And I’m ready for more.” The hand that had still been resting on the back of his neck slid slowly across his shoulder and down his arm, until her fingers slipped between his. With their fingers entwined, she turned and started toward the bedroom, her arm stretching a bit as she pulled him behind her. “Stay El. I want you to stay, and I’m ready for whatever happens tonight.”